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My first ever convention was May MCM in London, 2012 (WE DO NOT SPEAK OF THE COSPLAY. EVER)
The main conventions I now go to are:
.London MCM Expo
.London Film and Comic con
.Collectormania MK
.London Super comic con
I like to think i've improved since my first con, but sometimes i'm not too sure. I'd like to attempt to enter some cosplay competitions this year (2014) but we'll see.

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I finally made the habit and started the top which can only mean one thing. Make up tests!

Finally found some contacts to give her a more demon-y feel <3

The original wig was horrific quality and fell apart so I splashed out a little more money and ordered "Ash" from CosCraft! :D

Bought a simple. Long black wig off of ebay.
The last wig I bought was too short, so I bought a long one to cut and style to be on the safe side.

I bought the green doll circle lenses from pinky paradise ^_^

The first morphsuit I ordered was way too dark, so just ordered a new one now, along with some red contacts. Not long now. Oh boy.

Made some bracers for the arms but made them too short. SIGH. Adjusting them now.

The helmet is done after weeks of rage and restarts!

Not going to lie, this is struggling on ridiculously slowly, and with HyperJapan less than two weeks away, I better hurry up. The helmet base is almost finished and ready to paint and I now have two armour panels painted. Not masses of progress, so not many pictures i'm afraid >.<


Base cloak arrived today. Really happy with it! Just need to add the lining and trimmings c:

As its all last minute, I ordered this hat off ebay! (Link here: Really lovely seller :) )

Started sketching out the robe pattern, Ordered a new wig to chop, brought wadding, ribbon and materials for the hat.

The base dress arrived today. I've already tried it on with the boots and corset, stripped it of it's original trimmings and cut the sleeves to a shorter length. I'm loving the colour! Only problem is that it's a little shorter than originally thought so you can occasionally see my shoes. Oh well. No biggy. Apart from that it's perfect!

Should be ordering a base dress and the wig today or tomorrow. Excited!

Well. Not free. I paid for it once upon a time then forgot about it, But I just found a stack of Black material that'll be perfect for this cosplay. WOOP!

Plan to do a rough makeup test tonight and see if one of my old wigs is suitable. Keep an eye out!

I will be using Sherlock for Collectormania 21 this year :'D

First off, If you didn't read the title in a Professor Farnworth voice, I am disappointed. Second of all. I HAVE SHERLOCK FEELS AGAIN. Meaning I will start cosplaying him again:') Plannng to sell the old coat to save up and buy a new one. Hurrah!

Hopefully doing a photoshoot soon. Much excite!

Currently contemplating props. So far, I'm thinking of a Crown, A gun and maybe an IOU Apple ;D

I have everything sorted now. Just waiting for the suit to be delivered.

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