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To make Martin's necklace, I wanted to have an excuse to try using resin for the first time. After I had bought all I needed, I actually cut out a section in a mold (it was there so you could put a necklace change through it but I didn't want a hole in the piece), used a resin red pigment dye to mix with the resin, and I was ready to go. It was hard to avoid some tiny air bubbles, but I was happy in the end!

I created the base out of fimo (wish I used air dry clay instead but oh well) and then used resin again as a sealant.

I WISH the mould I had was a diamond shape, so it had the 3D surface like the references suggest, but I didn't have the extra funds to get more molds. The molds I had I had got ages ago from eBay and I like to keep my budgets as low as possible.

I had been wanting to cosplay Isabelle for a few years now but found it difficult to get a hold of a gingham fabric print that matched her own. I could've purchased fabric from Spoonflower, where people had created her fabric pattern as a print available to buy, but I didn't have room in my budget for that amount of accuracy.

To keep the costs low, I hunted for a gingham printed shirt on eBay to use as a base, where I then attached a bottle green fleece fabric via bondaweb around the collar (which I cut into the correct shape beforehand), down the front and for the fake pockets. The top original had buttons, to I cut each one off and handstitched in their place to the vest kept its shape.

The shirt I already had, and the bow was this lovely ribbon from Hobbycraft which I burnt the edges to avoid fraying.

I bought two large white buttons and glued them onto the vest, while also making a few stitches to secure them in place.

To keep to my small budget, I wanted to make props using supplies I already had laying around. I had a lot of yellow fleece fabric laying around and it reminded me instantly of the bell bags from Animal Crossing so I decided to make one as a prop. This just involved making a circle and a rectangular strip, and sewing them together using a blanket stitch. I purchased a brown star embellishment from ebay, then used my sewing machine to sew around the edges to give it an embroidery look. I only wish I used a thicker thread for the prop as using a basic sewing machine thread can be too thin for plushie type products. The stuffing I used was from a pillow that I wanted to bin anyway, and the ribbon was the same as I used for the necktie and the wig, so that they all matched. I made sure to not sure a cheap silk ribbon to make Isabelle look more professional. I also made a last minute additional prop of her Smash Bros Ultimate letter that can be seen in the trailer for Isabelle being a new playable addition to the newest Smash Bros game. I printed off the 'wax seal' logo onto sticker backed paper and attached the letter to my clipboard I had on the day.

As I planned to cosplay Isabelle before, I had started the wig before. The wig, as I found it, was looking very sad - which is not surprising as no matter how many years its been since I've started cosplaying, I am awful at styling wigs. I chose specifically not to go down the route of making dog ears for the cosplay, as I personally didn't like that look and so the pigtail attachments were meant to be representative of her ears instead. I only wish I re-curled them to make them tighter and therefore shorter, but I was still happy with the wig I chose! I restyled a loop on the wig, to represent her bob, and used the ribbon to create the red collar on her design. I then used transparent plastic thread to attach two jingle bells. The only bells I could find that were the correct size were Christmas craft supplies, so they do have star shapes which aren't accurate but it's a detail you can't really see.

I never thought this pattern would exist as an official piece of Nintendo merchandise but I am so happy it does. ♡

My main sewing project for next year! Including Perry as a prop, as Super Princess Peach is one of my favourite platformers.
Also got @bishboshphotography's first sewing pattern, which is a Yaya Han one! Met her at my first con back in 2010, so it's neat to get one of her products finally.

Like with most cosplays, I start with looking at what I already had, to see what I could start making, or what I could make at all.

I made these buttons with left over PVC I bought for Faye a long time ago, and these will be at the front and back of the jacket. I went with PVC as I always imagine them having a tacky 90's like shine to them.

This was a fun cosplay to make!

So I had leftover fake suede fabric, that I believe was bought for my Lara Croft cosplay, and it reminded me instantly of Malon's apron. Play Expo was coming up, and instead of rewearing another cosplay, I wanted to practice sewing so I decided to make Malon from Ocarina of Time instead.

I used hemming tape on the apron, as I didn't want to show stitch lines, as if it was a piece Malon had cut out.
The design on the apron was painted on using leather fabric paint, using various references.

The belt buckle was made using left over craft foam and worbla, and attached to a belt I already owned.

For the first, I sewed a simple skirt with an elastic waist band, and used bondaweb for the design on the bottom.

I didn't like the top I sewed, so I bought a shirt from Primark, and used bondaweb with the fabric of skirt design, for the sleeve markings.

The Bowser brooch was 3D printed by my friend Dru, and attached to a piece of fabric I sewed for her scarf.

I wanted to make this cosplay as cheaply as I could, so the wig wasn't what I wanted, and was binned the second I got home from the con.

Hoping to remake this already, especially the apron and the wig.

It's gingery brown/chestnut brown in the light.
I was gonna sell it/chuck it but then I realised it'd be perfect for April.
I see a lot of cosplayers go down the more red route, and less retro looking but I feel the retro the better!
Unless after a test this looks stupid..

Necklace was made from Fimo which I then painted to add detail, coated with a sealer spray and used leather cord for the cord.

A new vest is in the post as I'm not convinced with the one I have.

Will be buying the trousers come payday, along with the boots and I'm about to sketch out the plans to make the crossbow, pickaxe, GPS and some arrows!

I could find any sand paper. D:
So it's lumpy but I love the colour of it and I'm happy with it. x3
Specially as A) I suck at props and B) I made it with left-over stuff.

The gems on it are left-over gems from Misty then I painted pink. xD

They're not on the references but artistic license!

That's the bodice done.

I'm so sleepy. It's 5.50am and I still need to do cosplay stuff. D:

I am so naked in this. Omg. It's worse than Faye or Ivy. Eep. D:

Just need to neaten up the tail and hand-sew lace at the back and it's done!

All I need now is to borrow Danielle's shoes, get tights without the thigh-lines, make sure my green contacts are fine and ask Angel_of_Algebra to help with my wig bangs on the day!

Wish I had the time and budget to have a Pikachu plush with the jacket and bow but oh wellity~

It needs more poof. D:
I suck at ruffles.
Gonna had bits to the sides and then sew lace trim over the top to neaten it up.

I totally haven't left this last minute. Nope.

Needs more layers, then sanding down then painting!

I have left over gems from Misty that I'm going to hot glue to the circle bit on each side then paint over them with the rest! I'm so gonna need more paint though..Oopsies.

Misty's meant to be 10.

Let's pretend she's older now but wanted to re-wear this outfit? 'kay? Kay. >.>

I wish I got a bigger sized one. The straps that came with it work really well but the many pairs of transparent ones I have and need to wear with it don't. D'oh! Might budget for some when I go get the tights.

Bit of a plain trim but it looks really nice on the curves of the bra cups!

I'm also going to use it to cover up the stitching marks at the back of the bodice! :D

I got the idea from a girl who previously cosplayed this version of Misty!

Also luckily I had tons of different pairs of transparent bra straps so I'm going to test out a few of them and see which ones look better and are the comfiest!

Somehow I managed to budget this cosplay really well. xD

It's basically underwear.

Managed to get most things from RK, which is right behind my flat! (No excuse not to sew now!)

For the time being I just got some cheap organza. In the future I'll unpick it and remake the tail out of more expensive and extravagant fabric but they'll do for now!

The coral organza is so pretty! *__*

Already had the white luckily enough! May pick up more if needs be.

I have a couple of ways I think I'm gonna do this. There's only two past cosplayers I can find online to draw ideas from.

Gonna draw it out first before I go near the fabric and hopefully it won't end up being a messy disaster!

Fingers crossed!

First time using fimo, so it'll probably end horribly but I didn't want forget this little detail!

Just have to bake, paint and attach to the band!

Also making the Galaxy Police Gun, otherwise, what will I pose with?! xD

Hat - Nearly finished, as you can see. Just waiting on the white paint to dry so I can add the black pupils with my dylon fabric pen.

Shoes - Just need to add the white M's and they're done!

Ears - They will be sewn inside the hat, made of black felt, like the hat logo. Doing paper templates first for size.

I ordered the dress pattern for Ponyo's dress. I was going to buy one a edit it but as I'm getting my sewing machine soon I want to make it all myself. I have a feeling I'll be really proud of this cosplay.

The dress pattern was the one used by the best Ponyo cosplayer that I've found online. It has the puffball sleeves and everything. It is for children so I'm heavily researching resizing patterns and also I need to go pick out the fabric I'll be using.

Going to use some left over fabric as a test of the pattern first.

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