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Finished the painting. Used some small black tape to fix the sticks onto the balls and then those onto the headphones. Also taped the headphones adjustment as it was a bit loose.

I poked the sticks into the polystyrene balls, but I also used a bit of Bostik glue which is not a good idea as it does something weird to the polystyrene and melts it. Luckily with the tape the balls are pretty secure.

Done more painting on the headphone pieces. They've all been given 3 layers, except the yellow balls which will need one more.

The black headphones were bought from eBay seller healthysounds. I cut off the cord and I've started painting the red spots on the ears. I've also started painting the yellow balls, and painted 2 lollipop sticks black.

This is only the first layer of paint so they'll probably need more painting done.

I forgot to get a photo, but I trimmed the wig down a bit and re-styled the front. I don't think it's my best work, or if it's the quality of the wig, but I'll probably have to do a bit more to it the night before I wear it.

I made the ears out of cream and pink fabric, and sealing the shape over wire. I then attached them to the wig with safety pins.

I've almost finished the costume, and I've taken preview photos, but I've found I need to trim and re-style the wig so it's shorter.

I got the pink wig from eBay seller zysysy2012, and I trimmed it down and styled it with Got2Be spray/gel and hairdryer. There were 2 wigs before this one I wanted which were already punk-ish styled, but the 1st one got detained at their post office, and the 2nd they said they didn't have pink in stock.

I've also cut out the ears which are ready to be sewn together.

I sewed the cream fleece into leg warmers, and added elastic to the top. I then sewed them to the boots to hide the mouth.

I made them quite long to go over my knees as the shorts I got are a bit shorter than I wanted.

I got a pair of slipper booties, and covered them with cream and brown fleece. I glued it down to the sole edges and sewed it around the back and around the mouth. I also threaded in some brown string to make the paws (which unfortunately don't match).

I've cut out the cream fleece ready to sew together for the rest of the legs.

On cream fleece, I drew around my forearm and hand to make a glove shape with a 3-finger paw shape. I cut out 4 of these, and sewed 2 together for each glove then turned them inside out.

This is my 2nd attempt as the first came out too tight around the arm, and wouldn't have gotten on over the white top sleeves.

I measured the lengths and widths, and cut out the main section from yellow pleather. I then cut out the oval shape from white pleather and stuck it on. Then I marked and added velcro to secure the belt round the waist.

I couldn't find a red shirt with both turtle neck and sleeveless, so I bought a long-sleeved one from eBay seller i-candyfashion, and I cut off and hemmed the arms.

The boots were bought from eBay seller fashionaddict811.

I pinned on some red fabric, cut away the excess, glued the fabric to the sole, and used a curved needle to stitch it on.

I got the red socks from eBay seller homi-uk.

I wore them over spare tights and painted on purple fabric paint while they were stretched. I used masking tape to help keep the stripe straight. I then kept them on until the paint had dried.

I recommend wearing more than 1 pair of tights as I still had some paint go through to my skin.

The medallion's made out of foam board, and I painted it white with a few layers on both sides, since I couldn't find metallic/glass paint.

When the paint was dry, I used a sewing needle to thread yellow string though the top. It secures at the back with a double knot.

To add the R I printed the red colour on some iron-on paper, drew out the design on the back, cut out the R, and ironed it on the front.

Took me 3 attempts (wrecked the 1st, 2nd was awful and thin) but I got a good white shirt from eBay seller stevewolf2.

I've cut down and hemmed the waist. Next is to put on the red R which might be an iron-on.

When the paint was dry, I drew the lines on the charm with black marker pen. I then secured it to the wig with Bostik All Purpose glue. It may not look exactly in the middle but never mind.

I made the ears out of orange and black felt, sewed them together and sealed wire inside. I attached them to the wig with safety pins. The charm has also been cut out and painted with a few layers.

The whiskers have been styled using Got2Be spray, gel, and a hairdyer. The ear fabric pieces have also been cut out ready to sew together.

I got the wig from my sister as it was a reject Sanji wig. I had to trim the frindge down, and I've seperated the whiskers ready to style them.

The wig was bought from eBay seller xinxinstar001, and I used a method with Got2Be spray, gel, and a hairdryer to style it after trimming it to the right length.

I cut out 1 panel from black fabric, 2 panels from grey fabric, then sewed them together to form a waistcoat and hemmed. Then I added the part on the back with the buckle, the part on the front, and the buttons.

I only needed to paint one more layer of black on the tongue and soles, then when that was dry I threaded in the black laces.

I finished painting on the layers of red, and now I'm painting on the layers of black. Done on the top, and next will be to finish the painting on the tongue and the soles.

I now have all the items that won't need modifying:-

The socks that are already my own.

The belt that I got from eBay seller brilliantbeltsuk.

The wristband that I got from eBay seller jopo_21cat.

The watch that was already my own.

The ring that I got from my Mum's selling stock.

The tie was bought from eBay seller ecitygo, and I sewed on some red buttons from the bottom and evenly spaced.

The beard is being drawn on with grey eyeliner, and this is a test of what it'll look like.

I painted on a few layers of the red stripes so it would cover the edges too. Then I secured the wristband around my wrist with velcro.

The brogue shoes were bought from eBay seller soyoushoes. Using masking tape as an aid, I've painted on the red first with 2 layers. Will need atleast 1 more layer until I start painting the black on the rest.

I cut the wristband out of black foam sheet, and it's been painted with 2 layers of black paint so far. If that's enough, next is painting the red stripes.

I finished painting the last layers of white and pink. Then I added the details on with black marker.

It was tricky figuring out how to temporarily attach it to the bag strap as double-sided sticky tape and velcro didn't work since it peeled off the paint from the back. Instead I used a small clip and glued it onto the back.

The second layer of paint came out really well that I only needed to paint on one more layer.

I've painted on two layers of fabric paint using masking tape as a guide, and I'll need to paint one or two more layers to finish.

The red shirt was bought from Dorothy Perkins, and I replaced most of the buttons with the same black ones I added to the collar.

I've painted the base white a couple layers, and now I've started the pink. Will need one or two more layers before I can finish it.

Instead of having to buy a whole new bag for this cosplay, I decided to use the yellow Angry Birds bag I already have. The white and orange shapes were cut out of foam sheets and will be stuck on with double-sided sticky-tape as it also comes off easily.

The VS Seeker has been made out of Fimo Basic clay and will be painted when it's dried.

I tried making one but I couldn't work out how to make it big enough to fit me properly. So far I'm only good at making fully-pleated skirts.

I decided to buy one and I got one from eBay seller exciteclothing.

The white shoes were bought from eBay seller fashionaddict811. I then used masking tape as a guide to paint on the red and the grey using 3 layers of acrylic paint for each colour.

The front dried over night, and I painted the design on the back to finish.

I bought the blue shirt from I'm using masking tape to aid in painting the design on with fabric paint. The front should be dry by tomorrow when I think I can also finish painting the back too.

Bought from eBay seller happytrades2012, and got this a while ago but thought that I'd need to do some modifying on it. But I like the length and it makes a good effect for the fanned-out fringe how it is. I'll just need to make sure it gets a nice combing before wearing.

The white hat was bought off eBay seller shopulousdirect. I measured and cut out two different shapes from red fabric and have sewn while hemming them on. The curved shape is sewn on but the stripe is just pinned on at the moment.

I sewed together the two main rectangles of skirt to make the main piece, which hid the mess on the back of the fabric from painting. I then made the skirt using Elpheal's tutorial here (

Had to alter the belt on the tail I bought from Miss_Mimi as I had to pierce another hole in to keep it round my waist. Then did a test wear of the costume to make sure I'm happy with how it's all come out, and I am!

The painting on the design is finished, so next will be sewing together and pleating to make it into a skirt.

I've cut out 3 rectangles from green fabric; one for the waistband, and two for the main body. Using masking tape and green fabric paint I've started painting on the design. Work on this will be on hold for now as I don't have enough paint.

I styled the curl on the top of the wig using a method found in Cosplay Gen that uses a hairdryer, Got2Be spray and gel, and I'm very happy with the result!

Then the Peke hair clip was glued on with Bostik all purpose adhesive and also stays on pretty well!

I bought the pink wig from eBay seller mafeier194. Unfortunately I tangled it in my haste to try it on so I had to comb through it and trim it to get it back straight again.

I've trimmed the fringe and the bangs into the right style and length, so next is to style the curl on the top, which I've prepared with a bobby pin.

I have all the items of this cosplay that won't need modifying:-

The wristbands bought from eBay seller ishopjat.

The socks bought from eBay seller omg-fashion. They are over-the-knee socks but are brought down to make the loose effect.

The Pokeballs and Jigglypuff plush are props I already owned.

I bought a yellow sleeveless jumper from, then I used springinstep's red fabric pen to draw on the red lines, which I think is much easier than using fabric paint for a thin design.

The design's been drawn on with black marker. I didn't paint over the clay since it came out white enough anyway.

Next will be securing it to the wig when I've finished styling it.

The first one came out a bit too big and heavy. I've moulded a second one which is a lot more smaller, rounder, and flatter.

I hemmed all the pieces of the fabric, and stuffed the bow slightly before sealing it. I then assembled the bow together by wrapping the middle piece round the bow and tail pieces and threaded the neck band through the back. The bands are secured with small pieces of velcro.

Got some turquoise fabric and four different pieces have been cut out, ready to be hemmed and sewn together into a bow.

I'm using air-drying Fimo clay and I've moulded out the main shape, so it'll take a day to dry then I can paint on the design.

Three items of the costume that won't need modifying:-

Black socks I already own.

Brown shoes being used from my Kyo cosplay.

White shirt bought from eBay seller elegance1234.

I first made the waistband out of white fabric with a strip that's folded in half and uses hook fasteners.

For each of the petals I got two strips of white fabric, sewed on the green piece on the bottom, and then I sewed two of those together and turned them inside out to keep the seams inside.

I then sewed them in the waistband while hemming it. With just 6 petals it wasn't enough of a skirt so I had to make 6 more and sewed them on the inside of the waistband. I also used some safety pins to keep the petals together like a skirt.

The cane was paper mached over a couple layers using a mix of PVA glue and water and kitchen roll pieces.

I then painted over it starting with the lighter colours so it's easier to paint over the darker colours.

I measured what dimensions I wanted each part of the top to be, and I cut out the body and arm pieces out of green felt/fleece. I sewed the body pieces together on the shoulders and sides.

I then sewed the arm pieces to the shoulders and then sewed along the bottom of the arms.

I added a collar to the neck and also stuck on velcro to secure it infront of my neck when wearing it. I cut out the yellow pieces and sewed on the cuffs and the rim along the bottom. I then carefully cut along them to give them smooth edges.

For the gem I cut out the shape from red foam sheet and painted on red and white acrylic paint. I then used tabs of velcro to attach it to the front.

These were made out of two polystyrene cones which were painted red and yellow for base colours. I then wrapped them in pieces of red, green, and yellow foam sheets and sticked them on with double-sided sticky tape. They were then stuck to a green hairband with more tape on the bottom.

The greens of the foam and the wig don't quite match but it matches better than the other green foam I had. They're also slighty different sizes at the bottoms which is from where I had to add more yellow foam to both to make sure the colours and shapes matched.

I bought a plain white pair of shoes from New Look, then I painted them with green acrylic paint with a couple of layers on the top, and one layer on the soles.

The spirit gum didn't work on the foam sheet very well, so I'm instead using double-sided sticky tape which sticks very well. I can also take it off and add more tape if necessary.

The wig was bought from eBay seller cosplaywig2010. I put the wig on to trim the fringe and tidied that and trimmed the rest with it on the wig head. I also perfected how I wear wigs by using some moisture in my hair and also using lots of bobby pins to hold my hair into the wig cap.

Using a poster tube as a base, when I bought a poster from once, the cane has been molded out of newspaper and sticky tape.

Next is to paper mache over it with 2 or 3 layers.

First made a template out of paper to make sure it would be symmetrical, then drew around that on a white foam sheet and cut it out.

Will need to be tested when I get spirit gum remover to see if I can get it off and then back on easily since it'll need to come off when I eat lunch.

Got 5 gold buttons and sewed them in and added in button holes by hand, so I may get some fray stoppa or something simular to prevent any frays.

Also got a sleeveless white shirt for the bow tie which will also match well with the white trousrs.

Using the waistcoat made previously, I cut out the front and back panels out of purple fabric to make sure it would turn out bigger. They were sewn together on the shoulders and sides, then the arm holes were hemmed. Then a couple thick yellow strips of fabric were cut out and were added to the remaining trim on the jacket with hemming on both sides.

Using another waistcoat as a guide, I cut out 3 panels for the waistcoat; 2 front pieces and 1 back piece. They were then sewn at the sides and the shoulders and the edges were then hemmed.

Next is to add the buttons.

Bought a red bow-tie from eBay seller ecitygo. Will need to wear a collared shirt underneath to hide the red band.

Each brown spot was sewn on by hand using a curved needle. Then I measured and sewed on a chin strap to keep it as steady as possible when I move my head.

Sewed the beige fabric to the hat, leaving a gap at the back so it could be stuffed. Then that hole was sealed shut and the brown circles got cut out and pinned in place, ready to sew on next.

I had done the previous step a bit wrong, but I cut the small hole left a bit bigger so I could then hem that around the hat. It's been pinned in place ready to sew on and with enough room for me to still wear and to stuff.

Using this tutorial ( for a Toad hat, I've cut out the beige circle, made the folds, and sewed in the darts. Now it's ready to be sewn onto my base hat.

Bought a pair of white trousers from eBay seller firstfashions2011. They had slit flares and were a bit long so I sewed the flares shut and also reduced the leg length by hemming it once.

Got these shoes from eBay (from seller sweetsugarshoez) which are a nice brown and plain enough for Toadsworth. The trousers will be long enough to go over the rim of the shoe.

The tail was made with white fabric that I hemmed and then painted on using masking tape as an aid, and then drawing black lines on with fabric pen. That was then glued on to the back with PVA glue.

Then I altered the strap by cutting it down, removing the buckle pieces, and adding velcro.

Stuck the wings to the back of the borg with PVA glue. Held them down and added extra glue to ensure they'll stay attached.

Made a few test wings from cardboard sheets to find the desired shape. Then cut out two and drew on the lines with a ruler. Then I made the small pointy bits out of a strip of card with black lines on and coloured the tips grey. Now they've been glued on to the bottom bits of the wings.

Now completely finished painting it so now I can make the wings and the tail.

After painting the whole thing white, I used black marker to draw on the design so I'd know where to seperate the different colours.

Then I painted it doing the lighter colours first. Now it's all generally painted but the cream, white, and lighter blue need to be touched up in a few places so the painting's fully finished.

Bought a pair of white shoes which will probably be worn instead of the roller skates since I don't do very well in them and will be slipping all over the placce.

Paper-mached over another layer, and then painted the whole thing white ready for the colours to be painted on.

Done one layer of paper mache using water, PVA glue, and kitchen roll. Will add one more layer to make it a bit stronger.

Moulded on the eyes and the bits over the ears with newspaper and sellotape ready for adding paper mache.

Stuck down a base layer of newspaper down on the helmet, so then I can mold on the eyes on top.

I tried looking for shorts in the right colour but I closest I could find ended up being too short. So then I bought some lilac leggings to cut down. Then were then hemmed while the fabric was stretched.

A few areas had to be re-painted so that the general grey colour matched.

Masking tape was used as an aid to paint the light grey rectangles on the top and bottom of the kneepads. Some areas are now being re-painted so it looks even.

Gloves have had light grey rectangle painted on the back.

Sorted out which socks to use that would show up beneath the skates. Will practice with using these skates before the event aswell.

Since I had made too much light grey paint to waste, I also started painting the kneepads.

Fingers and thumbs have been cut off and masking tape was used to paint the light grey rectangle on the back.

Labels were sewn on with a sewing machine since the shirt is pretty big and loose.

The purple on the collar and arms have been sewn on, now the labels have been written on white fabric and are ready to be sewn on next.

Shoulders and rim have been sewn on, now the collar and arms have been pinned on ready to be sewn aswell.

Using a large men's shirt, the collar was cut down a bit so that the shirt underneath can be seen. Also strips of purple fabric have been cut out and hemmed ready to be sewn on to the collar, shoulders, arms, and rim of the shirt.

I found a pair of orange shorts that are a better shade and match the shirt better than the previous pair so I decided to just add stripes to those. To do that I measured and cut out strips of white material and sewed it on with the edges folded in.

The pink painting got finished on the bottom of the board and also on the edges at the top. Then the smaller pieces were glued on with craft PVA glue which also worked very well on my Dedede hammer. Also the lines were drawn on the bottom with black marker.

The design on the top has been finished, so now the design on the bottom has been drawn and has been painted on with one layer so far.

The yellow and pink have been finished on the top, and the orange has been painted on in two layers, which might be enough.

The four small pieces have been finished in painting. The yellow is done on the main piece and the first layer of white and pink have been painted on the top.

The two fan pieces have been given enough layers of yellow paint, and the fan details were added with black marker and black paint.

The side pieces have been given enough yellow paint, and have had the pink painted on them.

The main part has had yellow painted on the bottom, the sides, and the yellow is being painted on the front after drawing the design on in pencil.

A few layers of yellow paint have now been applied. The two round bits have been painted on both sides. The 'banana-shaped' bits have been painted on both sides except for where the pink will be painted. The main piece has been given a few layers of yellow on the back.

Got an A1 piece of foam board and I've cut out the different shapes needed based on my drawn plans. I need to smooth the edges if I can, then it's ready for painting.

The shorts have generally been sewn together ready for hemming the top and bottom. But if these were going to be ones with an elasticated waist, it's turned out too small. But they might still fit if I put in a zip instead.

If they still don't fit after that, I know what I did wrong and will need more orange fabric to try again.

Found a way to make my own shorts since I couldn't find a pair that matched my vest.

Started off by using a pair of existing shorts to trace out patterns for the front and back out of baking paper. Then I cut out two of each from orange fabric, and they've been pinned ready for the next step of sewing.

Real simple. Got a pair of white gloves, and secured on two bands of grey felt to match the bands on the shoes. Used a small bit of sewing and velcro to secure the bands on as the wrist needs to stetch when I put it on.

Painted a couple more layers of orange and yellow. Now it pretty much stays on the hat when I threaded it through the ears.

Bought a yellow visor and cut off the top bit. The front rim couldn't be removed without it looking untidy so I painted it yellow. Now the main band has been painted orange and may need another layer when it dries.

Got an orange vest and painted on the star and stripe using yellow and white fabric paint, and masking tape to aid in the crisp lines.

I was going to sew on the patterns with cut out fabric but I found that the shirt needed to stretch when I put it on so that wouldn't have worked. I decided to paint on the patterns with fabric paint, but the paint does crack since it doesn't stretch either, but it looks decent enough and does a better job than if I had done my previous plan.

I would have gotten a bigger shirt to match the reference better, but I couldn't find one.

Finished sewing the sock pieces together and attached the orange bit to the front of the yellow pieces. I then secured thin grey strips of felt to the mouth of the shoe, and then secured the socks in with linings of velcro.

Got the fleece and felt cut and pinned together ready for sewing for the socks. Also drew the black lines on the shoes.

Added a bit more yellow where it needed and also painted more grey along the edges were white was still showing through.

Next is to make the 'socks' and draw the black lines on the shoes.

Painted on the yellow with aid of masking tape, and then painted on orange when that was dry. Used masking tape to cover the soles, but painted up to where the yellow was with a finer brush.

Next is to wait for that to dry so I can then touch up any places I missed or need fixing.

Got some plain white velcro trainers. Started by painting the soles grey using masking tape as an aid. Will touch up any small bits I missed at the end.

Orange stripe was cut out and sewn on by hand. Then I got some wire and threaded it through so it would make the ears perk up a bit.

I also tucked in the front of the band when wearing it so that the orange stripe would come down a bit.

Ears have been sewn within main hat base. Back triangles were stuffed and sewn onto main band. Then the band was pinned in position and sewn on.

Next is to attach the orange stripe on the top and add the wire so the ears perk up.

Orange pieces have been sewn onto long cream pieces. Pink pieces were cut and pinned into position and then sewn on. Then the two sides of each ear were sewn together. Now they've been pinned into the hat base ready to be sewn on.

Long orange and cream ear pieces cut more into shape, and first wave of pinned things have been sewn together. One orange piece needs to be stitched on again as I cut into the wrong place.

Pink pieces need to be ironed before pinning in place. Then ears will be sewn together and sewn within the main hat base. Triangles will be stuffed slightly and stitched to band.

Cut out all the main shapes I need to make the hat and the ears out of cream and orange fleece, and pink fabric. Shapes will be altered at I get to preparing them for sewing. Making these ears a lot longer than my previous ones.

Essentially made a sphere plush out of cream fleece and sewed on a cream tip.

Wanted to make another Cream tail since this one's come out at a better size, and it needs to match the cream I've gotten to make the hat; which I want to make another of with the ears a lot longer.

Also this cream is a lot lighter than previously used for Cream, but I think it should still look alright when everything's together. Plus I bought it online so it was hard to judge the exact colour.

Got the only iron-on printer paper I could find in WHSmiths for £9.99. Then printed out an image of the 20th logo using the biggest one I could find. After doing a test on the folded-under cuff, I ironed on the whole logo on the back. Because I was afraid of burning the back as that's what happened on the test, I didn't cut out a border around the logo. So it looks a bit un-tidy if you look closely and some of the white has turned yellow where I ironed it on too long.

Also because I didn't iron on one side for as long, I decided to fill in the colour on the left side a bit more with felt tips so it would stand out more.

Got a polystyrene ring and painted it yellow.

All's that left for me to do is to see if I can do a 20th logo iron-on on the back of the blazer.

Did the final painting on the yellow buckles. Then measured out the white ribbon while wearing the shoes. The edges that I cut were hemmed, and then they were attached to the shoes using velcro. Then attached the buckles to the straps with velcro as well.

Used masking tape again and applied more grey paint so that there's no white sole showing. Also got started on the yellow buckles which are made from one sheet of foam and have been painted a few layers. Still need to paint on the edges of the foam.

Red converse shoes were bought from Priceless. I used masking tape to paint the grey soles. They are also completely grey on the bottom. When that was dry I added the darker grey mark on the back. Looks a bit untidy from the top because that's how the white soles are, so I might tidy that up tomorrow.

Each made by stitching two rectangles of white fabric together and sticking each end together with velcro. Made them just a bit too short length-ways since I would have liked them to be more baggy but they'll do.

Added buttons onto the cuffs and folded it under since it's quite long on my arm. Secured the folded cuff down with safety pins underneath.

Will look into if I can put a 20th logo iron-on on the back.

Got a white waistcoat from H&M, and I cut off the buttons and replaced them with round gold ones.

Ears were made with blue and cream shapes of fabric, and the cream bits were sewn on without hemming since they're felt. Then the blue pieces were sewn together right sides facing in, and that was turned inside-out. Then I shaped some wire and put it in and then sealed the bottom shut.

I was planning on sewing the ears to the wig, but I settled for using safety pins to secured them on, as it was less fiddley, and then I could re-position the ears as necessary as if I had sewn them it would be more hassle if I wanted then re-positioned.

I think the back spikes got slightly mangled when re-positioning the ears, but they still look identifiable.

Front got trimmed and styled a bit, since I want to be able to see. Also styled the spikes at the back with cheap hairspray and hairdryer method, and then trimmed the ends. Doesn't affect much when viewed from the front. All that's left is to make and attach the ears.

Arrived a while ago but I wasn't at this address for a while. Glad it's also shiny. Bought from eBay seller alen1011.

Done by buying a blue shirt and a detachable collar, and attaching the collar to the shirt using buttons. Since the collar is shorter than the shirt collar length, some of my skin shows and it's not the neatest thing ever. But with a tie and the waistcoat on, it tidies itself up.

Got toupee clips, then had to figure out how they worked. I think I need to sew them to the wig. But I tried the wig on and found it didn't feel too heavy anyway. Used bobby pins to secure hair behind my ears. Found that if I hang ponytail over my shoulder then that takes some of the pressure off. I also think my glasses help anchor it down too. Anyway, I'm satisfied with the wig staying on now.

Gloves were bought from eBay, and trousers were bought from H&M. Was going to sew buttons to the gloves but I'll sew them to the blazer cuffs instead since the blazer sleeves are quite big. Also found these pyjama bottoms are shiny which will match up well to the whole fancy-dress thing going on.

Styled the bangs using cheap hair spray and hot blasts from a hairdryer. Both sides done after wrecking one side with glue twice. So that had to be cut off but there was still enough to make another bang out of. The back was trimmed and so was the ponytail so it was slightly shorter. Also got the bow secured using a small hair slide.

So now it looks great and everything but I need to get a couple tools to keep the wig secured to my head, as the ponytail is very heavy.

Sorting out the main body of hair first. Trimmed the fringe while wearing it; the wig head has a smaller forehead than I do. The bangs have also been prepared for sorting out by using masking tape to indicate where the bangs will start and how much hair to use.

Made a bow/butterfly shape out of steel 20 gauge wire, then I used that to roughly trace out the shape onto red fabric. Two of these shapes were cut out and sewn together. Then they were turned inside-out, and the wire was put in, and then it was sealed up. Then I made two strips of red material which were hemmed to hide the edges. The long strip was folded slightly and put in place on the back of the bow, then the small strip was wrapped around the middle and secured in place with velcro. I also used two small bits of velcro to stick the long strip to the bow near the edge, so it would fan out like the reference.

Once I sort out the wig, I'll attach the bow on probably using a hair slide.

Finished painting the round shape by making pink paint for the P, and then painting on the white shiney bit to make it look cartoon-y. Then I cut out the rest of the shapes from coloured foam sheets, and stuck them in place using Bostik glues.

Very satisfied with this. :) It'll do the costume well.

Belt pieces have been painted on with a couple layers of acrylic paint. Round piece still needs to have a pink 'P' and a white shiny bit painted on aswell.

Actually started this on Monday but didn't update this until now. The belt was started by using some white pleather my flatmate (Freyarule) had left over, and I measured my waist with the rest of the costume on to get the length measurement. I drew on the desired rectangle I wanted on the back using a pen and a ruler and cut it out carefully so it would be straight all the way along. Then I just stuck velcro on the ends which will hold the belt on.

To make the coloured bits I used Wilkinson's clay and moulded out the different round-ish shapes. The three similar ones are the general colours on the belt but I will paint over them since they are infact darker shades than they are now. I'm now waiting for the clay to air-dry in a day. There is also a red mark on the belt where I worked on the red shape on, so that's where the main bit will now go.

I've also bought shorts to wear under my skirt so now I'll feel a lot better. :)

I'm rather surprised I finished this in one day, but I had a lot of time on my hands plus I don't have any coursework deadlines that are too soon.

To make it I used the tutorial by Kaika/Elpheal (; where you measure out a long rectangle for the main skirt, pleat it using pins and ironing, then sew the zip in, sew the skirt shut, then measure out the waistband, sew that on, and attach a hook and fastener.

It'll need another iron before I wear it for Expo, and it feels a bit short at the back (even though I think my Cream dress was shorter), so I'll probably get some shorts to wear underneath, so I'll feel more at ease when wearing it.

Front was painted over in some areas and cock-ups were fixed with white paint. Painted stripes on the back, added another layer where necessary, fixed cock-ups, then ironed under a pillow case.

It looks a little too short but with the belt and everything I think I'll look fine.

Also the wig arrived and it's VERY long! The ponytails also make it heavy but I've seen cosplayers have had this problem before and fixed it so it'll be alright.

Bottom of shirt and arms were cut down. The bottom was hemmed to hide chalk marks and the shoulders were just cut neatly.

Layed newspaper in the shirt and painted the green 'wings' first, then painted on the stripes, using masking tape for the bottom one. Then the heart was painted on when the green bit was dry.

I still need to paint over the heart again and touch-up the stripes, then I can get started on the stripes on the back.

Got thick waist elastic and threaded it through the red band using a safety pin. Pinned the elastic at both ends, pinned the skirt together, and sewed it all shut.

The red band doesn't show normally but it's mainly for insurance if I stretch and my belly shows. I'm quite happy with the skirt length. :)

Measured out and cut out a thick, long strip of red material for the waist band. Sewed it on so there's a tunnel going through it for the elastic.

It had to be cut down a couple times since I was making the band too thick and therefore the skirt would be too long. I want a thick band since the main bit's a bit short on its own plus the shirt was cut down a bit too short and I don't like my belly showing.

Got some fabulous pirate fabrics for the outer and inner bits. Measured thyself and cut out lengths of skirt pieces from each fabric. Then they were stitched together at the top. This might go a bit wrong but I have lots more fabric to make this again if I do.

Next is making the red band that the elastic will go through and stitching that on.

The red ribbon was stitched on, and I almost ran out too. :P It looks slightly messy but I think it looks more pirate-made that way.

I'll sort out the label showing on the bandana, and the tie has also been sorted out. The shirt's slightly short, but I'll make the skirt longer.

These boots were bought from eBay and they feel and fit very nicely. I really wanted buckles on them since that looks piratey. XD

Edges have been hemmed successfully after I discover increasing the thread tension stops loops appearing, and the red ribbon has been pinned on ready to be sewn on.

The flap was pinned on and hand-sewn on (which I still find fiddlely(sp?)), and the tips of the collar at the front were secured down with poppers and glue, then I made the front triangle bit out of previously cut-off shirt and a red ribbon. This was attached with stitching on one side and velcro on another side so there's enough room to get my head through.

The arms and bottom of the shirt have been cut down and pinned in place to hem. Then I'll add the red ribbon.

The two collars were sewn together right-side in and were then turned inside-out so the ribbon and the flap were shown on the outside. The hole was then sealed shut behind the neck.

The collar isn't than shiny as in the photo and it will be ironed.

Two sailor collar shapes have been cut out. The ribbon has been sewn onto on side, and a flap has been sewn onto another.

Pink jumper was bought from M&S for £12, and it fits quite well. :) Short boots were bought from Primark for £5. Yellow socks were bought in Asda for £2 (in a pack of 5 pairs), they're a tad short but they're still longer than the boots so they'll do unless I find a longer pair, but these ones are such a perfect colour.

Here's a photo of the bandana, tie (made from a small scarf and a hairband-type thing), net gloves, and black tights I'm going to use.

I had tried making a dress with leftover red material I had but I had to get more since the measurements I was using made it too small. This time I got a big t-shirt of mine for how wide I'd want it to be and drew a pattern on the red material out of that. Then I cut out two pieces, and pinned them together so I could try it on and cut it down if necessary. Then I just sewed it together, hemmed it and turned it inside-out.

This was really basic to make. First I got my old school tie and put it on to see if it would be big enough. Then I used the measurement of how long it is for the length of this tie. I cut out two long shapes from blue material (which I found in the scrap pile of Fabric Land, yay), sewed them together, turned it inside out, and sealed.

These were started and done within a day since I had no Uni work to do anyway. I cut the tops off 'slipper' boots and then got red material and positioned it round the shoe so it would seam at the back. It was hemmed while sewn to the bottom and sewn around the inside of the mouth. Then I got yellow felt and pinned it in position to cut out and sew on the shape. I also glued in yellow felt strips to hide the red frays in the inside of the mouth.

So all the different body pieces were sewn together mostly using a curved needle. The head was a challenge to attach to the body. I decided I needed to unstich the back of the head, un-stuff some of it, cut off some of the felt, then seal it back up to make the head smaller since it was really bulky at the back. In the end I used mostly glue to attach the head to the body since sewing it was just not working, and then I also glued on a small strip of matching blue felt around the neck to secure it a bit more and hide the glued parts. Then the bow was sewn on no problem.

Anyway, I'm glad how big this has turned out.

These were done real quick while watching Mock the Week. Basically stretched the wrist of each glove with my DS and sewed a button in.

It was a hassle getting gloves though. I bought 2 pairs from eBay, 1 pair turned out glittery in real life (o__O) and the other pair were alright but very thick. But then I found a good pair in Primark for £1. Lovely jubbly.

Finished making the rest of the body parts, and the tail and wings have been added to the body. When I was making the body part I was worried it was going to be too small for the massive head. But I positioned all the parts together and it doesn't look that bad. So also the tips of the head, arms, and feet have been painted with yellow fabric paint and are now drying overnight.

Made the bow and the wings now. And the feet, arms, tail, and body are cut out and ready to be sewn together on the machine.

Started with the head. Used the general making a plush method where you cut out 4 shapes to make a round head. Those are sewn together, then it's stuffed, then it's sealed. I cut out the different coloured bits of the eyes and glued them on as I'm not that worried about it fraying. Then I drew on the mouth. The floating ball was added by making the plush ball and then slitting and gluing in a transparent straw.

I like how it's come out quite big so my Chao might be to scale with me. :)

First I cut out the shapes needed to make a small sphere plush. They were sewn together, and the tip was sewn on before I stuffed it. Then I used a sealing stitch and added the safety pins.

I got an old school shirt that was smallish so the collar wasn't too loose. Then it was basically cutting off the sleeves and heming them at the shoulders, and then cutting the shirt and hemming so it was shorter and wouldn't come down longer than the dress.

So after putting on the strips of wallpaper paper, it took several days to apply all the layers of paint and getting it right. Drawing on the black marker lines along the barrel and around the star pattern really helped.

OK, so we tried putting tape round the seams but it came out all crinkled and crap so we took it off and tried this different method. We put on this wallpaper-like paper over it in strips going vertically. Which is good since the design is like that anyway, and I'll just draw black marker over the seams after I've painted all of it.

So that's all been smoothed down and is drying, and I've also drawn the star patterns on the top and bottom ready for when I paint it. It's dying to get some colour! D:

So the other two tubs and lids have been glued onto the sides with some surprisingly strong PVA glue and filler glue. Filler was also put in round where the lids went as they left some gaps. Plumbing filler was also put in round where the handle has gone.

I tried putting some paper-mache round one of the seams but it didn't come out as smooth as I wanted and the tubs are held together well enough without it, so my Dad and I are going to put on tape round it as smooth as possible, and then paint on some special stuff over that so it can be painted over.

So I made the ears and sewed them in when sewing the hat together. I threaded the wire through to make the ears perk up, and I attached another cream layer of felt in the back to cover the wire. Then I sewed on the cream rim, and then attached the cream tips on the back and the orange stripe.

I did start work on one before this made out of cardboard tubes and tubs and using sticky tape and paper-mache to keep it together, but it was turning to shit so I destroyed it and thought of another method.

I had seen these paper-mache circular tubs and bought three big ones to make the body, and using two of the lids to make the ends. My Dad then thought up ideas on how to get the handle in and keep it secure. After talking about it for ages, we've now actually put the ideas into action.

First the old broom handle was cut into its correct length, and it was sanded down so it can be painted on. Then the middle tub was identified and a hole with flaps was made for the handle to go into. It was pushed all the way in and got a hole and screw drilled into it to keep it held there. We then added more insulation and structure with bendy stuff used for packaging. Three layers were used, curved round and with slits cut out of them so it could go round the handle. Extra stuffing was used for small gaps and a circle from a spare lid was glued on to help keep it in. Clamps were put on to hold it in place and it's now drying.

The stuffing stuff is light, so the hammer won't be heavy when I'm heaving it round the Excel Centre. XD

Next is to maybe fill in any gaps, and then to glue and paper-mache on the other tubs and lids to make the whole hammer. After that will be painting.

I'm excited and eager to get this costume done by the end of October, where I'll hopefully be going both Saturday and Sunday to the MCM Expo. ^^

Bought a bunch of supplies I need and started with the hat. Using the same method as I did with my Dedede hat, except this one is made out of felt than fleece; I hope it still works. ^^;;

So far I've also cut out two rectangles which will be sewn together to make the rim of the hat, made the rough wire frame for the top of the ears, cut out and pinned together the shapes for the ears, and made a rough shape for the pink of the ear.

I used the orange material from a t-shirt and the white material from previously bought white material for the back symbol. I cut out the shapes and made various folds around the shape to aid in hemming. I pinned the 'bunny' peace sign to the orange circle and sewed on, then I sewed that onto the back of the coat.

I also did a bit of extra sewing to the seams at the shoulders and also ironed and used a lint-roller to clean it up. :)

So now I actually have a costume but I want the mallet aswell so me and my Dad will be working on that.

I've finished the white trim around the coat and on the cuffs! The cuffs took a while since I decided to sew them on by hand. The rest of the trim was easy since I got an awesome new Brother sewing machine. :D First I measured how long it was all the way round. Then I split the measurements into four to make trim for the different areas of the coat (top, bottom, and two sides). Then I pinned and sewed them on included hems. It does all have a white trim on it, I just didn't get the whole coat in the photo. Also the white trim has given me sufficient support on my shoulders. :)

The last things I need to do is add the 'bunny' peace sign on the back, then clean up any bits with any extra sewing or glueing, ironing, and then running a lint roller over it to get it clean and get any little bits off.

At the moment, this can double as a Santa coat.

So I sewed the arm pieces on to the main body first by sewing it round onto the shoulder, and then sealing up the arm into the cylinder shape.

But after trying the coat on I found out I didn't give the main body enough shoulder. I cut down the tops of the side parts since with arms it was too big over the front. Next I need to add the white trim and I'm hoping it will add more to around the neck and shoulders.

This is the biggest garment I've ever tried making.

First I got measurements for the different pieces by measuring my dressing gown, since that's how big I'd like it to be on me. I then cut out the back, two front, and two arm pieces from the same red material I used for the hat.

I sewed each front piece to the back and pressed the seams. I then cut the front pieces down to make them shorter along the width. Next I have to put the arms on which I've never done before. The closest I've done is sewn zips to shoulders.

I got these royal blue nurses' trousers from eBay. They don't exactly match the blue of the shirt, but I like the colour anyway. They're able to go over the shoes to cover the seams so that's good. They're a tad long but I think the lower size wouldn't have fit me, so I'll have to make do with this. I'll either wear them higher if I can or roll them up a bit, or even cut the bottom off a bit. I see into that later when I've finished the coat and mallet.

Before I started work on the shoes, I did attempt making the hammer out of various containers for the shapes, cardboard, and paper mache. After I had covered the whole thing in paper mache twice, I decided that it wasn't strong enough since the handle wobbled and that it wasn't very smooth around the main part. So I'm going to try again using round paper mache boxes and an old broom handle my Dad found. :)

Anyway, I got a pair of those soft boots for the shoes, but it would have been less work to get slippers that went up to the ankle, but never mind. So I made patterns out of baking paper, then pinned on the fabric shapes and sewed them on, doing the one at the top of the boot first. For this I used a curved needle since I found that the strongest and easiest to use for this, then to finish I glued on the remaining material at the bottom to the soles.

I'll be wearing trousers with this, so the seam around the middle shouldn't show, but I covered the whole shoe just incase my trousers ride up at any time or something.

Dead simple. Traced around my hand for a mitten shape with seam allowance and wide wrist space, cut out 2 pieces for each hand, then sewed them together and turned inside-out. The left mitten is a tad tight for getting on, but it gets on and wears fine.

I now have nothing else to make unless I get more supplies.

After finishing the painting and taking the masking tape off (and also using some white fabric paint for where I had got some on the white areas) I pinned the pattern onto the shirt and sewed it on with the best part showing on the front. I bit more painting had to be done to clean it up a bit, but I am still on the first 45ml pot for each colour. :D

I also realised the other day that I can use that dressing gown behind me for the measurements for my coat.

I've measured how high and wide I want the white band go around the t-shirt, cut out the rectangle, hemmed the edges and then added masking tape to get the crisp lines at the top and bottom. I've also positioned masking tape to paint in the yellow triangle shapes, and after they dry, I start on the next. After 2 or 3 yellows I started on the reds using a thin paintbrush for the straight lines against the yellow.

I'm also quite surprised how I'm still on the first small pot of fabric paint I have for each colour.

After buying the majority of material I need for this costume, I went ahead and started work on it. For the hat I used the tutorial by clearkid on DeviantART ( and then added on the extras. It's my first time making a hat and this has turned out quite well. :)

Since I couldn't find any suitable maroon shorts, I found some plain maroon pyjamas and cut down the bottoms and hemmed to make them into shorts. The long ARM will be attached to the side with a clip.

So now I'm generally finished on the costume as all that's left is the hair dye which will be put in the Friday before the Expo. :)

So I was originally going to use cardboard, but it just wouldn't fold smoothly over the shoes. So I got craft foam sheets. I then made the different coloured pieces, first making prototype pieces out of other colours, and glue them on. The big piece that goes over the laces are attached on with velcro as I put them on after I've put the shoes on. I also tuck some of the bottom of the leg warmers into the shoes to make the 'poofy' effect.

So the socks I was making came out all wrong because the measurements I used was too small so I scrapped them and started again. Then I found a leg warmer tutorial by taeliac on DeviantART ( and now they're fantastic. Also they're not really socks. But they will be tucked into the ones I'm wearing to make more of a 'poofy' effect. Also I did intend to use pink pom poms since the only manga artwork I can find of them look kind of pink. But they're white in the anime version and I agree that it looks better than the bright pink poms poms I had.

I got this soft light pink material, and I measured how wide I wanted the socks around the top and the bottom, and how long I wanted it. I cut out two of them and stitched two of the sides together for each to make the tube shape.

I've also gotten black hair dye and my Mum will help me put it in the day before the Expo if I'm home on the Friday. If I'm not then she's told me how to apply it.

So it took ages but there are now zips on the shoulders. I cut almost all the way around them and then sewed on the zips and sewed up any holes left at the ends where I cut too much. I did a minor cock-up as the zip heads are situated at the front, when I wanted them at the back. But that doesn't matter as when I wear the jacket, both the ends of the zips are hidden under my armpits. It's all good.

Since I came back home with access to a Hoppycraft for more fabric paint, I decided to add a bit more to the white trim near the top where it shows so now it looks more even and neat. :)

So, I made shapes out of newspaper and cellotape, then paper-mached over a couple layers and then painted. The rings are kind of bulky but they can still come on and off which is good. I'm clearly not a master at paper-mache since the long ARM lost its shape during the process. It's meant to be like several small balls attached to each other, but it's like some bumpy stick now. It still needs to be attached to the shorts, which I'll probably use sewing and/or velcro.

Started on the rings by cutting out two strips of cardboard and then fitting it over the fingers by cellotaping into ring shapes. I also made sure they could slip on and off. Next is adding a bit of newspaper and paper mache-ing the shapes.

I've also hemmed the bottom of the jacket, and I didn't need to cut it as the sides come out in the '^' shape like they should anyway. All there is that's left to do to the jacket is add zips to the shoulders, but the zips I have are too short, so that will have to wait until I get longer ones.

Added the cuffs to the sleeves. Generally the same method as with the collar; cut out two rectangles for each, added the design to the outside, sewed them together, turned inside out, sealed shut, then sewed it onto the cuff. I also used a mix of velcro and sewing to stick down any overlapping cuff part underneath.

Attached the collar to the jacket using the flap. I think the collar looks good, even though the grey stripes don't start at the same point and the black lines aren't even, but I'm not going to keep making it again to make it just right. Next I have to add the cuffs, add the zips to the shoulders, and hem below the zip.

Ironed over and trimmed the neck which I had painted. Then I pinned down and sewed on the zip. A bit more trimming up and down and around the neck so it appears straight. The white trim isn't entirely straight and even but it's my first time using fabric paint so next time I will get a better paintbrush. I don't want to add any more paint as I don't want to risk ruining it.

After the paint dried, I decided it didn't need another coat. So I cleaned off any paint on the paper clips, drew on the face with permanant marker, and then finished up the paper clip chain. If it comes down too low or too high on the overall costume, I can always add or take away paper clips easily.

Finished the sailor collar. Cut out two white collar shapes, drew on the lines and sewed on the ribbon on one side, then sewed together the sides outsides-in, and then turning inside out. I had also sewed on a flap to the plain side as this will be sewn on the jacket.

After a whole day of it drying, I have now painted over it and am waiting overnight for it to dry. I may paint over another coat to make it more smooth, then I will wipe any paint off the paper clips and then draw on the face and complete the chain.

After buying more fabric paint, I've painted the white trim on the other side, and then ironed over that. Then I painted the final white trim around the collar. Now I'm waiting over night for it to dry, where I will then iron and trim if necessary. Finally I will add the zip.

So far I've cut down the middle and sewn on the zip. I've left space at the top for the collar and space at the bottom as it shapes out.

First I made two small balls of newspaper, cellotaped them together, then cellotaped that to part of a paper clip chain. Then I added two layers of paper mache so now I'm waiting overnight for it to dry.

Now I'm using fabric paint to paint on the white trim which is proving to look a lot neater, with the aid of masking tape to ensure the trim is straight. Unfortunately I only got one small pot of the paint so I'll need to get somemore.

After buying several hair accessories, half of them aren't needed as I've become satisfied with one of my early methods of attaching the bow to my hair. All I needed was one barette and to position it in one place. All I have to do is prevent doing any sudden movements with it on. If the bow does shift then I can always adjust it or just take it off and on again. I've glued and sewn on the barette to the bow to make it more secure.

Sewing on the white trim and zip is proving difficult due to the jumper's texture. So I've un-threaded the thread, removed the pins, white fabric and zip, and instead I am going to get fabric paint and paint on the white trim and then sew on the zip.

First I had to cut a half of the neck off since it originally folded down. Then I positioned the zip and cut where it would go. It's OK that the zip's not long enough since it won't show and I can just tuck the bottom into the shorts. I gathered a long piece of white material and I've pinned it round with the zip so it folds round underneath. Next I have to sew it in place and remove the pins. The photo made the red brighter than it actually is.

Now the bow looks bow shaped. I added elastic bands to form the shape in the middle and then added the red band to cover them. Now I have to get a way to attach the bow to my hair. I'll need to get some clips from Boots. Again, in the photo makes the red look brighter and the zip look blue.

I've finally started work on this costume! At the moment the bow is a small cushion that can be un-zipped for the stuffing to be taken out for whatever reason. The tutorial I'm using is this one ( by kazzieheart. The only difference I used is putting a zip into one of the sides before putting them together. The photo makes the red look brighter and the grey zip look blue.

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