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After stumbling across something very helpful on my friend's website ( I decided to start making my Master Sword.
I'll be using a method very similar to hers, but have changed a few things about it to suit my own way of working. Hopefully I should be able to make this one without any help from my dad!

So, I got the template made today and also managed to cut out the cardboard pieces which I'll be using as a base. These are VERY rough on the image, there's a lot of neating up/proper placement/etc to do, so sorry it looks bad right now! It wont when it's done!

I'm using a thin strip of wood between the cardboard pieces to support the sword, and I'll be crafting the 'wings' and decoration with modelling clay as well as building the blade shape with the cardboard and possibly paper clay before papier macheing it all and painting.

Fingers crossed this turns out good!

More progress pics and details:

I've nearly finished Alice! yayaya!
I've just been shaping the diamonds which go on her shoes and at the ends of her plaits out of air drying clay.
It's my first time using modelling clay, so I'm pretty happy with the outcome, even if I'm having a bit of trouble with smoothening it out...
Hopefully I'll be able to fix that with a thin second layer later on, or with the paint though.

So yeah, as soon as they're dry they can be painted gold and then I'm pretty sure that's everything done! (well... minus the sycthe, but I don't count props towards the actual costume, and she rarely has it anyway XD)

I made a few adjustments and added a few things since my detailed image, but I'm not going to show you guys yet :P that was your last proper peek at it until the meet.

I'm so excited to wear this costume!
I've worked really hard to make it accurate and tried my best to miss nothing, so I hope everyone likes it!

More progress pics and details:

After a bit of deliberation I decided to create a new costume page for my re-make of Link. This way I can keep the images, events and other things seperate for each costume.

So this is a fresh start for Link! I'm re-making the first costume I ever made and am planning to debut it on what will almost be the anniversary of it's creation.

The only things I'm hoping to keep from the old costume are the shield, ears, wig and sword (I'm still undecided and may get myself a new wig and ears though...)
For now things like the gloves, undershirt etc are low on my to-do list because if I run out of time and money I'll use those again until I can make them. Everything else is being ditched for definate though.

I'm looking forward to working on this costume now that I've picked a few things up from the other's I've made and I'm excited to see the improvement I've made in my first year of cosplaying! Roll on October!

I finally finished the coat!
All that's left to do is add the zip and the buttons which keep the panel in place. These wont change the appearance though, so I've decided to post costume details now.

Other than that I need to finish the scythe of course, which may take time, and quickly modify the boots once I have some more materials.

I love this costume so much, I can't wait to wear it and get proper photos!

EDIT: I've decided to go all out on this costume, I don't want to miss a single detail, so I'll be editing parts of the costume slightly. These are things people probably wont notice, but I want it as accurate as possible, so I'm doing it. If you notice anything that looks a little off, please, please tell me!

I seem to do nothing on this costume for ages and then tons all at once!
Today my wig arrived, so that got me in the mood for costume making instead of being lazy! I spent a while spinning around in the wig and dodging the cats trying to play with the tips (it's a VEERY long wig) and then got started on a mock-up of the coat.

The fabric I plan to use is expensive, so I really wanted to test my patterns out on something cheap first, and I'm glad I did, since I need a meter extra than I originally planned for.

So, I've ordered the fabric now, and uploaded some pics of the mock-up. It's very messy and only pinned together, not sewn, but I'm surprised at how easy it was to put together. I had the idea that it would be a lot trickier.

I also modified the gloves I bought, and styled/trimmed the wig (unfortunately after I'd taken photos!), just waiting for fabric and boots now!

More progress pics:

So Link's pretty much finished and I've still got over a month left 'til the con, woooo!
I put this together in a couple hours and for the first time I'm really happy with how a costume has turned out :3

I love this costume so much! It's so cheap because its so simple and I've been able to reuse boots and pants from another costume.

This was the first time I tried making something using measurements, and since it turned out so well, I'm thinking of offering these for commission once I've made tunics for my four swords group.

I'm not wearing my wig, ears or compression shirt in the photo and I'm also using a belt from a different costume just to make it look more presentable.

Just a few small things to do to this costume now. I need to make the belt, dye the undershirt and get a start on the props.

I'm probably gonna alter the neck a bit, as the V isn't low enough, other than that I'm pleased with it.
I may also pick up a new wig for this costume, but right now the money could be put to better use, and I already have a blonde wig that will work for the time being.

So quite a few updates on this now.
I've finally started work on the props, and hope to have these finised for Replay Expo in November. The shield (seen left) is coming along nicely and is now just waiting on details and painting.

I've also finally ordered my chain rings so fingers crossed I'll have that done soon too (as I'm only doing the visible parts to save rupees). In time I'd like to make a full chainmail shirt, but we'll see what happens. Up to this point I've been using a fabric alternative which I found in a shop, and although it looks decent I'll be glad to get rid of it!

Anyway, I gave in and bought a proper compression shirt which arrived this morning and I've been working on make-up so I'm hoping to fool a few people next time I cosplay!

Last update is that I'll be re-making a majority of the costume, starting with the tunic and hat!

The wig I had originally intended to use for this cosplay finally turned up and with a little styling all will be well one again.
I'm going to ask my hairdresser for help with this since I know I'd make such a mess of it.

As well as my new wig I also bought some new ears, or ear tips to be presise. The ones I had were awful and huge, not to mention uncomfortable, the new ones are already looking a lot better. I'll have some photos up for you soon!

On a side note I've decided to embroider the design on the tunic that was originally done in fabric pen, as it'll look much better this way, but since I'm doing it by hand it may take some time. Wish me luck!

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