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My first cosplay was Naru from Love Hina - Someone mistook me as someone from Battle Vixens! :( This happens alot to me, getting mistaken for other characters... I need to work on this... xD I tend to pick characters who aren't very smiley, which doesn't work well with me because I tend to smile. A LOT. xD I'm really into Idol Shows at the moment, which is why I'm down to cosplay as so many of them!~ As Aizen was my first proper cosplay for Manchester, he's the character I'm most known for amongst the cosplay friends I have so far ^^

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Found the most perfect wig for Fem! Kise on taobao~ (:

So an update on this costume I've had a horror of a time with! -- I've got the following sorted:

-Ribbon (For Leg - Need to buy more for the other leg though!)

THE DRESS. The dress has caused me the biggest amount of headache. As I'm not textiles savvy or knowledgeable a friend offered to make me the dress - in a sandy colour. After much argument and debate about the colour (I wanted it the actual colour Morgiana wears, white or cream), I decided to go along with the sandy colour as she said it wouldn't make me look as pale.... Anywho said friend left the dress unfinished, the wrong colour and as everything wasn't backstitched could of fallen apart on me. I've had to get it commissioned by a very lovely lady, 'Lolita Life' on facebook whose making it for me in a White crinkle material to make it look authentic. It's more a headache due to the money that's been thrown at this cosplay and wasted. It makes me cry thinking about it :,( THOUGH, now I'm sat worrying if the white will make me look too pale with my stupidly pale Northern British Skin!! :l I don't think I'll ever win with this cosplay... D;

Anyways it should be done and completed for October. Roll on EXPO! :D

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