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Progress on these cosplays are proving slow, the sky form being a commission from chartini @ tumblr who will eb wearing this with me. Attempts to make this morning have been fruitless so I will attempt again tomorrow. hopefully, I will be able to blast through this soon enough, I just need to get over this terrible sewing block!!!

whilst I will be adding to it, here is the crown at the moment. Will add more flowers to it at a later date perhaps and some ribbon.

Gone for the Halo affect with the crown as this is made with roses and I wouldn't want to have something thorny as hell around my head!!! can't wait to start on the dress!!!

This is what the outfit looks like so far, some work is still needed but really excited to wear it!!!

All make up bought bar that for the eyes, no face paint used here as I do not think i have enough for both that and the day of the actual con!

Still need to dip dye the pigtails on this wig but so far so good. happy with it. Need to purchase sharpies and rubbing alcohol and then i will attempt the pigtails one at a time due to one being blue and the other red.

Wig and fabric for the cosplay arrived earlier this week, will start construsting cosplay over this weekend. Will try and get as much of teh dress done as possible!

Finished the dress, only got bloomers left to make but otherwise cosplay is now done. made a bag to go with it as none of my bags really match it. ahh

Took a more adult spin to the child version i was doing, due to my comfort level and the fact that the character in question, in my head at least, would be around the 7 year old mark. Took ref from Pride and Prejudice (Kiera Knightly film) for the colours. Not much left to do now.

The wig arrived whilst I was away, currently being washed ahaha. not much needs to be done to it, in all honesty, which I am thankful for ;u;

Base jumpsuit has arrived, going to start editing this soon. Need to edit the legs mainly as they're a bit too long and such.

So, this cosplay is near enough done. gonna trim the wig a little, not too much as i'm also using it for another cosplay. Just need to find a brown dress shirt/blouse and this cosplay will be finished.

I just have 28 or so days to do as much -sob-

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