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I got into cosplay by stumbling information about conventions in the US. After finding out about them, I lurked on the GaiaOnline forum for Cosplay & Convetions, reeeeally envying all the people in the US who had loads of conventions to go to and then....I saw the thread for Expo, and I HAD to go. So ever since May 2007, I've crossed the channel to get to London for Expo, and started to cosplay not long after. I was so blown away by the costumes, wah! *__*

I go up and down about what my favorite thing about cosplay is! It started off as making something 2D become 3D with friends along with love of the character, then moreso for love of the outfits, then character again, then outfits, and now that I cosplay rl people I guess it's more for the outfits than the characters again, hah! But the making 2D things 3D is still valid, it's so cool to me!

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I desperately need to add more details to this. I put it the jacket on briefly yesterday to test another wig and I got sad by how many details I'm lacking on I'm gonna pick this back up really soon seeing as I actually already bought the extra stones I need to add (now the trouble will be remembering where I bought them all fff)

This outfit is still so very in progress ToT

I did, in fact, wear this to SHINee's Tokyo Dome! Yatta!! I completed this enough to wear^^ I wasn't the only cosplayer either wow~ My cosplaying Taemin actually came in handy for my friends to find each other as I became a kind of easy-to-spot landmark pfft

There's still some things to be done for this before I can call it all completed!
I didn't make the necklace in the end, even though I have the means to. I also want to add some more beads! But here's a photo my friend took quickly before we went inside of how I looked on the day. I didn't try with makeup at all, I think I just put on some bb cream and a little bit of eyeliner. I also didn't wear the right shoes because I thought it was going to rain (it didn't)
But I had a lot of fun! Really love this outfit, especially the skirt >w<

Yay! It's not perfect but man I wish it was because the fabric is beautifully soft and comfy. I didn't even try to use a pattern for the sleeves and just winged it in the wingiest way possible, and all things considered, it's not too bad. I may fix it in the future so that I can wear it out and about as it's just a simple tshirt ^u^ Decided to not further mess with the fishnet shirt, though I may add sleeves to it in the future for normal wear as well. It won't be visible under my jacket though and it may just make me more hot at the concert so it's not gonna be done yet!

I have a few things left to do:

-Finish bead deets
-sew the satin on the bottom half of the jacket
-sew the buttons on the jacket sleeves
-finish the skirt.

The skirt was the first thing I did, and ever since I started it I've wanted nothing to do with it because it requires working on the floor xD It's even gotten dusty from sitting around for so long oTL

I'll definitely work on the wig again closer to when I wear the cosplay (like gelling the middle part together, I just don't have hair products for that atm) but it's basically done! I won't be cutting large chunks off anymore AND I think I have figured out how to adjust the hair strands with hairslides as best as possible to resemble Rin's hairstyle most naturally ^u^ Though, as always, one side turned out a lot better than the other for the test but at least there's no limit to how often I can try to perfect both sides!

Super excited for the weather to warm up so I can wear this =D

Okay so I got my jacket and I love it. The other day I bought some pants that actually double as pants for this (which I only realized when I got home, I love it when this happens!) and I already have a black shirt. All I need to do now is cut my wig and I am finished with this cosplay omg. Exciting *u*

At a 2nd hand store the other day I looked for a jacket that could work for this, not sure if anything I'd find would be worth the price (the place can be weirdly expensive) but I found THIS jacket for all of 100yen. That's so damn cheap, bless you sales! It's got some extra details that Hongbin's actual jacket doesn't have, but it's all striped and b&w so it doesn't look out of place! Yay lucky finds! =D

So I was putting off buying a Samezuka jacket for Rin for a long time since all the ebay ones were upwards $50 which is just nuts, and the ones they sell here are even MORE expensive. But I last checked in like September or something, so I looked again today and lo and behold....they are not as expensive as they used to be! At least not all of them, so I bit the bullet and bought one! =D I haven't bought cosplay on ebay for actual years haha. I hope it's nice, though it will never beat the niceness of my Iwatobi jacket.

I also bought a collapsible wig stand in Hiroshima a few weeks ago, so I can actually cut my Rin wig now! Which I will probably do while waiting for all my stuff for Taemin to come in. Excited about this cosplay again!! >w<

erright I am finally somewhat on the move with this!
I already have some beads, but I'm going to be ordering the rest of what I need for now in the next day or two, because after MUCH SEARCHING I finally found exactly what I need. Why I didn't think to look up a shape name chart for beads in the first place is way beyond me but there you go. I...actually need to know the names of a lot more things too! Like those circle things. I saw those in Thailand but didn't find any that were cheap enough to rip apart. Wth are the called and how do I find out??

Also I am on track for ordering a wig since I left my original Sherlock wig at home! I accidentally bid on one instead of buying it from the same seller though so that was dumb.

Otherwise, my whole month is bare so I hope to find/make those trousers plus most of the half-skirt (I need an eyelet thing for that ohgod) I also want new shoes. I have ones that would work but their soles are literally falling apart so I'd rather new ones but it's so hard to find them for some reason!

Is nothing easy?

and later edit with what the jacket looked like first run

this is happening for May anymore because my sweater is just going from bad to worse, which is very annoying because I did spend a decent sum of money on it and the paint. And I just can't justify turning up in a crappy-looking sweater for Ken 'cause he's one of those characters that is really important to me so if I can't do him justice, I won't cosplay him just yet!
At this rate I feel like I'll get around to cosplaying the Emperor first fff

I am obsessed with make-up tests lately. I really freaking like make-up all of a sudden, oh my goodness, it is a lot of fun.
Anyway I tried doing another test for Hongbin's eye make-up again. I've decided to go with the less smoky look since I think I'll just look like I was punched as I can't do it too well. So this is the result feat. Shabby (ignore my little mistake pls I was trying to add more darkness and failed oTL)

Also all I need to do construction-wise now is add the panels to my shirt! Which I think I will do in a way that does not have them permanently attached because I don't want to buy another shirt.

Wow I bought all the fabric around a month ago?? Oops. Anyway I finally started working on Ion today and I got a decent amount done! Almost finished the whole robe, just need to sew up the last part (may need a zip) and put the petals on the sleeves! Then I have the tabard, headdress, necklace, shoes....and....glove thingies to go. Wow this sounds like a lot haha GANBATTE, SELF.

Jacket is complete! And I did a little bit of a make-up test for the eyes yesterday....I need practice big time xD
Just have the wig cutting and the shirt to go!

I got all of my fabric for Ion today woooo! I originally was going to have the base of this costume white with the tabard and everything else green, but I found a nice off-white-almost-green cotton that was the same fabric as the tabard fabric and they went well together, so I went with that! I also got LOTS of off-white bias tape for all the deets. AND I just realized I didn't buy any green bias for the glovey things....WELP gotta go get that at some point! Thankfully it is not something that needs to be done right away.

Should be starting on Ion this coming week then now that I have most of the days free!

I finished up the jacket today, finally! I was initially not too happy with it as the last bits I added on kinda made it look worse, but after trying everything on I feel better!

I had started on the boot decs, but turns out I asked for the wrong amount of ribbon so I'll be going off to buy some more again (I hate going to the same shops and asking for the same things!!) But from my tester boot, it was fairly easy to attach the rose and ribbon thankfully.

Just gotta make the hat (cry) and see if I have enough untarnished white fabric left for the random white-and-rose bunch and I'm done!

ALRIGHT Will is officially in progress!

I bought all my fabric for him today and got straight to work! Getting to use suiting fabric for the first time in my life, something I've wanted to work with for ages <3
I've cut out everything from the suiting fabric bar the sleeves and lapels. I decided I wanted to line the jacket because....I wanna be fancy + there was no other way for me to get decent cravat fabric (will be using the reverse of the lining [satin. I'm crying as I remember why it's been 4 years since I last worked with the stuff]). So I have 3/4 of the lining cut out, just need to decide what I'm doing with the lining for the front panel lining before I cut the last part out 'cause I underestimated how much satin to buy! But I have started the back panels at least. Hopefully it goes well, I've never lined something like this before!
Actually used the top two pieces of my waistcoat pattern for this then made it longer/more appropriate and obviously will need to do the sleeves myself. Was pleased with how the waistcoat for Oz fitted on me so I thought this was a good move! Hopefully I was right. I don't have time for buttons/button holes anyway so the thing isn't gonna need to close up so I should be safe in case it is too small (which I really don't think it is)

did a quick wig test for Will last night. The response was good so I'm pleased! =D The wig is so difficult to manage though, it's so thick in the front!

With the arrival of my yellow shirt today, easiest costume complete! I know it is supposed to have a lil' Iwatobi mascot on it but unless I can get to my housemate's printer + find a design to print out it won't be happening for me just yet even though I have the paper and stuff. I love my jacket so much though that I'll definitely be cosplaying Haru in it, and he must have his dear mascot, so I'll get to it then!
Thankfully my actual sweatpants that I occasionally wear when I do sports are navy blue so yay for having something already! Only thing I'm missing are goggles which I naturally have 3 pairs of at home, but none at uni. I'm not buying any just for this, Sorry Nagisa x_x

I have spent about 5-6 hours on my damn jacket today, and I have finally gotten the top part 90% done!
Started the day by trying to get what I had of the top to sit on me right since I grossly overestimated how bulky what I'm wearing underneath it would be. If there's anything I've learned from this it's that writing down and guessing how best to do things a week or two before actually sewing is a bad idea.
Anyway, so I took in about 2 inches either side of the shoulders after unpicking the sleeves, then sewed them back on (but a bit higher up as Oz's sleeves don't go quite down to his wrists) and it finally fit okay!
Next I needed to make the lapels smaller since the massiveness of them in the art just does not work in real life (or at least not how I had things planned). But in order to do that I had to pin the skirt back onto the jacket. Since I decided to be safe than sorry with the skirt the other day I made it pretty long, but it ended up being too long for the lining so I decided to just cut it today since I was getting it out anyway. So after faffing with that for another hour or so I got the sizes for the lapels, cut them, sewed the black on and then...the bias tales.
I love this bias I'm using really (thank you to lemonpanda for lending it! ;o;) but bias in general is hell to deal with so this took forever. Like 2 hours forever. Especially 'cause it would fray and aaaah! But I'm happy with the turnout at least.
Had to do the same thing for the collar pretty much, but it didn't take as long THANKFULLY. What took a while for the collar was matching the sides up but I think I got it in the end. All I need to do now is some fake interfacing on the lapels and collar if I feel it needs it and sew on the buttons!
(all I have to show for now is a bad webcam shot)

FWAAAAAH but hardest part of the costume DONE my friends. It just needs to hold up while I sew the skirt onto it and I think I'm good! I could realistically finish this jacket tomorrow.

as soon as I come to add a journal to this, Sherlock comes on shuffle on my ipod. Wow. Anyway.

I just FINALLY bought the last thing I needed to order for this costume! SO SICK OF BUYING THINGS FOR YOU TAEMIN. But it is done now and it was the trousers and hopefully they fit alright. Thankfully I can wear them as everyday things too so it's not so bad I guess. Waah I need to buy some bracelets yet! I had my eye on some in H&M that were kinda similar so I might get those this week for one wrist and just...wear my SHINee bracelet on the other since it's blue anyway.

OH AND I finally started actually do things besides buying things for this costume! Very much geometry was involved. Hopefully can draw everything on alright but we'll see (ps should only be painting the front for now because LOL what is time)

It took me the whole song to write this journal. Woooo, progress though!

Despite how it looks, I have been making progress on this!! I started working on it a few weeks ago but nothing seemed to be going right (basically I made the top of the jacket too big and now it hates me but hopefully I can fix this) though I feel a bit more confident about it now.

I have my wig now and cut it and such, just needs fluffing and I'll add the lil' faux-ahoge on Friday after wearing the wig for Nagisa.
The waistcoat was only a few hours work, quite pleased with how it turned out, especially for my first waistcoat! All I need to do is make the button holes but waiting for either better scissors or a new idea before I do that.

For the jacket, as said before, the top of it is all cut out and such but by no means complete. It's sewn together and I have added the cuffs to the sleeves but the sleeves are too long I noticed after adding the cuffs (and the sleeves are also part of why the coat sits awkwardly...I see seam ripping in my future). I finally, after weeks of planning and worrying, cut out the long part of the coat today and it's near perfect! Just a bit too long but that is easily sorted. I cut out the lining for it too but it still needs shaping. Sadly, I will not have time to add the ruffles at the bottom of it for Kita )= But it shall be done in the future! As will the second linging. I need to buy more white fabric but I will not have enough to do this as it takes quite a large amount sadly.

In short, things are coming along. Thankfully this costume is not as overly-fiddly as it looks when it comes to details.

I got my wig and jacket in yesterday and cut my wig today! It still needs styling with spray but I'm going to wait till later and do all my wigs at once for that part.
My jacket is lovely, oh my GOODNESS. It looks and feels like a genuine sports jacket. I want to wear it everywhere, but that would mean I'd probably spill something on it so we won't be doing that.

Just need to buy a yellow shirt tomorrow then I can consider thissun done!

Overall I am very pleased with it! heat and bond and triangles and mini triangles and shapes and geometry everywhere. ALL of the shape deets were done with heavy/ultrawhatever heat&bond! And I made the beads (badly) from sculpey that I had to save 'cause it was old and crumbling hah.

I want to fix the "tassels" up a bit as the right one gave me some hell and as such, has frayed like hell. I have ways of making it look a bit prettier though.

Things I will unfortunately not be able to do for this cosplay are make boot covers and a pair of trousers. I'm gonna try to buy some grey trousers that will work, and if I have time I'll make the dumb little side flaps/pockets and if not, I'll say "I'm doing the animu cut scene version look!! He has no flaps there" (he doesn't) (I checked)

Hahh....bit miffed I won't be able to do those, but maybe next time! (since I have decided I want to wear this more than once)

OH also might not get around to styling the wig until the day before because I don't have my gel with me and will need to prod the buds to see if they have any....might try my luck with spray though.

I have finally started! I went fabric shopping again today and bought the rest of the fabric I needed for the jacket and I went straight for it! I have the base of the jacket all sewn up now and I only had a couple of hiccups! Tomorrow or later I'm going to fix the collar and add the yellow parts to the jacket, and start the shirt (leaving the bottom details until I have fabric paint/another idea)
Feels so good to be sewing again! (though my neck would say otherwise)

finally dooooone omigosh. This took me at least 2 hours to cut from 80cm to whatever it is now (at least 20cm shorter)
It's obviously cut but I don't mind so much. The length is shorter in front then gets a bit longer in the back, but it's a liiiittle uneven so I'll need to borrow someone's noggin at Kita to fix that up. Also the side-fringe is really annoying and I'll need to cut that a little so it blends in more. But the hard part is over with this, whooo! All I can do for the time being.

I am officially the most behind on my cosplay between my trio and myself! But whitewraith got her clockwork angel in today and InfiniteJester is actually pretty much finished with Jem so I need to get my butt in gear, and they have given me all of the motivation!

I ordered my wig just now (many thanks to the Institute for helping me decide on one) and I have finally decided on what I'm actually going to wear!

I'll make either a frock or morning coat in black or dark navy, basic white shirt (gonna get the same as Jem's)with either a cravat or one of those ribbon whatsits (not bowtie, the other thing) and IF I have time, I'm going to make a blue waistcoat. If I don't I'll just use a black waistcoat I bought ages ago.

I'll probably wear the coat open and because of that, might not bother making button holes for now (we'll see) and I reeeeally wanna have my arms covered in marks, so I want to make it easy to get to my arms. Hence open coat! So hopefully the sleeves of the shirt will be easy to roll up and down and the coat easy to toss to the side when needed~
Thinking of making a hidden blade holster too...that would be fun.
Yeah needed to write that all down here 'case I forget haha, I have been trying to come up with a solid design for ages!


I've somehow gotten over a lot of my nervousness for this cosplay and am now completely hyped!
I bought some base shoes the other day, which I may or may not edit, I'm not sure. I know I could do it but the more I look at his shoes the more I think they don't work how I originally thought they did...may leave them last!
Also bought my wig the other day, it'll definitely need a cut! His hair changes lengths so much in this era, making things difficult on deciding how short I should cut the wig. Aah.

Gonna be looking bracelet look-alikes in the sales, same with...everything else pretty much. Really hoping I can find some ribbon/bias that matches some of the poncho patterns as well, but we'll see!
...need to practice contouring for makeup as well, 'long with eyeliner because wow I'll need it to pretend to be in this company

I have been looking for Ken wigs for the better part of two years now, and I happened to fall into coscraft's sale and they had one that looked PERFECT so I snapped it up on a whim is actually perfect. It'll just need a little cut, and I can consider my Ken wig finally gotten <3

I cut the fringe of the wig yesterday and re-fixed the ponytail so that it's more obvious. I feel a lot better about it now, though it is still inaccurate *shakes fist at wig seller* At least it is a pretty wig in its own right!

Annnd I just started and finished the leg....thingies. I ended up using a much easier method of making them than I originally planned, but putting them on is a hassle xD I had to lay on my back on my bed with my legs in the air to get them on. Very attractive.


I am so bad at styling wigs. I royally messed up the right side of this and I'm gonna have to try reeeeeally hard to fix it. If all else fails I'll just use this angle for ALL photos! How annoying I shall be.

Okay, so I started working on this yesterday and I should be as finished as I can be by tomorrow!

I bought blue satin bias for the jacket, which took to it very nicely, the colors compliment each other very well! Had a bit of issues with the collar as usual, but it all got on in the end! I ended up being lazy and not sewing both sides of the bias anywhere except for the lapels so I may need to use so glue to keep the corners down...otherwise it looks pretty good!

Also started and finished the neckbow today. Damn long parts gave me hell! I bought more satin for this just to match the ribbon more that will be on the much fraying while I was trying to sew. Sigh. But it worked out! I'll need to attach the bow to the neck wrap a bit better once I wear it proper, looks awkward else @_@

And 5 minutes before writing this thing I cut up the "tears" in the skirt! I just need to make belt loops and do some adjusting, then that should be done too! And that will be everything until my hat comes in the mail, then I'll just add the ribbon to that and keep it attached with my rose clip (that I am stealing from my Imitation Black Len, bwaha)

Okay, since knowing that I was going to enter this in the Tales of Ambassador contest, I fixed it up a tiny bit. But I need to fix it more sobs sobs. What I need to do iiiiis

-Finally make the damn shoe covers
-Redo pocket buttons. I lost one at Japan Expo and I don't have anymore of the gold paint I used originally so oTL
-if I find my wonderflex, make her gauntlets!

I'm missing some deets here and there but it's good enough!!! I cba to add them now, I'll do so when I rewear him...only missing his awkward-ass buttons, the red parts on his awkward-ass popped collar and the yellow bit on his sleeves. HURRAH.

My pink fringe came in the mail this morning, which meant I could finish my wrap! Which I did. And wowowow okay the wrap isn't that great, but the fringe is! It's lovely and soft and really fun to move fff. I will definitely be dancing in this costume!

Also knocked out my hoodie pretty quickly the other day! I bought a 10 euro tshirt-like dress from H&M and made the dress part of it into a hood and sewed it on along with pink at the bottom and such. That all went surprisingly smoothly, and it looks pretty authentic! I'm very pleased with it, it's definitely something I could wear out n' about. Only bad thing is it's obviously girls' clothes so I shouldn't take my jacket off while wearing this cosplay (but I will because HEAT)

AND! My wig came in, which was a big relief as I thought it was going to be late according to many mixed messages I was getting from eBay. But it's here and it's nice and it needs a bit of a cut!

tl;dr: I am making lots of progress and fringe is great

this costume is becoming more expensive than I bargained for, and after booking a trip to the southern hemisphere, maaaaybe this spending wasn't a good idea! OH WELL, IT'S SYO TIME!

I made a proper start today too, got some laaavly fabric for the base jacket-thing and cut out everything but the sleeves for it and the same for the wrap! And using some of my Flynn fabric for the blue oops.
So progress is officially a go, and I hope I don't kill myself with this costume as I have so little time to make it and Jude oTL

OKAAAAAY so I have purchased this wig for Syo that will double as my Flynn wig and perhaps work for other cosplays in the future too! And I feel this is worth mentioning because this is what made me decide "screw it, I'm cosplaying Syo now". Apparently it's a character wig from Amnesia and I am not expecting it to look like that for the price I paid, but we'll see! As long as it's fluffy I can deal with it and mess with it as I please. least it'll be under a hat

Also I bought some fingerless gloves that I'll mutilate for pinkness and I'm buying a hat this week.
Annnd I was going to just buy a white hoodie and deal with it, but that's gonna be way too hot so I'm just gonna make it and buy the underhoodie instead (I am going to boil oTL)
(used wrong wig image too double oops)

If things go as planned, I should be Sync Len at Oct '13 Expo and I wanna revamp pretty much EVERYTHING. Gawd this cosplay is legit awful haha. I ain't dealing with that fur again though so some things will have to stay. SO! I shall...

-Remake the jacket with better shape and nicer fabric (I'll be keeping the hood though)
-Remake the shirt out of something that isn't pillowcases
-Try to find longer shoes or mod some to be longer
-Get to the parts I didn't have time to make last time

I'll put in proper effort this time too! (pelicanbird and I pretty much /need/ fountain photos!)

My buddy gave me a labcoat to use for Jude and it is peeeerfect! Perfect length, perfect style, perfect! <3 And she's just up and given it to me because she rocks. So hopefully the labcoat can be done in the couple days I have home before JE as I've no time to mod it here right now. So happy though x3

I also got the wig in a while ago, I like it lots! No legit progress yet though.

I haven't started this particular variant yet, but I did make a Hero of Breath hoodie a few weeks ago and I now plan on wearing it for a night or two at May Expo. So because of that, I have bought what I think are peeeerfect glasses for John (for a bit of a price *weeps*) and I should hopefully be able to temporarily use my Jude wig and either leave it as-is or style it a little (don't wanna do much to it though because...well, I need that style for Jude!) So yeah, hoodie!John will be me Expo night, yay!

always with that title

anyway I just made a too-long journal about fabric and my internet said no so here's the short version:
tried hard to match my Yuri's fabric!
my fabric not as cottony as I thought!
it will need a wash to attempt to soften it!
the light blue is a bit darker than the photo makes it look!
also I bought a 50cm zipper!
and couldn't find my regular bias binding size so I didn't buy any for now!
that's it!

I finished my dress tonight! I'm very very pleased with it >w<
Despite Mor not being well off or anything, I made this dress really really neat and it's probably the neatest costume I've ever made along with IB Len.
Since the fabric was thin, everything needed doubling up so since that had to be done anyway, I sewed the wrong sides together for everything, flipped 'em the right way and ironed the edges down thread visible on the outside anywheeeeere, yeah!! And no hemming the skirt, double yeeeeah!!! Needless to say I am quite pleased~

The front part had a little awkwardness, but it'll be covered by the sash in due time so no worries. May or may not fix it anyhow.

I bought some loooovely fabric for Mor yesterday. It's a nice off-white/sandy color and it's super soft! I figured I'd double up her skirt for extra poof so I bought 5 meters of fabric just in case I mess up...and it was all less than 10 euro. Thank you random fabric sale! <3

I've finished the top of her dress today. I doubled up the fabric, sew the similar pieces together then flipped inside out and sewed the back and front together. SO COMFY! And it took me less than 2 hours too! It's great to have lots of leeway with this costume~ Not only because it's fairly simple and doesn't really need any specific shape anywhere, but also all the fabric I have means I don't need to worry about running out!

In short, things are going well so far!

My old wig is just unable to be put up in pigtails again and I can't be bothered to buy another one of the same to sew into the old one as I was going to, buuuuut I DID find a perfectly colored pigtail wig for $30! And it's good quality?? Holy wowza!
(excuse my face/room)

So I was doing alright with my hood but then something happened and I was dumb and stuff went wrong. Basically, I made the distance between the holes for the ears really short and it made it look like I was wearing underwear on my head or something because you could see so much of the wig between were the ears and the middle of the hood when I put it on.
So I decided "Okay, that's not so bad, I can just cut those parts of and try again because I made the hood really wide in the front anyway."
So I started doing that and got too excited with the scissors or something and cut away one half just fine, but the other towards where the tails and essentially messed up a whole lot.
I thought I would be okay AGAIN so continued to go about my way making the ear holes and such as I had done before but with plenty of room and even a draft piece this time around. The I double checked the first tutorial I read and realized half of my pain from yesterday in regards to figure out the button-flaps could have been prevented if I had just not been dumb and I had already done the holes in the current hood and just ugh.

ALAS. I think I am going to go through making it even though I don't think it'll look good anymore, but I'll try anyhow and see where it gets me. Thankfully I'm going home very soon and I shooooould be able to snag a quick trip to the fabric shop and get enough to make a BRAND NEW HOOD!! I will hopefully have learned from my mistakes and make the new one pretty good.

Also the amount of frustration and silent cursing this has put me through means I'll probably bring Jade to Ayacon. Whoop!

There are some issues with them, like they're pretty big, one's a bit taller than the other and I'm having trouble putting them on the wig by myself (I did double check they could work before adding the fur though!) but I'm satisfied!
Once I can put them on the wig properly I'll finally get to continue my hood~
Also have an old progress pic with the wig I've decided I AM gonna use (the one I bought for this herp) and the base of the ears since I forgot to upload it here before!

I seamripped ALL of the elastic and one side of the skirt to try to make all the folds even. It worked! So noooow...I'm back to where I was with the skirt before I took it apart, but it looks a lot better and tidier. Amazing what difference a cool head and proper planning can make, that went really smoothly~

Should be starting the ears soon so that I can finish up the hood!

I've got my shirt 80% done, my hood 50% done and my materials for the ears (softest fur ever <3)
My brofriend Ecchan was working with me again and reteaching me how much more fun it is to work on cosplay with people. She helped me with the hood and shirt~ All I need to do with the shirt is get the Space symbol on it and hem it. I have the body of the hood atm but I need to make my ears before I can continue it. My mom's bringing my costume pieces and sewing machine at the end of the month so hopefully I can get all of the sewing done soon afterwards! 8D

But it's done and acceptable and just needs hemming.

has been gotten" Except for the ears, because somehow the fabric store I go to doesn't have white fur on Christmas. What.
Anyhow, I should be starting this week! I have been dying to work on the skirt for ages, so that will be first! =3

The sweaters have come in and they're awesome! I especially love my John one (which costed more than the others eep). I just ordered the transfer paper which I hope will be here soon, found templates for Breath, Time and Heart symbols, and Ecchan is in the same country as me for a while so we are gonna rock these things!

Hopefully gonna buy felt, fleece and a zipper for my Lululu sweater on Monday too. So that'll be 4 of the sweaters in progress soon! 8D

Hoodies for John, Dave, Dirk, Lulu-Ludger, Luke and Asch have been ordered, much too the weeping of my paypal! All those dollars SOBBING but EXCITE

Just need to get the transfer paper now~

After a VERY long hiatus from this cosplay, I've finally started working on her again (thank you to everyone who prodded me about Colette at Ame for the motivation xD)
My skills were just no back when I started this, so when I took the 'dress' out of the wardrobe for the first time in ages I decided to seam-rip ALL of it and make it not look like a bag.
So so far I have done that, reshaped the whole dress, adjusted the v-neck and now I'm sorting out all the blue detail~

*Will fix the wig! Was a nightmare to style, but thanks to LemonPanda it was able to be pigtail-ified! I made the hair band covers too small too *sob* Gonna buy another and sew them together, somehow.

*Will have shoes! Ran outta tiiiime

*Should have gauntlets! Looking forward to continuing these~

*Will fix all of the thiiiings! Some missed stitching here and there to fix basically

Had fun wearing her though, even if it was only briefly x3

Managed to sew the buttons on Friday night at Ame! xD At like...11:30pm xP Because I thought I forgot them then gave up looking for them then found them an hour later. YAY! So Sho is most definitely completed~ Hopefully if/when I rewear him though I'll be able to get the sweater vest =3

I got mah jacket >D I hope it fits okay with the white shirt, it's not my size but it worked when I tried it on! It looks a biiit girly and I might need to change the buttons, but beggars can't be choosers! I'm getting the details on asap when I get home.

I left buying some waaay last minute, but I got some. Not perfect and I don't know if they're big enough, but they shall do! Hopefully when I rewear her, I can add some feathers onto 'em.

I had a huge kerfuffle with getting the trousers, but I've finally gotten them! I haven't seen them and I pray to everything they fit. They fit my mom, so I should be safe~ And I still don't ave a damn blazer =[ Meant to go to a charity store soon, so that should be sorted momentarily. Gotta pester my dad like NUTS though, he tends to forget things;; Also, unless by some miracle I find one in the charity shop, I shall be yellow's so damn hard to find the right color. Sho is all proper and keeps his jacket buttoned anyway, so it shouldn't be a big deal. I hope.
THIS BEST BE DONE SOON! My bias is STILL waiting. I even brought it with me to the US.

I got my wig in the mail last night, it's an alright wig! It has this annoying sticky-up bit though but I'll fix that. The trousers that I ordered over a week ago are taking their sweet time because the eBay seller can't figure out how to work a Brit military address for some reason, so that's veeeeeeery annoying. Having a hell of a time in a bad way looking for a damn jacket xD My mom gave me a white one I can dye, but hopefully I find something in the states for cheap~ THEN I CAN ACTUALLY SEW SOMETHING FOR THIS! My bias is waiting =|

Dis be the front panel! It's currently only (mostly) bondaweb'd on, I still need to sew it down. Also gotta make and sew on yellow bias at ze bottom of it and make the top part accurate. Note to self: use some more bonding crap to stiffen the top.

Cape is the same as it was days ago....gotta add its ruffles and bows and blah.

I still need to make ALL of the bows;; Shouldn't be too bad though, in theory. I might bring the fabric with me and fold them up and stuff while I'm in the states xD butIdoubtitorz

Ah, it won't (I hope) once I have the front panel sewn on~ This has taken quite some time, I'd say about 10 hours+ x_X OH and I still can't make ruffles the traditional way! Tried it two years ago with Len, failed. Tried yesterday, failed. I think it'd because my fabric's too thick though, but I'm not sure. Soooo the ruffles are pleats that haven't been ironed/completely flattened. Does that still count as a ruffle? 8D;;

Oooh but what's exciting to me about this iiiis my first time making pirate sleeves! I dunno what they're called, them poofy frilly sleeves! Bad shot of them though, poo. Ahh, but I love them <3 They're a biiit short but it doesn't really show/matter

What needs doing:
Bottom ruffles need to be sewn on.
Neck-area needs fixin'
Inner sleeve needs a tidy
Front panel needs sewing on
(if I have time/fabric) second set of bottom-dress ruffles need doin'

I'm shocked by how much I've gotten done in two days. I have all the pieces cut out except the sleeves and future ruffles. Later I should start and finish the front panel design and bias~
I can't really progress further than that until I get some blue thread, sadly >_> Why did I think I had some alreadyyy *sob*

I'd wager I've spent...uh...5 hours on cutting/measuring/mathing/sketching so far. Not in that order!
Maybe I should attack my wig, huh.

but I keep hitting bumps in the road;;
I kinda messed up my shrug, so now I gotta wait till I finish Flonne to see if I can borrow fabric from her to fix it. Dress is allllmost done though! Here's a little snippet of what I like most that'd done (ie prettiest parts xD)

I've just started Flonne and have decided I AM LEAVING THE RUFFLES FOR LAST DEAR GOD X_X Celestia help me, I have never done ruffles before and my test methods were quite something xD Made me realize I can wait for them last as they'll take longer >_> I think I'm gonna stitch the hem of them blue though, to match the bows~

Just gotta buy the red bias~ I think this will be the last cosplay I start on, seems to be ze most simple (bar the shorts I suck at making pants oTL) I hope I got an orange that matches Rin-twin! xD

Was working on this on and off all day, which was nice~ Haven't spent a day on cosplay since April! x_x I have all the pieces for the sleeves ready to be merged (once I have the cuff fabric), the barebones of the shrug cut out (bias time next lord help me) and the dress is staring to take shape (just need to buy the fabric for the pocket outline and the buttons)
Little things, but it brings it all together =3

Just ordered my wig! It's not the riiiiight shade exactly for Sho, but since I'm going to be using it for Kaito as well I had to deal with it. I've seen many Sho cosplayers use this shade anyhow, so I'm not too bothered~
Aaaaand have my eye on various bits and pieces of the uniform on eBay! =3 I think I've found some good trousers and pretty much just gotta get them, a blazer and the sweater vest and then edit! I hooope I can get everything before I leave for the states, but we'll see!

SLEEVES: I made 'em. Obviously need to be hemmed, but for once in my life I don't have any hemming tape, so that's gonna have to wait till I do!
These took longer than I would have liked because I messed up like a derp, but c'est la vie! Maybe around 3-4 hours x_x
I made the diamond pattern with a left over Poptart box. I KNEW it'd come in handy! xD And I'm new to webcams, so hello! to Reid, my webcam, who shot this. Yaay.

And it was expensive! xD Yesterday I was working on her gauntlets, trying to figure out what to make them out of and the like, how to shape them, etc~
I think I made a good shape base, I just need to not lose it now xP

Buuut yes, I bought almost all the fabric I need and a pattern! 2nd pattern I've ever bought, but my first real I figured I should bite the bullet and pay for a better outcome.

Hopefully I'll start properly today! 8D

I finally ordered my wig for Sophie! Tis the same one as in my ref-thing, and it was on sale so I figured "why not". I'm pretty worried about styling it though.
I'll either gonna see how well gathering all the hair goes (I don't think that's going to go well) or cut an' style it.
If I cut it, I'm going to cut the back and leave the area that'd be around my ears long. I...just hope I'll be able to look natural x_x And if that's still too much hair, I'll cut some of the bottom layers near the front of the wig, but I think that won't leave me with enough. GAH. This is gonna be FUN xP

SO, my wig is trimmed and I can see with it on, so that's sorted! YAY.
Finished all the main parts of the jacket today. I just have to do the hemming now and add the button to the white thing o' doom.
Gonna get some base shoes soon as stumble my way through making them Jaden-appropriate and will buy my jeans and shirt next week too~ YAY AGAIN.
I keep finding random black splotches of paint or something on various pieces of my jacket...I have no clue how they got there but it's annoying and worrying...not yay. Also I'm not too pleased with the collar...not yay. OH WELL.

DEATH TO THOSE WHITE PARTS. I've spent HOURS on them and I still haven't gotten to a part where I can sew 'em on the jacket base ;___; They do, however, make me feel like I've made some actual progress! Yay! So, I need food and I will eat it then I'll hopefully be able to sort out what needs sorting and then sewing it all on and calling it a night. Fingers crossed, anyway xP

And that's pretty much that! I'm SO pleased! x3 I might get more at some point, bit I'm happy with just these ones for now! 8D Especially Burstinatriiiiix! I was so afraid I'd have to get her alternate art card, but I was able to get this one! <3

Whoop!I was pondering for a long time about whether I should get fabric for Jaden or Yuri first, and decided to get Jaden in the end that way I can get the jacket out of the way and have all the remaining time for Yuri.
Gonna try to get started properly on Friday~ In the meantime, to the sketches!

Alsooooo I was going to buy a Jaden deck, but I think I'm cutting it a bit close to buy from anywhere that isn't the UK, so I'm going to eBay some individual cards until I can buy the deck. I'm thinking...
-Flame Wingman
I need at least Skyscraper, Neos and Burstinatrix~ (becausesheisawesome)

I've done some very rough sketches of this now. And. And...ohmailawd. It's much more detailed than I first thought, and I already thought it was pretty detailed! And I just realized I have only just over a month to make this and my other costumes. EEP! xD
I'm buying at least some of the fabric in the next couple of days, because...geezeohman, this is gonna be pricey!

Base coat all sewn up, bar the sleeves! Now I just need to add the fur. Gonna be inaccurate in the front because I don't have time nor a plan for how to make them silver things on the front, so it shall just be a button keeping the thing together.

Found a way for the hair decs to work too. Weird idea, but I think it'll work. They're drying atm.

Less than 24 left to finish! AAAH.

And all done for Hyper! I just need to sew pockets onto the jacket (the7%. It's pretty much 7%!) Figured that could wait till later.
My awesome friend Kai painted the Pokeball on my hat for me! x3 I really suck at painting, so happy she was willing to help!
Less than a week's working time...sweeet.

Yeeeeey! About 4-5 straight days and it is finito! It's too big and I made mistakes, but EH. I will fix them if I can and when I can be bothered. Time is running short now xP

and it arrived mere days later. Also I'm currently wearing it. Adhbchebehfe I LOVE IT. It needs some fiddling and fixing, and I don't suit it as much as I thought I would, but DAMN <3 I was really nervous about buying it from ebay and looked at ALL OTHER JADEN COSPLAYERS who bought this wig and decided there was no other way around it, and they looked okay, so there I went. PLEASED 8D

Ignore my face, I think this photo was taken not long after I woke up x_x

So the hat from the last photo is now in the process of being painted! Did most of the red, now it needs to dry so I can finish it up~ Another thing for default Black: I bought an almost perfect pattern for the jacket on sale. Whoop! I hope I'll be able to understand it, I've not used a physical pattern before x_x Kinda needed it for this though, because...None of the jackets I make are ever perfect, tis time to learn, and Black's hood is so weird that I can't think of how to do it on my own.

JSRF!Black: I finally sewed the stocking together. Huzzah! It slips when I walk, so I will need some kind of support, but that shouldn't be a problem. Once the wig is finished, I'll probably see if I can rope someone into taking photos for me.

I have ALMOST gotten the wig how I want it. This thing has been a nightmare.
I ordered a Leslie in golden brown from the store while they had a ")5 cupon code going on. That wig was pretty much the only one I could find the right style for Black, so I bought it even though it was way more pricey that what I usually spend on wigs, even with the discount. Damn people gave me a long Leslie. 2 inches longer than it was supposed to be T_T Contacted them many, MANY times and they did nothing about it. NEVER. AGAIN. Will I order from them.

So I've basically been struggling with deciding whether to sell it and buy a new one or just work with it...finally decided to work with it, cutting and cutting while having next to no clue what I'm doing, and this is how it is so far. Not sure if I should keep cutting or not...All the photos with the light look like Jaden hair xD
My derp faces are covered up because I look as I should after the end of the week: BLEH. (all art here is by black-and-friends on DA, thought it'd look nicer than blank)

Jaden's not in progress yet, but have a journal!

I somehow won an Academy Duel Disk on eBay the other day for around £10. I am still in shock, I really hope nothing's wrong with it! Needless to say though, I am exited for it to get here!

I've been watching GX religiously for almost 2 weeks now and I'm almost done with the first season, and while watching it I've decided to do the younger, seasons 1-3 version of Jaden. The wig I plan on getting is more suited to young Jaden, the Duel Disk is a regular Academy one so it's accurate for that version of him, and I think I'll have more fun getting into his hyper-happy self than however he is in later seasons (which I know is not so happy >:).

Still mega-exited! x3

DAMN YOU GOOD. I have them all made and stuff, and that took too much I can't figure out where to put them in the wig so that they'll be seen. RAGE.
Also, I don't feel too great in this cosplay...I just tried everything on and the shirt I bought is a bit too fits, but not well. OHWELL. No one will know who I am anyway so it doesn't matter xP

YES I AM. I just finished making the shirt and I gotta say...I am very proud of it. It's probably the best one I've ever made as it fits perfectly and the zig-zag blue part turned out pretty neat. I'm very pleased!
I finished everything else over the weekend mostly, starting with the shorts. They were only the second pair of pants I've ever made so they aren't too great xD I need a belt to keep them up, I really hope my shirt is going to be long enough to hide it o_o
Finished the staff in two days, though it only took no more than an hour all together the make. I didn't have time to walk in the rain to buy felt for the beak so I just painted some spare craft foam yellow and used that instead. So with that, I have finished all the clothing and propness and just need to do some details, such as...
-Adding the circle things onto the shirt
-Adding the criss-cross parts onto the sleeves
-Adding the fake ties to the hood
-Possible adding the criss-cross parts onto the shorts (if I have time/can be bothered)

I also need to fix the hood at the idea I had while I was really tired turned out to not be so great, and the result is the hood making me look like I have a hunchback xP Hopefully the fake ties will be useful for fixing that up, but we shall see.

6 hours till the anime/game/Japanese society's Halloween party! xD

Phew, I have been working on this since like...10! It's now 1:40 in the morning. Granted, it was work-pause-work-pause, but still. I got the majority of the hood AND the cape done! 8D Exiting stuff! I like the freedom I have with these parts, they don't need to be symmetrical at all.

The hood! Lemme tell ya, the ears were hard to place correctly xP Everything else was fine though, after getting the shape and such figured out (which too longer than I would have liked) All that's left to do on it is add the swirls on the eyes and possibly add the extra brown "ties" to the back. I don't think I'm going to get around to making the rings for it by Halloween.

The cape is all cut and stuff, it was lotsa fun to do! All I need to do is thread the ribbon tie through.
Enjoy the crap photos of it all in a pile on my chair.

My wig came in! 8D It's a bit fluffy, but nothing some gel and spray and wig-savvy buddy can't fix! I seriously love it~! And it was only $14 =D I'm gonna work on styling it as soon as the urge hits me xD

Working on the stocking right now~ Decided I am only making one afterall. I don't want to go through measuring everything again D8 And if I made another, it would mean I wouldn't need Missingno., and I WANT Missingno. so there.

This is what the stocking looks like atm. I've got to iron it, then shape it to my leg, then sew it up, then it is finito. Also sorta pictured are my rollerblades, which I needed to wear to see how much longer to make the stocking xP There is no way I'm wearing this costume without rollerblades! I won't be fancying them up like Black's though, I can't make bootcovers very well and my blades would be impossible to put on with covers. To make up for that though, everything else will be as accurate as possible! =O

Except for the fact that there are 10 stripes instead of 8. My legs are long, okay? xD

Alsooooo bought a fabric pen yesterday, so I should *hopefully* have the "BL" written on the dress by the end of the day, or tomorrow. Feels so good to be working on cosplay right now~

I HAVE BOUGHT THE DAMN SHIRT! 8D And it is lovely and much better than anything I had seen before. I am in love with it <3 When in doubt, TK Maxx.
Gonna practice make-up again tonight, and debate getting fangs. I did have some, but they're pretty crap, and the fancy dress shop that I always go to didn't seem to have any. Or at least, not in plain sight anyway. I found another store the other day though and shall have a look thur. If that fails, I'll just be fangless...which would suck (haha) but ahwell. I'm not up to ordering anything else online because I feel too pressed for time now to stress out about MORE stuff coming in the mail...not that my wig has come in or anything.

I'm going crazy looking for the perfect shirt for this and I can conclude that I'm just not going to be able to find one that lives up to my nitpicky-ness. I actually haven't seen any Marshall Lee cosplayers with what I'd consider a *perfect* shirt yet, so while it kills me inside, I'm not going to wear a perfect one I'm gonna go out and buy the closest I can this week. Hopefully I'll get over it xP

Left to do:
-Wait for wig to arrive
-Practice make-up
-Buy the damn shirt

Damn well better get here in time. It's a bit more volumous than the one I originally was going to buy, and a bit more expensive (*cries*) but it should do the trick. Hope I can buy the red extensions in town...
Also, I still fail at make-up! Whahey xP

I've bought fabric for both default Black and JSRF. YAY! I think I'll start JSRF version first as it lovely and purple. And easier xD

My robes, they be completed! 8D They're not perfect, but they are hella pretty and not bad for 4 days quickest work, day-wise!
All of the work on these was with Ecchan, except for the sewing which was all me for both of 'em. We both pinned, cut, measured, complimented each other on how crafty we were being, ect. It was lotsa fun, so glad I finally got around to making these and it was so much better making them with her!^^

My original plan way back in December was to make the Gryffindor Quidditch robes (HBP version) because I fell in love with them, but time ran out so here we go. NOT that I mind, I'm in love with my robes x3

Movie night tomorrow...I will shed many tears...then I'll see it again with more of my friends and probably cry more. Good times! xD

Got lotsa work done today! <3 My friend Ecchan and I are working on our robes together (she's making a Ravenclaw one) and it's so much fun! I've only ever made my costumes by myself before and I can now confirm that working on them with people is a lot more fun >w< Also the first time I'm working on a costume with instructions for the whole thing.

Tomorrow we're sewing in the lining...this'll be my first lining, so hope it goes well~

I finally bucked up the courage to dye my tunic and cap today....and it worked just fine! I'm so pleased! It's a shade or two darker than the usual green, but I'd rather it too dark than too light. I was terrified it it being too light, so I dumped all the dye in and a crapton of salt and left the pieces in there for ages xD But the shade is one that some incarnation of Link has worn before, and it goes nicely with the shirt material, so it's all good!

Waiting for the tunic and cap to dry
Working on the decorations on the flute
Making the buckle
Pondering whether to make the shirt a functionable shirt (HEAT AUGH) or to just sew sleeves onto the tunic (more sewing)

So, the plan was to start and finish the cap and tunic this week, but it turns out the dye I have doesn't dye polyester...that's all fine and good, my fabric is some kind of cotton, but my thread is 100% polyester >< I dunno if it won't dye the thread since it's well...thread, and much smaller than clothing which this dye is meant to be used for, but I don't want to risk it...So I'll buy some cotton thread this weekend if I can, then get this finished up on Tuesday or something! =3 Only downside is this means no pretty photos of Link by the sea in Calais...ahwell. I'll bring him to Meze or something to make up for it.

Making the belt buckle (which looks crap)
Testing out methods for making thr panflute using strong paper and tea bags
I'll make/finish the belt right after this entry....*goes to do that*

Thanks for the comments, guys! <3

Overall, it's quite crappy! xD This is the least amount of effort I've ever put into a cosplay evar. It took somewhere between 5 and 10 hours total...probably more like 5...that is nothing, gad. I just wasn't as enthusiastic to make it in the end (probably because I finished the cloak, which was my fave xD) so I just kinda...went for it. Wearing it will be fun, no doubt! My shirt looks...really bad. I can't make accurate turtlenecks, so the neck is MASSIVE. I look like I have a neck brace when I put it on. Also, the shirt is made out of two mutilated pillowcases. Make of that what you will xP

I WILL DEFINATLY BE REMAKING THIS. Because I need to. Shirt will be remade/fixed, accurate gloves will be made, I'll get a sword and make the sword-carrying belt. And it will all be totemo kireii da.

I have finished the cloak, huzzah! It just needs thread cut in certain areas and's not brilliant, but it's good enough and I'm pleased with it. I had to handsew the fluff onto the hood...and my handsewing is quite crap, so that was interesting! xP I was able to pull the fur through the stitches though, so the horribleness isn't even visible. But handsewing....bleh, haha! xD

Despite the title, this is a happy journal! I only have the shirt left to make, which I started yesterday. Also started/finished the belt yesterday took 10 mins, whoa! xP

So, I haven't been working on this much....what I have is the result of about 2 hours work total >_>
Best part is, I'm not going to be able to complete this properly in time for Expo! Dx I forgot that I'd need the yellow bias for the gloves aswell and bought just enough for the jacket, so I think I'm going to just use my Magnet gloves....which are wool-like and have a design on them >: But I'd rather those then same failed attempt at making my own yellow-less gloves.

This will be 100% complete, gloves and all, for whenever I have a photoshoot with pelicanbird....which will be sometime in the not too distant future at a very nice location. I hope xD

in short, by Expo-time this will not be my proudest cosplay, but it'll be "good enough". It's not that I'm not taking it seriously, it's just not my top priority at the moment...

Maybe because I didn't want to, title. Mleh.

OKay, this cosplay has been a beautiful nightmare. I adore working on it, but oh my goodness. SO MUCH TRACING! AND IRONING! AND CRAP!

Since others (and my future self) might want to know my unconventional method of making the swirls, here we go. First, you need:
Tracing paper (I'm not going to get into the tracing though, it's basic)
Lite Heat&Bond
Heavy Heat&Bond
White bias
White spare fabric
The usual sewing stuff
Get your rainbow color (ie: Subaru's is blue) and put it on your white. You can bond it down if you want (I did), but it's not really necessary. Though it might make things easier...I'm not sure. Then sew your white bias border on the straight part of your rainbow color (and onto your jacket/pants/whatever you're sewing). Next, make your swirl (You're going to want a main swirl design for all the different clouds you have on one paper if possible, you'll be tracing over them a lot). So you have your trace it onto the Lite Heat&Bond, and bond it onto some white fabric (NOT your main piece, some EXTRA fabric) then cut it out. Place it on your cloud as well as you can, iron it on (two dots!) and let it sit for a few minutes. Once it's cool, sew it down. Since it's light, it's not gonna hold well on its own, so do this. This'll also hold down/reinforce your rainbow color. Next, do the exact same thing with the Heavy H&B, except don't sew it down as it's not designed to be sewn. Then let that cool and...presto! You get what I have in my image, freshly bonded/sewn/bonded again swirly!

And yay for my tassel idea working! x3 For the tassel, I just sewed it down ontop of the Lite bonded swirl while sewing the swirl down.

Due to my sewing machine missing ESSENTIAL PIECES because the people who sold were stupid, I couldn't actually sew anything in time for Kita...I tried, I bought a mini machine, but it would take a looooooooong time and be stressy and the final product would look crap. And I don't want to mess this cosplay up, noooooo way. Gonna wear her for Japan Expo for sure! 83

In progress news, I have practically everything cut out, save for the boot covers. That's a lot though, especially for only a few hours work, as cutting is what takes me the longest xD

Was browsin' the charity shops ealier looking for a good base jacket for Cheren when I came across a nice one for Kristoph! xD It's not exactly the right style but it's definately close enough, and the color is about as close as I'll ever find without getting it too blue or purple. Finding matching trouseres will be a pain...but I can put everything else together fairly quickly. Gotta practice styling that drill hair though (yay spare wigs!).

Glad I'll actually be cosplaying him now! I almost deleted this the other day ;w;

So, I slapped on my Syao/Harry wig and my $1 reading glasses that I can't see out of to take a snap of what I might wear wig-wise for Simon. I think it looks okay, but...I dunno. I might buy another wig, mostly because I find the back a bit too anime-ish. But then again, I'm not made of money so I don't know whether it's worth investing in a more normal-looking wig...b'aww. Excuse the fact that I kinda did this randomly and made no attempt to look like a dude.
(putting this in journal because I dun want it on the front page xD)

Basically skimmed all of City of Glass this week. Sadly it's the only book of the series I actually own since I discovered and read this series at a library. All I got from it really are some of his mannerism and how he holds himself. And that he must have a long fringe, because of a certain mark he gets...nyeheh 8D In other words, not much of any kind of physical description.

ALSO....City of Fallen Angels comes out on the 5th of April...I'm kinda tempted to wear Simon on the way/way back/during an evening of KitaCon now because of that xD

So....sad news, I can't bring my Rod with me! D8 It's too fragile...waaaaah! But, this means that I need to rewear this costume sometime, WHICH I AM SO *EFF*ING EXITED TO DO!
I'll try my best to act in character x3

So, I just finished the faux-corset 8D It's nothing special and I'm sure I'll fix it up next time I wear this, but for now...muahaha, it's not too bad! It's loose-ish looking and makes me look fat, but meh, I don't care at this point. I shall fix on myself decently on the 30th.

And with it done, this costume is COMPLETE! At least for Expo. I still have the back-bow to do, but I'll do that for Kita or something. muehehehe.

The wig has been styleeeeed. If you consider simply putting it into pigtails styled, that is! xD I just loooooove wearing this thing! It's old so I don't have to be careful while wearing it >w<
You can see the netting at the back of the wig...that's because this thing is 3 years old and not very well looked after xP Poor thing, I feel bad now...

As of today, most of the cosplay is finito! Knocked out the bag in less than 2 hours today, I looooove making bags! <3
Finished up the jacket more or less, I just need to add some velcro, resew a button and pretty it up a little. I don't know if Postman's jacket has 3 or 6 buttons...but he has 6 according to my cosplay because I bought them and wanted to use them all. I sacrificed satisfaction for accuracy when I made the collar, so it has a black lining-type thing to make it look nicer...even though there's no hint of black there anywhere in any panel Postman's in. Ah well, Tanemura-san can't make up her mind about her designs anyway xD

Paru was finished 3 days ago. I made his body a good few weeks ago now, but messed up his head and gave up for a bit. Took me 3 flippin' times to get that head looking decent! And he still looks a bit demented, but I'm not trying again. Hopefully him being on my shoulder will make him look cuter xP

Despite some not-as-nice-as-I-planned things with this cosplay, I'm pretty satisfied with it and I'll be sure to wear it a few times^^

So today, after many weeks of being afraid, I finally sewed the skirts onto the shirt. I FLIPPIN LOVE IT! <3 I'm so pleased with how everything looks, I wish I could get a picture up! Only needs a little tweaking, mainly bringing up a bit of the long skirt so that it feels more like a dress and less like an uber train.
Stockings have been purchased, my mom's getting me a suspender belt in the next day or so, finished the shirt and hair bow 100%. I am a happy camper =D
I just need to make the (faux)corset and back bow and then sewing for this costume is DONE!

I worked on the middle and long skirts on and off all day, and my finger is KILLING ME from forcing pins into the material. Which was a lot harder than it should be...stupid pins.
A day of making pleatruffles....augh, they're pretty, but such a pain! xD SO happy I don't need to make anymore! All that's left to do before I leave for 3 weeks is attaching the skirts to the torso piece and adding the ribbon and rose to it.
I can see the end! Yay!

After taking a couple pics of CC outside, I decided I may aswell take some of Silver too since the weather was...suiting (kinda cloudy xP). I chickened out of taking photos of him outside since I thought that my neighbors would see me...even though I'm not sure they're in. SO I settled for the kitchen, with the garden in the background. Yey. Took a handful, but I'll only upload a couple due to them being crappish

My uniform came in today, and it is lovely!! Best $56 I ever spent, the quality is great, much better than I expected! I bought it from Milanoo, highly recommend their cosplays^^
Anyways, put it on and took a few snaps of it with my cam-eh-ra.
Practially complete now, just need to find socks and make the hair ribbons~

I finished the sleeves on the 1st, I'm so happy! I love making sleeves first for costumes because I get a gist of how the rest will be, and it's a small detail that shows me yes, I am recreating this image. Make is more real or something...I dunno xP
I started the mimi skirt earlier and holy hat, it was so easy! Took about 5 mins to measure everything correctly and the elastic took no time at all! I'm in shock, after Marta's skirts being such horrors....proof that tutorials are much better than guessing. Since I need to put in the pleats, which takes a while to sort out, the skirt isn't complete yet but it will be next time I work on it. American Independance Day celebration today, so I don't have time to continue now...whoooo, I'm very happy with this so far^^ The part I'm dreading the most is the torso part of the clue how to make that. But we'll worry about that later >.>

How my wig looks with a little bit of hacking with a brush...also attacking it with a comb now too, but a brush is my main weapon. The bottom is going to be tough to fix since it;s still messed up from when I last put it in pigtails. Nice to not care about the method I use to fix this thing since it;s 3 years old now xP
Also, the color is brighter in real life than in the photo.

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