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Very excited to be finally doing some League of Legends cosplay. Adding expanding foam to the bow currently!

Added gold trim to the bodice, as well as finishing the biased binding. Also been cutting out more skirt pieces. Isn't quite sitting right, but I have time to alter it!

Bought some more bondaweb today, wasn't enough to finish the front panel, but at least it's starting to clear up some pins!

Finally added full coats of paint to all the pieces I've currently made and waiting on more Worblas. I also edited the arm pieces to make them a little more accurate

Currently made the Breastplate and one shinguard, and working on the other shinguard, hip pieces, arm pieces and knee pieces. Making it our of worbla and enamel paint.

Started making the dress for Karolina! Criss-crossing biased binding to make the pattern at the front and using polyester crepe for the main body of the dress. Got so many layers to do on the bottom, but at least it's started to take shape!

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