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I generally do a lot of cosplaying with friends, but I'm trying to get to more conventions when my money allows it
so far I've been at:

Midlands MCM Expo 2010:
Kairi - KH2
Eruka Frog - Soul Eater

Alcon 2010:
Cheshire cat Kaoru - Ouran
Belphegor (formal variant) - KHR
Eiji - Prince of Tennis

JCC 2010:
Yuffie - FF7:Advent Children
Magnet Len - Vocaloid

Midlands 2011:
Gui - 1/2 Prince

Kita 2011:
Joker - Kuroshitsuji
Akira - Togainu no chi
Genderbend Alois - Kuroshitsuji
Eliot Nightray - Pandora Hearts
Byakuran - KHR

Alcon 2011
Reiji - Star Driver
Young Grell - Kuroshitsuji ova
Orihime - Bleach
Sarah - Labyrinth

JCC 2011:
Imitation black Len - Vocaloid
Rika - Higurashi

October Expo 2011:
Bonus Stage Len - Vocaloid
Syaoran Li - Cardcaptor Sakura
Jack Vessalius - Pandora Hearts

Midlands expo 2012
Gakupo Madness of Duke venomania - Vocaloid.

Kitacon 2012
Rolo Lamperouge - Code Geass
Yuri Petrov - Tiger and Bunny
Genderbend Jack - Pandora Hearts
Ace - Heart no kuni
Byakuran - KHR
Utena - Revolutionary Girl Utena
Elliot Nightray - Pandora Hearts

May Expo 2012
Elliot Nightray - Pandora Hearts

Amecon 2012
Ringo Oginome - Mawaru Penguindrum
Utena Tenjou - Utena
Elliot Nightray - Pandora Hearts
Jack Vessalius - Pandora Hearts
Alice - Pandora Hearts
Elise - Sound Horizon

Alcon 2012
Fem! Captain America

Birmingham Expo 2013:
Xerxes Break - Pandora Hearts

May Expo 2013:
Magnus Bane - The Mortal Instruments
Ringo Oginome - Mawaru Penguindrum
Fai D Flourite - Tsubasa
Aladdin - Magi

Ayacon 2013:
Ja'far - Magi
Yuri - Tales of Vesperia
Pascal - Tales of Graces
Len (Imitation Black) - VOCALOID
Raphael - The Mortal Instruments
Karoku - Karneval

JCC 2013:
Haruka Nanase - Free!
Alex Garcia - Kuroko no Basket

October Expo 2013:
Karoku - Karneval
Hakuren - 07 ghost
Naegi Makoto - Dangan Ronpa

Kitacon 2014:
Haruka Nanase (disco and Arabian variants) - Free!
Richard Windor - Tales of Graces F
Misaki Takahashi - Junjou Romantica
Alice Baskerville - Pandora Hearts
Waiter! Akira - Chiral Cafe
Jem Carstairs - The Infernal Devices
Emma Carstairs - The Dark Artifices

Jcon 2014
Naegi Makoto - Dangan Ronpa

Birmingham Nov Expo 2014
Alice Baskerville - Pandora Hearts

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Found this gorgeous gradient chiffon fabric to make her robes with. Took a long time to cut out and colour match it all but got there in the end.

Top is made from a nice stretch ponteroma which I've also made her arm wraps from. The pants were made from a really nice patterned cotton. Accessories found from eBay!

I recently remade the undergown with a different much floatier fabric for the rewear at Hibanacon! It worked much better and looked more the part. For the shoot, I also borrowed the cape from my Shin-Ah as I didn't get time to make my own yet (and it was really freaking cold.)

Delayed journals but figured I'd write up a few things!

The base trousers I made out of ponte roma and handsewed the trim down the side seam.

The jacket I made using a modded pattern for a military tailcoat - I mocked it up first to get the right fit and sizing before using the fabrics.

The main jacket fabric was actually leftover stuff from another project and rather than being a standard black, it has a sparkle effect to it and a little bit of stretch. The front decorative panel was made using an ivory brocade which I bondawebbed to duchess satin and then lined. The brocade was way too thin and flimsy to use otherwise but once it was adhered to the thicker fabric is had enough structure to keep the front panel solid. Unfortunately, I didn't realise this would have the side effect of meaning the front was so thick it would be almost impossible to fit an invisible zip in. I tried with a few invisible zips, including one specifically meant for wedding dresses but sadly I had issues with them all, so in the end I just fitted a standard zip instead. It doesn't show up too badly against the brocade so while I would have preferred an invisible one, I can live with it!

I made the epaulettes and cuff details from the same brocade and duchess satin (with some craft foam stuffed into the epaulettes for extra height) and handsewed on the front cord detail and epaulette cords, sparkle trim and all the buttons.

This was actually a pretty straight forward jacket to make compared to Stammi Vichino and came together much faster. There are still a few elements I'm not totally happy with (the zip and that the lining sat a little bit oddly at the back of the jacket so it doesn't too look too flattering from the back) but overall I was pretty happy with the overall fit and end result.

The trousers were the next part - I experiemented with some mockups using the Jalie skating trouser patterns but as I was going for a little different look (the patterns have a front zip and belt whereas Victor's has no discernable fastenings), I ended up using elements of this and merging it with another pattern for tight fitting trousers. After researching, I discovered that ponte roma is the ideal sort of fabric for basic skate trousers and this is what I used to make the trousers. They were actually pretty easy to make once you got your head around the stretchy fabrics! The only issue I had was when I tried to fit an invisible zip up the side for closure. The fabric HATED the zip and wouldn't sew it in neatly at all so in the end I skipped the zip entirely and made them as pull on trousers. There is thankfully just enough stretch in the ponteroma (and in the waistband I used a stretch interfacing) to pull them on and off and still have them fit reasonably skin tight! Due to them being so fitted though it's definitely required to wear control pants underneath, just to get a smooth line from my hip to my legs - damn those womanly curves! Overall though, these were pretty quick and easy to make once the fitting was worked out and I managed to make another backup pair in a few hours after the con!

After I'd bought the fabrics and made mockups I set about making the undershirt. This proved awkward to fit due to the stretch satin being pretty delicate. I've since remade this shirt in a black sateen and included darts for better fitting - originally I hadn't put any the shirt as the Jalie pattern didn't call for it and you can't see them under the jacket anyway. I debated open chest binding as Victor's shirt opens quite low in the anime but when trialling this with the finished jacket, the proportions worked better when wearing a binder as his shirt opening finishes before the first jacket clasp and to go any lower than I did would have meant going past this point.

The shirt is by no means brilliant but for a first go with this type of fabric it was okay and didn't fit badly - it's unfortunate the invisible zip caused some puckers where it pulled at the fabric but lesson learned!

(Bottom hem is only pinned in this photo)

Next was testing the fabrics and finding which ones to use for this project. I decided to go with a stretch satin for the shirt as this was what was noted in the official concept art - it was a bit of a pain to sew with though as it was pretty delicate and puckered badly on the zip so I've since remade this in a sateen which also gives a nicer end finish. The trousers were made with a ponte roma fabric which is a really nice fabric to work with (although as I found out, it HATES invisible zips).
The jacket was the hardest part to find fabrics for colour-wise - I had decided that I didn't want to just make it from chiffon but layer the chiffon over a base so that the whole outfit would have more structure and durability. I wasn't confident with gradient dying either so i decided to get the two tone effect on the top half and right arm through changing the colour of the underlay fabric. I was pretty worried at the time about trying this technique as every other costume I'd seen before now had only used a chiffon but I wanted to create an end result I'd be happy with and so I decided to take some artistic license and go with my idea. I bought a bridal satin in red and white for the base fabric, which was then lining with a purple taffeta. For the chiffon overlay, I originally had bought a red but this proved to be not so good shade-wise when layered over the satin and so by luck my Yuri found a purple catrionic chiffon which perfectly matched another which was found in the fabric shop and gave a really nice look when layered over the satin.

I started by ordering some official Jalie skate patterns which I adjusted for making the shirt and trousers. I really wanted to make them at least semi accurate but as I ended up buying a two stretch satin for the shirt, I altered this a little. The Jalie patterns also called for press stud closures on the shirt but Victor's is a different style so I opted for an invisible zip. First time putting one of those in but thankfully it wasn't as difficult as it looked! Photo shows the mockup I made first - originally I was going to make the shirt as a leotard with snap closures at the bottom which is how official skating shirts are but the lack of a four way stretch in the fabric really inhibited this so I decided to just leave it as a standard shirt tucked in.

At this point I also started to practice sewing with chiffon as I've never tried before - it thankfully was not as scary as expected when working carefully and I practiced french seams for this, although didn't end up having to use this technique in the actual jacket.

So, while I did document the whole process of making this costume in photo form every step of the way, I never actually did proper journals on here so I'll be updating on here very soon with the pics and the making timeline. I think it took me about two months to make in all (including mockups, the shirt and trousers) which was quicker than I expected but it was a very intensive project, with lots of elements I'd never worked with before. I was so proud of the end result though and it's definitely my favourite costume to date!

About the only thing I'm really making effort with for this costume is the wig - the jacket and t shirt were bought and I'll probably reuse my skating trousers from Victor for this.
I used a base Lily wig from Coscraft (which ironically I had bought for Jaehee from Mystic Messenger but Leo was more pressing) and cut and styled it into shape. The bangs were the hardest part and involved a lot of careful use of spray and the hairdryer to style into shape - god bless Arda tutorials as their tutorial for the Aerith wig fringe was super useful here!
I'll be buying a lacefront for his skating outfit as his hair is very pulled back.

Fitted zip into undergown today and sewed the decorative trim onto the collar. The sash was also made following an obi pattern so it's a bit wider in design than the Yona outfit looks in the manga. Just need to make the tie which will fasten in a bow at the front and then its done pretty much! I doubt I'll get time to make the cape and bow for Minami but its no biggie as I'll do them for the next time I wear her.

I'm honestly kinda annoyed by how much I've messed up with making this - the undergown is too short as I fitted it wrong and had to adjust while sewing, thereby sacrificing some of the length. I don't have enough fabric or time to remake it though but might do in the future.

So I've been working on Yona in my weekends and she's coming along well! The undergown is basically done now, bar a zip being fitted into the side. I made so many bad sizing mistakes with this, it's ridiculous but thankfully all the messy parts will be hidden by the over top so I'm not too worried. I kinda wished I'd picked a more floaty fabric for it now too as I'm not sure I like the stiffness this one gives but on a plus, it's more winter-worthy and isn't see through like the last one was!
The over top came along quite well thankfully - I really love the brocade fabric. The collar was more a case of trial and error then anything else but it came out okay - I'll be adding some decorative trim to it to make it match more the intricacy of the manga variant.
Just the sash left to do after that which should be okay!
(I'm not sure if I'll get time to make the bow and cape for Minamicon but it's no big deal if I don't as I'll aim for that for a rewear!)

Due to trying to focus on a more intricate new costume for Minamicon now, I'm trying to rush through my other ones quickly, Yona being the first one!
I managed to get all the fabric for her during the week thankfull - some gorgeous brocade style fabric for her tunic and some fancy off white and black for the undergown and sash. I also found a really nice black trim with gold detailing which will do for the collar design. It's not exact but embroidering the accurate pattern will take too long and tbh, I'd rather go for the easier option which is gauranteed to look pretty.
Cut out the fabric for the tunic and undergown today and pinned into shape ready for sewing. The tunic shoulders are a little wonky currently so I'll have to mess around with that more until I'm happy - really not used to the style of having the overlarge shoulders going straight into a little sleeve rather than set in sleeve. The undergown was supposed to be the simple part but I messed up a little when sizing and made it way too big - thankfully I'd also made it too long so I was able to redraw out the correct size and cut it out again!
I'd love to have got it all sewn this weekend bar the sash, collar and detailing but illness has typically struck so I'll just do what I can now. I'd love to at least get the undergown sewn together.

More progress done on the shirt today - made the tie collar and attached it and sewed on the sleeves. I then finished the front facing ready for the buttons to go on and hemmed the shirt.
It's in the final stages now - just need to attach the buttons, neaten up the neck edge a bit and do the frilly cuffs!

Began the shirt today using a pattern which handily has the exact neck tie collar he does! (Praise be for Vogue patterns).
So far it's going smoothly - I didn't actually mess up the sizing which is what I was most frightened of.
Very rough progress photo added here - it's mostly sewn together but pinned onto the mannequin for now and the bottom is pinned up into about the right place it will eventually be - I've deliberately made the length too long for now so I can adjust it to assure it's long enough to be tucked into trousers.
I've also half done the collar so I'm about... at the halfway stage? Just have to finish the collar off and attach, attach the sleeves, finishing the button facing, make the sleeve ruffles and hem everything!

I sewed all the trim onto the dress last weekend once I'd got some matching thread! It's an elasticated trim so I wanted to handsew it, rather than machine sew it but happy with the end result! The bow was then sewn onto the back and the flowers were handsewn onto the hemline, all the way around!
I was pretty unhappy with the overall fit of the skirt but thankfully with the flowers and trim on it's kinda disguised and I really like how it all looks on!

I apparently to forgot to update my progress on here, oops.
But anyway it's almost done! I put together the skirt last weekend - a circle skirt with elasticated waist which I double layered the fabric for just to give it a bit more body. It's not the neatest thing ever and I accidentally used the wrong pattern and made it like way bigger than it needed to be at first so had to take it in a lot. It altered the shape a bit but it's wearable now! Not totally happy with it and I think it would probably have looked better with a fitted waist rather than elasticated but it's comfy and once I've got the decoration on, won't be too evident I hope!
I made the bows today for both mine and Homura's which will fit onto the back of the skirt - made from the same fabric as the skirt and wrist cuffs and they look pretty nice!
Just need to sew on my trim and flowers to the bottom hem and it's complete!

I made the wrist cuffs from the same satin that the skirts will be made from. I've made something like these before for Dolphi so they weren't too difficult to make thankfully other than sizing them correctly. Two layers of satin which were sewn together and then pulled inside out so both sides have the satin sheen side. This was then sewn together at the outer edge and a button put on for decorative purposes. They're sized so they can come on and off without fastenings and stay on well without slipping at all.
Just the skirt to go now...

The bunny ears were bought and have wire inserted in them so they can be moved for photos. I hand stitched some of the smaller flowers onto them for decoration - there are 3 in the reference but the orange flower looked too much on the headband so I left it at the two smaller ones.

About a month to go before the con and I'm FINALLY starting work on this now Heisuke's complete.
The flowers arrived the other day and aren't totally colour accurate but I like them anyway - the flowers are more orange than yellow/orange for Madoka but I can live with that. They also will match totally with Homura's purple ones which is why I sacrificed the slight colour change. The purple flowers are a lovely colour and maybe about a centimere smaller than expected.
Today was spent making all the accessories which to be honest was pretty quick work!
The ankle puffs were made using some bought pompoms which I then made an elasticated ribbon to attach to.
I made a bow for around my neck with some gold decorative wedding ribbon and a press stud to close it at the back like a choker - this seemed a preferable method to trying to make sure the bow and flower stayed close by natural means on the day. The orange flower was then sewed onto the front.
Seen here is the flower choker with the shirt and petticoats to give an idea of what the overall shape will be

Last journal for Heisuke, hurrah!
I had some issues with ordering the prop swords myself from taobao due to the length but thankfully a friend of mine managed to order them for me and they arrived today! They're really nice and totally con-safe of course. Really happy I decided to order these rather than trying to make them because lack of time!

This costume seemed to take forever. Probably because I bought the fabric for him at the beginning of the year but only really started a few months ago.
I made two sashes today to finish him off which was pretty quick to do, thankfully. The red under sash is tied at the back to have one end falling down and the black over sash fastens over the top of this with a press stud. It needs a bit more adjusting yet, but the swords my friend ordered for me will be arriving any day now so I'll adjust them then as they'll be fitting inside that sash. The red sash isn't accurate to the game version but I didn't want to try gradient dying just yet - may do for a rewear. It matches the anime fine though.
Otherwise all that's left is the cords on the shoe greaves which I may or may not do yet depending on time - either way doesn't make a major difference as they're an game only trait and don't appear in the anime.
Hopefully do a full costest soon!

Rather irritatingly slow and bad progress today. Bias has been sewn onto the green top so that's done now. Unfortunately I hit a bit of a snag with the armour - I had planned to secure it first with elastic to hold it on and then sew on some decorate red cord to look like the straps Heisuke has (there is no way that a normal cord on its own would hold it in place). The elastic went on fine, if a bit tricky but because of the padding in the armour plates, it doesn't sit quite as neatly as I would have liked to have done. It's not totally horrible though so I didn't have have the patience to start over from scratch.
I totally forgot that when you cut rope cord unfortunately it all unravels :( So after I cut it to attach onto the armour, it did that and glueing it back together just made it worse so I had to bin it. Either going to look for a replacement cord which isn't roped style or leave it for this time and go back to that on a rewear.

This weekend was mostly about discussing and ordering bits for myself and my Homura's costume - we're doing our best to cooridinate these outfits despite the fact we're both living in different countries! :P
I'm going to buy the fabric for the skirt next weekend hopefully and have already ordered the pom poms for the ankles and all the flowers for the skirts. Once they've arrived and I've got the fabric I can get cracking!
In the meantime I cut the wig today so it's more accurate!

I thought this was going to be horrific to make but actually once I'd figured out the pattern for it, it went okay! I initially pinned the shape onto the mannequin just to get an idea for how it should lie and then tacked it. Once tacked I refitted it on my own body - mostly involved taking in the back more and adjusting where the ends sit on my waist. I then sewed it all together and added a collar around all the edges to carry on the theme of the costume - it looks a little messy in the photo but I haven't ironed it yet so the bottom curve looks a bit wrinkly at the moment.
I just need to add a decorative brown trim to the front collar - going to look for some next week but if I can't find any I like, I'll probably just make my own from leftover brown fabric from the armour!
All the main parts of this costume are done now :O Just got to make the waist sashes and do small things like sorting the wig, securing the armour etc. So relieved this is in the final stages as it's taken me a lot longer than I was expecting it to.

I put in a new stronger zip today and thankfully that did the trick and it fits great now! I let it out a little at the waist and it fits a lot better too now - thankfully where I let it out is where all the gathers are anyway so it's not noticable. I also ordered a tiara for her off ebay - I was going to mod one I had but found one that I thought was pretty although not completely accurate.
Will get around to sorting out the rest of the accessories at some point - not a lot to do thankfully, just securing bits here and there!

I finally finished the haori today which took a few hours - hemmed the sleeves to the correct length and then made the white triangles from some leatherette. I was going to make them with a linen like fabric but found the leatherette to be much easier to work with and quicker as it could be cut without fraying. It's hard to see in pictures how many triangles there are to a sleeve so I opted for 6 per sleeve which I felt gave the right balance. These were cut out 3 at a time and then sewn onto the sleeve with an applique style stitch around to secure it. The sleeve was then half sewn shut at the bottom to give the right overall shape when wearing and stop the sleeve being too awkward to move around in.
This was pretty fun to make overall and I'd definitely make haori's again! (Note: it's bluer in real life but the lighting was dodgy when I took the photo. It also needs a good iron before wearing but you get the picture!)

Because I'm still not confident with worbla, I opted for fabric when making the leg and arm shields. I made a cotton brown base for the armour plate to sit on and then cut out rectangles of leatherette to give the right look. This was sewn into a pillow like shape with cotton wool stuffed inside to give it a bit of body before being attached onto the brown base. I'll be getting some cord soon to attach the armour to my body when wearing. (Note: The leg armour looks too big on the picture here, but the shorts are actually stretchy so the armour is the correct sizing for my legs once worn)

The dress arrived today and thankfully is just as gorgeous as it looked in the online store pictures! It needs a bit of fixing up in places but shouldn't be too bad - it's mostly they despite the quality of the other materials, they put in a substandard zip which broke on the first use. I'll be putting in a much sturdier zip and possibly extending the width of the back panel a bit as it might be too small by about an inch or so around the hips.
They surprisingly had more accessories come with it than I was expecting so I have less to make then I'd thought - mostly just altering and resecuring the arm things and beads so they hold on better while wearing. I need to make a white hair bow for the veil to attach to in the wig and work on a tiara.

Made some good progress today - had a bit of a fight with the purple thread as I mistakenly bought a bad brand so it was unthreading itself every minute but thankfully I had a spare purple so swapped it out. Not totally a colour match but I wanted to get this done so didn't want to wait until I got some new thread! I finished the purple top today and added on the false collar to give the wrapover impression - it fits well thankfully and is just low enough so that I can wear my binder without worrying about it showing at all! I also made the purple arm warmer things he has which I secured at the top hem with a bit of elastic so it stays in place. Was going to start the green kimono top but I need to buy new thread for it now as it was the same crappy brand as the purple one. Not sure my brain can figure out the awkward fitting for it yet either so a task for next weekend (or possibly the weekend after as I'm out until late on Saturday so shall have to see what I can get done on Sunday - may choose to focus on finishing the haori or making the armour plates instead).

The tights arrived yesterday and the bunny ears came today - I bought them purely for ease as I could have made them really. These are pretty cool though as they have wire inserted so I can move the ears around and reposition them! For now, I'm mostly just on the hunt for some shoes until I go fabric shopping next for the skirt fabric!

Been working out how to make the two tops this week - after looking at all the art, I've decided to make it as two seperate tops, rather than an all in one as I think it'll sit better. I started the purple under top today and it's all sewn together now - just needs hemmed and the collar adding. As you can only see the sleeve edges and the collar edge on this I kinda cheated and made it as a normal tank top rather than a total crossover kimono-style top as it'll just be easier to wear this way and I don't have to worry about it slipping open. I'll be fashioning the neckline into a v shape and adding on the crossover collar to give the illusion it's kimono style. Hoping to get this top and the arm warmers finished this weekend! The fabric is pretty nice but not at all stretchy so I had to be pretty careful when sizing the top so that I can still get it on and off easily and that it gives the right look.

Bits and pieces have been ordered for this - the shirt, tights and bunny ears mainly. It took me 3 tries but I finally found a Madoka wig I'm happy with - i'm gonna be such a perfectionist when it comes to her. The shirt arrived today and fits great thankfully - just need to add on gold buttons instead of white and that's done. I was going to make it but I have a lot of other stuff going on life-wise atm so it was easier just to buy one. Likely no progress will be done on this for another month while I'm doing other Ame costumes but hopefully will get the fabric for her skirt soon. I've already got some perfect ivory coloured lining left over from Adekan so that will work for the skirt lining.

Progress on the haori I'm making for Heisuke! Thankfully this was pretty straightforward to make and kinda fun - only thing left to do now is to finish up the sleeves (damn the Shinsengumi and their crazy triangle detailing!) My hemming isn't the neatest but overall, pretty happy with this so far! Going to leave the rest of the sleeves for another time and focus on making the duo of tops next weekend to try and power through them both. Once those are done, the rest of the costume should be plain sailing as mostly just the accessories.
Also his wig arrived the other day and thankfully it looks really good and suits me well enough so I feel much happier about pulling him off now! Aiming to get Heisuke done for end of May at latest as I really need to be cracking on with my last 2 Ame costumes...

Began sewing this last weekend. The Haori has a definite shape now and mostly just needs some more fitting and hemming, the collar adding and the triangles on the sleeves put on! The shorts I'd bought for Heisuke were a little too long when paired with the leg warmers so I shortened those and did a little refitting on the leg warmers to make them fit snugger - I've actually stolen these off an older costume which got retired and they're luckily perfect for what I need them for. And as an added plus, they hold my sandals on better so I run no risk of losing them!
Did intend to start making a mockup of the tops today but motivation ran out. The wigs (yes, plural - I picked two slightly different style ones to see which will suit me better as I wasn't sure one would) are in the country as well, caught at Parcelforce but should be arriving any day now! Swords will hopefully be ordered from Taobao sometime soon as I don't feel confident in making these. Likely won't make much progress over the next two weeks due to being busy at the weekends but May is hopefully going to be the month I get this complete!

Did some more wig work today and it's pretty much done now bar a little more neatening up and some more simple styling! I glued a black bow onto the shoes (it was previously a pink bow but this was removed and replaced with the correct colour) and shorted the pink jeans to capri length. The same fabric as on the jacket cuffs was then used at the bottom of the trouser legs. It's all pretty much done now bar the top, which is on it's way! I was going to make it all from scratch but after finding out about a website where you can custom design t shirts, I've done that to get the image more accurately placed. Just gotta hope it arrives in time for the con or I'll be making my own super fast.

Finished the jacket today! It's been lined with the spotted fabric and bias added to the edging to finish.
Work has been ongoing with the wig aswell and I've attempted to get the accurate look of Marinette's pigtails by using a foam polystyrene base and glueing the hair onto it to get her distinct tear-like shape. It turned out okay surprisingly (as I was sure I was going to mess it up) and just requires a little neatening up to finish it. I'm still not 100% sure I'll go with that look for the con so will likely buy a backup wig as well just in case they don't hold.

Made some pretty decent progress on her jacket today which I'm really happy with - another hour or so and it should be finished (my neck was hurting too much for me to finish off today annoyingly). The jacket has been refitted as it was two sizes too big previously, collar and lapels have been interfaced to give a bit more body to them and I've taken up and added the cuffs. Lining for the inside of the jacket is cut out and ready to be sewn into the jacket - then just the bias to add onto it and it's done!

Contacts have been ordered as have her hair bands. Her base jeans arrived today which are the perfect colour and just need taking up to the correct length and the spotty cuffs added! Cheating with the wig, jacket and top a bit as I already bought the wig for Kotomi but cutting her for Marinette instead as she's higher priority now. The jacket is actually an old black jacket of mine I don't wear any more which has the exact same collar line and so is being refitted and lined with the spotty fabric to match Marinette's. A plain white top has been bought which I'll be adding embroidery detail to for the flowers. Her shoes were also bought easily from Primark! Just need to start putting it all together now! (also her earrings were found online and are super pretty - such a good find!)

WELP, my sewing drive didn't really come back until now and I'm still in the process of gathering fabrics. I've found possible wig choices on taobao along with his swords which I'll be ordering soon (i'd rather focus my energy on the outfit parts rather than making not just one, but two swords). Realised I had the perfect match of trouser/leggings already in my wardrobe so I'm gonna cheat and not make those - I really don't think it'll matter much in the overall costume look and it'll save time. I've also found some purple fabric for his patterned parts on the kimono top but need to search out some decent blue linen for the haori when I head into Derby next. Hoping to start drafting a pattern pretty soon!

I bought the base blue fabric today for his jacket - I'm not totally sure yet whether this will be the one I use or not. I found a super gorgeous fabric that's a little fancier in more or less the right shade, which I think will give a really nice effect and look for the overall outfit but I may change my mind yet and buy just a plain cotton instead. The fabric does give it that little extra though I think that might add to the mystical/seraph-like look though so I'm more inclined to stick with it.

I was toying between this variant and his ninja-style one as I adore that design BUT I do really want to make some Shinesengumi robes and after going fabric shopping today, I found the perfect shade of green for his kimono top so this will be the one I do first! (It also means I don't have to brave gradient dying just yet which is cool with me). I probably won't start this properly for a while yet as focusing on other projects first but at least it's a start!

Did almost all the alterations today that were needed, bar taking up the hakama as I needed someone else's help to pin them to the right length first. I made the little bow for his hair and also made a new scarf from scratch with some much nicer fabric that I bought - it'll probably be the part of the costume I like best until I get around to remaking other parts but nm! I still need to cut the wig but otherwise, it's basically done! I've also ordered his official shoes but doubtful they'll arrive in time so I have a backup pair of black raised flip flops, which I'll cover the strap with blue bias if they don't. Almost there!

The costume arrived last week - it's not made with the best materials and the skirt is shorter than I would like but it all fits well so it'll do! I'm compensating for the short skirt by wearing white bloomers underneath. I also sewed on some buttons onto the jacket to make it more accurate as they came without them. The hat for the outfit though was a total disaster and didn't look very much in shape like the one Maki wears so I ordered a new base and then made my own purple ribbon and bow with some purple fabric I found handily in the bargain bin at my local fabric shop. Was able to put in a more colour accurate feather too. The boots arrived a few weeks back too and fit great - so all done now!

The costume I ordered from taobao arrived the other day and thankfully the key parts mostly fit or are just a little too big in places which I can adjust. There's quite a bit of remaking I'll have to do before it's wearable but overall it's not a dreadful base to work from and the fabric isn't as bad as it could have been. (In the future I would likely remake the haori into a lighter shade which I prefer which will then double as a Hakuouki one and possibly remake other elements but for expo with limited time I'll just focus on the essentials.) Thus I'll be taking up the hakama to adjust to my height as they're a little long, taking in other bits like the breastplate which is too big and working out a way to secure the kimono undertop as doesn't stay shut properly at the moment. I'll also be making my own scarf as I really don't like the fabric this one is made of. I have ordered a pair of his proper shoes but doubtful if they will arrive on time so I have a pair of flip flops I bought which can be altered. A month to go before the con so hopefully I'll get it finished in time! (thankfully a friend has offered to lend me a sword prop for the event as I just don't have the time to get my own katana made to the best of my ability)

A simple costume i'm just buying and customising for as it's last minute and i'm drained after Kitacon so not wanting to make anything too complex. Conveniently found the perfect dress in a shop in town which i'm altering the fit of a little and adding an underskirt to underneath so it poofs out a little more. Flower crowns were also obtained and I ordered a wig from Coscraft which is gorgeous. Almost good to go!

I made the leg garters today with some leftover dress fabric and frills and attached on the leg sheathes. The daggers have been spray painted as a base and i'm now painting some gold acrylic onto them - it's essentially finished otherwise though! Once the paint on the daggers is dry, I just need to hot glue on the gems and the whole thing is complete! Going to be doing a full costume tester 2mos to test out the makeup for Shiro.

Started painting the daggers so it's just playing the waiting game with that now as I put on the layers - i've used a craft enamel paint which is unfortunately a spray can. I really wanted a paint I could brush on to make it neater and hand detail more but the one I bought for that was totally the wrong colour (orange not gold?) when I opened the lid and it just didn't lay very well on the surface.
I finished the dress fully tonight as well so that's done at last! Added on some extra gems and decoration to the bodice front and sewed on the press studs to the back flaps!

Daggers were sanded yesterday and gesso applied to today so I should be able to start painting them and decorating tomorrow! I also finished the wrist cuffs by sewing on some gem detailing - I had intended to glue on teeny tiny gems for extra detail but unfortunately my gem tack glue doesn't work at all so I've given up on that idea. It probably doesn't need the extra detailing to be honest anyway and I'd rather not risk using the hot glue gun to put them on as they're so tiny!

I forgot to post journals here as I've been so busy! A lot more has been done now since my last one! The trim has been handsewn onto the dress and cuffs and I've done more of the gold cord detailing too. I refitted a better zip in the dress as I was worried the old one was a bit fragile. Just a little more detailing left to do and they're both complete!
I also started the daggers last night, cutting out foam board and gluing them together. I applied filler today so should be ready to sand tomorrow and then I can paint them! After that it'd just be making some sheathes and attaching to the dress.
Shiro wig has been cut and styled too, using a short base and wefts for his ponytail - it finally came out more or less how I wanted after going through 3 dreadful wigs before now! I should have gone with my original plan and wefted in but at least I got there in the end!

I bought a longer base wig and cut it = much happier now with the final result even if keeping the back into the ponytail clip is a bit of a pain!

Costume arrived today from Taobao - it's slightly off white and the wig is slightly navy in tone rather than a straight black shade but it's otherwise passable! Only had to do some slight alterations on fitting by taking up the short legs a bit and taking in the leg bands and otherwise it's ready!

I bought a man's short sleeved shirt and edited it to suit Alto - taking up the bottom, putting in darts in the front and adding on the details like the epaulettes, side button straps and the school emblem. I actually made the school emblem with a stick on suede that I found in my local fabric shop and really happy with the effect of it!
In the photo here you can see my wig too but I wasn't happy with how I cut the base so will be ordering another one as this one is unfortunately too short for Alto.

Managed to put the trousers together in a day - I later added on another fastener on the top and some belt straps! Really happy with how these turned out!

Did all the last bits on the tailcoat today - added the lapels and collar which was a bitch and honestly I'm not totally happy with them. Thankfully everything else turned out good so the lapels are passable - might try and redo them at a later point but happy with them for Kita. Also made the cuffs (which were likewise a pain in the butt) and added the epaulettes and buttons. Just the scarf left to make and maybe add some rope cord to the epaulettes just to finish off.

I've been handsewing more tonight (though managed to injure myself breaking a needle on the layers of fabric at the sleeve straps). Gold trim has been sewn onto the waistband now though and some onto the straps too to disguise where the frills meet. Also sewn on the bows to the side lacing. Trim is next!

I also managed to make the base of the wrist cuffs today - I was anticipating them being really difficult but once i'd sorted out the sizing they were okay! The frills are already sewn into the inside so all I have left to do is add on the rest of the detailing before I can add the fastenings.

Made the head bow today as well - I did made tails to go with this too originally but after trying them on my head with the bow I thought the effect looked a little silly so I thought I'd take artistic license and not include them. I've also jazzed up the actual bow a bit more with some decorative ribbon I had lying around and some of my flower gems - the design was a little plain on the reference so I thought it would be nice to add a bit more to it. Just need to attach this to a decent hair clip!

Made the back waist bow - I used iron on interfacing inside the fabric so it would hold it's shape better! Pretty happy with this! Just need to find a way to attach it on and off easily to the back of the dress - at the moment I'm considering press studs as I'm worried safety pins won't work very well.

Been pretty busy today working on the the accessories - thankfully they're all put together now - all that's left to do is detailing and make the props! I sewed the frills onto the puff sleeves and put in the bottom elastic - not completely happy with the effect this gives unfortunately as I think I made them a little too big in the end but I don't have time to remake them for Kita now. Something I might redo in the future! The frills are nice though - I'm rapidly running out of time so I bought some premade ones that I thought would suit the costume. They'll also be sewn on the bottom hem of the dress too for some extra detailing as well as being used in the wrist cuffs.

For what started off as being something relatively simple, i had a lot of trauma with these. Originally I'd ended to line them with some black satin I bought but after trying them with the trousers, they just didn't work very well and were really clingy to my skin. Thankfully the red material is thick enough to work perfectly fine on their own! Took me quite a while to size this accurately too due to them being very close-fitting. I gave up trying to make an effect waistband as well - they fit perfectly fine without them and the top edge will be covered by a cummerbund anyway. Overall, i'm pretty happy with these despite them being quite a trial to make at the time! Next up is the decorations for the tailcoat - I bought some lovely gold metallic trim the other day which i'm hoping to use for the epaulets.

I was going to make the big bows today but realised I'd forgotten to buy interfacing so I moved onto the collar instead! This was actually quite fun and easy to make and I think it looks effective :) Will attach with a press stud around the neck!

Spent the morning making frills for the straps - will be adding some gold trim to join the two at the middle as they don't always meet perfectly in places (my machine really disagrees with working with that amount of fabric at once)

Made significant progress on the tailcoat today and now it's almost complete! I added on the tails which was much easier than I was expecting it to be and fitted the sides a bit better. Also fitted and then hemmed the whole jacket so all that's left to do is the lapels, collar, cuffs and decorative details. Still not entirely sure how I'm going to make the epaulets - whether with fabric or use coolmorph. Shall experiment soon with that to see what works best!

Managed to get to the stage where it looks like a complete dress now! I finished handsewing on all the side panel detailing this morning before adding on the waistband. After that, the skirt and apron were hemmed to the correct length - I did a quick tester with the socks and shoes just to check it's all lying as it should be and pretty happy with it! Now, it's just decoration I have left to do on the dress and all the extra little bits to finish making - the puff sleeves which are almost done, the wrist cuffs, collar, bows and daggers. Still loads to do but at least the main part is done!

Made great progress on the tailcoat today! I sewed together most of the lining and then did the same with the base fabric. Front, back and sleeves are sewn together with darts put into the back for extra fitting. I still need to add on the tails to the back as well and it all needs hemmed, lapels, decoration and collar added on and a little more fitting done to it but the basic shape is about there now! Happy with how easily this came together - the base fabric was really nice to work with! Hoping to finish the jacket mostly next weekend and then I can move onto the trousers, shirt and scarf.

I meant to start this last weekend but got distracted by Shiro. Finally cut out the fabric for the tailcoat tonight at least though and will start sewing it together tomorrow! I've used a basic tailcoat pattern which I've then adjusted as the front close is different. Love the lining fabric I've gotten though as it's a gorgeous crimson colour which looks lovely against the base fabric!

Slower going today but quite happy with how it's looking now! I fitted in the zip and then put in a hook and eye at the top to fasten more securely. It looked a little messy so I've added on a flap to cover the zip opening which I'll be able to fasten shut over it with some press studs - should just make a much cleaner look for the back of the dress. Really happy with how it fits now! I also started doing the detailing on the side bodice, handsewing on the black velvet ribbon to give the impression of lacing and the gold trim over the edges which hides the ends. Almost completed one panel here which can be seen in the photo (i just need to sew on the other side of gold).

Managed quite a bit today so i'm happy it's progressing to stages where it's started to look more finished! Still tons of decoration to do but the main base is almost complete now! I spent most of today putting in the white side panels which will have the lacing sewn onto and put frills on the bodice which will have trim sewn over the top edge at a later date. I wanted to put these bits on before attaching the lining as I was worried they would be awkward to sew on afterwards. Still have a lot to put on decoration wise after the lining has now been sewn on properly but it's stuff that is mostly hand-sewing and I can get away with I think.
I also finally attached the skirt and bodice together with the apron as well -it still needs a waistband added and the zip fitted into the back but it's definitely getting there! I'll likely do that tomorrow and then either work on more of the decoration details or move onto my other costume for Kita.
(I also had a bit of a disaster when cutting the wig by cutting it a bit too short at the sides so had to order another - thankfully there's enough time for it to arrive! This will be my third wig now for Shiro - hoping that third time is the charm! It's a shame as the wig I bought was nice qualitywise and would work well for Shiro but I've just ordered another from the same seller).

I only had the one day free this weekend but managed to be fairly productive still at least! I put together the apron base which is just pinned for now onto the skirt - I won't be attached that and taking up the bottom until the bodice is ready to be attached. I also made the detached puff sleeves today which was nice and simple - I haven't put in the elastic in the bottom cuff just yet though as I still need to add some frills to it first which I'll probably do in a few weeks when I get around to doing all the other frill details on the outfit! I also attached the lining to the bodice (not pictured here) so it's all ready to start the decorating next weekend - if i'm lucky I'm hoping to get the magority of the decoration done next weekend if my gold rope trim arrives in time to do so. The lining is only attached at top and arm holes at the moment - it's not my neatest sewing by far but thankfully all the messy bits will be covered by the decoration so I'm not too worried about it. My to-do list still seems massive but I think the end is definitely within sight now!

Bought a basic Tail coat pattern yesterday - it needs some adjusting with how the front closes but is pretty close! Hoping to start this properly week after this one.

I decided I really didn't like how heavily pleated the skirt looked in the end and so I unpicked and redid the gathers so they're looser as in the mockup. Think this looks much better and there isn't as much fabric in the skirt now too, so it's less heavy. Still need to add on a waistband and attach it to the bodice so it still looks a little messy at the moment.

I cut out and put together the bottom half of the dress today - this took quite a long time due to me faffing around for ages with making it neat and getting the measurements right. There's so much fabric too - over 3 metres in length have gone into this skirt to make it extra poofy. It's been gathered, but I'm not too sure if this looks too neat at the moment - I preferred the looser look of the mockup. This is only pinned onto the bodice at the moment though, so will hopefully look better once it's sewn on properly with the waistband and apron on. It's also way too long at the moment, so will be shortening it to get it back the length of the petticoat.

I picked up some more gems today for the dagger decorations and the bodice detailing. Found these gorgeous flower type ones too which I'll likely add either as centrepieces for the bodice or cuffs. Been scouting out some gold cord too and sadly my local fabric shop had nothing in the right colour or style for what I wanted but ebay came to the rescue!

Been working on the bodice this weekend. I spent quite a while on fitting the lining accurately with chest binding on, so I could copy the measurements over on the actual outer material. It worked out much better than on the mockup so I'm pretty happy with it! I've serged the insides too and added in the blue strip at the top of the white front panel, ready for the trim to be attached over it. I just need to finish hemming it and attach the lining and then I can work on all the decorative detail. As you can't see all of the front top area of Shiro's I've took creative license and doing what I think looks best - keeping the same over trim as will be on the back but on a blue fabric instead of the black velvet. I don't want the front to look busy or detract from it being an apron so I'll just be sticking to the gold cord and gem detailing rather than adding on frills as well like there is on the back. The bodice isn't really long enough to add those on too without it making the gem detailing move down far too much so skipping it. To be honest, I would have embroidered the detailing instead of using a decorative trim, but as this is a partnered costume we decided to do it this way instead to save extra sewing work. Hoping to add on some more intricate detailing on the wrist cuffs instead though at least!

FINALLY starting making the bodice using the actual fabric now! Didn't get quite as much done this weekend as planned due to illness but with it being a bank holiday next weekend hoping to get loads done then to make up for it!. Cut out the lining and bodice fabric today, being careful to keep the measurements accurate for being bound underneath as well (damn, traps and their flat chests!). Tacked it together for now and will sew it together next week! I've deliberately left the two middle back panels too wide for now to allow for the zip to be fitted and if it needs any further adjustments. The straps are currently blue but I might removed these later or cover them with the white fabric as a better base for the frills to go on.

I've been ordering more stuff for the decoration recently so waiting on them to arrive mostly - some gems did arrive today i'd bought for the dagger hilts but they're sadly too small and the seller sent me the wrong shade of green so I ordered some different ones. My coolmorph arrived today too so I can have a go at attempting to craft the knives from them soon hopefully!

Finished the mockup today - it is by no means my neatest work ever but it gives the basic idea I wanted and some of the mistakes I made on it, I'll know not to repeat now - mainly that the back of the bodice was very off sizing-wise and I put in the waistband too low (more like middle of the hips in the end). The fit is almost how it should be though so I can safely go onto making the actual one now!
I also recieved some green gems from my Anri the other day for some of the detailing and ordered some more gems tonight for the dagger props and some coolmorph to have a go at crafting them! First time using that so it should be an experience but it'll be light and easy I hope, whereas I don't quite feel ready to delve into worbla just yet. Redrew out a proper pattern design too so I know exactly what is going onto each panel so I hopefully won't forget to do something - there's so much going on with the bodice I could easily make a mistake. Definitely the most complex work I've done bodice-wise before but if I'm properly planned out I hope it will go fairly smoothly.

Bought the fabric for the lining (the off white tone) and the white cotton for all the apron and frill detailing - it was more expensive than I wanted to pay but I'm coming to the conclusion that this is going to be a very pricy costume in general. Mockup is practically finished now too and will be doing the last bits at the weekend (just taking up the petticoats an inch and adding a zip to the back)

Using some cheap fabric, I patterned out a base bodice today with which to work out the kinks on the actual one. Managed to get the fitting more or less how I want it, but the straps definitely need to be thinner on the actual one and i'll likely bring in the bust lines a little to give the illusion of hopefully still looking a bit boy-ish. I tried it on with a binder underneath though and actually thought it looked about right - reducing my bust down just enough to pass for being a trap!
Not hemmed or anything but just pinned to hide the messy bits.

Cut the wig last night - I think it looks much better now it's been cut shorter - was worried when it first arrived that it looked more grey then it did blonde but happier with it now. It still needs some more faffing and styling with before the con but I did it enough for a quick tester with makeup.
As Slaine is a character who is frequently stressed or emotional, I tried to accentuate this with my makeup by adding more dark shadows to my eyes.

Hoping to try and bump up this plan as I got asked to join an Asseylum at Kita. The wig arrived for him the other day though I'm not totally convinced the colour will work yet - shall be cutting it soon to see!
Also bought the base fabric for his tailcoat and trousers at the wkd but will be caught up with Adekan for a while so likely no actual progress for a few months yet!

Went shopping at the weekend to Birmingham with my Anri to buy some of the stuff for this - we got our base blue fabric which is funnily enough bridal fabric. It's perfect in colour and style though for this. Also bought some lovely decorated trim for the top of the bodice and matching gems for the ribbon. Still need to get lining, the white material and other detailing parts but this can be done at a later date.
I bought some cheap fabric today with which to start a mockup on this weekend as well so I can start figuring out the fitting before using the actual fabric.

The jacket arrived today with record timing - really happy with it as it fits as well and as comfily as my Iwatobi one!
Shall be cutting the wig over the wkd and hopefully doing a quick makeup tester before the con!

This costume is basically just waiting for stuff to arrive. I got a t shirt from primark and ordered the wig and jacket - lazy cosplay but I don't mind when it's sports ones as the quality of premade ones is usually lovely! The wig arrived today and just needs a lot of cutting and styling to make it right! Hoping the jacket will arrive in time now for the con!

Added in the zip and put on the waistband today - first time doing a waistband in this way and quite happy with the result even if my sewing machine decided it didn't like sewing over the layers - i've top stitched over the messy parts on the waistband though and they don't show up too bad! Needs another press before wearing but overall I'm fairly happy with this for my first go at a pleated skirt and it's really comfy to wear!

I decided in the end that I didn't like the first skirt - the pleats just weren't setting in right and then I found that the tutorial I was using was the wrong measurements which is likely why. I remade the skirt over the week using a much longer length so I could have more depth in the pleats and think it works a lot better now! Just need to add on the waistband and zip and this is done!

It arrived today and I love the colour and thickness of it - needs some cutting and styling to be perfect for Rolo but this is much better than my old one already!

The petticoat I ordered arrived today! It's actually bigger than I was expecting which is great - looks a bit bigger than in the reference but I've seen cosplayers do this variant with this size and love how it looks. Now I have the base I should be able to start patterning this out. Fabric shopping should be happening for this next month as myself and Paife cosplay plan to buy matching fabric.

Took me a while of looking at different tutorials but I finally figured out the skirt - this is my first time doing pleats and I didn't want to mess it up. It still needs to be taken up a little as it's too long but it's definitely starting to look the part. I starched the pleats as well as ironing them in the hopes they'll hold for longer. Next week I'll get around to taking it up more, add in the zip and waistband and give it another press for good luck!

I ordered a new wig for him the other day - hoping this one will be a lot better than the old one!

I made some boot covers today from some spare fabric - originally they were just wellington boots which had been cut and painted but the paint never stayed on well and constantly cracked. The boot covers are much better and ensure they'll look how they should do for longer! They came together quite easily actually!

Put on the buttons and buttonholes today and added on the frills to the collar and cuffs. They're not as neat as I'd like them to be but will be covered at the messy areas by the cravat and overcoat anyway thankfully

I embroidered on the red detailing on the front today and now it's complete!

I added on the collar and edging today - almost done! Just need to put on the buttons and add on the frills to the cuffs and collar.

Wig arrived today and it's actually perfection colour-wise which I was most worried about! Just need to cut it a little and style it a bit and complete! Starting the skirt later this week!

Completed the fitting and serging on the shirt the other day and hemmed it all today. I'm still not 100% happy on the fitting as the shoulder area isn't quite right but thankfully the over coat should cover this. Just need to do the silver edging, hem the sleeves and put on the frills.

I've got most of the base shirt constructed. I need to do some more work on fitting, hem it and put on the decorative details like the silver edging, buttons and frills on the cuffs and collar. Was delayed finishing this as I've been ill. I like how it's come together though and will hopefully like it even more once I've fitted it a bit better. (the lighting makes it look really shiny here but it's actually okay irl and about the same as the old shirt was)

Wig ordered today for this costume! With any luck I'll have actually started the skirt before it arrives!

I bought a pattern today that's similar in style to help me with making this - it's more so I can hopefully get the fitting as accurate as I can with the bodice as the rest of the costume doesn't scare me too much.
Hopefully ordering a wig or the petticoats later this week.

Bought some fabric today to make the skirt with - it's not quite as dark as the one that originally came with the costume but I prefer this one. Hopefully start patterning it later this week and make it fairly soon.

I've ordered a readymade costume as it was pretty cheap and would have cost about the same to have made it anyway - been a while since I've bought a pre-done costume and I don't mind doing it every so often. Blazer and shirt are fine but the skirt is unfortunately too small and far too short so I'll be making my own (which is cool as I'll likely be needing the standard school skirt for other costumes too - this way I can make it to my liking).

I'm remaking the shirt with some spare fabric for Kitacon as the old one doesn't fit too well. Cut out all the pieces today - don't think it'll take me too long to put together!

I made the base of the book cover today and attached it - quite happy with how it went and the nice fabric gives it that fancy book look! Just have to do the decorative parts, either with some silver fabric I have spare or with paint, undecided atm.

Hoping to have a shoot next month sometime for Est so I'm working on his book prop now - should be fairly simple. I'm using an old hardback the correct size i'm not too keen on it and covering with some leftover blue fabric from Alice. Will then do the detailing for the cover - unsure yet if this will be done with fabric paint or something else.

I've been intending to go back and make some changes to this costume for a while and after finding the old bow tie the other day in a particularly mangled and unusable state, I've finally been spurred into action with this one. It's not one I'm going to be making in a rush this time as I really want to get all the details right. I'm hoping to find a better method for the fixing on the white stripes onto the trousers and tailcoat this time - normal pinstripes are too invisible. Last time I used a 3d paint but though it looked okay for the photos, I didn't feel it gave the right effect so I'll be looking for another idea.
I've started work on the new bow tie for now, using some pinstriped leatherette I already have. Hoping to put in interfacing and possibly wire into to make it stand out correctly. Shall figure out some way to do the bat-head central point for this as well - possibly worbla or some kind of lightweight moulding clay. (blurry photo is blurry! You can see the general idea of the bow tie though so far - not sewn together yet, just pinned!)

Did the finishing bits on the waistcoat today, which despite breaking two of my sewing machine needles came together fairly easily in the end. I'm debating whether or not to just use some similar shoes I have for this costume rather than buying totally new shoes as I didn't really want the expense of that for something that is only really a casual costume. The necklace is actually fashioned from a curtain ring which I still had a pack of lying around from making Elise.

Okay, so I got hella busy and then distracted by other things so this costume kept getting put back. Anyway, I've finally got around to starting the waistcoat today and it's almost all sewn up - just need to finish the fitting on it and do a little more hemming. After that it's just figuring out what to do with the shoes - if possible I'd like to just make boot covers for some existing shoes I already have but we'll see.

I've managed to find enough black fabric left over from another project for his waistcoat, so cut that out today. The necklace ring is actually a curtain ring that I already had a set of leftover from Elise. Shouldn't take me long to put together and then it's just making the boot covers which is probably going to be the trickiest part of this costume.

Made the bow today which has been attached to the front panel to make it sit properly. At some point I'll get around to detangling the wig and taking proper photos

Had intended to sort both the boots and do the bow today but the boots ended up taking longer so I'll leave the bow for another day now. Anyway modded some boots I already own with the slit down the middle, added in laces and the black flap panels to stick over the top.

Sewed the waistcoat together today which was relatively painless and managed to make the sash too from some sandy gold fabric I already had. Tried to fit the waistcoat in a way to hide my curves and so look more like a ten year old boy when wearing it! DONE.

I've actually spent the past two days removing sequins from the waistcoat fabric - the fabric I bought is beautiful except for the fact that the maker decided sequins would look AWESOME on it... thus I've been unpicking them all to just keep the underlying pattern on it. Should be able to actually make the waistcoat tomorrow though, as it's a fairly basic one to do.

(also I miraculously found that turban after all!)
Made the harem pants today - really like the material I used though they're not quite as poofy as I'd like them to be as there wasn't enough material but they're passable at least! Was hunting through my fabric for a nice material for his sash as I was going to use white fabric, but then looking at other cosplays many have used a gold-ish colour instead of beige which I quite like so going to do something similar! Hoping to make the sash and possibly most of the waistcoat over the weekend!

Sewed some black bias to the bottom edge of the jacket today to neaten up where I took it up - jacket now is complete! Finally got around to tackling the hat too - I was unsure how to make it at first without it looking sorta messy with the pokeball details but then remembered I had some spare craft foam, so I used that as a base which I then covered with fabric. Hot glued together as this made it look a lot neater than stitching. I like that the craft foam inside gives the hat more of a 3D effect.
Costume is totally complete now, just waiting on the wig to arrive!

Lost the turban I was going to use for this so will have to order another one - I did a trial run with a white scarf I had though and it worked surprisingly well so I may use that instead! Refound my old red gem from the other version I did and managed to remove the chains from it with no damage so after hot gluing a brooch backing to it, can use it for this version too!
Also restyled the wig which involved cutting it shorter as default Aladdin's hair is shorter in style than Magnoshutat

Sadly forgot to buy pink thread so can't finish this today like I'd planned - will buy tomorrow so I can sew the ribbon onto the arm band and do the hat decoration. Took up the jacket today though, altering where the pockets are too so they're in the correct place. Also made the fake decorative pockets for her shorts though my machine seemed to hate the material - got there in the end though!
The previous wig I bought for this never turned up so another one has been ordered - hopefully this one will arrive in time!

Finally got around to reattaching the panel to the coat - just need to make the front bow and boot alterations

Super speedy cosplay making go! I have two types of white fabric I could use for his harem pants, not sure which to use currently. Bought the fabric for his waistcoat today - it's got a pattern on it in places and super nice quality so I thought it'd be nice to make his outfit a bit fancier as it's very simplistic. May add some trim to the edging of the waistcoat too! Undecided yet as to whether I'll make his turban from scratch or just reuse the one from Haruka - shall see how much time I have! Going to start making this next week I think!

Base coat has been bought from Solaria - i'm just modding a few small details on it as it's perfect otherwise. Repainted the front panel yesterday so it looks a little sharper and just need to add some poppers to attach it with instead of the velcro that was already on it. Modding some boots I already had for this too! After that just the front bow to make and done!

The new wig arrived for him today - it's still brown but definitely much closer in tone to black than the last one was and already styled very well so I think I can live with this one! Still need to make the butt skirt when I have some spare time but it's basically finished now. Probably will make do with some boots I already own for now as it's unlikely I'll be able to buy the proper styled ones until a later date.

Wig arrived today for him, so I only have the clips left to make which I kept forgetting to get round to! Basically finished though now!

Found the top and jacket fairly cheap today in Primark - the jacket just needs shortening a little to make it the correct length but won't take long!

Bought the fabric for this a year or so ago but haven't got around to putting it together yet.

This cosplay has seemed a little cursed as I've had to keep putting it back due to financial reasons. I did order a wig for him before but when it arrived, it was more suitable for Eren colour-wise than Levi unfortunately. Finally ordered a new one today and hoping it's more accurate! I've also bought the harness and cape from Whitewraith, so just the boots to get after that!

Ordered my wig for her today and hopefully going to be picking up most of the bits for her outfit in the next week or so - cheating and hoping not to make too much for this one if possible as it's fairly simple!

Found the perfect boots today for White and got them - they just need some red laces adding! I've been looking at possible wigs too and settled on a nice Sailor Jupiter one that i'll style the curls into! Hoping to buy the rest of the stuff for that in a few weeks when my loan comes in!

Sorted and put together the hat today though it's not perfect. It'll hopefully do though for the con - I've cushioned it out to try and get the puffy effect his has and made the gold ornament from clay.

So I started making his hat yesterday though am doubtful I will finish it in time for the con (also the design is kinda tricky so not sure it will work either!) I've cut out the green fabric though ready to sew together as cushiony segments to cover the base hat with and made the decoration from clay. Hoping to try and put this together mostly tomorrow if I have time!

Made the bows for the front of the bodice and the two on the skirt today and sewed on the edging around the neckline and sleeve holes too. FINISHED AT LAST. Going to attempt a full costume test later today, including trying out the false eyelashes as I've never tried wearing them before.

So the clay thankfully set and has had multiple layers of spray paint to finish. I'm not too keen on the bright silver effect it has though so once the con is over and I have spare money, will likely respray in a darker silver.

Made the decorative bodice panel today - it's deliberately a little too long so it nicely hides the front where the skirt joins now! Also sewed on the ribbon to the sleeves and the arm bows. Last things to do are fabric bows for the skirt and front of bodice, sew on the buttons for the back flap and edging - then complete!

Finished the sleeves today which was fairy easy and made the neck decoration too - also pretty easy! Just the decoration left now, which I've already started as can be seen in the photo. Been detangling the wig over the past few days - it's not perfect but good enough I think given I'v worn it a few times now already and it's hella long.

Started the sleeves today - managed to finish the puff and middle section under the puff - the flared section is ready just to elasticate and add on too. I accidentally made the puff part way bigger than I'd intended but Alice's puffs are actually about that size too in certain panels (the curse of differing refs!). I think the material I used too, as it's a different type from the rest of my dress is not the sort normally used for puffs, so it gives an impression of drapes fabric rather than an actual circular shape. The photo doesn't really do it justice either as it looks all floppy - it sits a lot better when worn! I've also started the bodice detail which you can see too - handsewn due to being too awkward for the machine to do accurately!

Started the cane today - moulded the dragon from air dry clay but considering this a trial run really as I have a feeling it's going to be too top heavy and will likely break fast. Won't have time to try another method before the con now so if this doesn't work out I'll just have to make one at a later date when I rewear.

Cut out the fabric parts for the sleeves today - they're in three parts so it was a bit tricky to measure out. They're a bit over large atm I suspect but on purpose so I can adjust as I'm making it. The trial puff I did wasn't quite large enough so I've made these ones a little bigger too. Aiming to sew a lot of it together on Tuesday!

With my mom's help pinning the skirt hemline i've finally got that sewn today and took in the front panelling where it opens out to show the petticoat. Next is the sleeves which is a problem for tomorrow I believe! Also I'm considering wearing my red contacts for Alice as they're only just past their sell by date and I currently can't afford to buy the proper purple ones - they will at least give my eyes a darker effect then my natural pale blue would.

Sewed together the panels on the skirt today - my head wasn't really with it and the sheer amount of fabric kept confusing me but got there in the end. Decided to make it seperate from the petticoat so I can still reuse that in the future so made an elasticated waistband for the skirt. Hoping to have some help from my mom tomorrow to pin the hemline at the bottom as I can't manage that while wearing it. Aiming to get the base skirt done by the end of this week so I can start the sleeves.

Dagger is complete now - just need to make the sheathe for it and attach to the rope. Made the arm band from the same fabric as the gold belt as craft foam just wasn't working out for me - may remake in the future!

Sewed the rest of the frills to the bottom of the petticoat now - tried on and it thankfully touches the floor all the way round (even if that makes it a pain to walk in as it now drags on the floor!). Just waiting for a small touch of fabric paint to try on one edge where I bled on it and then I can start sewing the over skirt together! Aiming to get that complete this week so next week I can focus on the sleeves!

Been making the frills for the bottom of the petticoat for the last few days - getting there with it! Hoping to have them all sewn on by the end of Tuesday and then can start sewing the blue skirt together.

This bodice is as complete as I can make it for now - finished hemming today and sewed on the zip with a little flap to conceal it. It's a little messing with the stitching in places thanks to my machine messing up but this should hopefully be covered up when I put the decoration on. Started making the ruffles for the bottom of the petticoat now as well - when that's done I can sew the skirt together.

Painted the detailing on the sword today - just need to add on the strap to attach to the belt once it's dry.

Cut out the fabric for the bodice and lining yesterday and started sewing it together today. Spent a good 4 hours on it and the base is pretty much complete now, aside from hemming and adding a zip at the back - decoration shall be done at the end as I haven't bought the materials for that yet. Shall hem it tomorrow and probably cut out the fabric ready to start the sleeves. Fabric has been really easy to sew with which made things easier!

Fillered and sanded down Haru's prop in the last week and started painting it now - just need to finish painting over the weekend and then make the sheathe and it's complete. Started the arm band too but not sure I can mould it correctly as of yet so may have a back up plan of using fabric instead.

Bought more blue velvet today for the sleeves as I ran out - the colour isn't a total match but I figure a slight difference will look okay as it's only on the sleeve puffs and flares so will look decorative instead. Bought some nice lace for the bodice insert detail and white fabric to make petticoat ruffles - hopefully it's enough!

Cheated and bought a readymade turban from online as I'm running out of time to get this done - it works quite well so I don't mind. May make a proper one in the future but this will do for the con at least. Need to start making his arm bracer later and the dagger is on it's last layers of filler atm.

Cut out the fabric panels for Alice's skirt today - it took up practically all my fabric though and I only have enough leftover for the base bodice so need to buy another 2m or so to make the sleeves.

I mocked out a puff sleeve today to see if my pattern was right - it pretty much worked how I wanted it to, just going to alter the sizing a little on the final version. Gathered the petticoat skirt and added on the elasticated waistband today - I may add on some ruffles at the bottom for extra length later on as sometimes the hoop skirt pokes through.

Mostly worked out the basic design for the whole dress and made a pattern mostly for the bodice and sleeves today - need to check the bodice though and maybe do a mock up to check it's correct. Having never done these kind of puffs before either i'm going to make a test pair with some spare fabric later this week to check before I actually make it for size. Already have a skirt pattern from Elise and just need to remeasure for width and length in the larger skirt for this dress. Hoping to start sewing and sorting this costume properly over the weekend when a friend is over.

Made the scarf completely as luckily I did have enough ribbon to finish - actually quite like the finished effect and the material is super soft so it feels nice. Turban next I guess...

Made the gold belt today - elasticated the back as I couldn't think of any easier way to attach it without it slipping down all the time considering i'll have harem pants and scarfs underneath it. Seemed to work well though a bit puffy at the back - it looks unintentionally decorative though so don't mind too much and it fits perfectly now with no hassle. The material was a bitch to sew with as my machine kept skipping parts but got there in the end. Scarf next!

Cut out foam tonight for the dagger. Applied PVA to seal it so should be able to filler it tomorrow or later this week. Once that's done I can make the sheathe from leftover red fabric from Richard. Hoping to make the blue scarf and gold belt tomorrow, maybe start the turban.

Made the waistcoat today which was surprisingly easy! Tried a new hemming technique too to avoid fraying which gave a nice effect I think. Really liking the grey fabric too! (Photo here is seen without the buttons as I hadn't sewn them on yet at this point). All ready for the shoot now though!

Did the custom work on the boots today - they're just a pair in the right colour I bought from Primark which I've cut down to the correct height. added the buckle detail and added on the beige parts. There's actually more beige around the heel area on the official design but I honestly didn't like that much as I prefer to have more of the colour contrast with the brown so I've missed those bits out (plus they'd only get muddy anyway!)

Okay, so I wasn't actually going to do anymore but I did end up cutting out and pinning the waistcoat to the mannequin so all ready to sew up. Decided to have the grey material as inside lining too as I had enough of it.

Made the apron today - fairly easy especially as I already had one from my work place so just made one like it but longer. The stitching looks messy though due to my machine deciding the tension is screwed but will have to do for now! Just the waistcoat to make so should finish this costume this week.

Spent about an hour or cutting the wig - mostly just the fringe and a bit at the sides and back. It's still a little long at the back but I didn't want to cut it too short and his style is fairly all over the place anyway in terms of length. (also added photos here of the finished shorts and the brooch - the shorts only look good on a person though due to puffy look)

Sewed on the bias around the collar today - it still doesn't look as neat as I'd like it to be but is fine unless you look close up. Finished the shorts too and started cutting the boots for customisation - just need to sew/glue on the beige detailing on it. Hooray for being almost done - once i've cut the wig, i'll no doubt do a full costume test. Photo shows top half only, minus brooch.

I cut out and sewed together the puffy decoration bits for the shorts yesterday, ready to be handsewn sometime sewn. Wasn't my original idea to make them seperate as I originally had planned to make the shorts actually puffy so I could put holes in them for the perfect look but in the end I decided to go for the easier option due to time constraints. Made the collar yesterday which went fine apart from accidentally making the back too small and having to add an extra panel. The triangular edging also frays a little currently so I'll be getting some bias later to sew around the edges - doubles up as pretty decoration too I guess! Next week, hoping to get this totally finished - just need to customise the boots and cut the wig really. Leaving the weapon and hat until a later date.

Eventually managed to sort the leg holes out today on the shorts so it's all in one piece now. Just need to add on the slit details. I'm not happy with the overall shape of them but I have neither the time or the material to redo them sadly - at least they don't look ridiculously large like they did before. Also hot glued the cravat pin together. Just the short detailing, collar and shoes custom to do which I should hopefully finish this week. Going to leave the hat until the end in case I run out of time as it's not a vital part of the costume.

Had to handsew on the waistband as it was too thick for the machine but only realised once i'd put in the elastic that i'd made the waist far too wide so it looked ridiculously large on me, like clown trousers :P Live and learn I guess. Took in the waist after that and readded in the elastic and it sits a lot better now - just need to sort the leg holes and white slits on them and complete! Aiming to get these, the collar and the brooch done this week so hopefully then only just the boots and weapon to customise.

Mostly sewed the shorts together today - they look ridiculously big at the moment as I'd had to allow for the puff effect. Halfway through sewing on the waistband, which I've had to do by hand sewing, rather than machine as the material is far too thick, with the pleating added in too. I'm hoping once it's sewn on and the elastic has been put in there and at the bottom of the legs, it will have the desired effect otherwise I'll likely have to take it apart and redo it.

Finished sewing the trim onto Richard's tunic today and it thankfully behaved this time! Made the cravat too which was nice and simple. His brooch is also in progress and I just need to hot glue the various parts together now and hope it looks okay (I sadly had to buy different wings that what I originally wanted which is a shame as these ones don't look as pretty). Should make either his collar or the shorts over the weekend!

I accidentally didn't buy enough trim as I totally forgot about the front side details as well as the edging so will have to buy more 2mos. Otherwise I made the collar today and fitted the zip. Also sewed on what I could of the trim - it's a hella pain to work with as it frays really badly and ended up wrecking the needle on my machine. Hopefully I should get it done during the week though! Also hot glued on the gems to the front. Aiming to totally finish the top this week and make the cravat and detachable collar so I can start the shorts next week!

His top/tunic is almost complete now - Just need to add on the zip and decorative details. Still shocked how fast this came together, despite the sleeve cuffs proving to be a bit of a pain. Pretty sure there was probably a better way to do them but my brain couldn't figure it out with le elastic being put in before I added on the flowery cuffs.

Started on Richard's tunic yesterday - going surprisingly well so far and it's almost complete now - just need to hem the front panels, add on the cuffs and collar and do the decoration (which will be next week due to not having bought it yet :P). Hoping to get this totally finish this week and most of the collar/cravat too so I can start on the puffy shorts!

Hacked an old halloween prop apart to use the pipe for the walking cane - will hopefully get some clay or other material to mould the dragon head for it at some point.

The wig arrived this morning (ironic, considering i'm going to start sewing his tunic today). I wasn't sure if it was too dark a colour at first as it looked more browney than blonde but after taking a quick photo and checking with my Asbel and Sophie, we agreed it will work. His hair is such a strange one to match and it seems to change colour within the game constantly. Photos are uncut and unstyled so this will look much better at a later point!

I sewed on the buttons to waistcoat the other night though I forgot that the trim made it smaller so had to resew them on. Made the button holes today so waistcoat is done. Made the cravat today too which was surprisingly painless considering I've not done one before - pleased it was easy to make anyway. Jem is basically done now, just waiting for the shirt to arrive. Undecided whether i'm going to use a brooch I already have for the cravat - it has a purple jem and i'd prefer a grey or jade one for him but money is dwindling so this might be an item I get at a later date. Hoping to still make his cane if I have time though buying his violin also looks to be left for a later date due to finances.

The tailcoat is totally complete now after spending the day hemming the front and adding lapels and collar. The seams still fray a little on the inside but nothing much more I can do about that with my current skills - at least it doesn't show! Still undecided whether going to make the chinese front clasp or not, or keep it as an open tailcoat as I think that would look nicer to be able to see the waistcoat. Trim has been sewn onto the waistcoat too, so I just have to sew on the buttons which will be done 2mos likely as my neck hurts too much for more sewing today. Shirt is on it's way (ordered one with a wingtip collar) and I have the material to make the tie/cravat with. All in all this costume is almost done aside from props which I'm leaving until a later date.

Took apart the old bridesmaid dress today so I have the base underskirt ready to sew together with elasticated waist (it's just easier than fiddling with zips with the other layer to go on top). Bought the shoes today too, as they'll be reworn from Haru as the colour is the same as the dress. Already seen the fabric I want for the dress and will be buying at the weekend!

Been making progress on the tailcoat over the last week or so - it's all together and hemmed apart from the front fastenings as I need to find the right chinese clasp and trim first before that can be measured accurately. Added on the tails now (though the back join isn't as neat as I'd have liked it to be). Still needs the lapels, collar and buttons added but almost done! Can't do much more until I get the last bits from the fabric shop to finish.

Made a cover for the top hat today - it went relatively smoothly despite me realising halfway through that I need to 2 brim panels as I forgot on my base hat the underneath can be seen. It needs a bit of neatening up still and a nicer ribbon (this one in the photo is just for show, not the final one) but done! Aiming to get the tailcoat finished during next week as I've only got to set in sleeves, hem, add the tails and sort the lapels and collar.

Sewed all the panelling together so the top part is pretty much in one piece, bar setting in the sleeves - still need to add the tails too. Managed to actually make the fitting accurate for once so shouldn't need much more than hemming to do once that's complete! Aiming to get this completely finished before I head back to uni so can get along with other costumes.

Made a pattern and started cutting out fabric today. Decided to cheat and make the shirt and waistcoat into one piece as I don't have enough if the really nice shirt fabic to make more than the sleeves with.

Cut out the fabric for the tailcoat tonight - it's over large currently as can be seen from the photo and only pinned to the mannequin here but you can start to see the basic shape. (fabric also needs ironed as can be seen from the massive crease on one panel). The hat as seen here still needs to be covered in the same fabric.

I swear everything that could have gone wrong with this waistcoat did. I seemed to forget all my sewing routine while doing it, resulting in some errors - luckily the trim should hide most of them! Just need to buy some nice silver buttons or chinese clasps for it and lace trim. I've also added in a pocket for a pocketwatch to be put into (surprisingly that went well considering it was my first time actually putting pockets in anything!). Onto starting the tailcoat next!

had a good root out through my fabric bags and found out I already had the perfect fabric for the blue and white waist sashes so will sew them together soon! Possibly have some gold for the waist belt too but undecided yet whether to go with a fabric look or a metallic look so may wait and buy some better fabric.

Made the shawl today from a long strip of fabric - it's lovely soft stuff but kinda awkward to sew with. Not much left I can really do for now on this costume as I've run out of materials bar the turban fabric and can't afford more until January so this will be put on hold until then. May try and make the turban beforehand if I can figure out how to make it accurately :P Not a lot left to do on this costume though now, mostly just accessories!

Took me about 4 hours in total - not too bad to say I messed up a bit. My own fault really as I adjusted the actual pattern to make them more rounded but did it the wrong way - luckily was able to readjust that easily when sewing. Haru's harem pants are quite rounded compared to some of the other ones so I tried to replicate this. Gonna aim to get the shawl done next week and possibly the turban if I have enough of the correct fabric - I can't do much more on this costume for now until I get finances in Janurary to buy the last bits of fabric to finish.

Sewed on the trim today and also added in a lacing detail to the sides so I can adjust it when wearing - it isn't completely accurate but will mostly be covered by the shawl anyway.

Tried out a new technique today on the top as I want it to look fairly close fitted at the front but not have any visible fastenings - I wasn't sure a zip at the back would put it quite as close as I wanted it to so tried out shirring. Messed up a few times before I realised having both lining and the fabric was too thick for the elastic and after that it worked fine. Gonna try and sew the top fully together tomorrow so all I have left is the decorative ribbon to attach.

I was in two minds whether to just get away with using the hoop skirt in the cutout section at the front of the skirt but then realised I actually have the perfect under skirt already from a bridesmaid dress I've never worn so casually gonna commandeer that - will make the dress poof out to the required width now at least as my own hoop skirt isn't quite large enough. Gonna start picking apart the bridesmaid dress soon to turn it into the base under skirt.

Have most of the base fabric for this so gonna start putting it together next week - gonna make the crop top first I think with some leftover false suede I have from another costume. Really nice material so hoping it will look good and found some gold trim to add on too.

Sewed on the zips to the jacket and hood today - they're weirdly designed as the the front zip actually goes the OPPOSITE way on his design to how people normally wear them. There's also a zip around the hood too but this won't be closable due to to me messing up with the sizing on the zip i bought. I wouldn't really be wanting to close it anyway though so no biggie. Just need to paint on the hood picture and the COMPLETE

Spent the morning making the novice crest to attach onto the cape (has been folded over the top as in the design and attached via press studs.) Outfit is now complete and will do a full costume test in a few days time.

Bought the base fabric for his shorts and waistcoat today (already have the under shirt material)

Gonna try and cheat if possible and use grey suit trousers I already have as the shade contrast is nice. Bought the base fabric for the tail coat and hat cover today - will find a nice white (possibly brocade or patterned) fabric for the waistcoat at a later date.

The base hoodie arrived this morning so just need to put on the new zips and the bias on it (I could have made it, but alas time is of the essence and the price would have been about the same). Also painted a large button to use as the brooch - I was considering using clay to make this but this seems to work just as well.

Have glued wire into the wig to get the ahoge effect. This is by no means professional as I didn't use pro glue or weft in hair to get the better effect but I was lucky in that the wig itself is thick enough to conceal the wire. Next time I do ahoge's I'll do it properly but this was more of a quick fix as I'm lacking in time and the wig colour is almost impossible to match to find wefts.

Cape is almost done now aside from some more of the ribbon detailing and fastenings! The whole costume needs a good iron so excuse the creasing on this photo - just wanted to show how the overall shape is now in the final stages. Actually shocked how well making this cape went as I thought for sure it was going to be a disaster.

Robes are as done as I can make them for now - navy material on cuffs have been added and everything is hemmed. I messed up a little on making the collar not high enough but luckily the cape will cover it and I intend to wear another top underneath to conceal if I do take off the cape. Just need to get the ribbon loops and then can do the back lacing. Started the cape today which went surprisingly well - basic shape and collar are sewn up, just need to hem the bottom and add a concealed zip to fasten.

The basic shapes for the robes is complete - still need to finish hemming and add in the slits but then it's just detailing to be added!

I've been pretty ill so fallen behind a little. Managed to sew a bit more today though - sleeves are now set in and the back panel is sewn in too. Needs some neatening up though which I'll sort once the front panel is in.

Cut out the fabric yesterday and started sewing today. First time actually managing to set in zips on the machine and not screwing it up :O Side panels are currently sewn and the zips are on the front panel - doesn't sound like much but they were all the tricky parts and the rest should go smoother now. Wig test here in the photo.

Jacket is complete. Just need to put the transfer onto the t-shirt now!

Made the hood and collar today though it still needs the bias sewn on. First time making a hood and it isn't totally right yet sadly. It looks fine when down but actually having the hood up doesn't quite give the right shape, lesigh. Hopefully I'll perfect this for next time (i think I may need a thicker fabric perhaps?)

Did a quick wig tester to see if the one I picked for him would work. It's not perfect but his hair is so hard to get right that I think it will have to do.

Wig arrived so I took some tester photos. Jacket is in progress and t shirt has also been ordered!

base jacket has arrived and I've bought yellow fabric to make the hood. Will still have to add on the patches and make the t-shirt. Wig is on the way.

Staff has not got the remaining detail on and is totally complete! I couldn't find proper refs for it so I've only painted the detailing on one side. Thanks to Laura for helping me with this - I would never have got it done otherwise!

Getting there with the staff! Just the detailing to go on it now!

The sash is done aside from some ribbon and ribbon detailing to be put on. The robe itself is done too aside from ribbon detailing.

Tried out a make up and wig test today for Jem.

Sewed up the rest of the robe today which was surprisingly painless! Just need to add on the ribbon detailing and make the sash now!

Painted and pretty much done! I don't think they're great and perhaps too heavy but never mind... I went with a rope material rather actual wire so that it wouldn't leave marks in my skin.

Started the head-dress today and pretty much finished it. Just need to wait for the touch up paint on it to dry and then add on the red jem. Also weapons have been mostly painted and just need to add on detailing. Not totally happy with them but not sure if I have time or money to redo them now.

Robe is almost complete. Just have to sew the wraparound part at the waist together, sew in the sleeves and hem it! It's taken me so long to do this because of how ridiculously hot it's been... what should have taken me only a day or two has taken me a week X(

Finally have something visible to show for this - robe is half sewn and made a start on the weapons today too. They need painted and detailed once the clay is dry.

Everything is done pretty much now. I decided to be a little inaccurate and not make the boot covers as I'm a bit pressed for time (will make them if I find some time though closer to the con!). Just reusing a pair of boots I do have - they're exactly the same apart from the yellow stripe and middle split. Belts arrived this morning and I finished the top a few days ago. Just waiting for the coloured elastic to arrive for the hairband and then totally complete.

did some wig test shots a while ago to see if I'd suit her

costume arrived a while ago and did wip photos (still need to alter the dungarees and add bits.

Base has been made - just needs to add in the zip, hem and neaten up

I already have everything clothing wise for him - just ordered the wig and shall be experimenting with bronzer to get the tanned look.

Bought the fabric today for the tunic - this costume should be my easiest for Aya I hope. Also found the perfect base bracelet for Yuri's blastia when I paint it gold.

Wig and makeup test done - i'm happy I suit him now! I found the perfect fabric today for his robe - it's a camel coloured one so I can start making it soon!

Wig has arrived and is cut (not final cut in the picture though). I already have the trousers for this and am going to go fabric hunting for the rest in the next few weeks.

All hemmed and sewn, just need to add on last decorative details like cuffs and lapels. It looks awful but I no longer have the patience to remake this.

I messed up majorly with the coat... it's definitely not going to look right but I haven't got enough patience to remake it from scratch so just trying to fix it. All else fails I'll probably just wear it for the expo and then make a new one later for Magnus rewears

Glued together the head jem today... I'm hoping the chain will hold on it okay as it's kinda heavy. Will do a trial run with it in a bit. Probably do some more work on the robes later this week and fix the flute. Still unsure whether to paint it gold or a woodish colour... I think gold may look a little gaudy?

Started sewing it together, it's already in a nice shape so things are looking good!

The waistcoat is half made, mostly just lining to do on it. I found the most gorgeous suede style fabric today for the jacket - just need to find some nice purple for the back insert and I can start making the jacket.

Finally got around to actually cutting out all the fabric - I bought way too much by accident and have enough to make a jacket too for another cosplay. If I get time, will start sewing it together this weekend but I have a lot of uni work so we'll see... I don't think this will take me long to make though as long as I don't mess up. I bought clay to finish off his flute too and then will hopefully paint it a goldish colour. Still debating on whether to make the staff but that will probably depend on time/money nearer the time as I'm so bad at props.

Bought the material the other week and made the pattern tonight, ready to start cutting out and putting together. Only thing I'm worried about is if I've made the bottom part wide enough to give it the floaty look.

Considering I didn't use the best material, it actually turned out pretty well in the end and this is the first time I set sleeves in right for once!! So its done now, though I'll make the staff nearer the time I think...

Cut out the waistcoat fabric today, ready to be sewn up. Can't do any more now until I buy the fabric for the coat. Only other things need to get now are contacts and more makeup

The main top is almost done. Just need to add on sleeves and sort his collar and then add on the buckles and ribbon. Gloves are ordered... I considered making them but found some I hope will work. If they're not great when they arrive then I'll make some. The coats I'm going to leave making until after summer I think purely because of money and time issues.

Wig is bought and styled. I was working out the design for Magnus's coat today... I didn't want it to look the same as other Victorian frock coats so I'm adding some embellishments to make it more interesting. May also add detailing to the coat if I get time. Found I already have the PERFECT material for his waistcoat already. I did have the perfect black for his coat but sadly not enough of it. Will go fabric hunting for him after Xmas probably

This very almost done! I just need to make the arm warmers (which I would have done but ran out of elastic), make her necklace and knife sheathe and buy more bandaged. Then VOILA.

Well, Fai kinda got left as I was busy all summer with other things. But now i'm starting him again and cut out the fabric tonight for the top and pinned it on my mannequin. Needs a bit of readjusting but looks fine. Shall start sewing probably next week.

Made the pattern today for the default under top. Will cut it out soon and start making it. Then its also making the gloves and possibly trousers if I feel confident enough

Just waiting for the gloves to arrive then VOILA done. the mask was a little tricky but as good as i think I can get it now without starting over. test pictures to come when gloves arrive

Gathered most of the items for this and waiting for the boots, sheild and gloves to arrive. Underbust corset, wig and tops already here. I am cheating a little and customising more with this costume as I simply don't have time/motivation after amecon to do it all from scratch. Aiming to finish for alcon and then it will be worn again at Midlands where I may remake parts of it.

I offically hate frills. Had to do them twice on the top to get them right and spent three days making them for the bottom of the skirt. Taking up the skirt now as it's too long. after that though just the sash to make, some bows on the sleeves and the headband

Skirt is almost done - wasn't as hard as i thought it would be. Just need to finish attaching the trim to the skirt and top and then finish attaching the last black panel. Then have to add straps, make the headband, make the sash and add more detailing like frills

The top and sleeves are almost done - i just have to add on the straps and the zillions of frills and decoration. Starting the skirt tomorrow.

i bought the material for this a few weeks ago and will making a pattern sometime this week for it. hoop skirt arrived yesterday

coat is sewn together - not perfect but to make it so i'd have to start again from scratch. need to add on trim and buttons. ordered the necklaces and going shopping for shoes next week. sewing cape together tomorrow.

Wig arrived and is perfect :P Also got some white material today which can use to make his undertop

Bought the material today for the jacket. Managed to find one that matches fairly close to the trousers so can start this once my exam is over next week.

found the perfect wig for him so ordered it. If i have time over the summer I may start this costume

just a quick tester with breakish things I did to see if I would suit him. I still need to buy a more accurate wig and make the actual costume

realised the first shorts I made were total failures so i customised an old pair I own from my Yuffie cosplay. don't really intend to cosplay her again anyway unless I get a different wig so no big loss.

forgot to make journals... i'm actually quite a way into this costume. Edited the SHORT shorts today - hopefully they won't be too see through when I've finished with them as they kinda are atm. The jacket is in the right shape and the black layers are on. Just got to add on pockets, buttons and the cuffs to it. Also experimenting with making the epaulettes as I hated my Gakupo ones

so completed the undertop today, the bias binding took quite a while to sew on. Not totally happy wit the shape as the collar is a bit dodgy and the waist should probably have been brought in a but but the coat should hide it. also bought the paints to alter the sword

over last week or so, made the undertop base. Just need to attach the zip and put on the front panel and bias binding and that's complete. Also sewing up the front of the coat so that it's more or less acurrate and will put buttons on soon. Mostly just customisation details to sort on the coat now

adjusted the waist so it fit better and then finished sewing it all together. Lined and sew the sleeves into the coat too. Next is adjusting the front so it's right and the collar and then it's just customisation.

lined and sewn the main body of the coat, shoulders and sides. still need to sort the bottom and the front is deliberately over large atm as iv got to cross it over. reckon iv messed up with the collar but will prob add that on seperately

bought the material today for the coat and the under top... wasn't as expensive as i was expecting, hurrah!

well apart from minor wig styling and ordering contact lenses. The sash proved super easy at least and the epaulets decided to behave themselves and glue onto the magnets so touch wood, TIS DONE

so the coat is totally done now. just have to glue on the epaulets and make the sash for the waist. also some more styling to the wig and order the contact lens and then its done!

poppers attached so the front attaches now. started on the ribbon

Attached the cuffs which were luckily painless and didn't cause any problems. all thats left to do now for the coat is make the epaulets, attach some poppers for the front and decorate with the ribbon and buttons

managed to waste half a day over working out his collar. finally got there in the end as the vylene refused to work so I had to end up doubling over the fabric and it took a while for it to sit right. finally did it though.

iv been working on this on and off but as I break up for xmas now is when the real work will be done on this. The whole of the coat is sewn together now and lined, just working on hemming atm.

ordered a brooch for the jabot though it will need some customisation when it arrives. Sleeves not attached - i would upload a picture to show this but it kinda looks a mess atm until it's all hemmed and neatened up. stuff left to do on the jacket... collar, cuffs, hemming and decoration.

it probably need cut and styling but the colour is lovely even if it's too freakin long. iv also got the base bits now for the jacket and shorts so will customise when i get spare time

sleeves done now aside from being attached which will do when the main coat is done. The main body of the coat is tacked together now (see pictures) and will be sewn once all final alterations have been made. I opted to keep a slit from the waist down at the sides to add flow. Still need to add the cuffs, decoration details, collar and sort out the front too of course.. but its taking shape. also bought a new cravat which i'll prob end up using for this too.

they arrived and omg they're so tall... I have no idea yet if I will be able to balance enoough in them by February to be able to wear them but fingers crossed as I'm planning to practice ALOT. It's more the fact that they have stilettos on then the actual height as I'm not used to them. If all fails I will go back to my trusty 3 inches

cut out all the material aside from some more lining that i need to buy as i ran out. tacked the sleeves and will sew up later this week

my loan came through so ordered the wig and boots and bought the fabric for the jacket though i've prob overestimated on the size. its not as shiny as in the picture, that's just the flash being funny

ribbon sewn onto the collar whcih now jst needs tacked at the shoulders.

collar is mostly sewn on, jst gotta finish off the front and add ribbon. then its just some simple customisation. also have ordered the socks and will hopefully make the hat soon with drachryns help

material all cut out and pinned for the collar, starting to sew together 2mos

ordered the base jumper and it arrived and i made up a pattern to do the sailor collar. also bought material today so shud start making it 2mos. i aim to get this costume done before i start at uni so then i can concentrate on gakupo and kita costumes

with a little help i made the pattern today for the coat, and feel a lot happier that it actually looks doable now, most likely be scouting the fabric sooon

sleeves done more or less, just gotta sew on the ribbon and attach. did some tester shots with what i have so far tho its mostly just the wig and makeup i did it for. still not sure if i need to make the eye makeup more dramatic. eyebrows i still cant work out how to make blonde effectively yet. also didnt bind in the pics so sorry for boobage

skirts now attached, tho i realised i still have to add more ribbon to the sides o em but thats no biggie. also cut out the material for the sleeves so can start that soon.

finsihd the ribbon off the other day, added on cap sleeves with leftover dress material and pinned the first skirt on. woohoo progress! cap sleeves still need neatened up but can wait for now

started sewing on the ribbon onto the skirts, one done so far, took about 2-3 hours hand sewing. im not doin it in ruffles cos honestly i wud then need twice the amount of ribbon im already using and then it wud cost me about 30quid so intstead im jst gonna go with the crinkled look. picture doesnt really show the grey colour rite its a lot darker and the crinkles will show when the skirt is attached

thats the worst bit for them really, attachin ribbon some time next week tho i have a friend over so wont be doin much sewin i doubt.. will go into hyper extreme sewin mode after that to get this done in time for sept :S

bought the ribbon today for the skirts, so much o it too and quite pricy :O *criessss* anyways that will go on the skirts after iv finished hemming them

so... my motivation came bak for this one and as im off now i have the time to finsh it. cleaned up all the edges and made the sleeves smaller so they are not as poofy now - it still looks massive on me but its an improvement. gonna do the cuffs 2mos and then all thats left is the cravat, floaty shirt sleeeves and earrings

no money atm to start this but iv been workin out all the stuff il be needing.. if money proves a mssiv problem nearer the time then i have trousers, shirt and boots already that i cuddd use but im not totally happy with them as they wont be completely accurate. ideally i want to get some of the old fashioned style trousers and some boots with massive heels so i can be a bit taller. otherwise iv found the perfect wig on ebay for this costume

wanted to get goin on this costume even tho my holiday hasnt officially started yet but it was hangin on my door goin PAY ATTENTION TO ME. so far iv cut out the material for ths skirts, may start sewing them 2mos. also found some extra stuff in my material box can use for the upper sleeves to make em more poofy

sewed on the decoratieve rosettes today that i made from leftover fabric. it actually looks more accurate now despite the fail on the skirt *it just doesnt look brilliant to me but tbh its gonna have to do*. also made a headband though then it broke 2 minutes after i made it :S fingers crossed i can fix it lmao. shall try and get some nice photos soon before the actual event!

most of the dress is sewn together now apart from the bottom hem. ignore the stupid ruffles in the picture, they still need to be taken off. so far no more hiccups aside that its kinda see through :S

Well one sleeve is totally complete and iv just got to sew the cuffs rite 2mos on the other one. so far its gone fairly well - they're not brilliant sleeves but il excuse it as its my first time - il do better for my next ones. also cut out the skirt parts to add on so its goin well so far!

i made a new bow today from leftover fabric instead o the pathetic ribbon which was a fail. can now label this COMPLETE for sure

well i started on the sleeves today for adding on the dress. screwed up once as its my first time doin it and im kinda winging it - i forgot to make the top curved to fit onto the arm of the dress but then i thnkfully managed to solve it with extra fabric

even tho i dont have material yet i really wanted to start this so i started with the basic customisation of the dress.. just removin various bows n lace already attached and cuttng it shorter... and my god is it short. thank goodness i get to wear shorts under this. corset and long sleeves are next on the list methinks... also... grey (?) lace around the top of dress and puffed out sleeves. also maybe some more pleats for the front skirt so its a bit bigger?

have painted most of the lines on the waistcoat now, it requires some more touching up and neatinin but shud be done soon

well the wig arrived the other day, which means i can bring jack to kita now... and as my wardrobe is too packed im aimin for this variant. ordered a plain black waistocat off someone else from ci and i intend to paint the lines on... not sure whether to paint them white or gold tho...

it freaking arrivedddddddd :) motivation for finishin the coat is now bak lmao :) the wig is so pretty tooo, though im gonna do some simple styling for the front bit to make it look more accurate and spray the braid to death to ensure its convention survival

well the costumes almost finished now.. i only have to do cuffs on the coat and make some arm ruffles... but the wig looks like it mite have got lost in the post... so its gonna take me longer to finish this now

cut out the tails so ready to be sewn up now with some vylene in between

iv made evrything now for Joker its jst restyling the wig and getting some juggling balls and voila! will take some pics before kita most likely!

made one boot cover for the shoes... not as hard to make as i thought it would be tho its a little too baggy :( all gold ribbon almost all on coat now

well iv started the gold ribbon on the coat now and its all on in one side hurrah.. still quite a bit to go...but i can see the light at the end o the tunnel too.. also got the material for the boot covers and the cuffs tho im not entireely sure how im gonna make em yet

ordered his neck tie... i really dont wanna make it as i have no clue... tho once i get this one i will be able to see how its made to make my own in the future.. coats going well, the white ribbon is on!

started sewing on the designs :) going well so far!

got some stuff to start customisn the coat today, can actually start this properly over the xmas hols!

ordered the wig ready styled from ebay though i will prob have to sort the fringe out.. im not confident enough doin that mega braid o his. gonna start work on the coat soon!

been sewing most of the weekend and everything is now on the jacket minus the buttons. Just waiting for paint to dry on the edges of the diamonds.. the material frays so its the only way to make it look like clean edges. Also did a practice style with the wig so will do some test photos tomoz to see if the redder wig will work or il need to get an orange one

trousers done tho im not happy that some white paint spattered on them and now there are random spots which arent the right colour... tried paingint over but it just made it a random coloir that dont match.. hopefully be able to solve this before kita.
jacket is getting there. just finished that endless line of trim which goes all the way around it today and then its just sewin on more diamonds and gettin buttons on the lapels. unsure yet whether to cover the inside of the jacket in deep red like in one of the pictures as it has red and white stripes ion it atm.. which i think suits the circus theme more

design is almost done, just for cleanin up and extra coats now... after that its really only the waist holster that needs doing! no idea on how to do that yet tho...

racing to get these done in time lmaoo.. hasnt took too long so far and i still got one more day to work on em pheww.. butterflies all stenciled, cut out and glued together and iv started the design on the headphones... just gotta stick them on 2mos and do finshin touches and voila!! next time i will leave more time to do this and be more careful!

yeah last minute decision im gonna try and make the shuriken for this too - not sure if it will be ready in time but il give it a go anyways! so far its all cut out and im waitin for the paper mache to dry!

because of the amount of other cosplays il be making for kita im seriosuly considering just finding a good costume for this online and buying it... its only really the coat i want to buy as the rest is easy... anyone know any good sites that sell this costume at a decent price... cheapest i found on ebay was £70 quid with p and p so anyone knows any better il be mucho grateful!

yay and iv bid on a cute lil lamb toy to be my snark :) my cain found it!

yayy after a brief biddin war on ebay i got the white trench coat for him hurrahhh and for less then a tenner so im happy

makin the patch atm and its comin on ok despite the fact there are hardly any good ref pics out there for the varia logo!

washed it out from saix style so it can now be gui's! ideally id like a darker blue one but i cant afford a new one before the con

almost finished making the collar for the coat and then i can work on the arm bands and the varia patch... decided wit my friend to take this to alcon for the evening though the boots and the top wont be completely accurate by then.. in the meantime im racing to get the coat finished at least! shishishi

hurrah after a long hiatus on this one i finally started it again... mainly cos i havent got the stuff for anythin else excpet this so it gets priority for once... jacket sleeves are now cleaned up and the start o that epic lookin design is goin on... im dreadin the big one across the middle

well i finshe the costume today, relaced the shoes finished adjustin the shirt... but i cant afford the proper wig for a while so it wont be put i complete until i do.. test photos soon!

properly startin on this again now as i wanna do gui for the 1/2 prince cosplay at midlands instead o kenshin soooo... cloak is bein altered atm so its now better for my height.. drat my shortness.. i already have mostly everythin, just need a better top and wash out my saix wig.. cant afford to buy my long blue one yet :(

went shoppinn wit my hikaru last week to get most of the clothes, now its just down to customising and making tails and ears. tops in progress now - im sewin on the furry stripes atm so hopefully shud come out good. tails startin soon and not sure yet whats happenin wit the ears :)

found an old green t shirt which am gonna cut up for the bandanas and then shud be done - easy closet cosplay just to test out how i work as luneth

yay so now kenshin is done i can finish off yuffie - not too much left to do now at leats, just finish painting the top and work on the damned shoes. reckon i shud finish way before time so im gonna do some extra bits for her aswell like materia and ninjaish stuff.. considerin the shuriken but not sure is gonna be practical to drag round the con all day yet...

sewin not going too baddd put on about 8 o the maple leaves... alas thats only a third o the robe done

so yee i have to sew on loadssss o these maple leafs to get the final effect but fingers crossed will be worth it in th eend! only done about 3 so far *cries* tho havent had much time wit exams

gown arrived today and its so pwetttttyyy, just gotta put on the leaf design ans is alll donee

well most o the tops are ready now hurrah just waitin for the fabric paint to dry... am draggin my prince off 2mos to look for the gown for it and then tis all doneee

so ye... turns out u cant dye dressing gowns cos they're made o polyester... i tried i failed... so im just gonna buy a red one now instead o dying my old one the rite colour :(
on the plus side the rest o this cosplay is almost done now, got the wig almostttt finished the tops so yay for that!

hurrah this shud finaaaallly be finished, me n my tooru have finally got around to orderin our jackets so then wit a lil customisation will be completee woop, now we just need our mikoto n akiraa :).. and maybe even an arisada if we can blag one

for rememberin i have an old dressing gown which is practically the same shape as kenshins... just need to dye it... o the fun.. i kno im gonna come out lookin bright red

ok last minute change... im now doin advent children yuffie instead o crisis core... cos we is scrappin the crisis core theme.. luckily i hadnt bought much stuff for it so far.. am just gonna use the white shorts for this one instead

after seein how much they wud be for professional i decided just to buy cheap ear tips for now.. tbh they wont really show very much anyways

first time stylin a wig and so far aint goin so well lmao.. all the spikes are more or less done... but they dont really stick up right sigh... have to keep tryin to improve it

so ye i been workin on the bits for the dress... but its not gonna be completely accurate.. mainly cos i dont wanna wreck the dress completely by cutting whackin big chunks out o it ...anyway its done now more or less but not completely happy wit it yet so prob be askin my other hanagumis for help lol... i gets the complicated costume sigh

well .. the zip is on the coat.. my god it is hard to sew on leather... and im currently coverin the hood iv got wit a material so it matches a bit better.. shudnt take tooo long now

seriously long wigs SUCK .. sniff it keeps gettin all tangled il have to get the other hanagumis to sort it for me when rest is done :(

well the bulk o this costume is done now! skirt, shorts and top all done. headband got aswell! just the accesories and wig to alter and wahay instant sakura :) HYAHH

yay i ordered tha jacket and tie off the loverly agi on here :) so yay to her for selling it! and my wig ironically arrived the last day so wooopp haruhi is almost done!!

yayy the skirt arrived today so i can finally get the bulk o the costume done now. after that tis only her accesories, shoes and alterin my pink wig yayyy

yay my ninja headbands arrived today wooppp also got some leggings to alter into the shorts :) happy now

so it turns out after lookin my closet i already have a leather trench coat whcich is fit pretty much perfect for organisation style. all needs to be done is made a hood to match and add the chain details whee :)

woop for ebay, now just gotta hope it arrives soon

yay the whole o the top is complete now, just got to put the zips in... or i will when the snow stops long enuf to get down to the shop :(

yay all done! :) photos up when it gets warmer!

but now im redoin the skirt from scratch wit material so it will match the tie lmao. also be a more accurate colour now

got the red base top, just gotta alter the sleeves and neckline and put the zip and circle on woop

finally ordered my wig last nite for haruhi (also be used for ryu). took me ages to find a good one - so many look rubbish for short brown ones but i finally found the perfect one. plus it wasnt too expensive so WIN :) hope it comes soon :)

just got to make the tie.... even tho cos the skirt i got is too light of a colour im not entirely sure its goin to match well :(

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