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managed to go down to the sorting office today to collect my boiler suit, luckily it fits me perfectly, still waiting on the wig though =/

ordered the boiler suit yesterday for £12 off amazon, hopefully it should arrive by tuesday, as for the wig im borrowing my friends shizuo wig, which im gonna restlye so that the fring covers one of my eyes.

had nothing to do today, so i started on the spanner, cut it out of foam board, and cut out some extra bits to make it a bit more 3 dimensional, currently waiting for the paper mache to dry so i can do the second side, once thats done its silver paint, then a black wash to give it a nice dirty "industrial" look...and maybe some blood splatters if i feel like it xD

because i cant top-stitch on the leatherette ive had to hand sew the flames on, ive never handsewn anything before, but ive been shown how to do it now.

hopefully the flames should be done by the end of the week, so i can actually sew the back of the coat to the front

finally got around to getting all of my fabric, it cost so much xP
For the coat: red and navy leatherette- £25
Trousers: navy blue cotton: £8
Wrist cuffs/choker/mancorset: black leatherette: £10

i have the patterns sorted out so now its just to cut everything out...

as you can see my uniform has arrived (almost two weeks ago now), now i just need to modify stuff, the wig needs to be cut and styled, the boots need to have some black plether sewn onto them and the belt needs some more velcro as it is too loose.

hopefully this should all be done in time for JAF as i will be cosplaying shinn for that, and he basically wears the same stuff.

wig, faith badge and uniform ordered~
uniform= $109.99
faith badge (also came with a lacus hairclip and ring)= $16
wig= $42.99

yeah...quite a lot of money xD;
now all thats left to do is the boots, instead of buying them i might modify my plain black ones with white paint or fabric to make the ZAFT boots...

ordered my wig today, i knew that if i didnt get it soon i would never end up getting it and hence never end up cosplaying joshua and kaworu x3
its quite pretty, about shoulder length so it might need to be cut and styled a bit... *looks at jo* 8D;;

after looking around on eBay on and off for a few wigs, ive finally found a perfect wig for athrun *o* its so pretty~

hopefully ill be able to order this within the next few days...

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