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My interest in cosplay is about as passionate as it can get. i have strong opinions about things but i get on with everyone if i agree or not! I'm not a mean person. i love to talk to anyone and everyone at expos and conventions so if you ever see me don't be afraid to come say hi!
the thing i enjoy most about cosplay is the costruction of difficult costumes (particilarly something with a prop). i want to do costume in the future and so i love a good challenge. My proudest moment would have to have been May Expo '08, i went as toadette from Mario Party 8 and had my photograph taken over 100 times and also had an interview for Official Nintendo Magazine (alas i never appeared. >w<)and i was also in issue 48 of NEO magazine in the cosplay section.

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going well. drafted to top and top of the sleeves to my measurements and partway through adding seam allowance to them.
next step is to cut the pattern pieces out of calico and make a toile to see if they fit, make any adjustments and then start on the actual fabrics! :D
got plenty of time to do it so no rush really. :3

So it's going well. the top dress is going swimmingly. i have the pink and red parts on, only the details left to do. time to start on the red under dress.

What was i thinking? please tell me what the hell i was thinking! this is a mega cosplay here and i have 4 full days and 2 half days left until expo to work on it. my pink PVC is the wrong colour, the red dress is made up of lots of different frills sewn to one long layer, i have no velcro and the top dress stays in 2 pieces..... O_o this will be tough to pull off. but hopefully i will do it. i wouldn't try ifi didn't have confidence in my skills.
tonight i made the basic patter, cut out the white fabric and have sewn and pinned the red PVC into place. ready for the pink to be cut out and sewn on tommorrow..... the black strips will be strips of black PVC and the dots will be different layers. the emblem will have to be stecilled and painted, no time for embroidery.
the red dress will be constructed of a basic dress pattern with details added seperately and will also have invisible bra straps attatched. the hat will be done out of black felt.

i also need to buy a thick red ribbon.

*rush rush pant pant*

My wig arrived this morning!
it's now styled and just witing for the hair spray to dry. hopefully it'll hold out during the day and the dance but i'll put a couple of more layers on just in case.
i'm really happy with how this was to style.
and i feel so relieved to have it done.
it's a perfect colour and everything.

i think i'm going to have to do a tutorial on how to style a wig into high pig-tails.
it's practically effortless and i think alot of people's cosplays would benefit from it.

I'm really happy with how this is going!

there are a few things i've decded to amend. it's hassle but i'll feel much better about the entire costume if i do them. and as i have time, i can take as long as i need.
so, i've decided to buy more of the fabric and take apart the bodice and double the fabric up because it is just way too thin.
i've also decided to give the skirt the same treatment.
the yellow underneath shows through far too much for me to be ahppy with it so i'll probably just buy more yellow too and end up redoing the entire skirt.

the collar needs to be lengthened as it's too short for how deep the neck line goes.

I was looking through fan translated manga of Shugo Chara today and found a decent picture of Amu's boots.
So i've decided to go all out and do them properly..... no, i have no idea how i'm going to do it. no doubt it will involve alot of chicken wire and papier mache for the bottom parts and also plenthy of fabric and double sided tape to stick the tops to my legs. XD

i'll probably start fiddling tonight when i get bored. ^_^

Next week i get paid so i'll be shooting off to Fabric Land to buy the fabric and also probably get the fabric i need for my Kusumi Koharu Cosplay as that also needs alot of time and careful sewing. ^_^V

Tried fiddling around with patterns last night. but because i've been working and stressing over my uni interview (I GOT IN!!! WHOO!!!!) my brain had turned to mush and i managed to get thetop section of the dress figured out before i had to take a bath to relax. XD
Even though i probably won't be able to go to May Expo this year i'll still make this. simply because my fingers are itching to get back to sewing after so long. and there's a still a possibility i'll be able to make it.
(Japan FTW!!!!!)

So last night i got out the good ol' chicken wire.
decided to make the sleeve tops, shoulders and boot covers out of it and cover in fabric. simply because it needs so much structure and support and i don't know where i can get that awesome stiff fabric stuff i've used in practically every cosplay since my failed attempt at the Light Pretear...
i dunno what it's called.
in anycase, the other day i bought all my fabric. this is going to take a long while to make and i need as much time as possible to iron out the kinks. xD

So today i've been fiddling about with the dress because one side of the collar was very much longer than the other and it bugged me..... so that's all fixed.

been compiling a list of things to put into an Expo Emergency Kit:
Lighter (to re-melt any hot glue that comes un stuck)
double sided tape (for other things that need sticking, including holding my gloves up)
plasters (for cuts, blisters, burns etc etc)
mini scissors
pen and mini note book

Hooray! i completed Peach's dress today! the frills on the bottom are slightly too small but they'll have to do. i am NOT unpicking all that stitching! they look ok.
all the seams are pressed and the collar all stitched.... all i need to do now is dye and style the wig when it gets here... ^^ then i'll be all finished!

Woot! more progress on my peachy. worked out how to do the backs of the shoes today it was tricky.
i also started cutting out the pattern from the fabric. it's Peptop Bismal pink..... seriously.it's kind of sickening. but hopefully the darker pink and other stuff will balance it out... XD

We have progress people!
i started my shoes today. i'm chopping up a pair of old crocs to make her shoes.
first is took out my model magic (seriously, if you haven't gotten any yeat get some. it's the best stuff evaarr) and using little balls of it i filled in all the holes. then i hot glue gun'd fabric on the insides to make them stay... then for extra measure i put a coat of PVS glue on the outside. easy. not all i need to do is figure out what to do with the backs of them and they'll be ready to paint! ^^

photos taken with my brand new camera! ^^

... OMG it's weird sucking a dummy!!!!

Ok i'm panicking now! i haven't even started on my dress yet! or anything for that matter! i neeeeed to do work out mypattern today. i'm working all week so that's all.
where does one buy a single pink dummy? the only places i know sell them in packs of 2 but i only need one for 2 days and it'll be thrown out....... i might have to resort to buying 2 after all....... i get an hours lunch break tommorrow so i'll look again then.... *sigh* i also need a way of making her crown.... i don't have any gold paint.... more money to spend. i get paid on thursday so i can buy them then. that's what's holding me back right now..... no monies!!!!

So after watching the Tan Tan Taan! PV that was released.... yesterday about 100 times. i have concluded that the coloured stripes are made from some kind of shiney/plasticy fabric..... looks like PVC. a for the rest of the outfit, the blue material looks like an imitation denim... and the pink parts are from the same pink fabric. need a closer look though as it has a kind of pattern on that i can't really see....... think it's small white dots.... we'll see....

So the other day i bought all my fabric, including the one for my Grand Ball cosplay. it cost me over £30 for all of it!!! X.x there go last weeks wages. T_T
in any case, tonight i'm going to be starting playing with and adjusting patterns. it's all good.
hope to buy shoes and a pink dummy possibly tommorrow in my lunch break. maybe. i might have to use some red shoes i already have though.... money is tight for cosplays this month, ><
i think i'm goingto have to style my xisting wig that i'll be using for Chii for this as well... it's too long but it'll have to do really.i'm sure i can make it cute. it might add to the whole Chibi feel of Baby Peach anyways...... so that's hair spray added to my list of stuff to buy. ^_^

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