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Eric from Snow White and the Huntsman
-1st Place, MCM
Arthur from BBC Merlin, Knight of Camelot armour
-2nd Place, LFCC
Kurt Hummel from Glee, American Boy
-Best Group, G5
Kurt Hummel from Glee, Bad Romance
-Best Group, G1
-Runner up, MCM
The Master from Doctor Who, with caged Doctor prop
-1st Place, Memorabilia

SFX Game of Thrones book, MYM magazines, NEO magazine, Cosplay Fever book, Sky One, BBC Three and BBC radio.

I also help run and host the Wales Comic Con masquerade alongside NemJay.

My first convention was MCM '05 and I've been making costumes for as long as I can remember. The majority of my costumes are homemade, some are screen accurate sourced items and some are upcycled existing garments. I like to challenge myself with props and different techniques constantly. You can contact me about cosplay commissions too.

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Painted the rather flat, orange faux leather to a more natural, mottled shade like his. :)

Pleat pockets sewn on with the help of Nat, belt sprayed, worbla trim painted and attached with velcro so it's removeable for washing. Just a little hand sewing to finish off the trousers now, but it's all wearable and ready to go! :)

Cravat and shirt done and dyed to a darker shade than the trousers.

Foam layers encased in worbla and then pressed in to make the shape for the hat badges.

The neck epaulettes are a single piece and folded back to make the ridges so they're light enough to stay on the collar.

I tried on what I've done so far and am trying to decide whether to do more to the front of the costume or whether or not to bother with the cummerbund/sash.

My wig still needs styling too and there's no make up test or contacts. My blue circle lenses arrived though and they look perfect for it! :)

Waistcoat near completion, shirt and faux cravat. :)

Also fiddling with the front details, but I'm not using the gold ribbon, just the buttons!

Metallic gold thread used to add embroidery detail around the cuffs, collar and lapels in split and satin stitch. The collar's now on, so it just needs some buttons and a little hand sewing to complete it!

Double mountboard for the base of the blades/triggers/break and then sandwiched between two pieces of hardboard for the handles to make it sturdier. We're building up on top of them with other materials and faux leather for the grip.

I'm cutting out 28 of these things and have about half done before there was a fault with my saw, but they should be finished tomorrow all being well.

Made with Gemzus cosplay (modelling the WIP of her Sasha pair!) Faux leather with a vinyl sole to be slipped over existing shoe bases, top stitching and little toggle detail on the back on the knee flaps.

They're not fitted properly in these photos, but they're being made to measure to fit us all. :) We've got 3/7 pairs done so far!

White drill cotton, black denim and vinyl with wire and foam inserts to help them keep their shape. They were a lot fiddlier to make than I expected!

The peaks are double sided and I tried to edge it with pleather, but the finish was messy, so I'm just going to paint the edges in with black acrylic paint. The worbla badges are yet to be made, but there's going to be an orca, a dolphin and a shark. The other two are for Haru and Rin. :)

The sleeves have fold back cuffs and the ribbon was all measured out and folded under, attached on with wonder web. There's a foam insert in the collar to help it stand upright and to make it sturdy enough so that the worbla chevrons will be able to be attached and it should hold alright.

It's in need of an iron and is just pinned roughly into place because I wanted to work out what to do and see how it'll look at the end. It fits much nicer than it appears to here! XD

It's started! I'm just waiting on some supplies and have been distracted with other costumes...

But I have the base pattern and hat pieces cut out for us. Just waiting on some foam to arrive so I can start putting the hats together and do the Worbla work!

Drew out a stencil and marked out the design in tailor's chalk before embroidering. It's taking a while! I plan to go around the edge of the green on the tailcoat with a gold metallic thread and the design on the back mirrors the one off the bust of Anna's original bodice pattern.

19th C style with velvet ribbon, fancy black trim and some gold ribbon strips that match the gold silk that I'll be using for the cravat. (I ended up fabric glueing these down because it wasn't sewing very well.) Have also been playing with making a cummerbund in the jacket lining material, but so far I haven't liked it so many end up scrapping the idea or trying something else out.

The wig was a long, beautiful lacefront, which is now this!

The "undercut" layers are about 1.5cm in length. I added in some wefts to be able to cut it slightly shorter towards the back. The length of the top is still a bit too long to show it off properly, so it needs a bit more of a trim and also needs some product in too. It's a bit too young ACWNR!Levi right now!

Redid the tail pieces of the jacket to make them sit better. Sewed in the sleeves and cuffs, finished off the inside. Ready for embroidery work before the final bit of lining and collar go on!

The main part of the jacket is done. Everything needs pressing (which is why the back is pinned/pulled like that) and there's some bits which are still just pinned for now because they need sewing on by hand. Going to adjust the collar too!

The top picture is better for colour. :)

Sleeves and then embroidery time! \o/

I've made my patterns myself and have started by cutting out the waistcoat and tailcoat pieces. Thought I'd share a WIP before I start sewing tomorrow!

Making at least seven sets of 3DMG with MBaca42 and Gemzus for our group. =___=

Made using really sturdy mountboard mostly, with some foam and bottle tops. There might be a few rivets, worbla and faux leather for details.

Everything will be gessoed, sprayed, weathered and sprayed again once we've finished assembling all seven sets.

Wippity WIP! The colours haven't shown particularly well, but second one in is a beautiful two tone cord sort of fabric that I'm using for the waistcoat. :) I also had fringing and braiding stuff for decoration and a few embroidery threads, but I need to get more!

I wasn't happy with the Mark, so I got Jemma LeP to help me out with making a Mark that is applied with latex and covered with make up that I can reuse next time! :) So pleased with how it turned out!

The base is a cheap toy and I'm builing up over the top of it with worbla. :)

I have the shirt and vest mostly done. A few adjustments to make, but it gives an idea of how the tactical vest sits!

Denim, faux leather, a camera case pouch and buckles. Fastens at the sides with velcro!


I made myself the First Blade this afternoon to go with my growing Supernatural prop collection. XD It's just polymorph, with emulsion and acrylic paint and faux leather and suede for the wrappings. :)

This will be going with me to MK for a change of prop, but I've yet to experiment with the makeup for the Mark, so I'm not sure if I'll be doing that or not!

Hours and hours of double stitching later... The journal's pretty much completed now. I've got a few years worth of pages in there and can keep building on it. Need to make one more badge for the front inside pocket, but all the main details are there!

I have a lot of photographs, images and fake book pages to print off and type up next... XD

Added in the Rifle Expert pin. Will be making the aviator badge out of worbla soon to add in. The service ribbon bars are made from cutting strips of sticky back velcro and winding and sticking cotton down on top of them. They'll be glued in when I've sewn the journal cover together along with the Fort Rucker badge once I've made that! The top left one needs redoing, but that was my 'tester' in a different thread. XD

I cut up and squashed an old ring binder to get the base and am covering with faux leather. Having to double stitch all of the edges which is taking time, but hopefully it'll have a nice finish for doing so! :)

Gave the Worbla a spray coat with primer, then metallic car spray and finally some lighter plastikote. I painted into the engraving details with black acrylic to make it stand out more clearly too and then attached it to the antler handle using superglue! :D

Dyed and new buttons and trim added on. So pleased with the results! The colour is a grey colour with green/blue ish sort of tones which works nicely now. :)

Leather and rosary so I can start the journal case! :)

Just thought I'd show the original colour.

The Gap jacket came and while it's great for the style it was a sandy khaki colour so I needed to dye it. I used Dylon Antique Grey and Olive Green to get this colour, but the jacket actually looks greener than in these pictures here so I'll be getting another lot of the Antique Grey to match the colour it seems to be in the series and then I'll replace the buttons too!

Heated all the worbla and pieced it together, smoothed it out and then used a candle and a small screwdriver to carve the inscriptions into it.

The demon blade seemed like a must have for cosplaying a Winchester, so that's where I've started!

I got a real deer antler and spent about three and a half hours sawing and sanding it by hand to get it to the right shape and nice and smooth.

The blade itself is cut from Worbla thermoplastic and I'll moulding it together to paint and then attach to the handle tomorrow.

(My hands ache. so. much. XD)

Started on a couple of the journal pages which required sketches and handwriting. :)

Grimas paint, dark green eyeliner for countouring, black and grey eyeliners for details, matt green eyeshadow for highlights and faux earplugs! :')

Dried pretty nicely so not sure if I need powder to set it or not!

Had to strip off the paint as it wasn't drying and I worried about the material being ruined. Repainted it with matt emulsion and it seems to have done the trick! Will add details on again once the base layer finishes drying.

Added some more tones and highlighted the veins running along the wings in yellow-greens, which makes them look better when the light does shine through them too and makes them look more natural.

Finished gloves with worbla claw tips. Will be painted and although they sit well on my fingertips, I'll add a bit of glue to keep them secure!

Coated the plastic and latex in special spray paint and then painted on top in various shades of green, starting to pick out the details of the 'veins' and ridges and claws. :) [EDIT: The spray paint didn't work on the latex, despite being advised it would be fine. OTL]

The base of the gloves! The point meets up with the pattern of the sleeves. Tomorrow I'll be making polymorph or latex claw/fingertips before I start painting everything. c:

Three layers of latex that make up Hulkling's shoulder armour. Yet to be finished painting but this gives an idea of the pattern and shape/flexibility of them. They're sewn together and will be attached to the muscle suit by velcro and disguise the wing harness! :)

Using 3D paint and latex to add in the details and emphasise where the bone structure is inside. :)

Plastic over wire with latex bone/claws at the top. Going to put more plastic and 3D over the top before painting! :)

So much bigger than I expected, but they hold the weight of the plastic! \o/

Gloves mostly sewn up! They overlap with the lines/folds I put into the sleeves and I'm going to make some polymorph/latex/foam claws of some description to go over the first two knuckles. :)

This is the relaxed position I was on about. With the skin over them, they curve in and behave more naturally, but this gives you an idea! :D

Harness and base shape of the wings done! Got some shaping and tidying up to do tomorrow before I put on the final bits of wire and add the 'skin'. The width of these at full size will be a little longer than my arm span and they'll also fold back behind me in a more relaxed position too. :)

The base of the harness is a plastic hinge so they can be flapped and they on elastic fastenings which hide beneath Teddy's shirt and the shoulder armour (which I've yet to finish!)

They're as big as I can get away with for a con/without them drooping really!

Seams fixed in place with glorious wonder web! Going to put glue, paint and plastic/latex over the top to help make them more realistic and less plush looking! :)

Slowly creating the folds in the sleeves/arms for green Hulkling! I'm folding the fabric to make the shapes and underneath will be a sort of muscle suit style padding to build shape. I'll be painting all the fabric up to make it realistic.

I'll also be adding on polymorph for the shoulder armour pieces and gloves with polymorph claws that go up to my forearms but will still be detachable. :]

Later on I'll be doing some latex wings and experimenting with makeup/face paint too! :D

I wasn't completely happy with the look of the lacefront wig hairline that I ventilated, so I caved and have grown my hair out, dyed it and got myself some extensions. It takes a long while to get them in and to style it, but hopefully with lots and lots of practise it'll become easier. I just have to be careful where I place the clips and part my hair, then have to remember to pick up the extensions to braid into my own hair.
A LOT OF WORK but I think it looks way better than the thin, straight, shiny wig. XD

Side view! It was horrible trying to keep things in line while working with the curve of the helmet. XD I did a lot of measuring before I started painting on. :')

All done! This was an absolute pain to do so neatly and it's not perfect, but I'm quite pleased with the result. :)

I removed the stickers and sanded it down, sprayed it with a nice gloss black and have measured and marked out where I need to paint. The base coat is on now and I'm painting it on with acrylics.

All painted free hand onto felt with acrylic paint. It was more difficult than it looks! XD

Not road reliable anymore, so it's going to be sanded/stripped and painted in a more matt black. It's currently kind of sparkly <_< and there's some stickers on it that need removing. Once it's all black, I need to paint on his name on either side and the coloured stripes (which are the colours of his old school, I do believe!) Then there's a Union Jack with his name and a Bell helmet logo too.

I've also got references for the many, many patches, which I'll be making myself as they can get quite pricy and the ones I want are seventies ones and quite obscure versions to buy. >__<

Alright, so the official trailer came out in HD and I found the one thing I'd missed was the buckles on the vambraces and the studs along the straps. So I took them apart and redid them. \o/ /attentiontodetail~

I had to butcher my trousers and cut off the leg straps so I have four matching square d-rings, so now I can finally redo the straps on those and I have some bigger, better square d-rings for the trousers. :)

Working with a pair of bike boots of mine that I can use parts of the original stitching. I've used a dark cord to do the diagonal lines on the base layer at the back, then have worked out the pleather base to go on top. I've got to so straps with D Ring buckles for the backs, then there's a mixture of pleather strips to go on top on the front. I need to create a foam based knee piece and then there's three pieces of polymorph armour for each boot to create.

Hoping they'll be ready in time for LFCC and that I can work out a way to get them on and off without having to compromise on the design! :)

See I am going to get it done in time! XD It's a pretty basic job. Just getting the zip in at the side and sewing down the folds on the back of the knees. The magenta material feels lovely but it's a ***** to sew. OTL

What it says in the title. Wig on its way, fabric and zips purchased, wings in progress (that'll be chibi ones this time around though! ;p). WIP photos soon.

Leather bound handle which was heated and pressed into shape, part glued, part sewn down. Polymorph cap added to handle, moulded and sanded to shape.

The Viking knot pattern was painted on in 3D paint and will be matched on the other side with a trim around the edge. Re-painted with Plastikote spray and the cap will be painted in the liquid version of the same paint once I've finished the detail so it'll match. The grooves will be filled with the same 3D paint so that everything matches in colour.

All these upgrades are being done in time for May Expo and I've also had to remake the trousers using another faux leather because there was a fault with the fabric so they needed to be taken apart and rebuilt. I still have some hand sewing to do, but hopefully they'll come out more or less the same as before. \o/

For the hunting knives, I had originally just added some wood stain, but then watching again, I decided to add some white and black acrylic paint and then to sand it down to give it a few more tones and to make it look a bit more rustic. I also drilled into and added the 'nail heads' for each and gave them a metal and black effect. Just a bit of fussing, but it looks much better now!

I made a second small hatchet as part of my upgrade. It took a day to make and the head is as closely matched to the first as I could make it- but it came out neater! I've also added more paint detail to the hunting knives and am going to make some new boots for a photoshoot at Warwick Castle next weekend.

Put these onto a belt as it seemed most practical with all those layers! The studs were supposed to be 'iron on' but heat + pleather does not end well... So they're all glued on one by one. The front strips have polymorph decoration. It's hard to get a decent picture of these, but they look much better on!

Not as happy with the ventilated and edited front as I had hoped, but for a first proper attempt, it's not bad! Very subtle, but it is better than the round front it was! :s Have now plaited and sprayed the ends so that they're wavy when loose. Hopefully it will make it thicker too, but next time I think I want to sew in an extra weft to the wig. *fussy* Just need to trim off the lace front and try wearing it now. Might trim a bit more off the end if I get time too, as it's still a bit too long. *fussy fussy fussy*

A few final pieces to sew to the top- I lost count after fifty pattern pieces! x__x and checking where to attach everything. Have added nailhead effect on the armour in 3D paint and repainted the chest piece as I hated the colouring before. Has a very subtle two tone to it from the previous coats, but it works perfectly! :) Super excited to get it all done and to assemble with everyone at Expo/Memo!

Just the cloak to finish, velcro to put on the front armour and gauntlets to sew up now!

Stitched knee pad sections and front panels were sewn on by hand. Everything has been fitted closer, hemmed and all finished off! Going to make up the 'skirt' sections now before I call it a day. And move one of the leg straps up a fraction because I'm fussy like that.

This whole process has been horrific trying to pin trousers that are such an unusual pattern to myself and on my own, so I'm so glad that they're finally done! T__T

Working out the fit of the trousers. I made the waist too small, so will be adding on a thick waistband and I'll be sewing the knee/front sections on by hand. The side buckle bits aren't as thick as I'd like, but that's the size they have to be as the rings were too small. :c Otherwise happy with how they're coming along and am going to start working out the over laying bits and put them together. :)

After many attempts at pattern drafting, I've finally worked out how to do the trousers. Yet even more of that horrible silver stuff with panels for the sides, then I have additional pieces to go down the front and over the knees which may have to be sewn on by hand. There are straps that go over the scalemail and there's actually rectangular D-rings between them. There's only about twenty pieces for the trousers, so compared to the top half it'll be easy not that I've figured it all out. XD

The pleats have been machined down and then I've cut foam pieces for the shoulder pads. They're then sewn into the rounded shape by hand and there's little pockets to slip the shoulder pads inside. There's another pieces of foam to go inside the last pieces of leather that go over the shoulders and then it'll all be velcroed into place for ease of wear and the discs attached.

The three pieces of chest armour have been glued together and I'm going to add the detail on with nail head studs and 3D paint before I velcro it down, but this gives a vague idea of the fit and where it sits on the patterns beneath it and it slots just beneath the cloak. :)

Lace front wig, so far brushed back and styled. I'm going to trim the ends and put some waves through it at the end. There are braids that go from the front either side and are then continued into back sections of the 'ponytail' section. With the way it's style, depending on how it looks once wavy, it may need an extra weft putting in at the back just to thicken it a bit.

I've also removed some of the knots of hair from the front as the hairline was extremely rounded and unnatural. I'm also attempting to ventilate the front to get more of a peak at the front, but it's proving to be a very time consuming process! The green line done in MSPaint shows vaguely where I've been working to. Everything styled so far is fixed with the tiniest amount of hairspray so as I add more to the front I can keep brushing it all back and adding it to the ponytail. :)

I still haven't cut the lace off but won't do that until I've finished styling and that's the bit I hate most with wigs! >_<'

(( Excuse the fact that I butcher my wig head to keep it balanced while I work. XD ))

(( And that this journal entry is a load of waffle for what doesn't seem like much work just to look at it. ))

There's still some detail to be overlayed on the vambraces, but this is the armour complete. It is mostly attached with velcro and glue to the main costume- and the chest piece slots beneath the cloak once on. The vambraces have now been backed with faux leather and will have a elastic fastenings attached to keep them in place. The decoration will be done in 3D paint and it's all made from polymorph plastic and there's primer and three layers of paint to get the mixed silver-brass colour of his armour depending on the light and some black acrylic to make it dirty/battle worn.

I've finished the armour, attached the sleeves. The trousers are ready to be sewn up and the cloak and chest armour ready to be attached too. I've added a few finishing touches to Mjolnir too, so it'll all be ready in time for Birmingham Comic Con and Expo.

Everything is cut out now and I'm now preparing to sew, but I wanted to put up a WIP of when I was cutting out the pieces just to show it partway. Some of the pieces on the front are doubled up and are going to be padded/stuffed to give them more shape. There's also foam shoulder pads to be encased in leather to go beneath the cloak and give it shape and a set to go inside the cloak too. I'll be attaching that over the top and then putting the plastic armour over/under. :) I've also put studs in a few places on the leather, but they're lost between the pins in this picture, but they'll show up once I've sewn it all down. The majority of the "skirts" are done too, but I don't yet have my zip pieces to put round the edge of the blue, but I probably won't do that until Memorabilia/Birmingham Comic Con.

All done, took roughly ten hours of sewing. They don't like quite as good lying on a table, but once it's sewn it should sit nicely and there won't be any bumps. ;)
I've also cut and pinned the majority of the pattern together today, so I'll upload pictures of that a bit later on.

Using the same technique that I used when doing ActuallyEJG's Thor costume sleeves and my Avengers Loki costume, but with smaller scales this time. I'm half way done with the sewing now and it's a verrry lengthy process, but it turned out so well before that I wanted to use it for my own costume too. :)

I couldn't find anything remotely similar to his fastenings, so I painted some mirror brackets, picture hooks and D rings and made my own... XD

Finished the knives and pouch and the shoulder piece now. I've also customised the belts now and have made even more patterns for the last few pieces of the costume.

These are the suede trousers I'll be wearing. I dyed the fabric a shade darker and they're fitted with a zip for ease, because I haven't had time to practise making a lace close front. So I just added the effect over the top instead for this costume (it's mostly covered anyway. Then I embroidered the triangle pattern down the front of the legs by hand. The embroidery only goes just below the knee because I'll be wearing long boot covers.

All my fabric is dyed and the trousers are almost done. Ready to make the shirt and the last props over the next few days.

This is the final base of the large axe. It took me so many attempts to be happy with the axe head and after rewatching the film frame by frame, I found out the opposite end to the blade has an odd shape. It's all painted up now and ready for final touches.

I've added on the sleeve caps and have finished most of the embroidery now. The edge is finished off with a sort of blanket stitch and I've started to distress the leather and wear it down. Very pleased with it so far, despite how long it seems to have taken!

Back of the doublet finished. Leather and faux leather all hand stitched with embroidery thread.

Pieces of leather and faux leather cut out and then masking taped together (to avoid ugly pin holes and to get the fit right! ;)) to check the shapes match up. I've also done a stitching test to make sure that I can sew it together by hand with embroidery thread just as the actual costume has been, rather than machine sewing it!

I've also made a shirt pattern, brought dye to tone down the shirt and have tested the leather to see how best to age and stain it.

(Hoorah for snow days!)

The result of finishing carving and sanding down the weapon handles and the first two layers of wood stain and wax.

Once dry the handles will be ready for the axe heads to be moulded around them and maybe a layer of varnish depending on the finish.

One handle for the larger hatchett, two smaller throwing axes and hunting knives to go in the pouch on the first belt. I decided to just do the knife blades in wood, as they won't be seen. There's still some bumps to smooth out, but these are the basic shapes. Will be staining the wood tomorrow, distressing them, then making the polymorph axe heads to nail and glue on.

The fabrics for the doublet, shoulder piece, shirt, scarf, belts and knife pouch. Going to distress everything once it's made to give everything a worn, rugged sort of feel. [The shirt and scarf came out a bit bright here, but they're quite muted, though I'll be dirtying them up anyway!]

Patterns done, have five types of faux leather, one type of leather, polymorph plastic, belt buckles, studs, clasps, scarf and shirt material. Sewing work begins tomorrow!

Bow ready to be customised, fletchings for arrows arrived.
All material bought/found.
Buckles, zips, belts, knee pad pieces and boots acquired.
Pattern started! :D

Bow bought for customisation.
Most materials for the costume and quiver acquired.

Suit - Check
Coat buttons and embroidered button holes - Check
Scarf - Check
Riding crop - Check

Recovered the heels of the "Marc Jacobs Armadillo" style shoes.

New wig was bought just before Expo and styled to replace the last.

New gloves being made.

New gloves done, new hoop for Oct '11 Expo.

Noble Collection wand now purchased.
Robes completed.
Props all ready!
New shoes still needed.

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