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just arrived! excuse my face couldnt be botherd to put any make up on was just too excited and needed to take a picture =)

I had a bit of a shock when the skirt i ordered got here, its only about 20cm long and dosent even cover half my backside haha Not even the ikki tousen girls skirts are that short! So i decided to just go ahead and make the skirt, progress up soon!

Couldnt find any nice blue pleated skirts i liked so i bought this one and will dye it, no way im making a pleated skirt now!

ill be starting on the top as soon as ive got the skirt and dyed it so i can match it to the fabric ill be using for the collar on the top etc.

Just ordered this wig, could have got longer than this but tbh long wigs are such a pain to keep looking nice id rather go for a shorter one and i love the colour of this :)

Aside from a few touch ups etc etc, photos will be up after lfcc :D

Again a BIG thank you to josh and ryan for all their help, it wouldnt look like this without them, i just hope i do it justice :)

Will do for now! improvements can always be made in future and these are really comfy as a plus!

today we have started and done most of it now :D alot of boobs and pinning XD but was fun and just the tiara and sorting out the shoes really to go :)

the wig ive bought, i love it! i hope it looks as good in person and was a really decent price.
Her hair always looks different and its also hard to get a wig with that kind of volume, so ive decided to go for one that is still recognisable as the character but also suits me and is in my opinion a really lovely colour,
even though im not making this costume im still really excited about it :)

they came today not as yellowy as id hoped but if id gone for a total yellow contact would have looked a bit freaky i think lol tbh im proud of myself for even getting these in xD

Finished sewing the flames onto the bikini just have to make a the lower red strap for it when i can be botherd.

Waiting on these things now before i can continue:

'Official Yoko Scarf' im kinda of not liking the one i made now, i loved it at the time, think its a bit chunky now. This is just one for miniamicon as it was pretty cheap and i dont have time to make another scarf if its good ill keep it for may expo though.

ANOTHER pair of pvc hotpants - dont like my originals or the ones i bought last (hopefully) these will fit me like a glove without making me look too fat and not showing my fat lara croft ass lol.

White studded belt - the one i studded myself last time is now falling apart a bit, for now ive bought a just a white studded belt of ebay which annoys me that it will be innacurate on the studs but it will do for now.

Elbow length pvc gloves - i made mine from scratch last time ARGHHH never again. will cut and modify these babys.

Yellow half ball buttons - for the new gaunlets.

Black belt - to cut up and make into the new gauntlets.

SOCK GLUE (stockings are bitches)

Fimo - for the skull hair pin :)

Paints - for the various things ;P

Yellow Manga 'Big Eye' Contacts - YOKO EYES. ive worn contacts in the past and i havent got on with them but im older now so hopefully ill just deal with it better.

suddenly realised how close miniamicon is now and id promised a few people i would be cosplaying her. so ive bought one of the ebay yoko scarfs for now as with work i dont really have much time to make stuff lately (would rather focus on silk spectre aswell.) Also bought a studded belt of ebay so that would be very accurate either -_- new gloves are on the way (no way on hell im making them again) and the studds for the gauntlets, lets hope it all gets here on time.

Bought a new one a few months ago and that was the main part i wanted to improve on :)

Seriously been trying to make the gloves for days now i can do everything except cut the hole the right size for the thumb to be sewn on and its so annoying me >_< im thinking about buying a pair of pvc gloves and altering them before i end up going on a killing spree xD

Well shes done more or less just got to finish her lower arm thingys then complete ^_^
Im not totally happy with everything, especially in person you can see my 'i dont have a clue what im doing' sewing skills but meh i think shes pretty good :)

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