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Past and Upcoming conventions;

Birmingham March MCM 2013:
Lily Baskerville - Pandora Hearts

London May MCM 2013:
Mary - Ib
Jade Harley - Homestuck
Pisti - Magi

Manchester July MCM 2013
Hibiki Kuze - Devil Survivor 2

London October MCM 2013:
Erisyuka - Karneval
Nagisa Hazuki - Free!

Midlands February MCM 2014
Wanda - Fairly Odd Parents

Kitacon Invasion 2014 March
Christa Renz - Shingeki no Kyojin
Gou Matsuouka - Free!
Mitsuki Nase - Kyoukai no Kanata
Yamuraiha - Magi
Lacie Baskerville - Pandora Hearts
Nora - Noragami

Wales Comic Con April 2014
Kido Tsubomi - Kagerou Project

Manchester July MCM 2014
Ene - Kagerou Project
Mary Kozakura - Kagerou Project

Manchester July MCM 2015
Protagonist - Persona 5
Dipper Pines - Gravity Falls

J-Con 8 September 2015
Chihiro Fujisaki - Dangan Ronpa

Birmingham November MCM 2015
Lenalee Lee - D Gray Man

Liverpool March MCM 2016
Mabel Pines - Gravity Falls
Protagonist - Persona 5

Manchester July MCM 2016
Frisk - Undertale
Mayuri Shiina - Steins;Gate

J-con 9 September 2016
Chiaki Nanami - Danganronpa 2
Monaka!Junko - Danganronpa 3

Birmingham November MCM 2016
707 - Mystic Messenger

Liverpool March MCM 2017
Diana - Zero Time Dilemma
Noctis (Moogle Chocobo Carnival) - Final Fantasy XV

Kupocon (Mind the Pom) March
Noctis (Moogle Chocobo Carnival) - Final Fantasy XV

London May MCM 2017
Protagonist (Dancing all night DLC) - Persona 5
Noctis (Carnival) - Final Fantasy XV
Justine - Persona 5

Kitacon Quest July 2017
Lily Baskerville - Pandora Hearts (remake)
707 - Mystic Messenger (rewear)
Justine - Persona 5 (rewear)
Protagonist (Dancing all night DLC) - Persona 5 (rewear)
Itsuka Kendou - My Hero Academia
Protagonist (Butler DLC) - Persona 5

J-con X September 2017
Sonia Nevermind - Danganronpa 2

London October MCM 2017
Maya Amano - Persona 2

Birmingham November???

Kupocon (Pomington Palace) February
??? FFIX


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Finally started adding in some of the teal wefts into the base wig but to create more wefts from the rest of the front piece I need to head home to use my sewing machine. Also need to curl the weft pieces I want to sew into the separate ponytails. Progress on this cosplay is going well and I hope to get the main outfit pieces all done and out of the way soon so I can focus on the more tedious crafting parts of this costume

The first method I used for this didn't work how I wanted but I need to order some pink fabric for Nico's boot covers so I'll be using the leftovers when I get around to ordering it.

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