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this weekend was very productive, put together the top half of it and just need to machine the sides, bought the wig last night aswell so will work on that in due course, all i need now is the wristbands and plimsoles which i can get nearer the time

back from Amecon with 2 Sun rings, one for my finger and one for around my neck, they seem to come in small sizes so one i had to take the back off, gonna glue gun in some elastic so it will stay on XD

also the ring i bought before was a different style to the ones i have now and that one didn't fit either XD so ignore that post



just bought everything i need for Elm, i need to wait for them to be delivered now and it'll be all done

so looks like i won't need to get anything for this until at least July as it's mostly buy an wear rather than buy and put together as is Electevire, priority dictates that it is more important right now =D

also have all the items i need in my watch thing on eBay

i had everything for him anyway, only needed to get the wig and glasses to finish it and that was £15 altogether lol, and the wig was one of the fist i saw XD

for the most part it's complete, just gotta add the buttons and button holes on the shirt then finished

finished the shirt, and the whole thing is finished ^_^

just need red snazaroo and Beat is finished =D

ordered the Kahkis :D today and need to re-do the Fimo crown, tis way too big

so today i finished off the fimo skull, looks pretty good, you can't really tell from far away, put a keyring in the top of the crown for easy attachment, just need to put together the seperate pieces (skull, crown, skull jaw) with glue, also got my keyrings through today and made his awesome chain, used the left over to make something for a special someone ^_^

just need the kahki trousers and red snazaroo facepaint and i'll be done =D

wewt, finished the Hat =D pleased with how it turned out, still needs some stitching mind and the vests came today *very happy*

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