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I got into cosplay when i got into manga. But only started having the courage to do it about 3-4 years ago when i cosplayed Tifa from advent children. After realising how much fun i had being someone else as it were, i deicided to take it on properly as a hobby. Now im addicted and have too many cosplay outfits for not enough expos!!! Some of my cosplays have included, Tifa Lockhart,NaNa and Yuna Gunner dresssphere.

I'm also known for cosplaying Ariel from the The Little Mermaid alot!! My proudest moment cosplaying has to be when I cosplayed Ariel at the Glen Keane signing... (see photo!) when he turned round and said to me I was THE Ariel and his Ariel.. just how he pictured her if she was real and almost went into shock that I wasn't working as Ariel in the parks. So now I can firmly believe I am a good Ariel, and my costumes are up to scratch! Glen Keane gave me the greatest compliment any cosplayer could possibly ask for, and that will always stay with me. So yeah... I AM ARIEL! hehe!

My cosplaying has now spiralled into being a princess for hire as sort of a job to bring magic to kids (of all ages lol) and spread that princess happiness around the London area and just outside of London. So far I've had one proper booking and seeing the delight on the kids faces meant more to me than any judge's critic or other cosplayer's critic of my costume.... seeing kids BELIEVE I'm a real princess is what it's all about. I have attended several disney events as Ariel and brought joy to kids whenever I'm around and to be honest thats why I do this hobby. I've brought joy to one child who almost missed a disney on ice show because she was crippled with cancer (wheelchair bound) and it broke her heart to almost miss it, but her father got her there and she saw me from behind and when I greeted her face on, the smile on her face was the most heart warming thing I've ever experienced... she said herself that her dreams had come true and then felt she could overcome anything no matter what the outcome in her health now she had met me/Ariel.

Her story brings me inspiration every day I put on a Disney costume in particular and I hope it brings inspiration to other cosplayers too... its not about what other cosplayers think about your costume... its about enjoying who you're portraying and if a child comes up to you and believes your the real deal? Well then.. you've done your job!

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SHOES: They arrived and are a bit snug but I think once I've worn them in, they'll be okay. Also still waiting on the paint to turn them all icy. It never arrived, so the seller has had to re send me out some, so hoping it'll arrive by Saturday.

UNDER SHIRT: For this, I was properly struggling to find a dance top (as they are the right fabric) of the right color and one that would be relatively cheap and in the UK. So I've used some imagination after some advice given to me and used a pair of 40denier tights to make the under shirt! The basics of it are done, just need to bedazzle the sleeves when I can.

EXTRAS; Bought some fleece in pale blue and velvet in ice blue, to which I'll be making an outer wear capelet for this costume. Why? Because I've scored advanced screening tickets to see Frozen at the weekend and myself and a friend want to go to it as Anna and Elsa!!! So I need something that will go with the outfit for travelling in! Hehe! Also as it's blue, it will work for other princesses I'll no doubtedly add at a later date.

Tomorrow I'll be doing the cape now my snap tape has arrived! Can't get over quickly I've got this sorted- or at least the basics done! I do wanna replace my wig but that can wait. My current one will work for the time being.

Just a quick journal note really to show which shoes I purchased for this costume. I know they're not 100% accurate, but then hers were made out of ice and shaped into snowflake edges. I cannot even begin to think of a way of doing that!

So I went for a silver glitter heels, and I have got ice blue fabric paint that I'll use for them! More will be revealed once I've started work on them when I get them in the mail!

So today my fabric for her cape arrived and I've just been playing around with it, trying out different ways of draping it before I can get some snap tape and attach the cape properly. I'm also thinking of putting my own little twist to her cape and having a drape/dip in the back middle, to make the cape drape out further at the bottom. I've decided to not do the cape too long as I want it to be practical, without getting too dirty too quickly.

I just love messing around with fabric to be honest! It's sooooo pretty and shimmery! If only my phone's camera would pick up the shimmer.... lol! Now to continue my hunt for a mesh under shirt and Elsa will be done in a basic way, until I can get more sequins to really bedazzle the bodice and cape the way I really want to. I also have decided to eventually change my wig to a lace front one as I'm not 100% happy with the outcome. So because of that, until I do a make up test to go with the wig, I won't be adding a photo of the wig lol!

I managed to pick up finally a pair of boots that I feel are more Deanna Winchester. I saw these and knew they were the ones to get, as they're based off the boots they actually wear in the series, but with a feminine chunky heel. So now when I wear this outfit, I'll feel more feminine!

I bought this base dress off ebay. It arrived a tad darker than I thought it would be, but I can still work with it, judging by the full length in film ref image I put up. I also think its brings out the more white hues of the wig really nicely too.

As I stated it's a braidsmaid dress I bought off ebay, to which I edited. It turned out to be too big by about 3inches which positively surprised me! I took the photo to make sure I pulled it in enough, then afterwards I removed the waterfall ruffle on the skirt part and made the split which the waterfall ruffle previously hid just a tiny bit so it was an accurate length to Elsa's. Then sewed it all back up! So that was nice and simple.

I still have sequins to buy and add to the bodice, as the ones on this were just glitter glued on, which I found was sooo bad for the money I spent on the dress. Soooo I'm going to buy some kind of sequins (probably the rectangular ones like is shown on the image, but if I cant find them I'll go for the next best thing) to make the bodice super sparkly!


Wig was just roughly "styled" for the sake of the photo really, but not actually styled properly. I got it from coscraft and it's so thin at the front, you can see the wefts and cap underneath. The wefts start really far back too, so I'm not too pleased with that. Sooo I bought some pure white wefts to add into the wig so I can style it properly! The main wig is coscraft's "misty white" in the Irina wig.

Well, sort of haha!

Although I got the outfit completed, I've decided to work on getting stuff for the duffel and the duffel itself. I just got the actual duffel from ebay, it's not 100% accurate to his, but then Dean isn't a woman! Lol! So creative thinking is in order, also with my next to nothing budget I have for this to get quite a bit of stuff for WinterLFCC, it's as close as.

So that's the duffel, I've also started making a machete to go inside the duffel out of cardboard and will be papier mache-ing it once I've got more PVA glue as I've run out. I'm also going to try and scrounge around for more cardboard and do the same technique in making a few other knives of different sizes and POSSIBLY an Angel's blade, but we'll see how my timing goes to how much I can get made in such a short time.

Only thing that I won't be able to do now is getting the green contact lenses, which kinda irritates me because I'm stickler for having the right eye color for characters if it's at all possible, but for Winter LFCC it just isn't possible at the moment with my next to none budget. Ah well, there's always photoshop!! Hahaha! I will however get contacts for Asylum 12 when I bring her out again! Just like I'll be getting contacts for my OC to which I'll be debuting there too.

UPDATE: Duffel arrived and I know it said 'used' in the listing, but my god it was awful! The actual duffel was in pretty good nick and stuff, but it STINKS reeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally bad and has mud stains all over it. So decided to not use it, but instead as luck would have it, a bigger CLEANER and none stinky duffel of the same style pretty much turned up at her work, so she got it for me. Now I have a better duffel woohoo!

I bought two bottles of salt today to stash away in the duffel, and do fully intend to use it outside of LFCC and at any other photoshoot I do with my 'team free will' in the future. Managed to pick up some more PVA glue too, so the machete I'm making is well on it's way to being papier mache'd and done. As well as sandpaper getting bought, so I can really work on my machine gun at some point, hopefully Thursday outside. I know the boys don't have a machine gun (that we know of) I needed a big gun just for the sake of having it in the duffel to make it look fuller. And it was dirt cheap. As I mentioned before I think.

Now all I wanna do is, make some more knives if I can of different types, possibly a scythe? Using screencaps of the Impala's trunk and all it's contents to get some ideas.

Stuff I've already got this:

- green shirt
- black under tee
- boot cut jeans (I bought boot cuts one to replace the skinny jeans)
- boots
- two handguns including his silver colt
- one machine gun (I know they haven't used one in the show, but it's just to bulk out the duffel bag at cons)
- samulet
- bracelets
- anti possession tattoo
- wig
- Brown pleather jacket
- zippo lighter


- duffel bag
- brown boots (eventually)
- green contact lenses (cant afford to get them for Winter LFCC now, so will have to resort to photoshop lol)
- bottles of salt

So wings are now in UK customs, so not long now until they get to me! Yay! I'm so excited to get them! Haha!

As for the dress, I just need to put some straps on to pull up the bustline hemline and that will stretch out the dress, giving it a nicer line than the pic shows. I'm also trying to decide whether to put the darting all the way down to the bottom or to leave it flowy like you see. Hmm decisions decisions.

Will update again once the wings have arrived, and possibly added the straps etc. Unless I'm too eager to show off the wings, then there'll be two more updates lol!

Because of the work needed to make this as accurate as possible, and how much I adore the base dress and don't wanna ruin it, I'm going to be commissioning Teacup_Erinyes to work on my base dress and make it accurate to the 2D design.

I know I'm doing the right thing with this decision as not only is Teacup a good friend of mine, her work is absolutely stunning. Unsure of when it will be, probably the end of the year or something, but yeah. Just basically updating on the decisions being taken and stuff.

So I finished my wings aaaaaaaaaaaaaages ago, but the day before I was meant to do a photoshoot as her, they snapped into parts off the harness. Soooooo to the scrap heap they went.

So instead, I'm going to buy some from Fancy Fairy's website instead! Expensive, but will be worth it as I know I'll be wearing Tink a fair few times because I've always wanted to be Tink deep down XD!

Today I managed to re-curl the sides of the my wig, tidy up the stray fly away hairs in the back, and managed to straight out the ends a bit of the base wig's ponytail.

I've also clipped in place the headband. See photo.

Not much of an update but its something. I may or may not upload a finished photo of the dress once I've done the last bit on it. Not sure yet. But basically, Megara is definitely going to be ready in plenty of time for LFCC! Looking forward to bringing out this costume again and have the chance to be sassy again.

So, the dress has been altered pretty much, it just need darting putting into it, and it will be complete.

The hairband has been revamped and made to resemble the parks version, just with my own personal touch to it. Instead of detailing being a different shade to the main band, I've made it all the same, so it has that more "embossed" feel to it, rather than that bland yellowy look, the parks went for. Now it's back in the wig, it looks MUCH better and stands out against the the gorgeous richness of the wig's coloring.

New sandals were bought a while ago, so no worries there.

New medallion was made for the wist sash, it's now slightly bigger and the safety pin is a lot firmer into the back of it, and it sits a lot better than before.

Lastly, my violet contact lenses showed up this morning! I had work today, so I only got to try them on when I got in, when I was very tired, but I love them, and I just know it will make ALL the difference to this costume and I can finally feel not annoyed when I wear the costume XD! See photo for contacts.

So I had to buy more fimo clay to remake the third medallion which I did yesterday, so that's now all remade and has a safety pin firmly hot glued into place.

For the headband, I decided to just use my current one, but what I have done is to add to it. So yesterday I put several layers of pva glue and newspaper (papier mache basically). Then I put a coat of black paint over it to use as a primer before painting it gold again this morning. It's had a couple of really good thick coats of gold paint and now looks A LOT better than it did previously. It's also still flexible but a lot firmer than before. I've also decided to go down the park route with the band and will put some design (like in the parks - see photo) onto it, just give it more detail so it's less plain.

Hopefull it will make the band pop against the dark red wig and the plain colors of the dress. Really looking forward to be Meg again.

So after I spent a couple of days of not finding the underbust band and waist sash, I finally found them today. Only to find the sash's "medallion" has come off of it, and is nowhere to be seen, so I've bought another block of metallic gold fimo modelling clay to remake it.

I managed to get the stains out of the dress luckily, and as I initially thought LFCC was the middle of July I was going to buy chiffon to make an overlay, but I now dont have the time to do that, not with some business bookings happening in June. Soooooo as the stains came out of my dress, for LFCC I'm going to leave it as the one layer, then in the future I'll get the chiffon and make an overlay.

I've sewn the underbust band onto the dress along the top, and I just need to now take the zip out, cut the dress behind the band and just under the sewn line. I will then shift the main dress fabric down and sew it back onto the bottom of the underbust band. Then I'll put in the zip again. This will give me at least an extra inch to the length, and make the banding stay in place and flat all the time. Win win if you ask me.

Then when the fimo arrives (which has already been despatched!) I'll make the third medallion again and attach it to the waist sash again. I'm also going to iron flat the dangly part of the sash down flat, so it stops from curling up on itself like it currently is.

Still gotta remake the hairband, and I'm unsure on how to go about this this time round, as I don't strictly wanna go for the craft foam technique again. I was wondering if I have enough fimo clay left, use the remaining amount for it, but have a feeling it'd be too heavy on my already heavy wig.

So I'm going to be working on improving and altering the little bits on this costume to make it better. I also dug it out of storage today and it's somehow got stains on it which weren't there when I last wore it! GAH! So.. the things I need/want to do:

- Change the current zip for an invisible one
- Sew the underbust band into the dress
- Pull the dress in, in the waist area
- Get new clean fabric (if stains wont shift enough) and buy some chiffon fabric for an over lay
- Make it longer
- General tidying up
- Fix one of the medallions as one has lost its safety pin at the back
- Buy new fabric (looking at taffeta) for the dark purple bands and waist sash
- Get new sandals that has a heel as flip flop style sandals don't stay on my feet haha!
- Remake the hair band

That's it! I'm looking at the Disney parks versions for ideas and inspiration as well, so it will probably turn into a mix of park and film accurate. Haha!

So the wire turned up this morning! I love when things turn up quickly.

Anyway, I started work on the wings late this afternoon and got 95% of the wire work done for them. I've got the shape done and the vein work done on one wing- but my back started to really hurt from working on the floor (only decent space I've got) so I'm going to finish the wings as far as I can over the next couple of days.

I need to buy some more wire to make the harness part at the bottom of the wings, but that can wait until next week. Picture shoes the two wings together before I did the vein work with thinner wire on one of them. The wire is 2mm thick even though it looks reaaaaaaaaally thin in the photo. It's actually quick thick in person, but once the fabric and detailing goes on, won't look clumpy either. I'm actually really happy with the way these wings are going and already pleased with how much lighter they are compared to my old Vidia wings.

I'm just glad to being crafty again to be honest.

Well, sort of...

My only update is that I finally got round to buying better wire to make the wings out of. Got 6metres of 2mm aluminium wire for £2.83 on ebay. Now to play the waiting game for it to arrive, before I can get moving with this ready for a photoshoot with friends on the 1st June.

So now I've finally got one of the hardest bits over with, I'm now looking at properly planning this in my head, so I can spend the next year making this. Yes... I wanna spend a good year on this costume as I want to do this well.

I've had help searching for the fabric for her under shirt, which I've got in my watchlist on ebay. I'm going to be buying black and white dogstooth fabric, and then will buy purple fabric dye and dye it, so the white turns purple (duh! lol)!

I'm also hunting down the musical note belt, but can't find my size available online, so I will probably head to Camden for that, and same goes for the spider web round belt buckle. This is what I'm loving about Operetta, some of the bits I can find in Camden or online.

I just gotta hunt down musical note trim for the cuffs on her over shirt sleeves, and white fabric for her little cropped over shirt/jacket. I also will need to look for a skull shaped button. Unless I can make the monster high skull into a button, which I might try actually.

Then I gotta fathom out the shoes, which will take me the longest part to do. The heel is flipping CLEF!!!! So umm yeah, thats gonna take me FOREVER to fathom out that, as I really want the clef on the heel so badly. The crazy shoes are what makes the monster high characters fashion so unique in my opinion.

A friend of mine has kindly offered to spend the time in making her guitar/purse for me, that will be light weight AND functional, so I can use it as her prop and pose with it like its her actual guitar, whilst using it to store my belongings in at cons etc without the need for a second bag.

As for her hair? I've got a spare thick red wig already, to which I'll use. I can style that as its heat resistant into her 50s do, just gotta get some black hair extensions for the side victory rolls and lots of sharpies to dip dye the bottom part of her hair black.

I think that's it.

I started work on the wings, only to find the wire I have is far too flimsy and thin to use. So I'll have to go to hobbycraft once I'm paid and pick up some supplies such as thicker wire, glitter glue and fray check if possible. After all, I am working with organza!

Though, I have drawn out the wing pattern for the main top part of the wings, just gotta do the same for the lower part of the wings so I can trace round it with the wire and make them. I saw a really good tutorial somewhere and decided to go down that route so I can make my wings flexible, but durable.

As for the dress, with mom's help I have now managed to pull the entire dress apart and start again with the panels. It's now all sewn up together, zip put in and all ready to have the neckline put in (we wanted to focus on getting the panels sewn together and fitting me properly first) and do the pattern at the bottom. Oh, and possibly putting in the lining, though I think the way it's going the lining won't be going in.

To be honest, with this velvet it won't be a great deal if the lining is missed out, but it would be nice if I could have it in- so we'll see.

So for the base dress, this is what I'm going to do with it to make it more accurate.

1) Buy some darker green fabric and sew it over the bodice and skirt once I've separated each part of the dress.
2) I'm going to get chiffon I think for the main over lay that has all the sparkles and detailing on it. If I can get glitter chiffon I'll use that, or I'll just dust the entire fabric in glitter as glitter sticks to everything, lets face it lol!
3) For the pretty detailing I'm thinking wither embroidery or fabric glitter glue onto the chiffon.
4) Take the sleeves out, and use them as a pattern and re make the puff sleeves with chiffon and make the fitted long sleeve part out of aqua satin that matches the base dress, then sew back into the dress once it's all sewn together again!
5) Pinch the middle of the neckline of the bodice and sew a little bit of gathering to create the sweetheart neckline, then with the aqua trim and little shell detail on her dress, I can hide the little bit of gathering technique I used to alter the neckline. Think TinkerBell if you don't get what I mean!

That's it basically! This dress already has a underlayer lining and netting that makes it poof out a little bit which is already accurate to the amount that Ariel's dress floofs out lol!

So I'm finally starting to continue with this. The dress is still at a stand still, but my mom is gonna be helping me with it so I don't get so stressed over it again. So that will hopefully be done over the next week during her time off.


I've been hunting around for fabric to make her wings, as I wanna destroy my Vidia ones haha! I want lighter weight ones for TinkerBell that won't need shoulder straps. It's something I've thought over for ages, ever since I wanted to cosplay her properly.

So whilst briefly online this morning, I decided to compare prices on organza on ebay and found that I can get an entire roll (9metres worth!) of machined edge 40cm wide sheer voile organza for only £6.99!!!!!! So after looking through all the available colors and asking friends for their opinions, I went with the silver color.

I decided that if the silver ends up a tad too dark in person, I can get the white or ice blue (which is crazy pale and would work for classic tink as well as Periwinkle!) and do a comparison, then probably sell on the silver organza roll by the metre or the entire roll.

So yay I have fabric bought for her wings! I love making wings so looking forward to making these ones! I have an idea how to go about it, as a friend of mine really helped me how to make them into a harness that requires no shoulder straps. I just wanna get Tink done now as I can prance around as a fairy lol!

Picture attached is the seller's photo of the fabric I bought.

So I don't have a picture of the progress on the computer yet but it will happen when I get out my mannequin again. BUT there has been progress!!!

What I've done so far:
Whilst at my friend's house we managed between the two of us:
- get the pattern cut out
-get the lining all sewn up together
-get the velvet cut out and pinned together.

Okay, typing it out like that makes it seem like next to nothing, but with the amount pissing about we were doing that's a lot to have got done haha! All I have to do now is:
-sew up the velvet
-sew the lining to the velvet
-chalk out the zig zag design at the bottom of the dress
-hem that up
-do the top shaping of the dress

Then I'll have to make new wings and I'm done! I've actually enjoyed making this just for the sake of making it. I haven't felt pressured into getting it done which is nice!

I was soooo darn lucky today in Bromley. The market was open and I was lucky enough to see on one of the new fabric stalls there that they had lie green fabrics and they were perfect for Tink!!!!

I got crushed velvet which is the nice stuff for £2 a metre (I got two metres) and a really nice polycotton for the lining for £1.50 a metre!!! I wasn't expecting to be spending money on Tink but when I saw it, I couldn't say no as it was so cheap and good quality fabric!

I'm going to my friend's tomorrow to stay the night and we're gonna make tink's dress then whilst i help her with her ariel mermaid tail and belle dress XP!

I also did a wig and make up test yesterday whilst watching secret of the wings on netflix haha!

My eye make up is really shimmery but my phone doesn't really capture it because it was on charge and I wasn't against any decent light. XD!!! I also didn't put on my shadow base before the eye shadow because I was running low and at the time didn't have a spare one. So I had to go without, even though when I do wear Tink I will of course put on shadow base first.

My make up consists of:
-foundation (liquid but the stay matte brand)
-shimmery beige eye shadow
-natural brown eyeshadow for depth in the creases of the eyelids
-Red lipstick (name 'chilli' from Avon)
-Shimmery blusher

I decided to keep it very natural looking as she doesn't really wear make up apart form those killer pin up red lips! But I wanted to put on some so my eye color didn't vanish, also wanted my make up to shimmery as it's Tink and Pxie dust and stuff haha!

So to distract me from the crappy snowy weather outside and the fact it's put a halt to my plans for the weekend and made me home bound, I styled my wig I already owned and turned it into my Tinkerbell wig.

I gave it a hot water water wash and shampoo in the morning and let it dry for half of the day, letting it the last remaining curls to fall out naturally as it dried. Once dried I I pinned the wig to the wig head I have tightly and began styling the bangs first as they were the easiest to do. Because its an old wig, it meant styling the bangs to get volume into them was a lot easier than a brand new wig.

Then I took a few wefts at a time all round the circumference of the wig and with a vent brush I pulled the layers of hair back and into my other hand (creating a ponytail) until the whole wig was in my hand, but not so tight it showed the wefts and the cap underneath. Then I pulled through all the hair into a donut ring hair bobble thingy and wrapped the hair up and over the hair bobble, until it was nice and thick and big.

To keep the hair in place I bobby pinned it in place underneath so they don't show at all and then chopped the front sides shorter. The side bangs at the front do need some tidying up and thinning out, but I'd rather do that once I'm wearing it, so I know not to cut too much out/off. But yeah.. it took me about half hour if that in total and I'm pleased with the result.

All that's needed now is the light blue hair ribbon!

WIG: So... I decided I'm gona attempt to use a blonde wig I already have (my Princess Ai wig) as it's not really suitable to wear down at the moment as it needs a bit of TLC, so I thought I'd save the wig and turn it into a TinkerBell wig. I can get one of those donut ring bun thingies from Primark to make the bun in her hair. Just gotta find the wig and see if I can use it. Hopefully I'll be able to. As I love said wig for its multi-tonal blonde fibres in it. If I can't use it for Tink, then I'll invest in some really good wig conditioner and detangler and use it for Aurora when I get making her.

DRESS: Gonna use the remaining dark green jersey lycra fabric I have laying around for the lining in this dress. Also, if I wear Tink in the winter/autumn months, it will be a good layer with my thermal top to keep me a bit warmer. I just gotta buy some light green velvet to make the actual dress out of at some point.

SHOES: MADE! Did them this morning for something to do as I wanted to do something therapeutic and I find sewing just that. So I hand sewed the giant pompoms on my shoes that I've always had (bought them 3-4years ago for Tink) and half hour later, the pompoms were on and the shoes are made.

WINGS: Originally I was going to use my Vidia wings, but I've decided to make lighter ones out of wire and organza instead so they slot into the back of the dress without being weighty or scratchy on my back. I love my vidia wings but they're bulky and the vein work is coming off etc. So I'm going to make new ones for Tink. Same height, just lighter materials.

Then all that's left is getting some blue ribbon for the hair!

Okay!! So I'm making this dress for October's halloween party in DisneyWorld when adults are allowed to cosplay in the parks.... My friend Vicky will be Melody to go with this and it's gonna be awesome. Yes I've decided that lol! No more making this wrong!

Now I've made Megara's dress I feel like I won't make the same mistakes as last time I tried this now I know what to do! So yeah... I found new fabric which is AMAZING! I'll need to put a lining with it as the fabric is sequined on both sides and slightly see through as well scratchy. But it's so sparkly, it sparkles in EVERY light!

I got the sample through the post this morning and fell in love with it, that I bought 3metres of the fabric tonight! See photo of the swatch! Love love LOVE! So yeah... although I don't need this costume until October, now I've finally found the perfect fabric, I'm just gonna make it when the fabric arrives and I've got the lining fabric. Which I might have laying round at home somewhere- if not I can buy some another time.

UPDATE: 8TH JANUARY 2013: Fabric turned up yesterday woo!!! Just gotta get some lining fabric at some point so I can make this, I'm gonna be months ahead of needing this but I don't mind, it's something to do! Also means IF I get to attend to any cons this year I got a casual easy enough costume to wear ^^!


So basically, I've been sewing like a mad woman all day today to get this finished today... well.. the majority of it finished anyway haha! So I've bought a base red top from Primark, where I chopped off the sleeves, opened one up and used that as a pattern to make my sleeves for this in velvet. I then pinned round the cuffs of the sleeves with this gorgeous feathery fur trim I got yesterday, then sewed the sleeves up!

Then I re attached the velvet sleeves to the base top, to which I cut into a cropped top so it will fit right over the shells and fair enough down my back to be an extra layer down my back. Then I pinned the feathery fur trim (the rest of it) all round the entire capelet. So now its ready to be sewn round the capelet, then it will be 100% completed.

I'll either do that after my cup of tea and break, or do it tomorrow.

Capelet materials used:
1x base velvet full length cloak
1x base stretchy top from primark
4yards of feather fur trim

cost: £9.50!

So I found the red velvet cheap ass cloak in the storeroom today and began work on it. It's really quite thin, but luckily with the amount I chopped off it, to turn it into a capelet I can use the remaining velvet to not only make the sleeves but also use it as lining to thicken it up!

So so far, all I got done today was the making it into a capelet and hand sewing it up, as I was having problems with getting my mini sewing machine to work today. I began working on the sleeves, but without my normal good sleeve pattern, it didn't go right so I gave up. Luckily I have enough velvet to re make the sleeves and make the lining still!

I also found some faux suede material left over from my Sif boots, which I'l use to make the cropped top that I will sew the sleeves into. I'm not worried about the ever so slight colo difference as the suede won't show once the capelet is on over the top, and also it will create another warming layer under the thin velvet and over my thermal long sleeved top. ^_^!

So now all I need to actually buy is faux white fur trim, and add that, do the sleeves/crop top and it' done in time for Christmas Eve! Might also switch over the fluke material to the new material I have had laying around for a while now on the tail! ^_^!

Oh additional note: This capelet has a hood and I'm thinking of keeping the hood on it, and add the trim round the hood for a personal touch ^_^

So I just saw this last night when I was googling images.... and I think I'm gonna make this one for Christmas Eve instead as I already have in my storeroom a red full length cloak that I can turn into this capelet... or at least an inspired by capelet.

Only thing I need to buy is some white fur trim for it which should hopefully be easy enough to find at this time of year! But isnt it cute!!!???? Again its a Tokyo Disney Resort design!

I will probably make the other one at another time for general winter useage of the costume though, but I think for Christmas Eve, this will be cuter to wear! ^_^

Soooooo I'm helping out Scope again because quite frankly I love helping that place out whenever I can. The idea was brought to me to be Ariel as mom knows how much I wanna bring her out again. I'm gonna spend the day at the shop on Christmas Eve by the door just bringing a bit of joy to everyone and try and help get people through the door basically.

It's Christmas Eve, I'll be Ariel and its for charity. So I figured it will be a lot of fun. Though, as much as I adore the parks dress and am itching to wear it again, because of the weather I'd have to make a longer cape for it or get the winter bodice of it made, and I don't have time. So I thought about this costume.... I've only worn it once and still haven't got any photos of it at all. The ones that have been taken, I haven't been sent yet. SOOOOO I figured I could knock up this little capelet A LOT quicker and with more ease for this costume. ^_^!

So I remembered about this Tokyo Disney winter capelet and I've always wanted to make one from the first moment I saw it, and now I have a reason to! YAY! I've got some green lycra left over (like one and a half metres!) that I can use to make the sleeves and "cropped top" to wear, which with my thermal top underneath should create quite a bit of warmth! Then I'm going to buy some green velvet on Thursday when the market is open in Bromley and make the capelet.

A friend of mine helped me by drawing diagram on how to go about it, so I'll use that and get back into sewing this week probably. I should also get my new shells in time for Xmas Eve too! After such a long break from sewing, I'm now deciding to ease myself back into it with this capelet. It will be basic green and plain for the day, but in the future I will probably sew some little pearls onto it, like the resort has done in the pic.

So I was speaking to the guy who is making my shells finally last week. I was so over the moon to actually get contact finally and get word of what the update was.

As my mate is friends with the guy making them, he's doing them for me for free which I'm super super grateful for BUT it means all his paid commissions have come first, and quite frankly that makes sense. I'm just glad that I know that now, as I was always told to believe this was a paid commission.

Anyway! I have good news! They are well and truly in the making and through verbal bullying by his wife and kids, all of his commissions including my shells HAVE to be finished and posted out before christmas, so he can have a normal family christmas. ^__^!

SO I'LL GET THEM BEFORE CHRISTMAS YAAAY! Then I can bring out this costume again with the new updated much nicer shell bra! I can't wait to see the pictures that he said he would try and get for me.

I know in the pic attached, the make up is for Mufasa, but I'm going to take inspiration from it to create my own make up for Simba. I just think doing bronze and gold make up and having the contact lenses (when I eventually buy them like the week before expo, it will be plenty of time) it will just finish the look off perfectly.

I really like her version of Mufasa in this make up and her Scar one, but she doesn't have one for Simba, soI'm gonna take this as inspiration and create my own for little Simba. ^_^! EEE I want Expo to come round now, so I can prance around in it, and I'm now even more excited that FlyingMammal is gonna play 'my uncle' Scar! YAY!

As the title says. Today I found a size 20 long pinstripe (pinstripes are sparkly.. see photo) teal/aqua skirt in a charity shop. I've seen it in there before a few weeks back, and was convinced by now it would have been sold, but luckily for me it hadn't been.

So mom lent me the cash for the time being and got it for me, so I can switch over the fluke over and have a fabric that resembles the parks version just that bit more XD! This fabric is more like linen but not as harsh as linen, so it's lighter than the lycra I currently have as my fluke, so it will be easier to flip my tail up and stuff!

All in all, it's going to be better! I'll keep the lycra probably in the waist fin unless I have some of this new fabric left over to re make that too... but yeah.. I'm gonna focus on the fluke mostly!

I'm also STILL waiting for my new shells... NOT HAPPEH!

Teacup sent me another progress photo today and oh my god I love it already! So far, I've seen pics of the fabrics, one ear and now this one of the paw booties and the suit as it is now.

She said she has three more things to do before it's complete which are: attaching the ears properly on the hood, padding out the tail a bit and attaching the fastenings on the suit. I can't wait to see it finished and get it now!

I really cant get over adorable the paws are.

I've now sent off my measurements to Teacup and she sent me a photo of the materials and of one ear she pinned together today. Eeeee! I'm so super excited to see it get done properly. The fabrics are amazing and so so perfect!

I really hope she doesn't mind me attaching the photo of the fabrics she gave me, on here. If you have a problem with it hun, let me know and I'll take it down.

Tomorrow I think I will do a make up test for Simba as I wanna wear the wig to make sure all the layers are cut the right length and stuff. I've also decided to buy brown contacts definitely now for this cosplay, just to finish it all off.

Woop a week later and my wig arrived in the mail! WOOP WOOP! I couldn't resist as I've been in a real wig styling mood for the past two weeks now, so I styled it properly today for something to do. I seriously love this wig, its a perfect color and OMG ITS SO FLUFFEH!!!!!!

Seriously.. for £10 this wig is FANTASTIC! Better quality than a lot of wigs I've paid twice as much for! Pic just shows the 3/4 view of it, I still wanna thin out the centre bangs a bit more so I can give them a nice soft point, so I dont get a full set of bangs across the forehead, but other than that it's now styled and ready to wear expo next month lol

Also, I have begun sending Teacup my measurements, so that will be started soon and I can't wait!

Woooo!! I've finally got the zip in!! Well... mom has because she's amazing at giving me a hand with it! ^_^ So now the actual tail is made. All I wanna do now is give the fluke a bit of shaping at the bottom so its not just straight, and if I can find my green glitter and fabric glue, I'm gonna sprinkle some green glitter down the fluke to resemble 'veins' in the fluke and that shiny look on it, like the parks have. ^_^

I'm soooo proud of this new tail and almost feel like giving my old one a wash and selling it to be honest. ^_^ Pic shows it with the zip closed, was trying to make a collage on photobucket so I could include also the pic of it with the zip open , so you can see both "versions", buuuuut photobucket won't save me resizing the images, let alone trying to make a collage.. silly photobucket! XP!

UPDATE 19/09/2012: I added some detailing on the fluke at the front with a bit of glitter like I previously stated up above in this journal, but to be honest I now don't like my fluke... I wish I just left it as it was lol. But it's too late now to do anything about it. So I'm gonna leave it as it is for the sake of the party I'm debuting it at on Saturday, then I'll get new fabric that's already got shiny wavey lines on it, and re do it.

Basically what the title says!

I have now just paid for my wig (see previous journal) for this so my (what will be red) normal hair does look out of place whilst wearing this. I have also just finished paying Teacup_Erinyes the final half of the cost for making it for me.

I feel like a weight have been lifted off my shoulders now, and I don't need to worry about getting the money to her on time to wear this at the Disney meet at expo on the Sunday. Even though probably a lot of people don't class kigu suits a proper cosplay, the fact I'm wearing a wig and *possibly* getting brown contacts in October for this, I feel like it is a proper cosplay for me, but also a more laid back one so I can just be comfortable and myself in it.

Not that I dont feel like I can be laid back etc when I'm in any other cosplay... but hopefully people will get what I mean by my statement. ^^! I just wanna have fun with my Disney pals at expo, rather than be all "must do proper cosplay blah blah blah". My mind is just feeling really laid back with cosplay just lately.

But enough of me rambling... everything is bought (apart from contacts but i wont be bothered if i dont end up getting them) now to play the wonderful waiting game whilst teacup works her magic on the suit and i can wear it at october expo.


Though I'm using my current wig for her, my bangs started to droop a bit after my last wear of her at the end of July, so I decided out of boredom to give them a bit of life again. I do keep meaning to add wefts into the wig to make really full and volumised, I couldn't find where I put the spare wig (my previous wig to this one) to add the wefts, so I just worked with what I got instead (I also think this is just me being lazy haha!)

Saying all that though, I'm super proud of how big my bangs have gone without the extra wefts put in!!

Sooooooooo looks like I'll be sticking with the invisible zip plan lol. My mom went out today and managed to get me an invisible zip from the local market. So today whilst watching Pirates 4, I got the zip all sewn in. So over the next couple of days, I will be getting a hand from mom with taking in the tail as it's too big around my calves and ankles, and putting in the zip, so it's walkable and skin tight in the right places.

So glad to be finally coming to the end of this project for the time being at least! Though I'm still waiting on the shells, and I'm getting rather concerned with the time factor now, so it looks like I'm going to alter my current shells to have a backup incase I don't get my nice ones in time, even though I was promised I would.


In the future though, I will work on the fluke more and give it some detailing etc so it doesn't look so plain.

Soooooo I decided to work more on the fluke and play around with the fabric a bit more this morning for something to do.

I'm now relatively happy with how I managed to do it, gathering it right in at the bottom on either side (front and back) so it's got a lot of "ruffles" without being obviously ruffly if that even makes sense. LOL! It's also now half in length which I prefer and its doubled in thickness so it's rather weighty in the bottom. I've just got it all pined in place at the moment, and I'll probably hand sew it into place in the next couple of days.

It's still a folded piece of fabric, so it has a fold in the bottom, instead of being completely open. So what I'll be doing is cutting the fold so its two separate pieces of fabric to create the fluke, then cut the shape into the bottom so it's not a flat piece of fabric. (I really hope this makes sense... hopefully seeing the photo will clear things up if it doesn't!)

I was going to put in an invisible zip into the side, but considering things when I tried it on briefly, I'm thinking it will be better to create a foot panel on the inside so my feet don't show (ends up not being walkable) for the sake of the party I'll be wearing it to as Ariel, and make it tight fitting... or get an invisible zip anyway AND do the little hidden panel for my feet so it still stays walkable, but it has a panel to rest my feet so my feet are hidden (thinking like a popper to close it and open it). I just wanna get it done now though.. so hmmm decisions decisions.

In the future though I will get some fabric glitter paint and paint some detailing on the fluke in a wavy pattern to just give it something, so the color doesn't look so plain and almost boring. It will also be a more inspired version of how the parks do the fluke ^_^ But I'm running low on funds so that will have to wait until after the party. XD!

Started doing more work the other day on the tail. I managed to get the waist fin done, which im happy about, I just need to sew it in as everything just pinned together at the moment.

As for the fluke, I'm having a bit of trouble of getting the shape I want, so I'm going to continue playing about with it by pinning it, taking it apart and re pinning until I get the desired look I want, without it looking so flat and straight down (if that makes sense?) I still gotta sew the main tail to take it in a bit more as well and get an invisible zip for it, so I can put that in, in the bottom.

Hoping to have it sorted within the next couple of weeks, whilst I don't have much to do other than let my tattoo heal out of sunlight etc blah blah blah lol.

Fluke material (and waist fin) material turned up this morning, and I'm really happy with the color in person. I got a metre of the material as I'm convinced that will be enough for the fluke and waist fin, considering its taken just under a metre to do the main body of the tail.

I'm hoping to get working on it again in the next few days, as I still need to thicken up my latest wig as well by September 21st XP! But I have to wait a bit until the current work on my Ariel tattoo heals so I can get down on the floor and wizz this all through the mini sewing machine to save on time.

Sooooo I managed to sew up the main part of the tail together today, leaving the top end and bottom still pinned (will leave it until i get the fabric for the fluke and waist fin done) and me being me... I made the tail the opposite way to the main stretch direction... DOH!

Sooooooooo I'll have to get an invisible zip anyway, and put it in, in one side so I can actually walk in it, as it wont stretch enough width wise to be pulled up enough so I can walk with ease. As at the moment its too baggy around my calfs and looks stupid, but not baggy enough to be pulled up to my knees so I can walk relatively easy.

I'm not surprised this happened though.... as with spandex I always (or stretchy materials) i always seem to make this same rookie mistake... or at least.. with mermaid tails at any rate haha! Ah well! I'll make it work.. i always seem to somehow! So yeah... I need to pull it in at the sides in certain areas so its more fitted and tail like, and unstitch one side to fit in a zip, and get the fabric for the fluke and make that... then continue the waiting game for the shells.

So I've begun work on the main part of her tail for something to do, as I want this to be a lot better than my original one, I even went as far as to draft a proper pattern for it, instead of wrapping the fabric over me and pinning myself into it etc like I did before.

So I went onto youtube for tutorials on how to make a mermaid tail pattern and followed a nice and simple one to draft my own pattern. I got a lot of thick paper (almost card but more like paper) three piece wide and 5 pieces long and stuck them all together, I then got a marker and drew around myself from my natural waist down with a good 3inches either side for seam allowance, then elongated it by about another 3 inches form my toes to create the 'point' at the end of the main tail to which the fluke will be sewn into.

I then cut out the pattern and then pinned it to the fabric after folding the fabric in half and cut round the pattern to get my tail base on the fabric. After doing that, I removed the pattern and pinned the two pieces of fabric together keeping the fabric inside out. From there I'll then sew the pieces together, but leaving the bottom point open so the tail becomes walkable. Though longer than me, I'm making it so I can lift the tail up (acting as if its a ball gown type skirt but a fitted one lol) so I can walk, but have it straight down and covering my feet tog et the full mermaid look. I also figured with all the fabric that will be in the fluke, it will be easier to have it without an invisible zip in the side, than with one in.

Pic shows the process so far and what the fabric looks like the right side up.. pic makes the fabric look slightly darker than it actually is, but it is just like the ref image from the seller I posted up in the previous journal entry lol.

So far I'm happy with result and do think so far that I'll like this new tail a lot more than my original one. Hopefully once finished I'll still like it and it will look how I envision it XP.

So I finally bit the bullet and bought the emerald green metallic stretch lycra fabric for the main part of the tail. I'm lucky I only need a metre as it's not cheap! Thank Castiel I had another wig commission come through! SEE PHOTO

So yeah... photo depicts the fabric I bought for this. On Monday I'll be getting more money come through from managing to sell something else that needs a loving home, so with that I can get the olive green fabric for the fluke. Then to wait for all the fabric to arrive, pre wash this fabric (the emerald green one) then get making a new tail. I'm definitely going to put more work into this one.

I'm still trying to decide whether to put in an invisible zip in the side or not... im leaning towards the zip idea, having seen Traci Hines's latest mermaid tail for Ariel, she really inspired me on how to go about my new one.

UPDATE 4TH AUGUST: Fabric arrived this morning and its super perfect! Yay! Now to get the rest of the fabric and get making

So.. now I've had another commission from my friend for her Ariel wig, I'm trying to motivate myself into getting this done for the party I have booked in September. She found this fabric for an original inspired design she's doing of Ariel for her trip to disneyland paris, and this got me thinking what a good color it is for this project of mine. SEE PHOTO

So I'm now searching fabrics again, I'm still keeping my eye on some metallic emerald green lycra for the main part of her tail which is a few pence over £11 a metre. I want this to be a bit like a deluxe version of my original tail (which was a first attempt and want to improve it big time), so I don't mind spending abit more on fabrics, but as I got my Ariel tattoo started and gonna try to get it completed by September, and Asylum 9's hotel to still save up for, I have to be careful too with funds XP.

My new shells are a work in progress also, and have been told it could be another a couple of weeks until I get them, so I'm hoping one I receive them, I'll want to get back into making costumes again after (what feels like but really isn't) a while for not having any projects to sew up!

So, I officially have the best friends ever.... a friend of mine knows someone who is good with plastic and resin etc.. and all those materials i wouldnt know where to look for, let alone use. He rang me up the other day and said that as a cheer up present he will pay for my new shells for this costume.

So I've made the template, I just need to cut it out so there is 2 shells not one, and write the guy a cover letter explaining I'm the one my friend is paying for these shells for. Then they can be made within a couple of weeks or less or something. Now I just gotta get off my ass and get new fabric for the tail and fluke ready for September's birthday party i'll be debuting this version at.

Because I've been that snuggle down on the sofa and watch the lion king kind of mood today, (the main menu is now stuck on repeat as we speak after watching it) I was looking on ebay for wigs to wear under the kigu. I found a possible wig for it and its like £11 or something.... I was debating about another one that had a little bit more length but looking at the pictures side by side to the concept drawing teacup did for me so i could decide if i wanted it or not, this second one is definitely the best option.

I like it because its layered and choppy to go with his teeny tiny mane that he has as a cub. I'm also going to get brown contact lenses i think too to match his eye color more.

Looking at the ref pics again as I'm bored, and really studying the tshirt she wears (keeping in mind I took the photo on my phone straight off the tv and colors are brightened) it looks like a plain black tshirt with a sort of crumpled look to it.

Which is fantastic for me, as I have a tshirt JUST like it in my wardrobe I can use! So I basically have the outfit already here at home. I have the jacket, the top and jeans like hers. I can use my new rock boots for this to give me some extra height and so my trousers dont drag along the floor. They're plain toed and the metal heel will be hidden by my trousers.

All I have to do now to make this complete is get the blonde wig and make her knife. I might make some hex bags and find my old duffel bag too, for something a bit extra. I wanna get some black contact lenses too, and though they wont be full eye lenses, they will be black, so I can look remotely demonic haha!

My friend AB wants me to bring this to the States in February for photos also, so this will be done for fun and as a back up cosplay thats casual for events when I'm too lazy or low on funds to do something big

We managed to get a pair of headphones from 99p shop the other day, that are called seamless headphones. Basically they'r small over the ear headphones but instead of having a huge head band bit, they have a thin almost like tough wire. Which is is perfect for Wasp, as it means if she has to wear them over the wig, the head piece bit, won't show as its almost invisible.

All I have to do for her is cover the earphone bit in yellow lycra OR I can paint them yellow then seal it with hairspray or something. Then I have to find something to make the actual antennas and I'll hot glue them onto the headphone.... which thinking this I might cover it in a bit of lycra as we got loads left, so it makes the antenna seem "seamless" from the earphone bit and will cover the hot glue.

As for the dress, my friend Anna (aks_100) was kind enough to take it back with her to her place and sew it all up for us as it requires precision sewing and she has experience in sewing weird superhero patterns XD. But both panels have been cut out, they just need sewing together and the neckline put in in the front. The boots also need some precision sewing done to them for the points at the top, to which she's taken to do also and then I'll be finishing the boots off here by putting in the base shoes inside and re applying the sole onto the bottom of the boots on the outside. Now I know what to do!

I finished sewing up the top today (the bottom) and tried it on..... it's gotten big on me down my right side... bugger! So I need to pull it in and re sew it by about 3 inches or something at a guess. CRAZY!!

As for the skirt, I found it today tried it on and that is ALSO too big for me!! My belt barely keeps it up! So not only do I have to take the lining out, find new lining and put it in, I also have to make the waistband smaller by a considerable amount too!! Which is insane.... I can only think I've lost inches more than actual weight since I last began work on Sif!

I found the belt too! I went to take photos of the progress today but I couldnt find the camera, and then my phone battery started beeping due to it being low.. so couldn't take a pic on my phone either... so it will have to wait until Sunday now :(

Now to continue the waiting game for my fake suede for making the boots on sunday and stuff!

But I got arm warmer hemmed up too! So now I'm really working on this finally woo! Will probably pull in the top tomorrow for something to do, to stop me snacking on crap like I have been all week XD!

So I started sewing up the top this evening, and will continue on it tomorrow. I just got one side of the bottom of the top to sew up, then that is completed. WOO!

For some reason, my skirt wasn't with my top, so I'm going to have to good hunt around for my skirt and get that altered tomorrow also as it won't take me long to take out the current lining and put in new lining that's slightly longer, then I can get the panels cut longer on the skirt and it will be a lot more accurate then.

Then I gotta find the belt (which I'm pretty sure I know where it is) then the skirt will basically complete!

I've bought the suedette fabric (see picture in "photos" section i put up last night) for her boots and I will still have enough to do the straps along the arm warmer and in her hair, which will mean those two things will be completed once I've received the fabric. The boots will be made on Sunday with aks_100 help, whilst she's over here helping myself and mom make my mom's Wasp costume!

So all in all, it's going really well and will easily be completed in time for LFCC! WOO FOR MY FIRST MARVEL COSPLAY NEARLY BEING COMPLETED!

Soooo I'm still fighting my case on getting a damn refund on the fabric (i refuse to give up!) but as I was looking for fabrics for Sif, I found some amazing fabrics for the fluke of this tail from a seller that I use all the time if they have what I want in stock/in their shop.

I've asked for samples so hopefully the seller will let me have some of the fabrics I've found without asking for money to send out the fabrics. Like I found with this amazing even better actual GREEN metallic wet look lycra from another seller. They want £2.99 for samples to pay for the postage and mail bag. WHAT THE HECK!?

I found some possible red fabric for her boots, hair ties and straps on the armwarmer thing. It's the closest I can find.. its either that or go with a brown fabric to match the belt. I'm going more for the front cover version of Sif, than I am the newer reference pictures I put up on here. (the bright colored images are used for what the outfit consists of only)

I've asked the seller for samples, and hopefully she'll supply me with samples before Wednesday without charging me for them so I can make a final decision. I als found fabrics for my disney parks Ariel costume lol which I've asked for samples for at the same time. lol.

See pic for the fabric I'll possibly use for her boots. Its a lycra fabric so it will stay up on my thighs with the aid of boob tape easily enough yet still have the stretch in it to cope with being on my thighs lol

To save on money and as her bangs are basically the same as Tifa's (original game Tifa that is!) I'm going to re use my Tifa wig for this. I just need to wash it, untangle the under side BIG TIME and losely put it into pigtails with fabric that I'll get for the boots. So it wont take much to style... its mostly giving it some TLC before hand that will take the time. Which I'll probably do tomorrow morning to kick my brain into gear in getting this actually completed in time.

Considering the outfit just needs sewing together, it could have been completed AGES ago, but hey.. I'm lazy haha!

As for the belt, I'm going to use a belt that I have laying around that is passable for hers, that I used for FusionRoses' pirate party last year. Just gotta fix up my skirt lol. I'll do that this week probably.

It's just finding the right fabric I like for her boots is proving a hassle at the moment but I shall prevail and find some by Wednesday when I'm paid again and get it! Then I'm going to be cheeky and ask Aks_100 to sew me up the boots when she does my mom's Wasp ones when she's round on the 24th ^___^ Yeah.... I'm a cheeky so and so!

I HAVE HAD SUCCESS!!!! Mom found a red biker jacket in a charity store the other day and bought it today, she'll be using it as a water proof jacket when I'm not cosplaying Ruby and I can use it for Ruby.

It's not 100% accurate as it doesn't have the pockets like hers does, but its damn close and the perfect shade of red. I'm thinking if I dont get the wig I put up, I might try and straighten out the blonde wig I currently have and use that, but it all depends on when I actually do Ruby in he first place, as I want to cosplay her within a Supernatural group, as I know one of my friend's wants to cosplay Castiel again, or Dean i think.

So yeah... this will be put on hold until I get a group together so she's recognisable with the rest of the gang! XP!

Ruby: Me

Just a list of possible character to make the group extra awesome

My god.... this fabric also arrived today (along with my mom's Wasp fabrics) and they sent me the damn wrong color!!!

I'm not impressed at all, and have messaged the seller about my issues with the fabric. They sent me the royal blue lycra instead of the turquoise. If they insist its the turquoise they sent me, then I'm gonna get my money back and buy some other dark green (emerald green) metallic lycra (which is a few quid more) for this tail instead that I found by another seller.

I want this to be soooooooooooo perfect! I cant even use this current fabric for anything else!

Everything arrived this morning!! Literally everything! The fabric, leggings and black arm warmers!!

Soooooo now I know everything has arrived, I can start drafting my own kind of pattern for the dress (which I'll probably do.. or just trace around an existing dress mom owns.... either way works for me!) then on the 24th aks_100 will be round mine to give us a hand on doing the boots and gloves as she'll be bringing over her sewing machine so we can swiftly get this done in time for LFCC and get it done neatly as well!

Tomorrow I'll probably use as my wig styling day and have another go at my Black Widow wig, style mom's Wasp wig AND do my new Ariel wig... if time permits of course.. though I'm tempted to only work on Ariel and Wasp tomorrow... too many issues with Black Widow.. loool

Mom also found some yellow eye shadow for herself today whilst she was out, so once the wig is done we can do a wig and make up test for her ^^

Can I just say how proud I am as a cosplayer that my mom is getting into it! She even has started planning other costumes!! *wipes tear* so proud

omg.. I love this wig BUT it just refuses to style! I'm trying to get the little swoop in her bangs so it doesn't look flat and quite frankly.. ridiculous on me but no matter what method I tried yesterday it wouldn't have it... when it sort of remotely did it, I put it on and it made me look more like Jessica Rabbit than Black Widow....

So yeah... gonna have to think up a strategy to make the wig work on the day me thinks.

Soooo this morning we managed to get:

2metres of Yellow silk stretch jersey lycra material
1metre of black fabric (the same kind)
New wet look leggings (the ones we originally bought were a bit small for her on the legs, so I pinched them lol)
Black cotton fitted 23" long arm warmers (fingerless) for the under gloves

The wig turned up the other day (earlier in the week) I just have to style it for her, and all the other bits should arrive by the beginning of next week with any luck. Aks100 is going to give us a hand in making her botto covers because she's an amazing friend like that, and I have like.. NO experience in making superhero boots or gloves lol. In fact... I have no experience in making any kind of boot covers or gloves full stop lmao!

So yeah... this should all be interesting! lol! We've decided to check out 99p store or a shop like that for the Wasp Antennas as we'll probably make them out of cheap headphones and edit them greatly, again this will be something that I'll be winging (haha see what I did there!?) it as we go along I think. Mom really wants to have a go at putting her stamp on the making process as well, so though I've put it up as a commission she will put some effort in it as well. ^_^

I've seen and shown her a fantastic Wasp make up tutorial on YouTube (if you're thinking of doing this version of Wasp and want the link just type in "Marvel Wasp makeup tutorial" in the search engine on YouTube and it should be like... the 2nd or 3rd video down in the search results!) for her, which we've decided we'll use for her make up as its very animated and very accurate all at the same time. Though we'll be editing the lippy a bit we think.

So yeah... this is beginning to really get moving now. She has also decided if she can, she wants to get the wings done for this costume to be that little bit extra (but if we cant find nice base ones then its no big deal- she'll be accurate either way she goes!), so we're going to look out for dragonfly fancy dress wings to use as our base, (I know the ones I'm looking for) and then go from there with them.

I'll be getting most of the accessories off ebay (thigh holsters, and gloves) due to time restraints and lack of funds to make this cosplay. Its a rare time I'll be buying bits and putting a cosplay together. So be kind to me at LFCC and in general lol.

The catsuit I'll be buying from my local fancy dress shop Partica for £34.99. The white top I can get from Primark for £2.50. So yeah... this wont be fantastic probably but it will do lol. Its more for fun anyway at LFCC, as my real amazing cosplay will be my Ariel one that Tab is making for me.

Slowly getting a group together for this too.

Concentina26- Miss Peppa Potts
my mom- Wasp (earth's mightiest heroes version)
Possibly some S.H.I.E.L.D agents

IF anyone is interested in joining us I'll set up a photoshoot and stuff for us lol.

Will move into complete section once I get some nice photos of it, but yeah... ITS COMPLETE!!!!!!! Oh my god, I am sooooo thankful for it being completed in time you would not believe!! I finished it up this morning/afternoon before lunch. As for the wings straps, I'll shorten them once I put them on on Sunday morning after breakfast as it will be easier for mom to yank the straps back from the harness once I'm wearing them, and shorten them that way, than it would be to guess how much I need to shorten them by.

I'm now super eager to wear Vidia and prance around pretending to fly.... very fast lmao! I did also make the hair bangle out of some bendy wire that is covered in purple fake fur type stuff....I cant remember the name of the things but their crafty things and a good color for her hair bangle. I just didn't take a pic of it before I packed it in with the wig and into my small weekend away suitcase. So good to know I wont need a huge suitcase for expo this time round... okay I'm now rambling on and off topic.... lol!

Just gotta pack my wings into a seperate bag and my top into my small case and I'm done! PHEW!

I'm thinking about selling this as its too big for me now....but it depends if there's interest for this or not as to be honest I'm just not entirely sure what to ask for it, so im open to offers.

Its still in perfect nick too. would include everything you see- the boots, dress and wings.

I'm putting this costume up for sale, as Im in desperate need of money to pay off my holiday costs.

It will include:

i'm keeping the skirt as I may need it for another costume. If I dont need the skirt then I will include it- will let you know.

ASKING: £25 + postage postage could possibly be another £5 due to weight of shoes. I can bring to EXPO or LFCC as will be attending those events and it will save you on postage costs ^_^

Shirt is a size 10 if I'm right in remembering but it is rather generous so could fit a slim size 12 easily.
Shoes are a size 5

Okay, I'm having to bite the bullet and sell the main shirt and skirt as I'm in desperate need of money to pay off a holiday that I'm in dire need of.

I'm only selling the skirt and shirt for £15 with postage included in the price. Though it might be a little bit less, if it is I will refund the person the over balance. ^_^ Or I could do pick up at EXPO or LFCC. I may be at entertainment media show in September IF my holiday gets fully paid off. But the sooner I can get my items sold the better.

Please PM me if your interested.


Sooo I attempted a make up test, I quite like it but I'll probably make it a tad darker on the eyes on the outer corners and such.

My webcam totally washed out the make up test, but I'll put it up on here anyway so you get a JIST of what I'm aiming for. I was bored and decided to do one, now I know Vidia will DEFINITELY be at expo!

I used:
Foundation (liquid)
Powder foundation
very light pink eyeshadow
beige eyeshadow
light bronze eyeshadow
brown lipstick (though will use a pencil lip liner when i do it properly- i was too lazy to go into another to get one!)
pink/natural lipstick

ad pretty much in that order.. though I did my mascara first as i can never do it neatly and have to correct any mistakes lol

So... I'm being extra because I'm like that lol. In the film when they go to see the in-scriptures that are underwater, she takes off her sarong/skirt and is wearing matching blue bikini briefs. So that's what I'm doing so I get a nice line under the skirt and so I feel more accurate in costume and comfortable.

The pic is from the ebay seller, but these are the ones I got. Their the brand FatFace so their a really good make and for only £4.49! Bargain considering FatFace aren't cheap by any means!!

Okay, so re looking at the images I have of her, it seems her skirt fabric color seems to change ever so slightly from being ever so slightly darker in shade of blue to the same shade of blue as the top.

So I have a few possible choices for the skirt fabric, but i found this lighter fabric which I really like the look of online. I have messaged the seller asking for a sample so I can see if it will work for the skirt. SEE PICTURE.
It's Sky Blue Bengaline Stretch Fabric at £2.50 per metre with an additional 60p for postage. I'm gonna get some samples if I can of the other shades to see in person and then make a choice... I know I dont have much longer to get this finished, and to be honest I'm actually bricking about getting this and Vidia done in time... if I do it will be a miracle!

Firstly, My wig was shipped off yesterday a few hours after I purchased it!! So I'm hoping with those extra few days, it will arrive in time! *fingers crossed*

Now.... the necklace... *SEE PHOTO* This is the necklace I will be buying for Kida's crystal necklace, now I know it isn't perfect but its the closest I can find to hers, it will just look like it's always glowing ^_^ I'm going to edit it a bit, and take off the side charms beside it, and I'll probably use something to cover the top and paint it the contrasting color it's meant to be (silver or gold? It seems to change every time i see a pic of her)

So yeah... though it's a a Naruto one its the right shape for Kida's and I'm gonna go with it as its relatively cheap. Why does that shape necklace have to be sooooooo hard to find!!?? Of course if anyone finds one even better than this, please link me in a PM or something!

Just purchased the white wig shown in my photos section. Though its now a case of worry like crazy that it will turn up in time, same goes for my Vidia wig.

On the 'confirmed payment' page it says that it could turn up anytime between May 11th and 29TH!!!!! When I need it for the 26th!! Oh boy.... really hope it turns up in time if not it will be a re wear session throughout Expo this time round!


I went with this amazing wig and ponytail extension for my Vidia wig because it was a reasonable price of £22 instead of the £25 its sister company was charging for it.

Also it's got a great set of bangs to style into Vidia's without having to do too much to it. I wont get the big volume high ponytail that Vidia has or the parks can get, but I didn't with Meg and it was still fine! SO yeah... this is the wig I've bought.

So, after looking at my top mock up again, I've decided I'm going to attach clear strap to it so it holds in place better and I can feel more secure in the top.. though I barely have a chest, I still dont feel comfortable enough to not have the extra support of clear straps lol!

I dont wanna look a trampy Kida haha! So yeah... I have clear straps laying around from various multiway bras in the past, so I can use them for this. Or I can fathom a way of attaching this top to a strapless bra that comes with the clear straps... hmmm decisions decisions

Okay, so I took another look at the bikini tops of this design again today in Primark and when I scrutinized the design, and "played" with the twist, I THINK I have figured out how to make it myself!

I'm going to buy the "invisible bra" things that are just the bra cups you can buy that like stick to your skin, and use them and get some blue fabric and make the top that way, but sewing the fabric over the cups so their sewn inside the fabric. I have figured out how to do the twist in the middle also, which I'm rather pleased with!

Now to find some fabric cheaply to make it! I do have a lot of linen in the right color for her top, ut im skeptical on whether linen would be a good choice... i dont think it will but considering I dont have that much money to play with for the next month and I still have the wig to buy- I'm thinking I'm gonna HAVE to make it with linen... at least for this first wear.

Talking of wigs, I found a good white long wig on aliexpress.com that's $20 (£12 est) for one wig, so I think what I'll do is buy 2 wigs (as i can get 2 for the price one 1 thats on ebay!), sew the wefts of one wig into the other for volume, then cut the layers into her hair and add the longer strand by making a weft or using a single weft for her bangs.

For her skirt I reckon I'll go with the fabric I put the screen cap up of, then use the light blue linen fabric for the long front sash... again not especially ideal but its all about money more than time. I'd rather get the hair right more than anything as that's her signature thing to make her recognisable... along with her facial make up

Okay, so I'm thinking of buying a base top I found in Primark that has the right of shade of blue but the only snag is that one side of it is orange. So it would mean buying some lycra fabric to cover the orange half of the bikini top. I did find the perfect top on ebay but its a size 12 and i only need a size 8 possibly 10 depending on how generous the sizing was, so thats a no go. :(

I didn't think this would be so difficult to find! So I'm going to have to go fabric shop browsing soon for some relatively cheap lycra fabric and then pay £6 for the bikini top in Primark... which would make the top probably about £12 or so to make as i reckon i'd have to pay out about £6-£7 for a metre of lycra which sucks big time...

The pic I included is of the lycra I found on ebay but its almost £8 once you add the postage cost just for one metre which I think is too much when I probably only need about half a metre to be honest. So I need something like whats in the image, but cheaper

Sooooo after giving it some real thought I'm definitely going to buy another wig for July's wear as Ariel to go with the dress, as I feel that my current wig will look tatty compared to Tab's work on the dress haha, I'm stuck between two decisions at the moment.... (see picture) wig 1 i love for its richness in color but it looks really damn thin- it is heat resistant too so I'd straighten out some of the curls a bit as I think it's a bit too curly but its general style matches the park's wig whilst still being film accurate.

wig 2 is basically the same wig that I currently have, it's thicker looking than wig 1 and really film accurate in color but a tad shorter than wig 1.... but i know it lasts a year at least so should I stick with what i know and go with this wig? Hmmm.....

Either wig I buy I might have to buy 2 to thicken it up in at least the bangs

So just this minute I have sent off the last remaining £190 that I managed to get saved up and it's now been sent to Tab (KhaosKostumes) through paypal. Super duper happy I dont have to worry about that big outlay now!!

Just gotta do my measurements properly in the next couple of days and email them to him and then I'm pretty much sorted for the important things on my end for the time being! I'll probably get the character shoes around June time and possibly the new wig around May time, which again I'll either buy 2 of and re make the bangs from scratch or bu just one and add it to my current wig, but the way its going a bit ick on the ends now I might just buy 2 new wigs and start from scratch from again with the bangs lol.

So looking forward to owning this dress in July!

Soooooooo now I have both daggers completed, I need to focus on the sleeves.... luckily for me mom found fabric at her thrift store where she works, so it hasn't had to cost me anything! HOOZAH!!

Sooo this is how I'm going to do the sleeves I think:

1) Make the sleeves out of 2 rectangle pieces so their fitted but baggy aka the right fit lol
2) stick in some thin elastic in the top of the sleeves so they stay on my arms
3) make each bow seperately and sew them up
4) sew each bow onto the sleeves

OR put down each side of the sleeves wide strips, and tie each bow once im wearing them, but thats time consuming for each wear so I'll probably go with the first plan so I only have to worry about sliding the sleeves onto my arms, using the elastic to hold them in place. I know hers dont seem to have elastic in the top, but in all honesty where my arms are so damn skinny they're not gonna stay up in place at all without a bit in the top.

Damn computer game characters and their power to keep baggy sleeves in place without any form of aid and my super skinny arms lol

UPDATE: Started work on the sleeves this evening... just got to make the second sleeve and the bows

Okay, as my Moka-san cosplay has kinda fell through as I dont have time to get a wig, (and i cant do einblick either) I've decided to bring this gorgeous baby out of the closet and re wear Raven, but this time I WONT forget the arm warmers, studded cuffs etc. lol!

I also just bought on ebay 150 eyelets for my Rikku cosplay, and as I'll have like.. nearly the whole pack left over as I'll only need 12 for Rikku I'm going to replace the ribbon loops in the back of this dress with proper eyelets so the corsetted back works better. ^_^

I think I'll feel better in this costume too as I've lost weight even since I last wore it and though I've put weight back on a bit im hopig by Kita I'll have lost it again so I wont look like a I have a teeny baby bump in the dress haha!

I've actually started sewing what I have so far up, so it's all ready for when I've got the gold lining to do the sleeves and buy the ribbon for the trim and do the little sash thing.

I can't believe this is the second day in a row I've been bothered to sew.. it's a miracle.. its only taken me.... 3 months to get the in the mood to sew haha! I'm taking a break from sewing now one side is done to have lunch later then I'll continue sewing up the panels, so I can turn it the right way round to sew up the neckline.

Then it will be turned inside out again all ready for the sleeves to get done, will make sure to take a photo of it whilst it's the right way round though lol. I think while I wait to get the sleeves done (need to buy the gold lining first which will probably be the 28th march.. talk about leaving everything til the last minute!) I'll make the little sash thing she wears on the dress round the waist and down the front. At least that will be ready for when I get the trim.

Depending on how neatly I can cut the strip, I might see if I can get away with not hemming it up as the trim will basically hide any rough edging anyway. Also, as the material I'm using is velvet, it should be okay not to hem, but we'll see. It all depends on time. If I do decide it needs hemming though, I'l wait until I place the trim on the edges and hem underneath the trim to save on sewing time. ^_^

Soooooo now I've got one dagger completed I'm going to add this journal entry with updates on whats been done and still needs to be done.

Daggers- one completed, one to be finished. so 55% completed in total... second dagger needs more masking tape, some more papier mache then it can be painted

Top: 95% completed.. just needs grommets in it for the centre lacing

Skirt: 95% completed: same status as the top funnily enough!

Sleeves: Need to get fabric for them unless mom finds the right fabric in an item of clothing at her work for me, then they need to be made

Everything else (gloves,belt/pouches,boots): borrowing off Nomes because of time restrictions and lack of money- she's an angel!

Wig: bought just waiting on it to arrive.. could happen any day up until the 3rd April when it should arrive by

Also MUST GET TONED UP A BIT FOR THIS!!! I dont wanna have to be breathing in all day for this... but first must lose the weight I've gained... gaaaahhhhhh *so annoyed at self*

So I just checked my ebay and just found out my Rikku wig has been shipped today!!

I was told it takes between 18-25days to reach me, so I was counting on the calendar on this mac 25 days as of tomorrow and that takes me up to the 3rd April. So in theory it should arrive in time give and take a week before I have to go to the train station for Kita.

Really hoping this theory does work and I do receive it in time! I wanna be able to do a wig and make up test before I go to kita and do any adjustments to the wig if it needs it. ^___^

See picture for the wig I bought.

So I was distracted (since when is that new!? LOL) and began another hunt on ebay for greek motif ribbon as it's the closest I can find to the motif ribbon on Gothel's neckline and on the sash thingymabob and finally found some.. but my god is it expensive!!

I found some for £1.75 for 2metres and £1.10 postage, but I'm definitely going to need alot more than 2metres so its gonan get expensive i think.. but its cheapest deal I can find.

I also found gold lining material on ebay too which I think I'll only need about a metres of for the sake of the sleeves. I wouldn't normally bother but considering the under side of the sleeves show in the droop bit I'm going to make the extra effort and add the lining in the sleeves so it's that bit more accurate. I'm tyring to make up for the fact that I can't do the dress in brocade lol. And I don't wanna let lilkimmi27 down by being a bad or unaccurate Gothel!

See photo for what I found.

So like usual, I've got utterly distracted this morning after doing something online for mom. I figured whilst I was thinking about it, why not google ref images for patterns on how to do Gothel's sleeves.

I thought I wouldn't find one that easily, but to my surprise I have found one, but I'll need to shorten the fitted part of the pattern slightly I think... I figured out how to do it. What I will use is one of my old sleeve 'patterns' where I cut open one of my old sleeves from a ripped shirt. So I'll use that for the top part (the fitted bit) of Gothel's sleeves, then just fan it out to the right width for the wide part at the elbow.

This is the pattern I'm going with... see photo.

But first I need to sew up the dress! Hopefully I can get that done in the next few days, then I can continue work on Rikku, I'm still trying to hunt down the right motif ribbon trim for Gothel's neckline trim and on the little sash thing... *sigh* its soooo difficult!!

Oh yeah... myself and lilkimmi27 are DEFINITELY in KGT (kita's got talent)!!!!

I know this sounds utterly crazy but I'm thinking in June buying yet another new wig for Ariel. I love my wig buts its beginning to get a bit clumpy/frizzy at the bottom and I think after a couple more comb throughs I'm not sure it will last for much longer....

SO i decided IF i get a new wig, I'll get a longer one and sew it into my current one as I'm reasonably happy with the bangs on it and just make my current wig longer... unless of course i can do the bangs really well on the new wig, but my current bangs have soooo many extra wefts put in to give that good amount of volume so... we'll see... I'll definitely be getting a new one for September's princess party thats for sure...

Oh...my...god after this is finished I am NEVER doing a braid for Rapunzel AGAIN! Seriously... dont even think about asking me to do one again... haha!

I've started work on the braid for Saturday and for Disney on Ice/future princess parties and I'm NOWHERE near completing it in my opinion. I keep looking at it and thinking "oh god it could be so much better" but considering how short the foam is I've done my best.

I still have more wefts to add to it to cover the foam some more, and then I gotta hot glue the wefts onto the foam so its well covered, then I gotta hot glue the flowers onto it. Because the foam is so short the braid has become a mix of the film version and the park's version of it. See photo attached.

Seriously.. I'm needing so much luck with this, to make it look good enough because right now I'm not entirely sure if I like it.... I'm just hoping that once it's finished it will look better than it currently does. The photo at the side shows the disneyworld park Rapunzel and the way the braid is and the images on the sides is my wig... so I'll be going with the film version of the braid (hows its braided up top) and going with the park version with the longer bottom and shorter braid... hope this makes sense!

Oh my... so I've entered Rapunzel into Hyper Japan's COSParade and as I wanted to braid the blonde wig for Disney on Ice and the foam batting arrived the other day, I've decided to spend the next three days braiding the wig in time for Hyper Japan and Saturday's COSParade.

I found all the flowers I bought for when I wanted to braid the wig today and found the rest of the spar wig I bought for the extra wefts, so I'm going to get some skin colored tights, cut the foam into three pieces, roll it up, put them in the tights, sew them about half way down the wig and braid the foam with the main wig. Then with the spare wig I'll use it to cover any gaps there might be, and to wrap a few wefts round the bottom of the braid and to thicken up the little bit that you get when you've finished the braiding... i guess you can call it the little ponytail bit??


So I decided to get this finished in time for the Friday of Hyper Japan which is THIS FRIDAY! EEP! I must be mad i thought, but low and behold, I started sewing this together around midday and by half 5 this evening it was COMPLETE!!!

It really helped that mom had sewn the zip in for me, shortened one of the armpit holes, and hemmed up the one side of the slit that I forgot to do ages ago lol. She did all that whilst I was working on the hip sash, tightly sewing in 3 pieces of craft foam into it as I didnt have a sheet of craft foam long enough lol, so it was three short pieces lol. I'm so darn proud of that hip sash you would not believe!! lol!!

Talking of sashes, the under bust sash I'm not going to sew onto the dress for Hyper Japan as I'm going to have it as a seperate piece so I can wrap it round in the right place, then either pin on the under side together or use poppers to close it, but I'll probably just use a safety pin on the under side to attach it for HJ. This way, I can wrap it over the zip to hide the zip some more, and it saves me sewing time on it so I can focus on braiding my Rapunzel wig.

The hip sash will be pinned in place too and the broach on it pins the dangly bit in place securely too ^_^.

All I have to do before HJ is hem up the bottom some more so it really drags on the floor a bit too much on the right side for my liking. I dont want it to get dirty!! So apart from that, it's officially complete!

None of this sewn together apart from the bottom and one side of the slit, so I technically got this entire cosplay done in half a day with the help I got! I'm so so proud of this costume.. like REALLY proud! I can' wait to wear it now and become the most kick ass woman in Disney!

I alo got sandals the other day, but I have posted up a photo and probably wont lol

I've decided also not to cover my tattoos as its hipster Ariel and not a full on Ariel cosplay, so it will fit ^_^

Also, it saves me using more of my tattoo concealer and getting the bathroom covered in sealing powder again when I need it for Hyper Japan for the saturday anyway. ^_^ XP!

I'm really looking forward to doing this on Saturday as though it's a closet cosplay, its a fun cosplay and an everyday thing, that if there are ever any cosplay meets that I attend this year, I can wear it to them whilst being comfortable.

So... the last few days whilst I've been il my creative juices have been flowing in my brain lol

I've been wondering whether or not to add a slogan/image onto the over shirt of this "costume". I was thinking of stencilling out and putting in white fabric paint in block color, a dinglehopper on the front and on the back putting '06 Triton's Girl". Taking inspiration from the pink ladies jackets in Greese lol

Now... the party is on Saturday... so I dont have much time think about it... so should I or shouldn't I? That is the question!

I managed to pick up a guys xsmall purple tshirt today which I edited into a cropped baggy "hipster" girly top and I'm really pleased with the outcome!

I love changing guys tops into girlie ones its so much and doesn't require anything but a pair of scissors and a bit of imagination! WIN! Pic on your left is what the top looked BEFORE I customised it. Pic in the 'photos' section is the finished product.

I'm now considering this costume complete as the outfit is fully done now. I MIGHT paint on a slogan onto the top IF i can think of one i like and wil fit lol

So I've started work on the main wig! Woohoo!! I dont think I'll bother with the ponytail extension even though she has slight curls in the very bottom of her ponytail, going by the thickness of my one I dont think it will make much difference to be honest.

So I'm starting to curl to the sides and bottom of the fringe though, and I have put in volumizing inserts and teased the front bangs and used extra hold hairspray on the bangs to really lift them high and make them look thicker, even though the bangs aren't that thick.

The photo the bangs from behind so you can see just how much I have actually managed to lift it. I'm really pleased with the outcome, and just hope the curls will work as I've never used those curling things before and have no idea how to do it lol! *fingers crossed*

Once I'e finished the front of the wig I will put the extension in and I might tease the top of the ponytail extension to make it look thicker, but if i do anything to the extension that is all I'll do. ^_^

i've been browsing through a disney screen cap site most of the evening now, to find decent photos of Meg's make up. As in high quality images of her make up. I found some gorgeous images of her actually. yay!

On Thursday I'll be doing a wig and make up test for Meg as tomorrow I'll be busy.... meeting Glen Keane! So yeah... cant wait!

So my wig arrived this morning! I got woken up by the postie this morning, signed for my parcels (my other stuff like rikku skirt also turned up!), got it out the parcel and tried it on roughly. I didn't put it on properly at all but I was too eager to try it on haha!

The hallway light is ridiculously yellow (as yellow as it is in the photo- no jokes!) so it makes the wig look a lot redder than it actually is. My above statement also explains why i look moody in the picture haha. But I will take proper ones after I've sewn up my dress!

I love this wig its as gorgeous to touch as it is to stare at (XD) and feels like your natural hair when its been washed and styled by a hair stylist at a hair salon! Best £20 I've ever spent I think! I just have to style it as its heat resistant and then the wig is complete! YAAAY!

I just roughly parted the bangs, so i dont think they are on the right side. Aslo the angle i took the pic at makes the bangs look weird in general lol

So, the progress of dress mark 2 is well on its way and I have to say, i think this the best dress I've made so far (yes.. i like it more than my ariel wedding dress atm XD 0_0!!!) I've decided I love making simple but elegant dresses haha!

Everything you see in the images is just all the material is just pinned together on the mannequin at the moment, but I intend to start the actual sewing process rather soon, but right now I need a break and enjoying a cup of earl grey tea haha.

The cowl neck and sleeves are all one piece of fabric, as when I looked closely at the ref images of the park dress AND the actual dress form the film, I noticed that, thats how it does on her dress, which made making the cowl neckline sooooooooooooooooo much easier!!!

At the back I had to add a second piece of material though, as I didn't cut it long enough and I managed to make it look like one piece without having to re cut a mega long piece of material XD! The acctual dress itself needs pulling in by quite a bit looking at it, but the under bust sash does that, and I'm going to be putting an invisible zip into the back which by the time thats done will also yank in the fabric a lot.

So now all that is left to do is sew the dress together and make that second sash, which I will put some craft foam interfacing into it, so it stands away from the right hip like Meg's does in the film XD Gordo's Meg dress really has inspired me with this!

Now I'm still waiting on my wig to arrive, which is probably why I'm working so quickly on this dress, as I want it mostly done by the time my wig arrives so I can do test wears with the wig hehehe!

Soooooooo a few people know of this on my FB but when I went to dye my dress everything was going well, until I took the dress out of the dye..... oh my.... what a disaster! See photo if you dont believe me lol

Sooooooooo I freaked and got disheartened for like.... the whole day. XD! Next day I go out grocery shopping with mom and what do I come across for £8.99? A KING SIZE FITTED SHEET THE EXACT PUNKY PURPLE COLOR AS MEGS DRESS!!!!!!!

Oh my... I couldn't believe my luck! So I got it, spent the next 4 hours ripping the stitches out of the hemming and removing the elastic of the sheet. Thread went everywhere.... it was crazy but it was soooo worth it in the end, so now I have this amazing amount of fabric that is microfibre that will hang beautifully once turned into a dress!

Turns out I'll be making this dress completely from scratch after all haha!! So I guess there really is a silver lining in every black cloud!

Ok, so im having a debate with myself. What is the debate I hear you cry! XD!

Do I make her cloak to go with the costume to make a grand entrance and exit with for the Kita Got Talent skit if we get a spot? I'm still waiting on hearing whether me and kim have a spot and I hope we do as our skit will be epic!

So yeah... should I make the cloak?? I can get 3metres of black velvet for £9 in Angel, Islington and gold fabric for about the same amount for the lining possibly next week or a a later date if i do the cloak.


So I totally didn't intend on buying anything else until my pay day next week but I found the perfect red velvet fabric today on a stall in Angel, Islington for £3pm which is a bargain for decent velvet! I got 4 and a half metres of it which I think for my frame will be more than enough fabric. I decided to go with velvet for this dress instead of brocade because 1) its cheaper, 2) in the film you barely see the brocade design in the film and 3) trying to find red brocade that even remotely resembles the design on Gothel's dress is near damn impossible without paying out shed loads of money to get it custom printed, and when I have 4 other costumes to make just for Kita that's simply not an option!

Once I've got Re-L near enough complete I'll start working on this as I think it will take some time to get done well. I'm really looking forward to becoming a disney villain and a damn good villain at that! Pic of fabric will come later on.

Finally started work on the purple top this evening. I feel like I'm getting somewhere now with the motivation to actually make cosplay costumes XD!

So far I've cut the neckline and sleeves off, brought the top in by about 2inches (though I think it might need more) cut the scoop back and hemmed it up, and done the front pattern/shape and pinned the hem line in place.

Hoping tomorrow or sometime this week I will be able to do more sewing on the purple top, then I can start working on the black shirt and make sure it all fits nicely together. Also got to cut the flaps off the waistcoat so its more accurate.

*sigh* still got so much to do it feels.....ah well I WILL get this done!

or whatever you wanna call them lol. Anyway, I started work on them the other day, and for the last three days I've been slowly adding layers upon layers of newspaper using the papier mache method over cardboard as I dont have the tools or skills to do woodwork for them.

I've only done about 3 or 4 layers in total about 2 or 3 ayers on each side i think on one of them. It's going to be such a long process this way I think, but I'm hooping by the end of it, it will be worth it. ^_^

Pics will hopefully up soon when i get round to actually taking at least one

UPDATE 9/3/2012: I'm going to get some more masking tape for my second dagger as its too thin even now, but for the most detailing, due to time restrictions I'm not being too fussed about getting the depth in the 3D effect as much as I was before.

I've started painting one of the daggers and thats almost done, then I can go back to focus on the outfit, until I get more masking tape for the 2nd dagger and complete that. Then its a case of finding some grommets for the top and skirt and getting some slightly see through fabric or thin cotton fabric for the sleeves.

Thanks to Naomi (aka Nomes) she's letting me borrow the belt and pouches, gloves and boots for this as I dont have time to get it all done in time. I'm so so so SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO thankful to her!

So I finally purchased the wig for Meg YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! BUT I had to buy a slightly different wig for Meg as the one i reaaaaaaaally wanted had a full set of bangs, instead of being a side fringe. Yet I found this other one that is basically the same but has the side fringe and it looks quite thick in the finge, so I can easily pull it over to the right side, and try and 'volumise' the bangs into the right style as Meg's.

Over all I'm really happy with this wig i did purchase and it was £3 cheaper than the other one. ^_^ Pic shows the length of the ponytail extension that comes with it. The top part should be easily fixed once I make the hair bangle to sit round the top of the ponytail and with a bit of styling. Its also heat resistant so i can curl the side bits of hair and end of fringe to be accurate.

Now I've found items that I can use laying around at home, I've decided on my next day that I get when I'm doing nothing at all, I can start editing these items so their more accurate to Re-L. I thought I'd have to purchase these items from Primark, but finding them at home not being used, means I save money and get to get cracking on this costume a lot sooner, as HJ is only next month! EEP!

I've got mom looking at her work for a blue jewel for the tie, and I'm gonna get very thin elastic for it so i can wear it comfortably. It wont greatly accurate unfortunately, but hopefully when with everything it will be accurate enough! ^_^

I'm just happy that I've saved myself about £11 finding this items!! yippee!! I was going to go down the morph suit route but then I realised they have zips right up to the back of the head, and I dont have the time or effort to edit one that heavily. So I'm going down this tshirt and leggings route instead. I'm gonna sew the leggings and top together to create a body suit, worst case if i cant do that, the belt should cover the joinment line of the top and leggings if that makes sense! Either way, this is going to be a lot easier than the morph suit route.

I'll be getting a black shirt tomorrow from primark so that can be edited too to fit under the purple top at the front, but over it at the back. fun fun fun lol! I love how this cosplay is becoming cheaper and cheaper to make instead of the other way round haha

dunno why im thinking of wigs but I got thinking... the base wig im thinking of for Rikku it hink would be great for Tink. So I'm thinking once I've done Rikku, I can use the wig for Tinkerbell by editing the hell out o it to save on money!

I think I've found the perfect wig for Einblick. The fringe is slightly shorter, but by the time I have the hat on as well, I think it will be alright as I want to be able to see where I'm walking loL!

I found another wig from the same seller i'll be buying my Megara wig from and I found a great white long wig thats practically identical to the one in the photos section but its only £17 instead of £20 odd quid. So I think I might go for this one instead. (see photo)

I seem to be doing well on wigs with this seller as I also found a great wig for Einblick I'm keeping a watch on lol

I'm browsing through a seller that ahs fantastic wigs for quite cheap as all their stuff is on sale at the moment, and i came across this vocaloid Len wig which I think might be a good base wig for Rikku- I just need to get a ponytail extension for it and other extensions to do the plaits.

What do you guys think? It's only £14, and the fringe is perfect to work with. I wanted to go for a more natural blodne look with Rikku instead of the strawberry blonde in some refs anyway as i think it will look better on me, actually.. i know it will look better on me, the strawberry blonde doesnt suit me at all so i will need to go for a lighter blonde.

For Tink's wings I'll just use the ones I'll be making for Vidia (if they hold up lol) so that will save me money as I'm not doing what the parks do and put a coloured tint on the wings. Knowing I wanted to do Tinkerbell as well at some point, I figured leaving my Vidia wings plain and see through will make them useable for Tink.

I have a pair of bright green shoes that I bought for a Tink cosplay about 3 years ago (thats how long I've been planning her!) I just got to add the fluffy ball thing on the ends of the shoes and they'll be done! ^_^

It's just making the actual dress and doing the wig!

I bought the fabric dye this morning. I got 2 of the 50g packets of dylon's french lavender fabric dye and I'll be going to dye the dress in a bowl like I know how to do.

I'm really looking forward to this costume. ^_^ I'll be getting some dark purple fabric for the sashes, but right now I wanna focus on the dying process of the base dress and altering the back and neckline so its accurate.

UPDATE: The fabric dye arrived in the post this morning!!! So will have to get some latex gloves so i get dying the dress!

So I was on ebay for something to do and I found a fantastic wig the right colour with the ponytail tail extension and rest of wig pulled back already! I think I'll have to mod the bangs as it looks like a full fringe...cant really tell but the overall wig is great, so I dont mind looking for a short side banged wig of the same colour to change the fringe slightly.

I just LOVE this wig!

I just spotted basically the same wig (same description) just slightly lighter in colour and the bangs look alright for styling into meg's- happy days! Will buy after christmas before it sells out

I'm gonna be getting these thick durable but flexible plastic sheets from paperchase to make the wings out of, as I found them in there the other night and was really impressed with them. So when I can afford to spend money on this costume (I'm REALLY wanting to make this wings!) I'll be getting them.

I also just found on their site some silver glitter that I will use to do the 'veins' in the wings to give them glistening effect.

So I've sewn up the top (hemmed it all up), so now I gotta figure out how to the back 'flap' so the wings can fit on underneath the top, but out out through the back to give it a natural 'real' look. So basically the wings come out through the top, but the straps are hidden underneath the top.

I also gotta get some material to make the collar detailing and of course make the leaf skirt/bottom detailing on the top. I'm thinking of doing the leaves so they attach to the top instead of doing it in a skirt fashion as I think it will be easier.

Then I gotta do the leaves on the leggings and get some shoes and of course that dreaded wig and the wings themselves!

Contract has been made up with Tab- I just got to print off the last page, sign it and send it back to him this week!!


I don't know what I'd do if mom ever left her work HAHA!

Well she only and went found a long floor length dark purple (same colour as Vidia's vest) at her work today and brought it home for me to turn into her top!!! And because it's so long, I can use it to make Megara's top waistband on her dress!!! Possibly both if I'm really lucky and don't mess the top part of it up for Vidia! YAY!

So it means, I can start work on Vidia a lot sooner than I ever imagined!

FINALLY after two days of working it through and my laptop not saving it and re doing it... I HAVE DONE THE AUDIO FOR MINE AND LILKIMMI27'S SKIT OF MOTHER KNOWS BEST!!!!

I'm really pleased with the turn out as I've managed to edit it so it sounds like Punzie is saying its her birthday today (on the day of kita's got talent) as that day is Kim's actual birthday! SO with her being my punzie i found it appropriate to edit it so she doesn't say 'tomorrow is my birthday'! This re enactment will be epic! I'm so pleased with the smoothness of the editing considering how much sound goes on throughout that whole scene in Tangled!

So if you're going to Kita you etter come give my little punzie some birthday wishes and watch kita got talent (if we get into it!) and have a giggle with us! Now to send the form off and get moving with the actual costume!

I didn't think it'd be so difficult to find the right kind of wig for Einblick!!! I've so far found three possible ones....

(see picture) the first two i dont hink are heat resistance, and wig 3 is, so it'd be easy to restyle into Ein's haircut at the front. But hmm... they all have their own good qualities... what do people think?

Yup its true!

Though I haven't bought them yet, but they've started selling women's shoes that are identical to the ones Ein wears for like £8 so I will be buying some in the new year woop!

I'm still looking for a decent waistcoat and long coat to turn into his.... this is gonna a looooooooooong process me thinks!

Mainly for myself as a note to keep track of how much I've saved back so far. I know a couple of people are giving me money towards this as my christmas present, so I can also thank them on here for it, so everyone can see what great friends I have in helping me accomplish my new dream of owning this dress!

TARGET: £400

-£50 (23/11/2011)
-£50 (7/12/2011) - £300 to go!
-£50 (christmas present from Mom)
-£50 (christmas present from my friend Michael- I'm still in shock over this a day later!!!) - £200 to go!
-£10 (christmas present from my friend lilKimmi27!)

SENT THE FIRST £210 (getting mom's christmas present money next week to kick start off the second payment fund lol)

-£100 saved up just got £90 to go!!!!! EEEEP!!!!


I swear within cosplay, my middle name should be lucky haha!

So I was browsing around Primark today and was mooching around the clearance rails when I found purple skirts that were down to 50p!! The colour will really work for her feather/leaf design on the bottom of the top and the bottom of her leggings, so I got two of skirts to use for them yippee! I figured it would definitely be cheaper to do it that way, than buy a load of fabric from a fabric store. All I have to do is cut the skirts up into 'feather/leaf' shapes and work on them.

So top is well into progress now. I've managed to start shortening it. It still needs shortening some more as its still too long.

I've taken out the elastic in the sleeve and waist, as I need to pull the top in on the right side (sleeveless side) as now the sleeve is off, it gapes out in the middle of the waist. I've begun to cut out the neckline so its more accurate too, and its all pinned in place. So will be sewing it up another day.

Then I'll sew up the side again after i've pulled it in a bit, then I can work on sewing up the bottom now I've pinned it where it needs to be. Though because of the material, its not completely straight. It was pinned straight on me, but off it's all crooked.. grrrrr. So will have to dig out my mannequin (finding a temp home for my punzie wig) and sew it up once on the mannequin so its straight!

Then I can work on re doing the lining in the skirt, so I can cut the slits up the skirt to the right place.

I've decided to use my game version Tifa wig for Sif, as in the comics her hair is in fact more black than brown. Its only brown on the cover images (used as ref), but in the comics is black so that's reassuring! Dont have to pay out more for a wig!

I finally took a pic of the waistcoat fron and back view.

The back is pretty much perfect so that won't need editing, but I will edit the neck tie so it does by a button instead of the tie so it's smoother on the back of my neck and it doesn't create a huge knot.

The front, I'll cut off the 'flap' things and re-sew them onto the inside of the front of the waistcoat, covering them with the purple fabric rom the morph suit so it matches. (Once I get the morph suit and edit it!), then I can pretty much say the waistcoat is accurate to Re-L's!

So it doesn't need much editing, just those couple of little things but it will make a difference I think!

So I was bidding on a waistcoat the other day and I luckily just about won it!

It turned up today and is a great base, so tomorrow probably or sometime this week I'll take photos of it and explain how I'll edit them.

Until then I'm gonna log off whilst i have 4% battery life and get some sleep. (its like 1am!)

Ok so I found a proper wig to use. I'm gonna get the red ponytail extension I think, and then use this wig to pull back into the ponytail, wrapping it over the extension. I'm hoping this will work anyway! In theory it should do as I'll do it layer by layer instead of just grabbing the whole wig and pulling it back.

Also, this colour is more accurate to Meg's, so once I place it over the ponytail extension ( the red one) it will hopefully look like an even colour or at least the lighter extension will create highlights through the hair.

Ok... Meg's hair seems to change from pic to pic... sometimes it looks a reddy brown, others it looks more brown, others it looks a dark red.

Soooo Because of tight budget I'm going to go for this great thick long hair extension I found on ebay for 8.99 its heat resistance and what not and looks great. Only problem is.... their browns are really browns, and the burgandy red looks a bit too red.. so which should I go for?

Ok, so I was gonna seriously think about making this from scratch BUT I remembered that I had a greek style white dress that is great material for Meg. It need dying lilac, and the neckline altering and then the dark purple sashes added and whatnot, but it will save me so much money that I'll need to save up for so many other costumes and the wig of this costume, that I'm going with this idea! ^_^

I originally had this dress to do an original design of Queen Tatiana from A midsummer nights dream, but that isnt going to get made now. So why not use it for Meg!?

Pic coming up soon! ^_^

If I make the top from scratch completely. (Depends if I can find a decent pattern anywhere really and if I feel confident enough to make it from scratch)

I'll be using this material: purple velour velvet like they do in the parks and then use maybe purple/pinkish pipe cording or something similar to do the leave veins on the jacket. I think this fabric will just look more luxurious and be comfortable. If not (it also depends on funds) I'll go back to my original idea in the first journal for her top. OR buy a purple velvet coat/jacket and edit that into Vidia's.

So I've been looking at wigs whilst I'm waiting for the last minute on a bid for a Re-L costume piece on ebay, and found this one wig.

I know the front is wrong length wise, but to make the ponytail noticable from the front, I was gonna cut off the length from the front and somehow attach the wefts I cut off, and add them on the top of the ponytail on the top of the wig. So it adds volume but in a light-ish way. It's the only way I can think of to be honest. ^_^ SEE PICTURE.

I know in some shots Vidia's hair looks purple-ish or blue-ish but looking at my doll and in most pictures, her hair is in fact Black, it just has that multicoloured shine that a lot of black hair does actually have when sunshine hits it. Oh the glory of black hair haha!

My god it just occured to me tonight, that I still have my body forming purple leggings from my Kaoru cheshire cat cosplay knocking around so I can use them to turn into Vidia's!!!

Mom gave me an idea for her vest- get a purple long sleeved top from primark two sizes too big for me so its fitted- but not skin tight and edit it. Then I figured out HOW to edit!

Cut the sleeves off, and use one sleeve to make her collar, then with a fine brush I can paint all the leave veins onto it and then with scissors make little snips into the edges so it looks like hers. It's a start definitely if I dont come up with anything else.

For the feathers I'm gonna get some white fabric (unless i find the right coloured fabric) and dye it and cut out each feather shape individually, paint the designs on the 'feathers' and snip down the sides to give them a more 'real' look. I can do the same for the half feathers on her leggings.

Then get some purple pumps for her shoes. The hardest task will be her wings and wig. I'm now really excited to do this costume! Yay i get to be a fairy!!! Ooh... and her ears...gotta fathom that out

Looking at her skirt, and bikini top the cord lining looks around the same shade of colour. So I've also been debating whether or not to go for orange wax cord or stick with the yellow, considering the trim on her top is orange.

Pic includes the image of the orange wax cord I found.... I did find a thong that is very orange so this matches it perfectly...

Talking of her top... I'm thinking of getting fabric paint to paint on the bikini top the orange trim and on the straps that tie round her neck and back, then use the wax cord for the centre bow tie, so maybe it would be best to do all the trim in orange.... or should i get one roll of yellow for the skirt and one for the top?

looking REALLY closely at Rikku's sleeves, it seems they are infact slightly see through as you can see her arms through the fabric. So I'm really debating whether to go for a slightly sheer cotton 4 way stretch fabric, or a normal 4 way stretch white cotton fabric that ISNT see through... I know most rikku cosplayers use block thick fabric for her sleeves, but I'm really tempted to go that extra mile and be that bit more accurate lol.

Opinions? Pic to your left is of the slightly see through fabric. It looks quite close to the ref image of Rikku...

...and everyone else who is curious haha!!

This make up tutorial is pretty much the simplest one I've ever done. Probably because it's not THAT far off my normal make up routine in every day life. haha!! Anywho, this is the step by step of how I did it.

1) This is something I didn't do because I've run out but it I will be doing it when I have some more: PRIMER! I cannot stress this enough! Use a good Primer before applying make up! It smooths out your skin and makes your foundation and general make up apply so much nicer and easier!!

2) If you have blemishes (like I do grrrr) use a good 'cover stick' concealer or normal concealer that is a good match to your skin to start with. Re-L's make up and skin tone is pretty pale, so if you have darker skin I'd recommend using a paler make up pallet to make your skin paler but not ghost white.

3a) I then used a liquid foundation the same colour as the cover stick/concealer to give a smoother cover over the cover stick, as the cover stick doesn't apply that smoothly on it's own.

3b) If you can still see a couple of blemishes (like I could) go over those areas with a tad more cover stick/concealer ontop of your liquid foundation which will hide them even more and look more even.

4) Use a good PRESS POWDER FOUNDATION of the 'STAY MATTE' variety as it will make your skin a lot more flawless and matte and will keep any shine under control.

5) I know this sounds crazy, but I used a little bit of cover stick over my lips to make my lips paler to match Re-L's barely visible lips look. I used the cover stick like concealer on my lips. Also put some round the eyelids to smooth out the skin on the lids. Trust me.. it helps!

6) Apply a good lengthening mascara on your upper eyelashes to lengthen and thicken your lashes so they show against the shadow, and give a more 'anime' drawn look.

7) Use a medium to dark shade of metallic blue eye shadow (see photo for colour ref) and apply all over the eyelid to JUST above the eye socket bone so the shadow shows when your eyes open, all the way out just past the corners of your lids. (See photo of make up test if you're unsure what I mean).

8) With a a shade LIGHTER blue eyeshadow apply ONTOP of the darker blue. It will be like a highlighter on your eyes and really make the blue eye shadow POP! especially on the outer corners. When applying the eye shadow on the outer corners, apply it so it comes out to a > shape. Be neat in the bulk of the colour and in the > shape, but leave the very edge of the colour dark. (AGAIN, SEE PHOTO OF MAKE UP TEST FOR REFERENCE) This will create a shadowy,blended look which Re-L has on her eyeshadow. Then with a tip of an applicator use the DARK blue eyeshadow to outline your lower eyelid all the way round from outer to inner corners of eyelids.

9) Apply a good liquid eyeliner on the upper eyelid to frame the WHOLE eyelid, creating a fine >shape on the outer corner which will create 'long eyelash' feel. Do a couple of a small fine flicks with the eyeliner above and below the main flick you just made, which will be like drawing on fine eyelashes. It makes the anime look more distinct, whilst still being slightly more 'gothic' too.

10) Use white and a skin tone eyeshadow mixed to apply on the upper part of your eyes (just below your eyebrow) to act as a highlighter and gently blend it down to the very edge of the blue eyeshadow. It will help make the blue look less harsh.

11) With the white and skin tone eye shadows lightly apply them to your lips to create a smoother finish on your lips over the cover stick. Try to NOT use a metallic eyeshadow as you want your lips to look matte and almost invisible.

12) With a PENCIL black eyeliner lightly and carefully apply the pencil eyeliner on the waterline of your LOWER lid, it will help bring out the liquid eyeliner on the lower lid which should have been FINELY applied.

13) If you need to go over your mascara due to little particles of eyeshaow do so, but other than that YOU'RE DONE!

And that's how I did Re-L's make up! I would mention about the eyebrows, but to be honest I did such a bad job with them, I'm not going to bother lol. If you're good at colouring eyebrows with eyebrow pencils then do it. ^_^

I found my old wrongly done Ariel blue dress, so I'm gonna use that for my pattern to do Meg's dress now I figured out how I can do the swoopy neckline etc.

Hopefully soon I can start looking at fabric and get started on Meg.

To the left of your screen is a screencap of the zentai suit Im thinking of getting for Re-L as I think it's a good colour, which I will edit aka:

1) Cut the head off
2) Cut the sleeves off
3) Cut the top off so it sits just over the bust and under the arms
4) Possibly put in some fine elastic to make it stay in place over the shirt and under the waistcoat

So now ideas are running round my head on how I can get this together in a relatively short time when I have my birthday, christmas, my commission to Tab and Kita all to save for too.

So here we go:
Zentai suit: for the purple trousers and boobtube style top she wears, I can cut and edit the top part of the zentai suit to make it like hers
Black Shirt: I can get that from Primark easily enough, and with mom working in a charity shop, i have another option to get a cheap black smart shirt.
Waistcoat: I'm thinking of going with a halter neck low front neckline black waistcoat for hers, as you dont see the back of her waistcoat because of her shirt lol Ebay will be my option for that as I'll find one pre owned for relatively cheap- unless one comes into my mom's charity shop of course haha( SEE PHOTO FOR TYPE OF WAISTCOAT)
Coat: mom has one that is IDENTICAL to Re-L's already in her wardrobe which she said I can borrow for the event. YAY! I also know it fits me perfectly as well as her lol. So that's sorted for FREE
Belts: I have belts at home I can use- or yet again Mom's charity shop
Boots: I have black boots at home already I can use!
Wig: I have one already (My kayako wig) that I can use. HOORAH for multi character purpose wigs!!!
Tie: Ebay yet again or fancy dress shop, Unless I do find the fabric and I can make it as its a short tie and easy enough to make. ^_^

I got the wig from aks_100 yesterday and took it out the bag today to try on. Its amazing quality after I brushed out some knots and love it!

I know in the ultimate avengers, her hair is short but the wig has some lovely flicks on the bottom (its longish) that if I cut it down to the right length, I'll lose all the styled bottom. So I'm going to keep the wig long as Black Widow has her hair long in nearly everything else.

So something I totally didnt plan to do, but when I found great velvet for really cheap in a market today, I decided to buy 3metres of it so I can make a cape with a hood for Rapunzel, so I dont have to worry about trying to find a jacket at home that will remotely go with my costume for travelling and when I get cold outside.

The velvet is gorgeous quality considering the price (£3pm) and with the 3 metres I got, I have plenty to make a cape and a hood whilst having the fabric doubled over so its velvet on the under side and outer side. I'm not going for the coronation cape she wore with the faux fur trim, but going with my own design as I think Punzie wearing a hooded cape would be utterly adorable, and also its historically more accurate (think Mother Gothel's cape).

So I managed to get the other day online some flamingo pink fabric dye, which was despatched this morning so when I receive that I can go over the bottom of the sleeves with the dye to make the gradient stand out more all ready for distant worlds.

Once that is done, I can be happy with this costume. I'll have to make a backing for the little lotus flower thing so the beads dont drop out of it, but thats a minor thing i can leave until the last minute kid of thing lol. I'll have cut a small bit of cardboard and glue it onto the back of the flower thing and stab holes through it.

Okay, so as its mainly for aks_100's birthday and my skills are like..... well yeah. lol I'm gonna buy a black catsuit for this costume. I already own a pair of combat knee high boots that are IDENTICAL to her boots in this movie, so I'll use them.

Then I'll just have to buy a white strap top to go underneath, a pair of fingerless pleather gloves and some toy uzi guns/pistols and paint black.

Wig I'm taking off of Aks_100's hands and will give her some money for it next week.

BINGO- COMPLETE... once everything is done haha.

Easiest cosplay.....EVER!

So I was thinking today of fabrics, and it occured to me that I have 1metre and a half of green lycra left after making my Ariel tail, and its the perfect shade of green for Enchantress' bodice and skirt!!!

So I will be using that to make her bodice at least! I might even invest paying out for boning and bone the bodice too, but I'm not sure as I've never done that before lol. I might also use some clear straps to hold up the bodice or the rubbery stuff you get on hold up stockings to hold the bodice up. ^_^

Being the fabric it is, it might not even boning.. hmm decisions decisions lol

So after looking really closely at the reference pictures AND watching the show religiously at 10am every week day (lol) I have decided I will go for a metallic lycra fabric for her arm warmer thingies. Also looking at the ref pic, it looks as if the over lay skirt panels on her skirt are of the same shade of green as her arm warmers so I will use the same fabric to make the panels on the skirt, so they shine like hers seem to do.

For the arm warmers to create the line detailing that are on her arm warmers I'm thinking of hand stitching with very fine lime green thread the 'stripes' on them, but not entirely sure. It will create a pinstripe effect but not sure if it will work for hers or not.

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!! *lets off streamers and poppers and fireworks and lanterns* HAPPY DANCE!! *Boogie*

Oh yeah, this project is now complete!!!!! I'm so happy- cant ya tell!? LOL! There's two TEENY TINY little bits that I need to alter but they're so minor its like a 5minute bit of work that isnt too bad to be honest. Though I do have to sew up the hole thats somehow appeared in my left sleeve over night. But its all on the seam line of the sleeve so its a case of just re sewing it up.

But yeah, I'm so proud of this costume!!! Now I'm uber excited to wear her with my contacts and wig and my little Pascal safety pinned to my shoulder!! I still got the other side of the flag to finish off but again, its minor... lol

Now to buy some lanterns!! BUt the costume is complete..so its being moved from in progress to complete!

So I ripped apart my obi/bow today for something to do. I took off the bow parts completely from the back of the obi and I also ripped off the smaller middle bit of "the tie" part of the obi too. I then decided to scrap the bigger middle piece and the bigger bow parts and so I'm just left with the smaller bow parts and smaller middle piece.

I've pinned the pieces together and now have a completely new bow!! It's much better and fits better too. I also brought right in the actual obi bit as I've lost sooooooooooo much round my waist even from Kita!! I've had to bring it by a good 3/4inches!!!! CRAZY!!!

So now it sits on my back better and it's not as heavy anymore.. in fact its barley heavy at all!! YAY!

I also tried out my top again, wearing it in a slightly different way gives me the more accurate lower neckline, which I'm pleased with too. I just have to shorten the top on the bottom bits as their too long now!!! HAHA!

I ALSO re styled my wig for her too, so now the flick is more natural looking and slightly more feathered on the ends. But because I pva glued it last time, I had to chop off the ends so the flick is shorter than Yunie's but it's still a damn sight better than it was before!

Now all that's left to do for Distant Worlds is re dye the bottom of the sleeves so the pink is more obvious and vibrant!

So whilst I've been debating whether or not to put tis costume up, I was thinking how would I do this costume. When I figured it out for a couple of parts, I decided it has to be done lol.

I have a pair of wet look leggings that I will use (once replaced) for her leggings and then I will paint on the circle design down the front of the leggings. I have a pair of knee high skin tight stretchy heeled boots also in my cupboard that I will use for Enchantress, and like the leggings I will paint the green stripe down them to the toe.

For the top I will probably buy a green bodice, or buy any colour one then get green stretchy fabric and use the fabric to cover the base bodice. For the skirt? I have no idea lol!

I think for her headgear I will commission someone who knows what they're doing to do it for me! I will get a shorter length wig than my Rapunzel one for Enchantress, as I think my rapunzel wig is a great colour for Enchantress.

So after finding my dark pink shoes I decided to use for Rapunzel to save on money, I still ended up buying new shoes today for her. XD go figure!!

I wasn't going to bother though, but considering they ended up being in the sale for £3 in Primark and they are pretty much the same shade of lilac as the shoes Rapunzel wears in the parks (just a matte mesh instead of shiny) I thought I'd get them.

So the picture in the 'gallery' is the picture of the shoes I will use for Rapunzel when travelling to expo and walking around inside. I did also buy some toeless skin coloured tights to wear for photos so I can still be shoeless and "accurate" whilst being comfortable too.

Okay... wiggy wig wig!!

So As you most of you know, I WAS planning on doing her mega braid for practicality, yet when I was doing a dummy run braiding it today after I wefted half of the wig I really hated how thin the braid looked and when I placed the flowers on it, the braid got rather hidden and well.. MEH!

Also, the smaller braids I bought to sew into it have ended up being a completely different shade of blonde to the wig and dont go what so ever! So I can't use them, and I hate the thin-ness of the braid once the wig braided. It just doesn't look right for my liking. Also it's beginning to be really darn heavy, so with the braid it would have left my head before I knew it!

So with all this in mind I have decided to not do the braid for the time being and leave it long and flowing! I'll just have to make sure I got my wide toothed comb with me and gently run the comb through it throughout the day. On the up side though, the bangs have come out PERFECTLY!

So my contacts have arrived!! I love the colour! Although they're a one tone coloured contact, but as I got a lighter shade of green compared to my Yuna contacts, I think over my dark blue eyes they will still look quite natural and animated at the same time. Which if it looks how I see it in my head- will look great!

So this morning, I managed to get a pretty good white petticoat with a lace trim already sewn on at the bottom for £5.75 and free postage, so I figured whilst I have the funds, I'd buy it. It also means I dont have to panic about getting one at last minute and it possibly not turning up!

I also bought some green contact lenses from www.coloured-contact-lens.co.uk with a case for £12.43. I've bought from the before (i got my Yuna contacts from them) and though they are really cheap, they're REALLY comfortable for an all day wear. I wasn't expecting to buy them out this pay, but I ended up anyway lol. At least I dont have to worry about them now I guess!

I got a polystyrene head today!!! And for a cheap £2.99!!! Well okay i Lie.... the truth is.. Mom got me the polystyrene as she went out to Penge and found a shop there that specialises in everything wig and hair! So I'll have to add that to the rest of the cash I owe her haha!!

I drew on her and named her Mika after my OC hahaha! Yes I AM that sad! LOL! But it means now, that me and mom have set ourselves Saturday for Punzie wig wefting!!!

Then on 9th October I shall be going to Concertina's place for punzie bodice work to get the grommets put in, and I'll be helping her with her wig(s)! Woop I'm now really looking forward to getting this finally finished!!

Sooooooooooooooooo because I'm a perfectionist, I have decided to re work the bodice front. ^___^

So I cut out the hook and eye 'panel' fastening and replaced it with a lilac panel to which I sewed in, on the right side and fastened with poppers on the left. So I can put the bodice on a lot more easier now, without so much faffing around with hook and eyes. ^____^

So because of this now, it will be easier to now add in the grommets (when I eventually get to Concentina's place or vise versa) and will be A LOT easier for the lacing to sit in the front whilst looking A LOT more accurate!!

I also managed yesterday to get the sleeve motif completely finished! WOOP WOOP!

So I was really debating with this, but I decided I will wear shoes for walking around inside Expo as it's super busy on the Saturday and will take them off for outside and photos.

Now I did think about looking to buy lilac shoes but to be honest, I'd rather plough my money into the wig, SOOOOO as I was doing a clear out in my room the other week, I found my old vibrant pink flats I used for Princess Ai (as a backup pair for when my feet hurt!) and decided as a way to save money I will use these shoes.

Now I know they're not perfect by means, but at the moment the saving of money is a lot more important to me than accuracy.

So I've done through 3 pair of shoes for this dress before, and I still am not happy, so today I came across the perfect pair that I actually LOVE and have the right toe shape and heel. FINALLY! So four pairs of shoes down the line, and I'm finally happy and will be sticking with a pair that is actually good!

Hopefully now when I wear this dress at smaller events (disney on ice and Rapunzel's coronation on the 2nd october!) I can feel GREAT in it and feel my feet look good too!

So I managed to buy some blonde braids today from Primark! I got 5 braids for £4.50 which was good me thinks!! I figured it was easier to buy already made braids and sew them into the wig, than it was try and make several small braids in a 60" long wig as well as the big main braid!!

I also started the other day, a flag (the one she gets in the Kingdom Dance scene!) as I was bored and thought it'd be a cute little prop to have around for photos! I just stitched two pieces of fabric together (makes it look like a pillow case!!) and I've drawn free hand the sun logo onto one side (will do the other side after I've painted the first side)!!

So today I was a busy bee and I managed to get the skirt COMPLETE!!!! Soooo that means now, that a part from the sleeve motif details that need painting (gonna wait until we've used our bog roll so I can use the inner tube to stuff the sleeve whilst I paint it) and the grommets in the main bodice, the outfit is pretty much complete!!

So now it's the waiting game for my wigs to turn up so I can style the beast before expo *fingers crossed*!!

One thing about the skirt though- I'm NOT going to ad the inside panel detail as to be honest it will be too much on my skirt. I had to lighten my purple fabric dye so it would show up on the skirt (see latest photo) and because of this, the inside detail would just look too busy and heavy on the fabric of the skirt. So no inside panel detail for me!

Okay, so I really REALLY wanna cosplay Refia for Distant Worlds but with the time limit I have to make it? I can't because I dont have the funds to do so. Then there's the time limit I have to get it commissioned? Again, same problem... funds. *sigh*

Sooooooooo I'm having to look through my complete FF costumes and having to re wear one. The one that is the most suitable would be this one. So this one it is. ^_^

THOUGH I'm going to be making major edits to it. The Obi bow will be re made much MUCH smaller and LIGHTER and I'm going to re style my wig too so the flick actually flicks outwards and is feathered. I'm going to feather the main wig too so its actually nice looking. I'll also re make the top so it sits more accurately at the front. I'll also re dye the sleeves with a slightly darker pink fabric dye so the gradiant shows up better!

Which means, I'm having to take off my contacts for sale as I will need them for this costume. ^_^ I'm hoping I can get nicer boots for this costume too that are more accurate to hers. I'll also not be bringing the staff for obvious reasons (and its broken lol).

I just hope I can make a better Yuna this time round.

Yay my stencils turned up this morning which I'm over the moon with! One of my mates has already told me when I'm finished with them, she'll buy them off me haha!!

So tomorrow I'm gonna head over to Croydon and buy some purple fabric paint, so hopefully by the weekend I can start painting the skirt design!! I've got to re hem the skirt though, as after I cut out the lining, it took the hemming out, so back to sewing first, THEN I can start painting the skirt! WOOP!!

Ooh the other day My mom found a light tan satchel at her work, that she got me, to use to put my wallet and phone in at expo. It's no where near movie accurate but to be honest, I'm NOT going for movie accurate, but I figured with it being tan 'leather' it will at least blend into the costume enough to pass. ^_^ See photo to the left.

I've also very nearly finished the bodice!! I just got to add the grommets and lacing then it will be 100% complete!! EEEE I'm getting really excited now for this to be complete!! As the sooner I can get the costume finished, the sooner I can work on the wig when they arrive!

So I got the bodice like 85% complete now. I've sewn on the two different coloured lace trims around the top and bottom and added the 6 buttons down the centre of the back panel.

With the back panel- Rapunzel's is a sheer fabric but to save on money as I've spent crap loads on the wig and stuff, I've used the same cotton fabric I used for the main bodice itself. Yet I've sewn it on in a way so the main bodice edges stand away from the panel so it looks two seperate pieces.

Now I have the sleeves to draw up and make, sew them on and get a friend to help me do the grommet eyelets down the front as I dont have the strength in my hands to do them myself.

Since trying on the bodice so far, I dont know if its just because i'm not that well at the moment and rather bloated or not but it's giving me a really bad figure and the boning is all over the place down the front centre. So I'm gonna see what I can do to make it fit me better and make me look better- at the moment I look like I have no waist at all which isn't flattering in any way. *sigh*

So today has been a good day for material buying!!

I managed to get into Bromley to the Saturday market where there's always a haberdashery stall. So when I went, i first looked at the buttons and they had the perfect pink buttons for the back of the bodice, then I walked round and saw perfect pink ribbon for the puff part of the sleeves, AND all the lace in white and pink for the main part of the bodice!! All for under £3!!! BARGAIN!! ^___^

My two wigs got shipped 2 days ago as well, so I got a tracking number for them so I can keep up to date with them and hope they arrive with plenty of time to have for styling the beast! Also my stencil for the skirt pattern from Kiggi from cosplay.com also got posted out today!!

UPDATE: I'm also looking and watching on a petticoat with lace trim on ebay but Im waiting to hear from the seller on how long it is as it's hard to tell the length from the picture

Will update with a photo of all my its tomorrow ^_^

I've decided to rewear this as it was requested by friends too and it means Aks_100 can do a photoshoot with me in it as she wants to do an Ariel photoshoot with me haha!

So because of this decision and because the Entertainment Media Show in London is happening on the 1st and 2nd October (though only attending one day) and its bound to be very cold, I've decided to make a park inspired cloak for this costume so I have a bit of warmth on my arms, though I'll be inside for most of the event, I think if I go outside for a photoshoot, it will be worth it!

Pic of Park cloak is attached ^__^ It;s not a great photo but it's the best I could find at the moment!

I'll be using some of the left over fabric I have from making her tail to do this cloak as its made of lycra jersey fabric, and hopefully will create some warmth on my arms when wearing it. I still have one light green skirt left that I used to make seaweed strips for my broadway Ariel, so I'll cut more of that up to create 'seaweed' strips onto the cloak so its not just a flat plain cloak. ^_^

Oh my gosh, I'm really proving lucky with this costume I can barely believe it!!

Not only have I got someone on CI doing my crown for me, but a lovely girl called Kiggi on Cosplay.com is going to make a stencil of the pattern on her promo skirt for me and ship it to me!!! All because I cant get the right one already made or afford to buy all the materials to make my own stencil!! She has the stencil plastic stuff already and she is going to help me out by making it for me so all I need to fork out for is the fabric paint!!

She's from the states but I'm so lucky to have met (virtually) such lovely disney cosplayers from over there that they would help me out with this costume!

As for the skirt, I've managed to stitch the elastic into the waist band so it fits MUCH better in my natural waist where it's meant to now, so I'm quite happy with the progress. I'm just going to have to cut out the lining as it's caused the bottom edge feel a bit stiff and kick out now I've hemmed it with wonderweb. Ho hum!

So I managed to get my thread through the post today and at 4:12pm I began sewing the bodice up!

I managed to get the edges sewn up and 2 panels done on one side, which took me a grand total of 2 hours hand sewing *sigh* Now I'm sitting here on my laptop, watching Tangled on it XP! I just want this costume finished already so I prance around in parks and stuff hahahaha!!

Oh! I also bought for 50p in Primark today a braided hair piece made out hair extensions to be one of the smaller braids in the wig, it may not match the wig but really looking at Punzie's hair its very multi-tonal so it will work for my liking ^_^ Also it was 50p so I thought "why not!?"

Oh! Also a lovely kind soul (katsarayuki) has agreed to make me her crown for October Expo FOR FREE! I'm so thankful to her I really am! ^____^! If she attend october expo I'll be sure to buy a drink at least for all her hard work!

UPDATE: Just bought some costume kids tights for her sleeves for 3.99 as its the best I can find as I looked EVERYWHERE today and couldnt find anything in stores...

Just thought of something...

So I figured maybe some of my marvel/superhero/comic book cosplayer friends could give me some ideas...

HOW DO I DO HER BOOTS!???? I'm completely stumped on how I can do her boots as they look like they're done in the "bandage" way of being wrapped up round her legs kinda thing... but i dont have the sort of funds to pay out for pleather to do both boots...and i dont have the experience of making shoes/boots at all... so ideas would be GREATLY appreciated!

So in my ref pics her changes from black to brown and her fringe is different too.

So I'm not sure which version to do to be honest. If I did the black hair version then I could probably use my Tifa wig and cut it the right length and then tie it up in the ribbons to make the 'bunches'.

But if I did her brown version I'd need to buy a new wig that didnt have any bangs and try and give them volume to give that 'lara croft' look as thats what her hair reminds me of in the pics with her with brown hair.


decisions decisions..... anyone got any ideas??

As Nomes asked, I thought I would put it as a journal for anyone who wishes to know how did my make up to get that young boyish look for Roxas round the eyes for us girls who crossplay!
STEP 1: Concealer- I put a layer of concealer evenly round my face making sure to get in all the nooks and crannies round my nose and under my lower eyelid.
STEP 2: *OPTIONAL* I also put some cover stick on any blemishes that I had- of course, if you dont have any co you're that lucky then you can skip this step. lol
STEP 3: Powder foundation. As i dont work well with liquid foundation, I use only powder foundation and apply it generously round my entire face and applied a layer on my eyelids too.
STEP 4: Apply white eye liner to the lower eyelid on the waterline (make sure you have a decent white eyeliner- unlike my crap primark one!), also apply a thin line of it on the inside part of your eye nearest your nose following the contour of your eye.
STEP 5: With black eye shadow and a thin make up brush I did a thin soft line on the upper eyelid as close to the eyelashes as possible as if it was eyeliner. Using eyeshadow it gives a softer line, whilst defining the upper eyelid to give that animated look! MAKE SURE TO STOP AT THE LAST EYELASH ON THE OUTER PART OF YOUR EYELID!
STEP 6: Apply mascara to the upper eyelashes and the lower ones, but only apply a little on the lower eyelashes- but make sure theres enough to make your lower eyelashes to define the line of your lower eyelid.
STEP 7: Apply as pale as eyeshadow to your upper eyelid like normal (make sure it matches your skin tone), it creates a soft perfect skin look on your lower eyelid and if you get any mascara on your eyelid it covers it!!
STEP 8: Apply a faint soft line of a darker brown eyeshadow along the crease of the top part of your eyelid to create a "shadow", it will help bring out your eye and not look so flat.
STEP 8: With your black eye shadow apply a very small faint line (using it like eyeliner) on the outer corner of your eye as if you were drawing an anime eye on paper to create a more "box" corner and continue down to your lower eyelid BUT MAKE SURE TO STOP JUST PAST THE FIRST COUPLE OF EYELASHES! This give your eyes a very anime/CGI feel and really makes your eyes POP!
STEP 9: With a TINY bit of foundation go over the eyeshadow to seal the eyeshadow on your eyes and to tone down the harshness of the black.
STEP 10 *OPTIONAL*: With a black eyeliner PEN go over your black eyeshadow line to define it more with the black mascara. I did this at the end as the skin coloured eyeshadow went over the original black line, it just made my eyelashes POP! a bit more to give it more of a squeenix art look. I also added some more mascara on the upper lashes so it matches as I don't use fake eyelashes.


If this doesn't make sense, PM me and I will gladly make a tutorial video to put up onto youtube. I tried using other tutorials but they came out so girly it made me cringe so I winged as I went today. It may look too harsh without your Roxas wig on, but when you get the wig on, it really works! SEE PHOTO!

This tutorial will work for Sora also I would think too- especially KH2 Sora!

so its all finally complete and I'm doing her star charm for her keyblade as we speak. But looking back at the photos.. though its a mirrored image, im wondering if I put the bag on the wrong side.... ah well! Too late to change it now!

So all the zips have now been sewn in place, i just need to get an extra zip pull to hot glue onto the bottom of the middle zip so its got the open bottom end.

I also need to wonder web up the bottom slightly and wonder web the white part at the top in place too, then it's complete!!!

Now to work on my star drawing skills to make her charm to go on the keyblade!

so I got the zips yesterday and managed to spray pait the teeth of the zips silver really well. But when I placed them against the front of the dress for length, I only found that they're a tad too long.. BUT I got told I can shorten them easily enough and just sew thread thickly round the end that I want and it should be fine.
BUT when I placed the longest one in the middle like where it's meant to be, I glanced over at the reference picture I have printed out and only realised it's an double ended zip!!! Yet mine isnt! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR So I'll have to hunt down an old hoodie I dont want anymore and take the zip out to use the zip pull to add the one for Kairi's dress at the bottom so it's accurate!!

And there's me thinking this was going all too well!! Guess I was right! haha!

So to save on money as high top converse have gone up in price since I last looked at them I have decided to use my old(ish) cream ones and dye/paint them the lilac colour as it will be a fraction of the price of new ones.

I cant believe I only thought of this a couple of hours ago though lol! Typical me!! LOL! So I'm gonna start looking for the right colour dye and paint and see which is cheaper, though I will buy a small tub of black fabric paint to paint the soles me thinks!

So now I completed the keyblade in three days I can focus seriously on the dress itself now.

So on Tuesday Im going to take a day trip to Kingston so I can go into FABRICLAND and buy three cheap long chunky zips for the dress. I'll be taking the dress with me and reference pics so i can get as much aid in choosing the right zips as possible. ^_^ Then its a case of hunting down the right coloured converse for her after LFCC in the middle of July.

So I managed to get a wheelchair hired out for this costume with no problems on Earl's Court side at all! YAAAAAAAAY!!!

Also with great thanks to NightmareWings, I can now use some tattoo cover make up to hide my wrist tattoo so it's even more accurate to Ariel and does her more justice- can't have any little kids saying "YOURE NOT ARIEL! YOU HAVE DRAWINGS ON YOUR ARM!" now can we!??? hahahaha

I managed to get the bangles today in the right colours for Kairi in Poundland luckily!

Also managed to get a big ass bottle of PVA glue so i can continue with the keyblade and got some cheap decent gold paint for the vine work that wraps round it too! ^^

So I caved and today spent a whole £2 on supplies for making her keyblade. Luckily I already had flowers so they cost me NIL, all I had to do was bu some gardening wire that was already covered for safety but very flexible for the gold vine that snakes around her keyblade AND a wooden broom to be the main blade bit! All from 99p store so I managed to spend £2 so far on her keyblade WOO! I love doing cosplay on the cheap lol!!

I started papier mache-ing the handles and bit the flowers will be on today until I ran out of PVA glue!!! Didn't realise I was that low on it, but ah well! I can buy some more next week in The Works for 99p so that's not too bad, other than that, I have everything else at home already! The paints, the flowers, cardboard, old newspapers.. everything! So in total this keyblade will cost me £3! BARGAIN!!

For the flowers I gotta paint them a more brighter and accurate colour, and make them bigger by cutting petals off the spare fake flowers and adding them onto the main flower, then cut the leaves off the wire stem and add them between the flowers onto the keyblade! This is gonna take me a long while me thinks, but hopefully the end result will be worth it and it will survive the Hyper Japan event ready for october expo!

Onto other news- I HAVE A BELT FOR HER! WOOOOOO!

Because I'm an utter masochist (like you all dont know that already! LOL) I have decided if I have time I'm gonna have a whack at making her keyblade in the next few weeks for a stupidly cheap budget so I have it and score myself extra points in the Square Enix CosParade battle at Hyper Japan! It also means it will give me something to use to aid in my posing too!

I just hope I can have the funds and find the items to make it in time!

Okay.. here we go:

Dress: In progress,got one more zip to put in and tack down the white bit in properly and that's complete

Shoes: complete! Used my Serah Farron converse and mixed my purple and white fabric paints to get the right shade of lilac and painted them by hand.

Wig: FusionRose cant make it to hyper japan anymore so I'll be making the best out of the wig I got instead. so no worries there really. Not too happy with it but it will do

Belt: COMPLETE- Finally found some buckles on old bags and attached both swoopy things and bag to belt. Just gotta re enforce the hot glue with some stitches but thats minor.


Keyblade: 99% complete- just got to make the star charm that goes on the end of it to be 100%complete but that's minor too.

so I finally got round to continuing some work on this dress today.

Well.. I say me... I mean mom LMAO! I managed to get her help in placing a new panel into the side of the dress today, so all that needs doing now i trimming the excess fabric on the inside and sewing it into place, then I gotta look for chunky zips for the front gahhh!! And of course the lilac converse and black shoe laces

UPDATE: Managed to get the panel stitched in place and hemmed up the bottom of the dress to make it the right length today. woo Also stitched the hood in place properly too. Now to go chunky zip shopping at some point!

So I cut out a panel from the base bodice so it's accurate and hemmed it up so the boning would stay in place. Woot!!

I only began Rapunzel properly now because after finishing Ariel today, I got bored and still in the mood to sew like a mad woman! I couldn't find where my mom had placed the lilac bed sheet for the bodice, so all I could do was get the back done which took me like 15 minutes lol. I'm hoping I can get moving with this over the weekend or something so I still have something to focus on. ^_^ It all began when I watched Tangled yet again today and I reaaaaaaaaaally wanna prance around in this costume doing the kingdom dance lol!

Piccies will be up shortly!

Sooooooo the time has come when I can finally say costume number 28 is COMPLETE!!! Blooming hell have I really reached 28 complete costumes in 3 years already!?

Anywho, back tot his costume- I have now done the waist fin and it's become a real snug snug fit to get in and out of (I ended up ripping some the stitching... but luckily it doesn't show once on thank GOD!) and since I took the photo on my phone I hAve added the glitter "veins" on the waist fin too- so I can officially class this costume- my dream costume of all time COMPLETE!!!!!!!!!!

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now to work on flattening my tummy for all the time I'll be sitting down in it and just doing the odd touch up to the wig as the fringe is starting to fall down already (grrrrr) but other than that, its done! I'm so so happy!!

But the things I have learnt from this is to make the bottom of the fin a lot more snug round my calfs and ankles- but me being me, I have weird shaped legs which make it awkward for getting the tail snug all the way down. But when I re make it (coz I will) I will definitely make it more snug all the way down and stuff! This was a fun costume to attempt to make and I;m glad I've done it finally!


Its so ever so close to being complete now I can hardly contain the kid in me hahahaha!!

I literally just gotta do the waist fin on it and it's DONE! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

so I've got the wig done as best as I could.. I probably could add more wefts but to be honest I'm too scared to mess what I have done already up lol!

I got a message on ebay too and the seller has sent off my reels of thread yesterday so should get those in the next few days so i can continue with the tail woop!

So after receiving my fabric yesterday morning, I got my wig through the mail this morning!!!!

So this week at some point I'll make a start on cutting my already styled wig and adding it to the new soft wig I have! *gulp* I've never do this before so wish me luck!!

I'm also gonna head into Bromley tomorrow for the saturday market to the haberdashery stall to hopefully get some purple ribbon for the shell bra and HOPEFULLY get some orange thread!

So the other night I had a brain wave of making her bag for the event that she takes with her to put her collectibles in that she finds in the ship wrecks under the sea.

To do this, I found a vest top today in a charity shop, which I'll convert into her tote bag. I'll be doing this like so:
1) Fold top inside out
2) Sew up the bottom of the top so there's no exit XD
3) Lower the neckline at front and back
4) sew up the ends and leave the straps on!
5) TA-DA! One slouchy tote bag that resembles Ariel's to put human things inside!!

So I decided to use my original pair of shells fro my broadway variant costume to make her shell bra from the film.

Here's what I've started to do and will doing:

1) Cut out the four shell "panels" out of craft foam and hot gluing them onto the shell to create the right amount of ridges on her shell bra. This will create the more 3D-ish effect instead of the ridges being flat.
2) Use the stretchy jersey lycra material I found today to cover the craft foam.
3) go around the craft foam lines on the material with purple glitter glue to give the shells more definition and that undersea shimmer like the park costume has!!
4) Get some purple thin ribbon to use as the straps that go around the bust and ribcage and to create the little 'x' shaped tie that Ariel has at the back of her strap
5) DONE!

So I got the fins pretty much done. I still need to sew them together and get some glitter glue to make the "veins" on the fins and then make the waist fin.

For the main fabric- I'l be buying the fabric I put up in a pic and I just worked out how much it will cost me for 3metres.... £16.47!!!!!! Good job i already had most of the other stuff! But I still gotta alter my shell bra so it's accurate to the original film and not the broadway version. *gulp* I'm thinking of hot gluing them to a strapless bra and then try and make the shells into the right style and re paint or buy more fabric. I was going to use purple lycra but it's so expensive when I need less than a metre it's not worth it!

I'm really looking forward to moving forward with this though!

I have also bought a new wig for Ariel asmine is extremely thin now and going frizzy at the ends. But I'll use my current wig- just use the new one to thicken it up!

Soooooo I got a new wig tonight for Ariel which I['ll be cutting up and adding to my current wig to make it thicker OR if I can get the fringe done better on the new wig in a practice run I'll cut my current wig and use the wefts on that to thicken the new nice wig ^_^

Also, after this first wear, I got a bad rash from the netting in the sleeve rubbing my shoulder during the day so I need to alter the sleeves slightly to make sure every bit of netting is completely covered with polycotton and it wont scratch me when I wear it. It also needs a good clean with vanish because I got lip gloss and tea spilt down the dress and sleeves GRRRRRR!!!!

Thanks to the amazing nomes I don't have to buy/commission/or attempt to poorly make Rikku's boots and belt/pouches!


So that saves me ALOT of money and means I can really concentrate on doing the hair right! ^_^

UPDATE: 20/11/2011: She's also gonna let me borrow the brown gloves after talking with her the other night. ^_^ SO now to get a skirt, the wig, and other bits! I really wanna make this already! I've waited too long to cosplay Rikku!

So as you can see from photos,I decided to do a test run with this wig. Luckily where its its crazily thick it ties up into a ponytail amazingly well whilst staying snug on my head without moving anywhere! yay!!! The fringe goes into that anti gravity defying swoop perfectly also! YAAAAY!! So will be spraying it in place when I've got a better idea of when I will become Ariel's daughter Melody LOL! (like mother like daughter aye!? LOL) Also, I wanna re wear my Raven Madison first as its the same wig before spraying it into Melody's fringe. Although the characters both have side fringes, Raven's is more against her forehead unlike Melody's.

As for accessories, I just need to get the right coloured hair bobble as I don't have a green one currently, and I have decided to try and make her shell necklace and I want to make her ice slab that is her map to Atlantica!!! I'm thinking of maybe using an old halloween gravestone prop, painting it over in greys and blues and then covering it in maybe clingfilm tightly to give it that sheen that ice has when sunlight hits it. Before i cover it I will engrave the "directions" to Atlantica on it!

I wanna do this sooooooo much now! XD

So yeah.. I put this into the complete section a few days ago, and I have photos of just the costume together but am I going to be nice and post them up on here? HELLS NO!! teehee!!! Though as tempting as it is to post a teaser photo that is LOL worthy I wont!

So you'll all have to wait for the grand debut surprise of this on Saturday at expo! Only a small handful of my friends have seen teaser photos of the costume and not even they are going to spoil it! mwahahaha!

I have decided though and packed my wedding Eric doll to take with me for Saturday as I don't have anyone cosplaying Eric in his wedding clothes or cosplaying Eric full stop on saturday XD! But I will tell you this.. I'm so proud of this costume and it is my fav Ariel costume so far (it even beats her nightgown which I ADORE!) and will be going to Cosplay Portrait to get professional photos done of it! So you'll definitely see amazing photos of this costume on here!

So I was talking with mom earlier today whilst watching Tangled (yes I got it today on blu-ray! HELL YEAH!) about what I thought to cover my base bodice with. And she turns around and tells me I can use her flat sheet from her bed covers as they're the perfect and accurate shade of purple and she'll buy herself a new one so it saves me money on materials!!!

WOOOO! So it looks like I'll be able to make a proper start on this costume a lot earlier than I originally thought I would! *cue Flynn style "YAY!"* I've decided also that as the base bodice will be covered, I'll have no way of getting the top on and off SOOOOOOOOO to make it wearable I'm going to put in an invisible zip in the back of the bodice so the front lacing is purely for decoration so to speak!

Oh the ideas are flowing now!!


So I finally tried on the dress yet again and as I managed to zip it all the way up at the back now, I bent over and one of the straps broke off! But then I realised Kairi's dress is more like a halter neck top! So I didn't worry about one of the straps breaking off. SO I pinned the strap round to make it a halter neck, then cut off a strip of white jersey fabric form the scrap I had laying around. I then stitched the white around the original pink strap! Then I got the black hooded top that mom brought home last night and cut the hood off, pinning it round the white halter strap.
I then began to do an oversew stitch to attach the hood onto the strap and then ran out of white thread lol! SO that's how the hood wil be finished being stitched into place too. I did have to slightly gather the hood into white strap in a couple of places to make it fit in place, but once on you really cant tell it's been gathered- not unless you look stupidly close haha!

I'm pretty happy with the progress on this dress considering it's tight and small on me! I can JUST fit into it but with an extra panel put in which I'll do with some other thicker fabric I found that's the same colour luckily! (It was scrap from my Ariel nightgown fabric!) Which should make it fine to wear yay!

I'm also buying a red wig which is great for Kairi from IndecisiveTrollop at expo on Saturday which I'll style into Kairi's style by giving it a fringe. woo! Now it's a case of finishing the dress and buying the right coloured converse!

I can never be happy with what I've done can I?? haha!

So I found ten times better fabric for her veil today and ripped off the current fabric I had hot glued onto my crown and will hot gluing the new fabric onto it probably tomorrow as I can't find my hot glue gun box haha!

So I began work on my Kairi base dress today. My god it took forever just to do the tiny bit I did!!

Firstly, I had to get my thread ripper and pick off every single button one by one from the dress. Which alone took me over an hour to do just that, and right down the bottom I got a teeny tiny spot of blood on the dress from stabbing myself several times with the thread ripper. OUCH!! The things we go through for cosplay aye!? LOL

Then I turned the dress inside out and gently went all round the edging of the lining fabric and with the thread ripper took the lining out. Which later on, I will use to add panels in the side I think to make the dress that little bit bigger and less skin tight that I cant walk in it XD!

Then I found spare jersey fabric which is perfect for the white top part that goes under the main zip in the neckline of her dress!! So I cut a huge triangular piece out and pinned it on the inside of the dress. I know I've put too much on the inside, but until I get 3 giant zips to put onto the dress, it wont be sewn into place. XD!

I will probably continue work on this just after expo when I can get help from my mom to do all the adding panels and complex work on it ^_^ Also I can make a trip to Brighton to go cheap zip and other fabric for other cosplay shopping! ^_^

So the base dress I thought was gonna have to be taken back to the store, can infact be made bigger slightly to fit me! YAAAAY!

So here's a breakdown on how I'm gonna edit the dress (pics will be up later):

Base Dress: Take buttons off that sewn on as decoration from the bottom and straps
Take out lining and use to make a panel in the back to widen the dress
Cut out slits to add the long zips in the front
Use a scrap of jersey fabric I have to add to the top neckline of dress under the middle zip

Hood: Buy a cheap hoodie from a charity shop and cut the hood off and sew onto dress!

Shoes: Buy a cheap pair of pink converse on ebay and add black shoelaces

Wig: Buy wig off ebay and style

I think I'll have to commission someone to make Rikku's belt as I have no idea at all on how to make it. Either that or borrow someone's for the event as I have several friends who has cosplayed Rikku ^_^

If anyone I know has any ideas on good commissioners who do me a really cheap deal on the belt/pouches or canlend meit for Hyper Japan let me know 'kay!? XD

As for boots, I have white boots already from when Idid Wedding Yuna (Infact I have 2 types of white boots from that one costume) so I'll mod the non shiny ones if I can find them to turn into Rikku's boots. They wont be 100% accurate due to the style of the boots now, but they'll definitely be as close as I can possibly get them on my cheap skate budget!

So I went on ebay to look at price ranges for brown fingerless gloves. Being a vegetarian I hate the thought of using leather... BUT do you think I can get fake leather on ebay? NO! *sigh*

So i'm going to have to go for real leather after all by the looks of things. Which sucks and I'll feel horrid for wearing them on my hands... but if it's all i can get then it will have to do, because I cant make gloves myself.

Thanks to the amazing Nomes, she is going to give Roxas's shoes a go for me so it's one less thing to worry about for myself as I wanna try and get Rikku done also for Hyper Japan. ^_^

Nomes- I WUV YOU!!!! I'm so going to give you some money for them!

I've now got everything together apart from those damn trousers! I can't find the right base trousers anywhere that I'd be happy with to make into Roxas' pants... so yeah.. but this year I WILL get him complete as I've been seriously itching to crossplay Roxas again for what seems forever!!

I also gotta fix the inside the wig coz the fasteners have snapped off so yeah.. i need to restitch them into place.

UPDATE: I found base trousers yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! Couldnt afford them really at the moment but finding a right size in stock in primark trousers is a miracle so when i found a pair that fitted i bought them anyway. Now to edit edit edit!!


I managed to shorten the stockings by quite a fair bit so I don't have to use my really thick knee high socks for this costume! Also finally put a popper on the choker too. ^______^

I'm now really looking forward to wearing this cosplay as I finished it ages ago and it was a bit snug but since loosing a lot more weight since december I know it will fit me a lot better!! I'm tempted to give it a try just to see XD

Yes. you read the journal title right... I'll be the 2nd person to wear this costume as I will be making it for mom first for october's Disney on Ice at the o2 Arena! I'm so chuffed I got mom eager to cosplay finally and it's to be my Flounder to go with my Ariel and my BF's Eric! XD!!!

So the costume is only 20% away from completion and I look at my wig again and realise how thin it's become. Soooooooo for London Film Comic Con I will be buying another wig and using it for the wefts and adding alot of volume to it or vise versa.

I will be giving the washing process a try tomorrow me thinks as it only needs washing at the very bottom of the current wig. So yeah.. hopefully my current wig will be a bit better in condition wise for expo for the first wear of this costume and will be ten times better for LFCC.

So i was stupid and forgot about the jacket I was watching on ebay, and totally missed the bidding time XD whoops!

I've messaged the seller though as there were no bids on it, and waiting to see if she will still sell it to me. Fingers crossed... if not it's going back to my original idea of doing mermaid Ariel XD

So jacket got put back up on ebay but I was never told so I didnt know and it got sold to someone else.

Unless I find a dirt cheap faux leather red jacket this wont be happening and i'll be going back to doing mermaid ariel- god knows how I'll get around it XD

I finally got my hands on the rare plushie Pascal!!! I am one very happy person! So now when my costume is complete I will feel it's properly complete due to having my little Pascal the chameleon! XD!

Also, when I've finished my Ariel wedding gown I will be making a start on the skirt part at least of this costume as then I will have the time and patience to work on it without worrying about any other costume XD

I am stupidly tempted to cosplay her at LFCC on the sunday instead of doing another Ariel costume all because of Mark Sheppard attending the event and his character wasn't even in the season this Ruby was XD!!!

All I'd have to do is get a toy knife to make into hers, a faux leather red jacket and I have black trousers at home and the type of boots she wears... and I also have black t-shirts in my drawers until they're busting out everywhere XD So all I'd have to really fork out for is the blonde wig because I've seen a faux leather jacket on ebay that is going for 99p and only £3 postage... hmmm I have 2days to make a decision...

Well the base skirt arrived this morning YAY!!!

But it was so poorly packaged (I'm talking, twirled around and scrunched up into a jiffy bag kinda poorly packaged) and treated as if it were towel or something, that when I took it out it's so dreadfully creased that I will have to iron it out before I do anything to it. (Like stitch the over lay skirt onto the waist band and put a couple of stitched near the bottom to keep the over lay in place onto it)

But I thought I'd put it on the mannequin to see the overall look, to make sure it fanned out as much as I hoped, and it does! Yay! So apart from the ironing that needs to be done, it's pretty much perfect!! I will be stitching the overlay skirt onto it when I get back from Kita as I've packed my sewing kit in my case for Kita, incase it's needed, and I'm too lazy to unpack it just to stitch the teal trim onto the overlay and so XD!

I've also noticed today that I will have to trim down the petticoat and the netting on the hoop skirt so it doesn't show under the main dress, which at the moment it does. I swear the person who originally had this hoop skirt for their wedding must have been REALLY tall!!

Just a small quick journal. I will be using my Tifa earrings as they're the EXACT same design of drop earrings. And thankful for my friend who loves making jewellery, I now have the perfect clip on drop pearl earrings for this costume! YAY!!!

So I finally took the plunge for doing the over lay part of her skirt today, which went really well, and I managed to do the waistband just right thankfully!! So after KITA I will be hemming it all up on the waist band and the front, then adding the teal trim onto it. WOO!
The skirt I bought thinking it was coming from a UK seller, is actually coming from Thailand, so I got to wait that little bit longer than I thought XD But I should receive it by 4th April according to eBay. So yay! I really want to get cracking on this costume now, especially now I can see some obvious moving forward and progress on it! XD This makes me very happy indeed!! ^__^

What I shall do though before I sew the over lay onto the main skirt is to iron the over lay as it's got rather badly crinkled due to me scrunching it into a small parcel bag when I thought I messed it up and had a strop over it XD!

So for the first time since I received the wig, I managed to try it on, with the contacts. Contacts are AMAZING! They're unbelievably comfortable and really cheap too.

The wig however SUCKS!!!! Off it looks fantastic and the right style, once worn however it's the complete opposite! It's actually Lightning's haircut but in a bob version. I'm SO annoyed its crazy. I'm low on funds yet the only way I can save it in time, is to buy from Primark the thick wide hair extensions for £6 unless I can find cheaper in another cheapish chavvy store. GRRRRR!!!!!

And there's only a week to go before Kita!!! So frigging raging right now!!!

Everything is pretty much done apart from her arm warmers which I'll do later on today for something to do, and I'll need to re glue on the little grey "studs" to her boot armour and elbow armour as some of them have come off. I'll do the gluing on the Thursday of Kita in the hotel room though so they dont get damaged in the transportation of them!

Oh yeah! With 2 weeks to go before Kita I have decided I want to add her earrings to the costume which is typical of me! But I failed so epically on making them, that a lovely friend of mine who is experienced in making jewellery and earrings, will be making them for me instead and giving them to me before I go to Kita! YAY!

UPDATE: Armwarmers complete!

UPDATE 2: I got my earrings for Tifa from my lovely friend yesterday and they're perfect! Woo so now this is definitely 110% complete XD So looking forward to wearing Tifa at Kita its craaaaaaazzzzyyyyyy!!!

So I found the right length skirt today but with my petticoat underneath it doesn't look too flattering. So what I'm going to do is look for another one that fans out more within the 28 days of return policy, and if I do, I'll take the one i bought today back, and if I don't then I'll keep this skirt and just wing it to make it look better.

UPDATE: I bought a new white long skirt that flares out ALOT so I'm going to take my skirt i bought from primark back for a refund and wait on this new skirt to turn up!

If it comes to it, I decided to cut the elastic off my petticoat and chop my petticoat up (it's too big for me now anyway!) and then use layered strips of the tulle netting to stitch it directly onto the skirt and create a petticoat onto it that way, to get it to fan out more nicely without wearing the equivalent of 2 skirts.

UPDATE: My new better skirt has been shipped today so should be receiving it in the next couple of days yay! And then I can FINALLY get back to working on this costume!!


Obi: complete! Wooo!
Obi beads: 100% complete
Hibiscus: 100% complete
Sleeves: COMPLETE!!!
Tops: 100% complete
Skirt: completed ages ago thank god!
Staff: 100% complete
boots: For her boots I'm going to use my songstress yuna boots to save money
Wig: styled and 100% complete
Contacts: Arrived and amazingly comfortable!
Necklace: I already have from my other Yuna costumes.
Other Jewellery: Wont be bothering with, mainly because I dont have my ears pierced and i dont have time to make everything else. ^_^

UPDATE: 15/03/2011 Yuna is like 100% complete now! I'll hot glue to bow together at the hotel on the Thursday when I get there XD

Well obi is pretty much complete (apart from adding the rope and hibiscus), I wont be doing any photos though as to protect it more, I won't be hot gluing it together until I reach the hotel on the Thursday (31st March) and I'll put it together properly when I'm there. But I did get some heavy duty velcro that is mega wide and put that onto my belt part and man does it stick!! It took 2 of us to get it off me!!

Then it's case of making the rod thingymabobs that hang from her hibiscus. I'm going to try and make them out of the clay I bought today at some point- maybe tomorrow?

Sleeves are 99% complete also! YAY! I just got to gradient dye the bottom of them and they're done! I managed to get some beads and purple ribbon today and did the top bit of the sleeves with them. They look so cute even if I do say so myself! XD! Expect pictures of the sleeves in the next couple of days, as I'll be dying them tomorrow which also mean I can get the frills of Ariel's night gown dyed and sewn on and that will be 2 costumes pretty much complete!

I'm just finding it a hard time to find the right black bikini top for Yuna at the moment, I'm hoping I'll find one soon!

UPDATE: Just found out my new mega bright contact lenses i bought last night for Yuna have been shipped today! YAY!

So I'll be using the pink dye for Yuna's sleeves to do the frill trim of this nightgown at the same time. Once this trim has been dyed, and sewn into place (the neckline and sleeves) it will only need the pink ribbon to be sewn into place on the neckline and this cosplay will be complete!!

This will have been the cheapest and quickest cosplay I think I've ever had to make myself! As it will be complete before Kita, I have decided to bring it to Kita with me, hopefully to wear for at least half a day. ^_^

I managed to start work on the hibiscus this afternoon. Got it mostly done in about half an hour, but it still needs painting the correct colours to make it look neater and better, so the sketch lines get hidden. As far as I'm concerned that's pretty minor now. At least I got the design done and cut out. All is made out of craft foam that I had laying around.

I then gotta cut out the holes for the rope to pierce through for the rod things she has, which I will probably make out of craft foam and/or modelling clay as I need to get modelling clay to finish my staff off. I'll post a photo of the hibiscus once its painted and it looks decent, but right now I'm not feeling to well so yeah...no pictures yet

Started painting the belt part of her obi today.

I done one half of the green vine work and leaves of it, and that's about it. I'm trying to use as much of what's left of my fabric paint as I can to try and save money. (It hurt my fingers squeezing the tubes to get as much paint out of them as possible!) Hopefully tomorrow if I'm not feeling too bad, I'll paint the pink flowers and use the last of my green paint to do the other side of vine/leaf work. ^_^

Then I'm gonna do a test strip if I can to see how bright/dark my blue fabric dries to see which part of her circle I need to colour the right shade of blue in. I also need to get my white fabric paint out to do the bit above the circle motif part white and part pink. *sigh* I also gotta try and do her hibiscus flower which I suck at doing! So I'll see if I can print one out the right size and glue it onto the craft foam and paint it that way.

Sleeves- I oversewed the bottom of the sleeves so they're now ready to be gradiant dyed pink, which will also mean I can dye the trim of my Ariel nightgown cosplay!

UPDATE: OBI BELT IS PAINTED WOOOOO!!! Now I need to go over the flowers a bit more so the colour is more vivid. Glue the rope onto it on either side, do the hibiscus, thread the rope through the hibiscus, paint the rope, glue the bow pieces together, get velcro so I can wear the whole thing and finally gradient dye the sleeves and get purple ribbon to thread through the top of them!

The base dress I bought the other day has a lighter purple lining underneath it and I only noticed DOH! But I will use that for the middle panel of her skirt!

Also, as it's backless I'm thinking of keeping the top part of the dress on it and just make the bodice to go over it so it creates a back for it, and I get that gorgeous darker purple panel showing through the lacing in the middle of the bodice just like Punzie's!! Cant believe I didn't think of this before really! XD!

I figured out how I'm going to do her 70ft of hair into that thick plat!

I found a 48" wig from cosplaydna on eBay for £20.50. So when I get round to it after my holiday I'll be buying 2 of them, and use one for the wefts of hair and add them into the other one (the one I'd be wearing) which will hopefully extend the wig and give me more wefts of hair to do individual smaller plats, then I'll be platting the whole thing together into the huge plat! Then I'll have to add fake flowers into the hair and hey presto! RapunzaHair!!

I decided to knock up her big blue bow for this dress for my birthday bash on Saturday because I can't find my cute little blue bow. Saying this now, I'll find it tomorrow or tonight hahaha! If I do though, I'll use the clasp of it and put it on my big bow. XD!

Mom also very kindly put 2 darts in the back bringing it in by 2inches so it can finally fit me again!!! I swear I'll never stop wearing this variant of hers no matter how different outfits I make of Ariel's haha! Knowing me it will come to Kita too haha!

I'm so excited to wear this on Saturday at my disney-fied birthday bash to see Tangled and go disney store shopping with my friend who will be my lovely Prince Eric and Wiltrdrose as Vanessa!!

Okay well, I have started the obi for Yuna! YIPPEE!!!!

But the consequence of that is a blister on my middle right finger from hand sewing through foam and layers of fabric! OUCHIE!!! And I've only done the belt part and one small bit for the back! Still gotta hand sew the fabric onto each and every piece of it yet!! *whimper* But I must say so for myself and a first attempt at making anything like this, I think it's turning out pretty damn well!!

I've attached a step by step collage onto this journal so you can see how I have done it! ^_^ I'll be receiving more foam (well.. another gym mat! XD!) to make the last bow on her obi so it's symmetrical and then it's case of hot gluing the bow parts onto the back, and all the other little fiddly bits that need hot gluing together and then it's a case of painting the detailing on! XD! Well, pencilling it out first then painting XD!

First off Staff: I have made good progress with the staff head. I've added all the bits for it now, and I just need to spend time painting it so it gets tidied up (pencils marks disappear in other words!) and it looks more fluid from each colour to the next and stuff. Then I gotta reinforce the bottom bit coz it flops a little where somehow the bottom at the back (the cardboard) got damp (I have no idea how coz its been no where anything damp or wet) so I gotta reinforce it a bit, then with papier mache or something similar attach it to the pole. I haven't quite figured it out yet, but I'm sure I will!
I also need to papier mache the little design on the bottom of the pole, then add the all the little details she has down the pole! ^_^!

I've been trying to find the tutorial I found months ago, but do you think I can find it again? NO! Ah well, I will have to try and do it by memory, but I do know I will be making each bit seperately then putting it all together that way. I wont be using dowel rods for the bits that come out of her hibiscus because quite frankly with everything else I can't afford the cost of a pack of dowel rods just for the sake of using 2 for this. So I will have to do something I HATE with a passion... just paint the rope and use the rope on its own with beads. URGH! In the future I will probably do the rods, but at the moment I wont be able to. As for her Hibiscus, I'll be using craft foam and painting it then sealing that paint. I will probably lightly carve into the craft foam to make it stand out more and with a very fine brush or one of my art pens, go round that with a dark black to make it stand out more.

The fabric for her obi turned up today and damn it's bright yellow!!! So it should be fun to work with! This will be my very first time making anything like this, so I apologise now if it's not good enough for anyone's personal preferences about this costume. See attached photo for the fabric colour. And believe me, the yellow is brighter in reality than it is in the photo. But its still passable.

I've just thought that I can use my Xion wig if all else fails to do Yuffie!

So that will save me money and get more use out of my wigs too!

So obviously, the petticoat is basically done, I will add the scrap pieces onto the top to poof the top out a bit more though!

As for the earrings, I found in one of my local cleaners, they sell craft bits and ribbon, threads and sewing accessories stuff. When I went to buy some more dressmakers pencils and more poppers, I found they sell craft jewels and do the exact two styles of pearls and clip on earring backs that Ariel wears for her earrings!!
So I'll be buying the 3 packs and will be MAKING her earrings!! AHHH! First time I'll be attempting this but I feel its the only way I'll get the accurate earrings for this costume without paying £35 to get my ears pierced JUST for Ariel. I will probably buy the packs on the 2nd February when I'm paid again and I know what I have to play with money wise (as I want to take out most of my pay to go towards holiday spending money! hehe)

Well I decided to go with making the staff anyway, But looking at the nirvana staff in depth and in great detail I have decided I'll be pushing my luck for a first attempt at staff making. So I'm making her sphere one instead as its a lot more simple for a first try.

So... today mom bought a broom from Sainsburys basics range which is the perfect base colour for her staff! (basically not use the broom head, but the pole only! XD) So now I'll need to start to looking around for styrofoam spheres (BIG ones) and then to do it on the cheap, I'll be using the good old papier mache technique and paint it and so forth...

So I've good head way with this costume!

Everything is done apart from getting the right socks, getting a belt, doing the armwarmers which I'll be making out of incredibly thick tights that my mom said she has laying around somewhere that she doesn't wear anymore, so once washed they'll be perfect! And it saves me money!
I also have to get the wig, I was going to buy from Wig Fever but I found another cosplay wig seller on ebay (with thanks to the disney thread on cosplay.com which do the exact same wig but £6 cheaper!!! And they do free shipping like wig fever which is fantastic!! I'm glad I held off for a bit before delving in and buying off wig fever again. ^_^

Now.. onto the braces:
They are utterly perfect!! Except for the fact that the back clasp wont grip onto my skirt and stay put. It keep pinging off and slapping me in the face... which hurts.... which hurts alot. XD! So I'll need to get a new clasp and switch it over to one that stay on my skirt... i think it's because my skirt is shiny.

But other than that my cosplay is like 90% complete!!

I add my crappy phone piccie onto this journal, as I'll upload better quality ones later into the "gallery" section ^_^

After looking at another cosplayer's from the states costume of this, and doing ALOT of research, I found out that her thin arm warmers she wears with this dress are in fact a very dark purple, so I've got some thick-ish purple tights yesterday which I'll be editing into arm warmers.

I might do that today between going to the cinema XD

With thanks to the amazing FairyPorchQueen, I now have the accurate braces for this costume! I bought hers from her and received them this morning!

So now I just got to do her extra long arm warmers, finish up her 2 bits of armour, and buy and style the wig. WOOP! I was thinking if I can figure out how to do it, I'd add the red tips on the bottom of her hair as I haven't seen anyone do that yet.

I bought the most perfect base black skirt today from Primark for £2, it just needs shortening to Tifa's stupid "length" of a mini skirt haha!

Will be adding photos tomorrow when I can be assed to take them with the top together.

I found fantastic boots today in a store called priceless shoes, but they didnt have sizes any bigger than 13 (junior boots!) but I went on their site just now and they do a size 5 in the same boots!! So I got them! Nice and cheap! They're a tad shiny but I think they're plausible for Tifa's. If anyone has ideas on how to make them less shiny I'll be happy to hear them!

Now I just have to either find my braces I got years ago, or get new ones, buy the wig and style it, do the armour on the boot and elbow, do the armwarmer and I'm going to commission the amazing FairyPorchQueen for the gloves as I have NO experience in glove making at all!

I have decided to make the choker part out of the spare bit crushed velvet (form the sleeves I cut off of the dress). And I'm going to attempt to the bat style part of it from craft foam and paint it black, I was thinking to finish it off to use PVA Glue to use as a gloss finish.

Only thing I have to figure out how to attach the two parts together!!

I just bought 4metres of tulle TuTu netting fro TiaKnight on ebay so yey! I can continue with the making progress of this cosplay soon! I went for 4 metres because I think that it will give me just enough !POOF! without making me look huge around the hips and butt area haha! Also, I really detest hoop skirts for some reason. Also, I think that if Ariel was a real person and she wore this dress, she wouldn't want it looking like Giselle's wedding dress, and would want it more tasteful on the skirt area. ^_^!

I also paid for proper thick and wide tutu elastic from an american seller on ebay too as I couldn't find a UK seller that specialises in tutu elastic. I went for proper tutu elastic because it doesn't go really thin or curve round when it is stretched to get the tutu (or in my case petticoat) on. It's heavy duty and holds shape well.

When I receive the elastic I will finally be able to continue work on this and work on the skirt part before attempting the zig zag pattern on the bodice again.


So I've finished the dress, and now I have the necklace to somehow do (have NO idea how to make it!) and got her arm warmers to make too, the its 100% complete!! YEY!!

I found the perfect pink material in a charity shop today (actually bed sheets- but loads of it!) so I can put this into "in progress" and make her night gown! YAY!!

As you can see form the photos, the dress is well on its way to being completed. I even stitched the lace onto the dress yesterday so now I'm just waiting on the ribbon to arrive and to get some hook and eyes to corset the back slightly. Then that is 100% complete! WOO! EASY COSPLAY WAS EAAAAASSSSYYYYY!!!

I'm so in love with this dress of Raven's and so eager to wear I'll be wearing it as my birthday outfit in Walt Disney World!!
I bought the black and white stockings today, I think I will need to buy some suspenders though as my legs aren't thin enough for them to stay place on their own without rolling down my legs. But that's my little touch to the cosplay whilst keeping it 99.9999999% accurate! ^_^

UPDATE: THE BLACK RIBBON ARRIVED!!! Now to buy some hook and eyes to finish it off!

I finally found a bunch of cheap hair grips that will support the crown and the weight of the veil! So I can use some clear elastic bands and superglue to attach them to the crown and that will be 100% complete! YIPPEE!!

I got this style (see picture) but in plain tan brown so they hide away into the wig nicely. But this was the closest to a plain grip I could find on google images haha!

So I received the fabric a couple of days ago and I spent 3 damn hours trying to do the zig zag part of her bodice done and I got NOWHERE!

It all went wrong, the fabric wouldnt fit all the way round the bodice and it looked CRAP! So I had scrap that bit of fabric all together and just leave it undone. So in a way I've gone backwards one step instead forwards. I'm also now worrying that the teal trim I had right will be now too shortly cut for when I get the zig zag bit done correctly.

Its driving me mad, and I got to the point where i wanted to cry because nothing I did was right. I had no choice but to buy polycotton for the rest of this dress because i dont have the funds to bu stretchy material which is where I'm thinking I'm getting the problems from.

WAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! Okay baby moment over but seriously, its driving me crazy because I just want to advance on it! Because of the problems with that I cant think straight on how to do those damn poofy sleeves either!

I finally took the plunge and bought 6 metres of fabric on ebay for £12. Cheapest I could find, but rather silly doing it tonight really because I gotta pay out £35 tomorrow morning for something epic lol. Ah well I dont care! It means I can get started on finishing this beast of a costume!!

I also found some teal thread at Mom's work today too so I can get started on sewing the teal trim around the bodice tomorrow too! YAY!!!

Okay, so I finally nearly finished the crown. It's like 99% complete now, I might go over the paint again, but at the moment I'm happy with the 3 coats of paint I did on it. And the tiny bit cracking at the bend in the crown you can't see once on ma head anyway. The huge red fringe hides any bad bits perfectly, so yeah... I cant be bothered to do anymore painting on it.

I also found a hell of a lot white mesh netting that is ultra soft and is just like Ariel's veil material in my box of crafts and stuff. (Found it at the same time as the rope for Yuna's obi!) I was going by my musical statue of wedding Ariel when deciding on the material for her veil. So when I found this huge amount of material I was "HOOZAH!!"

The length is ridiculously long, so I'll need to trim it down, but the width is perfect. When I say perfect, i mean PERFECT 110%! So whilst diving through my boxes of craft stuff, I found my multi purpose extra strong glue and glued the material all round the top of the veil so it sits over the wig the exact way it does on Ariel's hair in the film.

All I need to do now is buy some hair grips to glue to the crown, so I can attach the crown onto the wig without the weight of the veil ripping the crown off the wig and damaging my gorgeous wig!

I found some old rope that I originally bought for Ariel's sail rags, but never actually used in the end.

Luckily there is more than enough rope to wrap round Yuna's obi and add the beads to. I may even need to trim it down but we'll see when I start work on her obi once the materials are bought. All I need to do is paint it pale baby pink! At least that has cut down the cost down for making this outfit which I'm thrilled about!

Okay I've gone through alot of tutorials and I now know that I'm WAY out of my league for this. But considering I have the main top and skirt, I don't want to cheat and buy the cosplay off ebay.

I'm determined to MAKE this as best I can, but I know I'm not skilled enough to make this obi and bow. So I'm thinking I'm going to have to commission someone for this. BUT, this is a big but.. I cant afford to pay out crap loads of money for just that part. Especially when I can make everything else (with the wig) for £38 est. So i dont want to pay the same price for just that part or more if you know what I mean?

So do any of you know where I can go to get a good deal, or do any of my lovely friends think they can give me a helping hand with this? I'm DESPERATE here!!

I have found a shop on ebay that does polycotton in white at a cheap price for 6 metres. So hopefully in the next couple of pays I can buy the fabric and actually get back to working on this outfit. I have decided upon polycotton to do the bottom part of this dress because it will match the bodice material and it's cheap to get in a huge quantity.

Everytime I look at the bodice unfinished, it makes me cringe and crave to get back to work on the costume, but money is restricting me to do so at the moment which sucks big time.

So fingers crossed that I can get the fabric to get working on it soon again.

As luck would have it, just as I've started work on my skirt, I find a better more accurate one in Scope!

It's pretty much dead accurate for colour (which is better than my navy one) and its already pleated correctly too. All I have to do re fix the zip in place and put the slit in the left side and paint it. It's a tad shorter than hers (by like an inch) but that isn't bothering me in all honesty. As long as the main skirt is accurate that's what I'm more concerned with.

So yeah... the skirt wil be re done now. Photos will be up shortly too (probably tonight.)

I have finally started work on the skirt *phew!*

Okay so it's not much but at least it gets me abit ahead on doing it so all I have to worry about after christmas (possibly new year) is doing all the fiddly floral painting job on it.

So I shortened it, cut the slit in the left side and hemmed it up today. I ran out of wonderweb (yes I know... talk about being lazy!!!) just as I got really close to the end. Typical huh? XD!

I know alot of people will probably be like "AHHH WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!?? WONDERWEB?? ARE YOU INSANE???!!" at my statement, but to be honest, it saves time AND it's given a really nice smooth finish on the skirt (on both sides) so to be honest I don't care what people might think about that.

Also all my work and effort is wanting to go into Ariel's wedding dress, so ner! HAHA!

I received the base bodice this morning but it's a bit murky colour wise so I need to freshen it up before I do any modifying on it.

Although it's a size bigger than actually stated by the seller I don't mind because it gives me a little bit more room to add the sleeves onto it and sew the zig zag pattern onto the bottom with it still being big enough to fit me nicely without taking away my ability to breathe haha.

Photos will be up soon.

The bodice I found I managed to buy late last night as the black parts are removable and it was only £5.

I figured it will work out cheaper to already have the base bodice and heavily mod it, than it will be to buy a crap load of material and run the risk of doing it wrong (considering I haven't made a bodice before!)

The mods I will have to do is: add the teal trim up the top, add the zig zag pattern all round the bottom of it, crate sleeves and attach them to it.

Then of course there is a the skirt part.... I'm thinking of sewing the skirt to the bodice so it's a one piece dress and put a huge zip through the back. What does anyone else think?

I've done the main crown now, I just need to find a way to wear it without it falling off my head!!

I was thinking maybe getting a very thin red headband and attaching it to that, or get a couple of wide grips and attach it to them then just clip it into the wig... what does anyone else think?

I also bought the trim when in Brighton yesterday, but I have a feeling I'm going to need to buy more of it, as I bought what the store had left which was only 4.3metres!

I found a really nice base white bodice on ebay, but it comes with a black belt thing which i think is stitched onto the bodice... I messaged the seller to see if it's removable without damaging the garment. Hopefully it will be and I'll buy that to heavily mod into Ariel's.

I found an absolutely gorgeous crushed velvet dress in Primark a while back for the new winter range, which will make a gorgeous dress for Raven's.

It will need to be shortened a tad- sleeves shortened ALOT to little capped sleeves, change the neck line slightly to be more squared, cut the back out and replace with ribbon. Then after alllllll that I need to add lace trim round the neck line, bottom of dress and on the edge of the sleeves!!

Then I will need make fitted dark purple arm warmers, style the wig, and et black and white striped stockings!!

I got some base tan coloured boots today which I'll modify and create the dark brown over layer of her boots. Now to figure out everything else.....

I have decided to use my Kayako nightgown as a basic pattern for creating this nightgown.

Obviously just make it alot longer and add sleeves to it with the ruffle trimming. I'm thinking of making this so I have Ariel's nightgown to sleep in when I go Disneyworld in February LMAO!

I started on the crown this morning for something to do.

Although the gold paint is really washy and crap but by the time I go over it several times it will be okay. Then I gotta put a cardboard backing to make it sturdy and seal it with hairspray or something so the gold paint doesn't peal off or crack.

I also need to get a headband in red to put the crown on so it stays on my head or some other way of attaching it. Then from there I'll superglue the veil onto the crown so it all stays put!

ALSO, Mom got donated into her work yesterday a professional red adjustable mannequin with stand!!! So I'm going to buy that which will make making this dress a great deal easier! Talk about great timing too!! My luck must be changing!!

The blazer and wig are both up for sale.

See the marketplace on this forum for details. but the items include free postage.

I found shoes!!!!! So I don't need to panic about this costume anymore, coz I finally say IT'S COMPLETE!!!

Because of the lovely Bambi saying what she has in her comment on this cosplay, I have decided to DEFINITELY make some different materia spheres when I cosplay Marlene!!!

Thanks Bambi!!

So I've been tea dying the shirt over the last week, and I;ve done it twice and it is STILL really patchy in areas and I'm really unhappy with the result, the shade of colour is PERFECT, so i don't want to re dye it as it will end up too dark!

Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to get rid of the really light patches on the main part of the shirt and on the sleeves??

I dont want to say "I wont do Mai" as well, I'm looking forward to becoming her and I've spent money on getting this done. So I'm pretty much clueless on what to do.

I've been eyeing up the right fabric in the exact colour for a while now, and now I'm at a happy weight and actually have a figure back again, I can finally do this costume!

I don;t care if people think i really shouldn't do this costume, but I'm not doing it for any event or to impress anyone, Im doing this for my own satisfaction to settle an old childhood dream of mine. ^_^

So hopefully after Expo is done and I've given mom money towards my trip to disneyworld florida for my 24th birthday, I'm going to order the fabric and make this!!

So I debuted my Roxas today at Hyper Japan, but with the short time I had, I couldn't get a right pair of base boots to turn into the organisation13 boots. But one day I WILL have the boots accurate!

It still got an awesome response and I feel so happy that I made people's day by being Roxas. I couldn't have asked for a better response really!

Yes! I don't have to panic over that anymore! I just purchased a wig for this costume and I also got black contact lenses for it too.

And what's better.. if the wig gets tangled its a new style of fibre that I can straighten it with straightners!!

It's a tad shorter than I wanted, but it doesn't have any bangs, so I'm happy.. and in the future if I do AC Tifa again, I can give the wig a side fringe and use it for her after. So all in all it's over all win.

For the last 2-3 weeks I've been deliberating over which wig to buy for Mai, as her hair cut seems to change ever so slightly from pic to pic that I've seen and have as my ref pics.

I've been really picky over which one to buy especially as at the moment I cant spend loads of a wig for her (as I have yet to buy a black one for Kayako and body paint).

But I finally one of decent quality one for £8 so hopefully it will be as good when it arrives, as it does in the pics.

I got into Primark yesterday and managed to get a base white shirt for Mai.

All I gotta do now is add the black sailor thing onto the shirt and tea dye the shirt to make it cream.

Then it's a case of getting a wig and doing the white trim on the black bit and getting some very wide red ribbon to make the bow at the front of the shirt!

Luckily, I have spare knee high socks from my Moka cosplay and I think I still have the loafer shoes from that cosplay too which I can use for this one

You wouldnt believe how difficult it is to find the right style wig in black and long. All the decent wigs out on ebay at the moment have a side fringe and Kayako obviously doesn't.

So I think I'm going to have to use a bit of artistic license with her hair and get a side fringed wig- I can either try and re style the fringe or I can leave it as it is and just pose with my head tilted on every photo so it gives the illusion of no bangs as the hair falls over my face partly.

As I'm altering this ever so slightly (only the sleeves) for Disney on Ice in October I thought i'd post up a journal for it.

I just bought bought some jersey cotton fabric so I can alter the sleeves and make them more baggy/poofy. I'll be attaching them to the base long sleeve primark top I bought a few weeks ago (I spilt baked beans down my last one! WHOOPS!) which will enable me to create the baggy sleeves over the top of the long sleeve on the actual top (whilst leaving a 2cm gap from the bottom the base sleeves), then once that is done I'll be turning the top inside out, so I can cut the long sleeves out, whilst still keeping a cuff at the bottom!

Okay, so i tried doing the stencil for her tattoo the other day and it failed epically. The paper just ripped apart, so I've decided to do her tattoo from the animated cut scenes where it's simplified.

It's easier to do and less hassle for my mom to do on me as I'm not left handed. lol. But it will still give the same effect

I'm going to be bringing this to Alcon with me to wear on the Sunday as I'll be bringing Songstress with me anyway.

Unfortunately, the belt part of the bag broke a while ago so that will have to sit on the blue sash that i use for extra length on the tassle part of the side skirt. And my tiny bees are completely demolished (which was not done dilberately!) so I can't use them either.. ho hum!

Whether I'll wear this all day Sunday or not I'm not sure yet... as I cant make up my mind on whether to wear Ariel or Songstress Yuna all day on Friday at the moment haha. So maybe I'll change between songstress and gunner on one day lol

I was going to do the wig myself, but as I have Alcon and a gig in September I don't have the time to buy a wig, buy a poly head and style the wig myself in time for Hyper Japan (on the 2nd and 3rd October.)

So what I've done is commissioned the lovely Argent on here to do it for me! So I'm VERY thankful to her for doing this for me. I've sent her an awesome tutorial on how to style Roxas' hair on a wig and already paid her, so I'll have that in time for HJ! Yay!

If anyone else is doing Roxas and wishes to know about the tutorial I will happily send them to URL link to the tutorial for them! Just let me know!

That I still dont have a red glove or the black thing she wears on her right arm.... WOOPS!! Ah well.. they're relative minor things I can look for, but I'm not sure what type of glove to buy, as hers are all red and they;re bloody hard to get (and no way can I make gloves!)

So I'm pondering between two options: 1) Buy a pair of satin wrist length gloves and cut the fingers off one so it's dead accurate OR 2) Buy a pair of red leather fingerless gloves that have little holes cut into the knuckles: but I'm vegetarian and wont wear real leather so preferably dont wanna do this, but i feel the red/black cycling gloves aren't correct enough- but the material is accurate for photoshoots so I dont slip off anything!

I'd really appreciate some opinions on this!! PM me with ideas please?? I have 3 weeks until Alcon and Im doing this on the Thursday of it which means travelling up in it.. so I need something quick and cheap! (Im not forking out £10 for a pair of gloves when she only wears one!)

I'll attach a ref pic on here of her glove if it helps!

The actual costume is complete, but it's just the boots that I need to do. I do have boots, but they have quite a slim high heel on them and not enough sole for the ball of my foot so they kill my feet. So I'm going to seek out some flatter ones and use them as both my roxas and xion boots to save buying two pairs of boots for these costumes

Thanks to xxBladexx I have got a better orgy coat which is seriously ten times better than the one I currently own. So when I receive it, i will put photos of the better one.

This also means, that the ones in the photos at the moment will be going up for sale very shortly!

So the polyball of the necklace has now been painted silver, so now I need to find a chain and a cheap ring that would pass as a engagement ring to put on the top. Then that's complete!

Skirt: Pretty much complete- only thing left to do is add material round the waistband to make it look neater. Only problem is... since doing to my measurements, I have lost weight and is now way too big for me! *sigh* Soooooo... I got to now pull it in by putting darts in the back so it will fit me haha! But what I'll do is leave that until the week before Alcon. As I intend to lose another 4pounds before then, so I figured I'll leave it until I know how it should fit first.

Armband: Yes! I've started work on the armband she wears! A lovely friend of mine had spare pleather in brown so she sent me some of it and I have begun work on it. It's pretty much done (I have done a simple version of her armband-photo up soon!) apart from just adding two silver buttons (that look like poppers) on it as a way to fasten it onto my arm!

Shirts: both complete, I just need to buy one more little black button onto the main shirt, but that's nothing major.

Wig: bought pre-styled, but I managed to get hair bobbles that are like hers, so now I'm considering the wig 100% complete!

Socks and Shoes: Still waiting to receive my beige converse in the post- hopefully they'll arrive in the next two weeks and in time for Alcon! Socks are 100% complete!

So this morning I wake up to find on my floor my parcel of polystyrene balls have arrived!! And luckily I got a pack of 10, so if I do it wrong the first time, I can try again!

Yesterday I bought the earrings that are just about passable for the bottom half of her necklace. At least, it will do for Alcon at any rate!!

So I'm going to try and make the sphere part today from memory of a step by step I found the other night. Unfortunately I didn't bookmark the page on my laptop so I coud get back to it! So I've got to try and do it from memory. I'll make a note of how I have done it (if all goes correctly!) So if anyone in the future is doing Serah, they can use my step by step as a guide ( but remember to credit me for the step by step! LOL)

I've got the other top pretty much finished. I just bought one button too little (doh!) so I got to buy one more button to add to it and that's done! Both tops complete hoozah!!

I've pinned the lace in place round the bottom of the skirt so that just needs to be stitch round now and the zip still needs stitching in. phew!

As for the necklace, I have decided to give it a whirl and try and make it myself. (First attempt at making fiddly cosplay jewellery!!) as I found polystyrene sphere balls on Ebay just now (a bag of 10 for £2.70!) and yesterday I saw in Claires some earrings that are swirly (not as much as the necklace but enough to give the overall effect!) for £3.50, so I think tomorrow when I go back to Croydon I'll buy them and give it a whirl as I still have silver spray paint somewhere around.
Also, using a pair of earrings, it will give me a ready made hoop to add the necklace chain onto. ^____^!!!

So wish me luck!!

Okay, so after MANY malfunctions and set backs with this costume, I can finally say that the actual costume itself is about 80% complete. This percentage does not include all the accessories but they're little minor things compared to the main costume.

The over top is now 100% complete which I'm very glad about. I have never known a top give me so hassle in the making as this has done! And if anyone states from the photo of the back that I haven't cut gaps in between the bows I will give them a piece of my mind, because I don't care that I purposely left the gaps out of the costume. The reasoning behind this is simple: After all the hassle I have had, I simply cannot bare the thought of cutting the muslin fabric again, seeing it fray then having to hem it all up by hand sewing again.

So if there are any elitists out there don't start with me please!! I simply ask that people accept my reason for what it is and deal with it lol! Call it creative license with it haha. At least the main detail of the bows are on the back!!


Now what has to be done are as follows:

a) Complete the stitching the second thigh high sock.
b) Put the zip into the back of the skirt with the aid of my Mom.
c) Add the lace trim to the bottom of the skirt.

They are the main things that I consider important. Other than that it's just the accessories like her bracelet, hair bobble and armbands if I can get them done in time for Alcon. If not the arm bands and necklace will definitely be done for Kitacon III! Oh yeah, I'm also waiting on beige converse for the outfit too!

The lovely seller of this costume is kindly refunding me for the trousers alone if I send them back to her. ^_^

So I'm going to re do them so they fit me shape and give them a smaller drop too, as the ones I purchased had such a low drop that I would not be comfortable in them.

Now I gotta wash the tops to freshen them out when it doesn't look like rain outside, because then I can hang them out to dry in fresh air which could help with the smell of fags.

But in poor condition. Got alot of work to do to make it wearable. It stinks so bad I don't even want to try it on. Trousers are about 2 sizes too small to what the seller advertised too. So I'm gonna have to make them myself anyway. *sigh*

So now I've managed to stitch up the edges of the over shirt's panels. So now I'm hoping in the next few days get the panels stitched up together, and the over shirt will be 90% complete (like the main shirt).

Once I have the over shirt stitched together, I will then be stitching "eye shapes" down the middle of the back, hem the areas up and then add cream ribbon in between each gap in the shapes of bows once I've tied the ribbon into several little bows.

Then once that's done, the over shirt will be 100% complete! The first bit to properly complete out of the whole costume haha!

After failing with two white shirts from primark to modify to be accurate to Serah's, I bought a third one (in total the shirt alone has cost me £7.50, when it should have cost me only £2.50!) I finally got it the design right and figured out how to the criss crossed design down the front where the buttons are placed. HOORAH!!!

So I've got round to pinning everything in place, all ready to be stitched down maybe tomorrow or at the end of the week. I'm hoping I will be motivated enough to do it tomorrow so at least one of her shirts is pretty much complete.

I will also be sewing the edges of the criss cross pattern over to make it look a lot neater.

Okay, so after hearing some horror stories about how certain people are at Alcon (and other events they run) I've had to pull halt to this cosplay and not do it at Alcon. (Mainly because I'm not allowed, though im 23...)

After hearing the reasoning and stuff I have decided it may not be a good idea to do and with having to pay out for a new phone I can;t afford to get it finished.

I'm slightly annoyed about this, but it makes alot sense.

I managed to fix the over top okay luckily without having to re do the panels completely! So I now only need to stitch the panels together and make sure I did it correctly! Only thing I didn't do b mistake was make the back panels in two halves. But not all hope is lost, because I can get the same effect by cutting eye shaped holes into the back and hand stitch ribbon bows onto the back. It will give the same effect without the risk of the back coming undone!!

After accidentally cutting the wrong side on the main shirt, I had to buy a new one, so hopefully this time I will learn from my mistake and actually cut the zig zag shape on the right side!! haha!! I will just need to cut the sleeves off too, and the bottom front bits of the top.

On another note, I need to look out for beige converse again also, because I got sent the wrong size and have had bad dealings with an ebay seller because of this. But luckily I'm getting a full refund, get to keep the wrong sized converse (which are on sale by the way!) and have to look out for more converse. *sigh*

Now i've got the shells done i'll be continuing work on the seaweed skirt.

When I get back to work on the skirt, I'll be getting some green satin (like in the ref pic) to add to the skirt so it has that freshly taken from the sea and still wet look on the skirt. I'll also be making the line of seaweed that goes over her shoulder with the same material.

Now I've got all these ideas in my head I'm actually eager to get this complete and do it. ^.^

I managed to get more white thread today, and I managed to finish the stitching on the top and stitch the poppers on the black elastic for the elastic that goes round the bottom of her trousers.

So I can pretty much say this cosplay is complete!

I just need to wash the trousers still and pull out the string in the waist band.. but if I can't it's no big deal because the vest top will cover it anyway.

Now to concentrate on Ariel and Serah

I tried to do the over shirt today by making my own pattern with an old item of clothing and I failed so badly, it stressed me out so much I wanted to cry. I want this to be pretty much perfect now I seen the kind of comments on the net of elitest and how they see Serah etc.

I'd really appreciate some help by someone guiding me in the right direction to getting a pattern or being put in the direction of someone who has already made this cosplay so I can get advice. Seriously guys, This cosplay means alot to me and I really need aid!!

I managed to get a pair of white combat pants today from H&M of all places in the sale for £7 from £20. So I rather happy. Okay, they;re not the EXACT design (pocket wise) as hers, but considering I only plan to do this cosplay once for Alcon this year, I'm not too fussed to be honest ^.^ They're still pretty damn close to hers!
Only thing I do need to do is give them a bit of a wash with vanish, as there are red marks on the bottom of the pants and a little dust mark on the thigh pocket, but that's not much in all honest.

I did actually finish the trainers a little while ago, but haven't got round to taking photos and putting them up on here. But the eyelets have been covered with black fabric marker luckily.

I have enough black elastic left from my songstress Yuna cosplay that will go round both my ankles for this cosplay! I seem to good at recycling scraps of materials/old wigs.cosplays for new ones! haha!

Now all I need to do is get some white trimming to put on either side of the boy beater top (vest top) and it's complete!

So today I was lucky enough to get a helpful hand from mom to get the skirt started from the shirt (see photos).

It's going really well! I've had to add an extra bit of material in the back so it will do up though, coz unfortunately I'm not as thin as Serah ^.^ But I'm really pleased with how it's turning out!

Mom is going to put some darts in round the top of it, so it will have some shape and look like a skirt. I can't do the big inverted pleat though as I have no sewing machine, mom said it will be a pain the ass to get right, so we're going to take a bit of artistic license with that! XD!

Pictures will be up soon enough, but I have to wait for the camera battery to finish charging before I can upload the photos! ^^

I'm really hating this cosplay at the moment.. nothing I do makes the front look right and it's driving me insane. I have a feeling I'm going to end up starting from scratch all over again with a new base dress... Im really hating it that much!

I never thought such a simple dress design could drive me so crazy.

If anyone has any advice or ideas to help me out I would be SO greatful, because right now I wanna get rid of this one and just forget about it...

When I went to bed last night, I suddenly had a thought. I could use the base skirt that I originally got bought(for me) for my Psychic'er Yuna that I wasn't entirely convinced by, to make her summoner skirt. It won;t be as bright a blue as Yuna's but it's still blue.

I was walking around Ikea today, and they had some really cool see through light green fabric (that's meant for curtain lining or something), and I had a cool idea that I can use that as an over layer on the fin part of her tail to give it a nice sheen across the fabric, as how her tail/fin would look if the sun shone on the water. I also thought it would look slightly better than a plain matte block of colour!

after looking at the orgy boots closely, i noticed they have a distinct pattern at the top, and it reminded me I have knee high elasticated boots at home somewhere amongst the cosplay piles in my room!

Luckily the ones I own aren't leather or patent leather, they;re of a stretchy fabric, so I will be able to transform into Xion's orgy boots with considerable ease.

Now to find them and get pictures up...

When I do this, I'm keeping my Ariel wig as I hate the fact that in the musical they make Ariel have wavy ginger hair...

It's only being put as 98% complete because I need some decent knee high boots and black gloves... the ones I own aren't right and I refuse to use wooly gloves...

Okay, so I've deleted one of my costumes from my "in progress" list (my dark phoenix one) and (as the title of the journal entry says!) I'm going to recycle it, to make this Princess Ai cosplay!

So I'll need to take off all the red organza off the black dress and use the main part of the dress to create the front black strip that's on Ai's dress. Then with mom's aid I will attempt to make for the very first time sleeves.

I'll also need white fabric to make the main part of the dress and red ribbon for the laced part at the back and a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge black feather boa to wrap from my shoulder to the floor... so it's another costume that will mean I will leave a trail of feathers behind me everywhere I go! hehehehehe!

I know it's notin the picture but he does wear a black top hat. I managed to find one in a cheapy shop in Islington today for £3 and its crush velvet! Now for the rest of it!lol

Luckily, I have spoken to Hanzo Steinbach (the artist and author of this series) and he is going to do me some good reference pictures of Ein's coat for me to go by.

One thing I do ask: anyone know where I can get pointy toed shoes that look like the pointy smart shoes that guys wear without causing me to break the bank balance????

So I tried dying one of the layers that go on the bottom of the top, and it failed miserably. Then we realized (myself and my mom)that the lining fabric I'm using must have too much nylon in it, so it didn't take.

Soooooo! What I'm going to do instead is keep the white layer I've already added, then do two layers of navy blue fabric under that. At least it's still more accurate than just doing all white layers. ^^

Okay so I managed to get the black vest top today. I just need to get some wide-ish white trimming now to do the lines down each side of the top

So I started with the hand sewing at half 12 this afternoon and didn't finish until half past 6 this evening. So it's no surprise when I say that my hands are really numb lol!

Anyway, as you can see in the photo next to this journal, the base top was a halter neck and I had to create a whole new back that went right up to the nave of my neck so it completely covered my back.

I thought I was going to have trouble with this if I did it on my own and would need the aid of my mother, yet surprisingly I managed to do it myself whilst my Mom was at work!!

How I did this:
1) I measured the width from the half back on the halter top from seam line to seam line to get the bottom half to the correct width on the blue material.
2) After pinning the material along the bottom in the correct place, I looked at a screen cap of the back view of Yuna's top to see the shape of hers. I got a blue pencil and drew a rough line on the mannequin on either side of it to create a "arm hole" so I knew what space I would need to fit my arms through.
3) I pinned the piece of material at the top connecting it to the neck part of the base top, and pinned it all round.
4) I took the whole thing off the mannequin and tried it on for size to see how well the material will stretch round my body shape-perfect first time! woo!
5) Putting it back on the mannequin I began sewing and tidying up all rough edging by folding it over as I stitch!
6) then I just kept stitching until the finished product is finished, as you see in the photo!

Okay, as you can see by the photo, I still have abit to do. Although the other side front part is done, just needs finishing when I get more blue thread.

The entire lot of stitching is done by hand as I still do not own a sewing machine. ^^ As you can see I do a really basic stitch as it's all I know lmao.

What still needs to be done:
1) Put top on and with aid of my Mom, create the panel for the back of the top
2) with that panel, stitch it onto the top from bottom up. Then stitching the top of the back panel onto the neck part that you see in the picture
3) Dye one layer of the flowy bit that goes on the bottom of the top grey.
4) stitch the three layers from white to grey, to blue onto the top

Then it SHOULD be all done! I'm not going to modify the boots just yet, until I know I can replace them with a new pair as they're currently my Gwendal cosplay boots.

just as the title suggests, the attached photo will show how I'm going to make this dress from the base dress I put up in the photo section!

STEP 1: Cut out bottom section for the huge parting her dress has!
STEP 2: Use material I cut out form the bottom to create the huge floppy bit at the top of the dress on the front!
STEP 3: Change the straps over so they're not criss crossed at back and add material onto the back and between the straps so top of back is covered
STEP 4: Cover entire dress back and front in either fabric glitter glue OR the material organza to give that sparkly effect when the light hits in. I'm going towards the glitter glue option personally though!

Found some slim line trainers today in primark.
Now I have to just take out of the laces, paint the sole black, and swap the area of thelaces for black elastic. Then I'm going to use some tip-ex to do the white stripes that she has on her trainers.

I was lucky enough to find a really light blue linen long dress today in Scope (god bless volunteering for a charity shop!) which I just need to swap the straps over as they're currently criss crossed. Then I need to cut out a panel from the bottom. With that spare material I intend to then use it to make the swooping bit at the front of the dress.
Then after that, I intend to either spend loads of money on organza material which is naturally shiny and"sparkly" and cover the entire dress with it, to give the dress that sparkly effect. Or I can get lots of glitter fabric glue and just "roughly" apply the fabric glue to the dress in random places to give it the sparkly effect.
Any opinions are welcome! ^.^

I managed to find some comfy cotton shorts today (all hail primark! lol) I just gotta get the lace now to go over them to turn them into the skirt. Which shouldnt be too difficult.

Last night I managed to get royal blue organza for the sleeves from ebay. (trust me.. SO much cheaper than going to a haberdashery store! 1metre of organza is £2 including postage.. in store its about £8 for 1metre if anyone doesn't know! ^^)

Managed to get a microphone from the 99p store today. Now I just need to get some craft foam from wh smiths or somewhere to modify it into the mic that she uses! yay! Photos will be going up shortly

I wasn't planning on working on this cosplay for a little while, but by luck and chance when in a charity shop I found the EXACT top that she wears (minus the long frilly bit) in white. My cosplay mind instantly kicked in, and I bought it!

Now I'm now waiting until I can get some nice blue organza for the sleeves and I'm thinking of using blue fabric to cover the main part of the top, so it guarantees the frilly part doesn't get dyed blue.

Yeah.. i should have put this up a while ago, but its actually complete now. I even have done the NCIS bit on the lab coat.... BUT I have decided to use my other skirt for this cosplay, not the one in the pictures..but everything else is the same.

It's finally complete! After 2 hours of getting my hands covered in brown spray paint and literally sitting on the car park floor waiting for the rope to dry (in the words of Scuttle.. "that's very boring") I got it complete!

I also managed to style the fringe yet again today and sing along to little mermaid songs as I watched the third film lmao!

Now it's just a case of minor adjustments to the rope (just trim it down a bit) nearer the time. ^.^

If no one else likes it at expo I really don't care 'coz I'm really happy with this cosplay. And I can finally start the journey of being a part of Eric's world lmao!

wooooooo! I finally succeeded in finding rope for this cosplay! I also found brown spray paint in the same shop-so thank god I live near a homebase!! Although I was surprised that the member of staff wasn't surprised when I said I needed this to be dark brown for a costume as I'm wearing rope....lmao!

Now to get a decent enough day to be outside to spray paint the 4 metres of rope I have for it! phew! Slowly getting there!

Oh! Although I have no Sebastian plushie I do have a pocket now stitched into the fabric/"sail rags" lmao

so im back from seattle and luckily enough whilt i was out there i managed to get a skirt that is PERFECT for this cosplay (and concidering its like my normal day wear i get lots of use out of it afterwards too!)

I also managed to get some studded wrist cuffs for it to to add to my dog collars that i already have.

Now to get round to styling the wig and get a fabric marker to write NCIS on the lab coat

So i get home after being out this morning and i spot a little brown jiffy bag on the floor indoors.. I knew instantly it was my wig and i lterally just dumped everything on my bed and couldnt get it out of the ag quick enough!
Its a little darker than the promo picture shown on ebay but i think thats due to their lighting, but I LOVE it so much! Its so soft and more natural looking than my previous one. Gotta be my favourite wig ive purchased to date. Im so syked now for May's expo to come around so i can use this wig!

As the title states I have eventually found the material for this cosplay! WOOOO! *Boogies*

The pictures show how the overall look will be as a test run with my current orangey-red wig and with the wrong rope. I need to buy new rope that's either already brown or is of a material that will accept fabric spray paint. As I realised not that long ago that this rope is more acrylic nylon that's used for washing lines.. not normal rope DOH! At least that was only bought in a 99p store so not really a waste of money!

Since doing these two pictures earlier today I realised how inaccurate the wig is (or just how much im not pleased with it XD) So i cant wait to receive the other darker red wig now!

Buuuuut you get the picture of how it will look in these pictures and so do i. Now all i need to do other the rope is cut the bottom of the material off so its knee length and use that extra bit of material to make the make-shift pocket!

Good news: Finally got round to buying my better red wig for this and the many other Ariel cosplays of mine. Thank god I have a bank account called mother when I'm in need of cosplay stuff or stuff in general XD

Bad news: I cant find the material I've had for ages for this cosplay anywhere...I know theres two months to go before may's expo, but two weeks of April I'm in Seattle and wont have any cosplay making time. So I'm freaking it abit. I hope I find some more material in a charity shop soon or the material here at home somewhere sometime soon.

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