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I've been cosplaying for 7 years now. Started off just buying them, then editing clothes and now making from scratch. The sewing machine is my 2nd wife~ ;D

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Foam added to the handle, a fuck load of paper mache. She's pretty sturdy and can handle being tossed around. But no clue how she'd last at a con yet..

Reshaping her since she isn't just a cardboard box shaped hammer D:
Looking a bit better now

First basic making of a proper prop from scratch since my chainsaw. Trying some different techniques to try and make things more durable.
Just made from a lovely cardboard box and more card for the handle. Very basic right now.

Last upload of the night xD got an early start tomorrow and should sleep n.n;; but here we are at the end of night one editing~ might be out tomorrow night and continue to be for the whole weekend, so once I get back on Sunday I'll resume working on this beautiful girl~~ I can't wait to get this done n.n I want the handle to be made of wood, because it needs to be really sturdy :/ card is way too weak for swinging a block of wood and won't survive if dropped or banged into by a fat man on the way to a con.. Dx

Idk, I keep getting distracted by Yaoi and music xD;; plus my hands ache from the craft knife and thick card.. n.n;; another progress shot. I should be at the paper mache stage by now.. I don't think the handle will be done for another week or so~ I want to drill holes in and make it perfect after all n.n at least this'll be perfect for November 8D;;; *fails*

Another horribly inaccurate coloured picture of my progress in something with this costume n_n;; Just adding lace onto a plain red satin corset so it will match my skirt.. Is a much more lovely deep red rather than the kinda washed out red in the photo.
I should get some nice photos of this costume this weekend~ I'm planning on wearing it to the Expo party.. :3

I've decided that i'm definately wearing this next weekend to Expo. I want to take some new photos for this website (probably creating a new cosplay "Grell 2.0" or something..?) so I can see how far i've progressed since my first attempt at this cosplay~

..... I've paid the custom fee now it's at the right place AT LAST and so it WILL arrive tomorrow~ <3
I can't wait to wear this wig at last~ >w< Should be worth the agonising waiting and mess up with all the customs and send-to-the-wrong-place-ness... n_n;;

Best. Mug. Ever... 8D
I so will drink from this in my France cosplay to scare any little Englands who happen to walk past~ >3

It was the only one left~ XD *so proud of grabbing it*
I know it's meant to be for football~ <3 I still laugh at it though~

Not even properly started on this project yet xD;; But I found these fans and I thought I might as well.. n_n; I might never see them again otherwise..
They were only £2 each~

(btw, they weren't bought in a Paperchase.. Thats just my workplace where I took these photos once I got back from the little shop I did buy them from~)

Wigs are still on their way... Stupid Parcel Force sent them to the wrong depot.. So they wont be here today.. =__=;;

Oh well... Knitting club tonight, so I'll hopefully get my scarf completed~
Though once i'm done i'm 100% sure i'll get knitting withdrawal.. D: I should do Russia-scarf commissions xD Though the wool alone costs about £6 and I started this scarf at the end of March.. So it's been 2 months nearly..? Very time consuming.. xD; So i'd want at least £15 for a handmade scarf like this~ It is REALLY long and it is high quality and really warm~ >w< But we'll see what happens I guess~ *nobody is gonna commission me for a scarf.. xD;;*

All these photos are from late at night, cause thats when I do my knitting mainly xD;

Exactly what the title says~ Just a preview of the material i'll be using. It's a little expensive, but I can't wait to get started properly on this project~

Went to Wicks yesterday and bought a large bit of wood to use as a flagpole~ I need to drill some holes in it, dye it a little darker since it's a very light wood at the moment and then add a little doorstop thing to the bottom so that it doesn't chip if I accidentally scrape it across the ground too much.. n_n;;

Flag has arrived and i've taken to knitting my scarf with it nearby because it just makes me go faster~ I let my lovely girl have a go at knitting while I was at work one day and she made it a little too loose.. xD But that shows what happens when a Prussia is working on knitting Russia's scarf... >3>;; I love it still really~ <3 <3 <3

Wigs are FINALLY in transit after a week of waiting for them to clear customs... man... x__x;; But should arrive tomorrow I hope.. D:

Nearly done for Expo!!

Just gotta wait for this to arrive now~
I ordered a Sandplay Gakupo wig so I get the extra attachment should I ever plan on wearing it out xD I'm pretty sure i'll wear it casually~

Since the begining version: i've got new shoes, new smart trousers, a gorgeous new wig, new waistcoat, new glasses and i've worked a lot on the makeup technique so i've got the fake eyelashes on~ <3 I'm so proud of how this cosplay is going~ <3 I will perfect it, but i've still got a way to go~ The things i'm working on now are mostly trying to get more clip-in fangs so I can have a row of sharp teeth for photoshoots (not to hanging around however, I doubt i'll be able to talk properly xD; That would be embarrassing..) and a new chainsaw 8D Because I miss my old one so bad..

I wear Grell to every con because I love him so much <3 <3 And I adore cosplaying with my Sebas-chaaaan~ <3 <3 Who i've nearly perfected too~ Just need to get some pretty silverware~ >w<

Yeah, I remade the whole thing for May 2010, but I got the lovely Expo Plague that was all around that convention and was way too ill to leave my hotel room D: So I have a fully remade Dok Cosplay (new trousers, shirt, wig, shoes, lab coat etc etc) that has never been worn D: So I'm planning on wearing it pretty much as soon as I can to a convention~ Jade wants to be Captain to Fushi, so i'll probably debut it there~

On a side note, I found some AMAZING steampunk googles that have some lovely magnifying-lense-attachment-things that you can take off and attach to other glasses~ So I've bought myself some and will finally have a decent pair of glasses for Dok when I next cosplay him~ <3 <3 I can't wait!

Basically, my partner who was meant to be the bottom half of Siam broke her foot recently D: Which pretty much means she can't carry me around ExCel for a minute, let alone all day and I wouldn't let her if she tried n_n;; But this means we obviously can't pull off this cosplay this May..
So what we've decided to do, is to push this to October Expo~ That way we can keep improving all the little things we want to do better and improve the harness and such~
Wish us luck!!

I'm so happy with how they turned out n_n Just got to take some better photos in better lighting xD; They look kinda cheap with flash on..

Lace added completely, basics of detailing started~ Looking pretty good n__n

Details on the side added, nearly complete I think..?
But I think it still lacks something.. I might add some patterned lace onto the front, it looks too bare..

This was a completely blank plastic mask. I added the patterned back, the lace on top and all the detailing from things I found at a crafts store. Again this is just progress, I have a lot more planned..

Testing things out, this is just the basic base of the mask I am making with a Lolita hairclip I'm planning on taking apart to use for the details..
I am going to remove the gold from around the mask too..

:3 Sewing a yellow ribbon onto my blue tie~ This cosplay is just that simple n_n

My poor Sweden boots Dx The heel fell off.. Now I need to get it redone so close to my event... Sucks..

Okay, I'm gonna write a Journal on this one.. Because this is going to be COMPLICATED beyond belief o3o;;
Basically i'm gonna be attatched to my friend Jackie's back and be carried around Expo with my arms bound above my head and my legs flailing around in the air~

... Should be fun 8D;;

I've been looking EVERYWHERE for a pair of cheap "Devious Ballet" shoes, but they cost about £80 minimum n_n;; Which.. for a pair of shoes i'm only planning on wearing for one day.. is a little expensive.. n_n;;

Jackie and I are working on the harness together sometime soon, i'll probably have a little seat to help me stay up on her back. But it'll have to be easy to get out of this cosplay in case of emergencies and such :3
It's gonna be a challenge~ I can't wait n__n

You know what I realised at Kitacon? This absolutely adore cosplaying Herr Doktor. But my costume is getting old xD; I think I can make it loads better. So i'm starting again n_n

I cut out the fabric for a new pair of gloves last night. I know i'm going to hate sewing them even more than I did the first time I did. But sacrifices I guess xD I'm still making them so my two last fingers will be together. But hopefully i'll be a little neater? xD; Anyway i'm going to start keeping a tab on exactly what i'm working on. Gotta not be so rushed for expo this time xD;
I'll probably definately wear this out again at expo~ n_n Hopefully i'll pull him off better?

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