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Ahhh i could go on for ages >_< but i won't lol. Well it all started when my friend and i were looking through a NEO mag and decided we wanted to dress up and go to a convension...so we did and loved it, and we've been cosplaying ever since ^_^

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Okayz, due to a HUGE lack of time i'm not going to be able to get Ashe's wedding dress done for May, but i do plan on getting her mourning dress done for then...which is a lot less time consuming ^_^'

Wooo so the lovely Mike at Fantasy Props has finished the kendama for Oichi i commissioned him to make. He showed me the photos last night and i must say i'm in love with it. He is truly a master of his art, i would strongly recomend him to anyone!!!
As far as the costume itself goes, i've almost finished making it...i really should post some more pictures ^_^'

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