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Just wanted to take creativeness to a new level :)

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Found out what this stuff was called just now, going to make a cast of me to make the armour on, I thought it be easy to make it that way, least I can fit it to size probably :)
And I might even use it for the armour as well, this stuff is very good, sand it down, seal it, paint it, and then waterseal it hey we got armour :)might get some soon, got £16 left in bank so can get some if I want.

Still working on the lancer ideas as well.Going to shop around for some electronics later, will ask my other half if he can write a list of the things I will need (he knows alot about electronics as he use to make alot of things with them) and then shop for them but work out what needs to go where and what needs to be used for what :)

Getting there, slowly :)

Not sure if my plans will move up or back. Finding a darn motorcycle for other half is being a pain in the fear end.He starting to give up but.....well long story short I will not let him give up on getting a bigger bike either way.

So it be moved up or back not sure yet.
Oh and couldn't think of a headliner so quote it bes ^_^

Thats right.In a months time, after I have helped my other half get his motorcycle I be starting this.I really can not wait. If anyone has any other good ref picture send them my way :)

I can't wait to get stuck in to this.No idea what to use, how to make this but I been told to follow my heart...........soooo following my heart it is lol.

Go me.

"Come on, Baird. Don't be an antisocial dick all your life. Take a day off."
— Sam, trying to convince Baird to enjoy himself with her and some other Gears

Talking about Phantasy Star with SlimDefinition and she suggested Demi, I haven't played the game yet but Iam planing to but big gun has a big win over for me and being Android is a win too :)

So play the game, then on with making Demi :)

I love Harley and really want to do her costume.I lack in sewing but really wouldn't mind having a good stab at it from scratch.
I not sure if I could do her voice but I will definitely act like her ^_^
I have to make plans for this.....I must make Harley......Harley Quinn ^_^

Iam starting on the breast plate, well practising really to see what ways work best.I am going try save money so can get better stuff to make this with, at the minute its paper mache for now.

Not much progress to say :( sadly, motivation is so horrible at the moment it sucks.
I been trying make the breast plate little by little.I just need my motivation to go back up.
Just hope I can get a spark and be off again.
The helmet is still not made, the template is being annoying, I need to get more supply's but cash ran out fast this pay day :( so it will have to wait till a month when everything has settled down again, I just use the little foam I have left to make little parts.

Iam struggling a little, money, motivation :( but Iam trying to practice armour pieces first, trying to make the template for the helmet.still no luck on the cardboard might go to the corner shop next week.

Maybe I have this done by October, not really saying a month though cause it could all change but we shell see.

Iam really getting in to the idea of making Lenneth.Iam already testing out things, making the helmet first, and the sword just need to get some cardboard that is very long ^_^

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