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I was introduced to Cosplay a few years ago by friends and started attempting to make my own costumes!... Once starting my University course it kind of became a bit of an addiction :P
Also just became part of a cosplay group and we have a lot of ideas planned for future expos!!

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Armour Progress!

I finally got round to properly attempting to use Worbla and it is actually really easy to use! This is the silver section of the chest armour which attaches to the cape at the shoulders, the blue and black sections of armour are being made from leather

I decided to work on the cape today since I thought it would be a nice relaxing part of the costume to make.... it wasn't, AT ALL! it does this weird thing where it pleats horizontally down the back and then vertically along the shoulders (as in reference) and I really don't want to use any visible seams :(

After spending most of the day doing some very creative pinning and sewing I may just about have it figured out -_-

I think I've figured out how to mimic the scale armour cheaply and fairly easily! I've used diamond shaped pieces of foam sandwiched between two layers of silver latex sheeting (glued using copydex for the test but will be using proper adhesive for the real thing) I can then use a marker to add shadow in the groves between the shapes, the end result is close enough for me to be happy with it and still retains the stretchiness of the latex XD

The most annoying part of this dress was the cream coloured dots!! I painted them on by hand and it took forever!!

My original plan to use my Scarlet Witch cape for this didn't work out as it's the wrong shape/weight and just doesn't look right... so I've ordered 4 meters of red(poly)wool!!
Can't wait to get properly started!

So I’ve been looking at references trying to sort out how the 3DMG harness works… It’s a bit complicated :P think I have it finally figured out though and just tallying up how much leather I need and how many buckles and connections etc
Still not sure whether to go with a 3mm or 4mm leather though… 4mm might be a bit too stiff
Also consulted with Tedward for advice on making the actual gear so hopefully I’ll be able to start on that soon!!

Brought fabric today... 4 way stretch vinyl... never worked with it before so I must be mad to choose it for this O.O

Finished the Phoenix symbol for the front of the costume, made out of foam that I ended up heat moulding with my iron cause I can't find my heat gun!
It's covered in metalic lycra cause I'm bad with spray paint :P

Bought a wig for this while on a bit of a wig buying spree... It's a bit shorter than most of my references but the longer one would have been way too long on me as I'm prety short :P

So Kim is gunna be kid Loki for me when I do this so that's made me want to get properly started on this now... I have already made the hair accessories when I was testing out some crayola model magic and have now bought the wig! progress!

Bought some red fabric for this so I can get started on making my patterns, also found a wig that looks near enough perfect for Magik

Yay! found some metallic gold lycra in my fabric box today so gunna start on this over the weekend

Got all my fabric sorted for this now and have found a pair of shoes to use as a base! gunna get started on making this pretty soon ^^

Finally brought the wig for this, after much debate I decided to go with a more realistic copper colour than the usual orange, mainly because; this colour suits me better, Asuka's hair colour is constantly changing anyway and some of my fave Asuka cosplayers use a colour closer to this ^^
The wig has been straightened as it came wavy and I will be getting Nikki-NekoDoll to cut it/style it for me!

Finished the cape for this costume!! the hem is over 6 meters long! took forever to sew
It's basically made by cutting a huge semi-circle of fabric, I then weighted the cape a bit by sewing a thin strip of petersham into the hem just to give it a bit more volume so it doesn't hang too flat, also makes walking in it a lot easier as I now won't get tangled up in it ^^
The collar piece is made seperately and is detachable

So after looking into fabrics for the top and not being able to find anything I liked, I looked to other cosplays for reference/ideas... the done thing to do seems to be to use scale armour! I used a leather verion for Elisabeth Swann so I know the basic principle and I also know where I can get green scales so I am seriously considering this as an option.... will probably cheat and sew the scales rather than linking them with rings just for practicalities sake :D

Today I decided to start re threading all of the beads for this costume onto stronger elastic as the old elastic kept stretching out of shape each time I wore it, annoyingly, it seems to be taking a lot longer than I remember >_>

Brought this wig which is actually a Rin Kagamine wig but the general idea is to take apart the bun ^^

Started making the pattern for Dead Master, I couldn’t be bothered to work out the maths for flat pattern cutting so just cut this pattern straight onto the mannequin using old fabric offcuts and then traced that onto pattern paper, still have to work out the sleeves though, sleeves are always so awkward :P

Realy shouldn't be starting any more cosplays right now but I found a heavy satin in the perfect colour from Pongees!! They also have some very nice blue laces...ordered samples and awaiting new price list ^^

Found the perfect fabric for this... an emerald green Cotton Velvet, slightly dreading working with this as I can't stand the feel of Velvet (hense why I used faux suede on my first version) but oh well :P was quite expensive at £12 a metre but was too good not to buy

So making patterns for Kuja proved to be more difficult than I thought :P To begin with I started drawing out a block to my measurements, I got about half way through before I remembered that I was going to be binding and decided that obviously a female block wouldn’t work… so since kuja is actually male (despite appearances) I started drawing up a basic male block… again got about half way through and realised this was still not going to work since the measurements were going to be off cause I’m not male O_o

After having a bit of a think I drew up a weird combination of a male and female block to adapt for my patterns and so far this seems to have worked!!

Also have acquired some free boots to use for this cosplay thanks to my sister! Thanks Kim ^^

Bought the base for these shoes for a pound in a local shop ^^
I removed the straps and then spray painted with car paint. The black detail was drawn on using permanent marker pen.

Finished the wig except for washing and re curling!
This wig started life as two white wigs, I combined the two to get the fullness for Nia and then spray dyed the wig blue and blond/silver with acrylic ink and surgical spirit...worked really well
Some of the curls have droped out through the dying proces but I shall fix that tomorrow.
Also It's difficult to tell how long this wig is in this picture but its standing on my manakin so it is really very long!

Nearly finished now! have everything I need, just need to add the cord to the jacket to finish it, belt is also done but the glue was still drying when I tried it all on.
My sister is hopefully cutting my hair on tuesday and then I'm gunna put a temp dye over it so yay! no wig for this one ^^
Only thing is I may change the striped top if I can find a better one in time.

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