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Been working on the dress all day today the base of it is done just gotta hem the bottom and make some adjustments to wear the bodice and skirt meet cause its a little off.
I've only got one progress picture so far cause the camera ran outta charge so its charging and thats of the bodice.
Its a little too big still so i need to take it in at the side to make it more fitted.
Please excuse the awful flash mirror picture.

Mum was searching through her closet and found the old hoopskirt she had for her wedding dress and said i could use it for cinderella.
Its only got one hoop so i'm gonna make a netting petticoat so make it more rounded but yeah this please me

Mum was gonna throw out this sheet today which was the perfect colour for the skirt so i kinda grabbed it and as i was bored i decided to make it this evening :) Pretty happy with the result. The colour is a little off but i'm still pretty happy with it.

Time taken - Roughly 1 hour

Made the underskirt today.
Used a tutorial online for a circle skirt and basically doubled over the fabric so i got two layers rather than one cause it looked less....floppy.
I think its really cute tbh lol kinda fairy like :)

Time taken - 1 hour

Started on the shoes today. I bought a plain pair of black heels from new look (£7 HELL YEAH <3) and using masking tape just kept going around and around to make the curl. Now i need to get some black spray paint to coat it but for now this will do.

Head flowers progress. Added some more flowers need to dirty it up now and add the real flowers a couple of days before expo.

God i swear i need to remember to keep progress on here!
The top was completed ages ago i used the same shirt pattern as i did for meiko (default) but i modified the sleaves.
I'm borrowing the tights of juliette and i had the wig already.
I started on the flower band i used a thin alice band and some clingfoil and i then used a bunch of fake flowers i got from poundland and cut them of the stems ,i had to paint a few of them blue too, and then stuck them on with the glue gun. However it looks far too...happy. So i'm gonna try making it a bit muddy and tea stain it.
The ruff is now done. I used interfacing and ironed it onto the fabric then using the glue gun i glued it onto a strip of fabric which would fit around my neck however the gaps were far too big and it was far too wide so i had to unglue it all and cut it in half and glued the two parts together i then basically folded it over and over to make that kinda springy looking thing people make outta paper and then attached some velcro to the end so i could fit around my neck and keep it in place. However i think it looks too thin so i might remake it if i have enough time.

The yellow is added i actually added it weeks ago but i thought i'd updated that here bu obviously not, luckly the piece of yellow i had was the perfect length so thats all done <3
Using the hood part of the pattern i used for my Luna cape i made the hood i just had to edit it a bit to make it less pointy and a bit more round. I ordered my fur for the hood of fabricland which was perfect in the picture but actually more brown in real life so i had to go through it with a yellow sharpie which took a while -.-
I then glued it onto the hood but i ran out of glue for the glue gun so i had to quickly pop to hobby craft to buy more.
I'll get a photo up tommorrow.
Also because i haven't had time to make AHS meiko in time for hyperjapn and this is almost done i'm gonna be trialing it for that just with white jeans instead of the ones i have yet to make and no sword.

The main coat is now complete i've also added the yellow down the front and ironed it (my mother is so proud)
Next is attaching the hood and fur then the coat is fully done.
Trousers left to go aswell.
And then its the sword, I need to get me some mdf and spray paints.
I'll be able to get this done in time no problem i think :) Which just leaves DWC to work on.

Started on the coat today rather than the trousers.
I used the same pattern as my takanari coat as the style is pretty smiler and i need to start from somewhere right XD
This is the back and side panels sewn together i'm currently thinking of ways to do the hood i also need to get some yellow cotton cause i've got just under a meter of yellow polycotton but its not long enough and i want the materials to match. I also need to find that damn fur D<

Oh yeah forgot to say i need to trim the coat aswelll cause its too long XD I forgot it wasn't to the ground ^^'
(i edited out my face cause i half blinked and looked like a monkey 8D )

The top is now complete i'll post photos once i manage to sort out my laptop (Using the mac right now which doesn't have a memory card slot D8 )
I used a polo neck jumper i had in my cupboard and copied the 3 pannel pieces i needed (collar, front and back)
I did however cut them i guess straighter rather than in a slight curve shape as i can hide my curves slightly this way |D
Trying the attach the polo neck was a bit of a trouble cause i just found it really difficult matching it up D8 It was the same problem i have with sleeves just on a smaller scale so it was bit more...agh.
Finally i attached the black around the bottom and yeah :)
I used tshirting jersey because i wanted a jersey which was slightly thicker than i guess normal kinda jersey and the stretch wasn't really that important to me it was more the texture.
Overall i'm pretty pleased with the outcome <3
I've got the fabric for the coat and trousers so i'll probably start on the trousers tomorrow and the coat maybe at the weekend. I also need to get some fur and a clip to attach the belt with along with stuff for the sword.

Ok well a majority of this is done now.
I made the skirt a couple of week back as i had the fabric lying around and was in the mood to make a pleated skirt XD
I however made it far too long so i've just gotta shorten it now.
The top is actually the shirt i used for my chie summer uniform cosplay i just removed the sleeves and hemmed them as such and tada.
I started on the claws as in i got some sellotape and sellotaped up my fingers 8D I then kinda kept on sellotaping and brought it too a sharp pointy end for the claws. I've then covered them in masking tape to make them stronger a bit and so that i can paint them which is all i've got left now along with making the sailor collar :)

The main part of the top is all done just gotta add the black and yellow parts along with the darts at the front as i kinda forgot about them OWO; It was my first time making a top without a pattern so i'm pretty damn proud of the result. The sleeves were such a bitch though D8 Me and sleeves are defiantly not friends! so yeah they don't look awesome but its better than nothing.
And looking at the reference now i realise the top isn't completely acurate but it'll do i guess.
I'll get pictures up tommorrow after i do the darts so you can see everything together.

Today i made the skirt <3
I used a pattern for a straight skirt and took the waistband bit of that to make the waistband i then cut the length of fabric i needed for the main part of the skirt and folded that into pleats i then sewed the pleats down before ironing them in (First time i used the iron XD My mother would be proud) next i attatched the waistband to the pleated fabric and sewed the ends up and added a popper to the end as i couldn't find a zip =/
Theres a few flaws with it i know so it doesn't look great but its a vast improvement on the first pleated skirt i made.

Time taken: 3 and a half hours
Cost: £7.50

I made a cloak...in a day -shot-
I went round jess's today and at about 2 we started working on the cloak, i ended up doing most of it on my own with guidance from helen who also did the sleeves and part of the hood cause it was too difficult for me and helen kinda went into the zone XDD
I originally bought 5 meters of black polycotten but it got to about 4.30 and we realised we didn't have enough and the fabric shop closed at 5 so we pretty much ran to the car sped to the shop and ran in to get another 3 meters of fabric D8 So much money! -dies- Seriosuly i didn't realise just how much i would need and its cost so much D'8
I'm really proud with how this has come out so far <3 I've got to hem it all still and eventually i'll add the blue lining but i doubt i'll get that done for LFCC so i'll get that done for the release of deathly hallows.
I've got to add the two strips of blue ribbon to the bottom of the cardigan too and order a ravenclaw badge for the cloak and get the necklace and earings done but otherwise this is done and i'm really happy with how well its come out in so little time >W< I've only really got little bits left so yeah <3
I'll also get my own wig for the release for now i'm using jess's mugi wig which works rather well i think just the fringe is slightly off.

Sorry the photos are such awful quality its dark and i was using my camcorder cause my mum can't use my proper camera XD;

Finshed them :D
I went to the 99p store and bought a pair of thick black framed glasses popper out the lenses and painted them with a layer of white and then after that dried i painted them with 3 layers of yellow acrylic paint.

Excuse my silly face it was 3 in the morning D8

Cost 99p |D Totally not a cheapskate

Went wig shopping in camden today with Jay and Anna (and later met up with yas) and i bought my wig for chie, its was very kinda honey blonde which worked for chie but i went through it with some promarkers and added some darker shades...LIKE SPICE -shot-
It was also pretty damn long so i had to hack a fair bit off which makes me sad cause it was so pretty D8 But i like how it came out so i'm happy :D

Cost - £17

Excuse the crappy photo i took it on my phone and i look crap anyway XD

Collars done.
First time using a pattern on my own so i think it came out rather cool, the ribbons a little wonky though...still i like how it looks :D
I'm going wig hunting tommorrow in camden too :D

Ribbon has been added.

...2 meters of ribbon for each lace...Gonna need some more ribbon XD;

Gloves are all finished. Its a pair of cheap long back gloves i got of ebay i chopped the ends off and sealed them up with clear nailvanish, next i did the ribbon around the top and then the little bit around the fingers. Because the gloves stretch i had to put them on while gluing and dear god it was hot D8
I didn't get burnt but it was still really hot D8

Also after rewatching the video i noticed that the laceup bit at the front of his boots our yellow ribbon so i need to go back to hobby craft and get some more ribbon for that :)

Anyone recognise these shoes? lol
I used to wear them all the time but in like janurary the bottom broke so i didn't wear them anymore, but i've fixed the bottom of the shoe and added the yellow around the bottom because after looking at the design they are just perfect!
Plus they're so comfortable~

As i said jess (wiishmaker) had a few scraps of leftover yellow pleather she used to make her defult len outfit which she kindly let me have so i could make the belt and armlet.

The armlet is all done i just hot glued it all together tbh but i worked out rather well however i did burn my finger D8
The belt is all...belt like i guess XD; I've just got to get some sort of clip so i can attach it to the trousers but first i need to work out if i need to make a pair from scratch or if i can use the white jeans i alread have.

...As you can tell my revision is clearly going very well OWO;;;;;;

I couldn't sleep last night and was feeling artsy so i started on the necklaces and finished them off this afternoon.
I used wire to make the shape then just coated them in black acrylic paint.
I like how rins ones came out however i'm not loving lens one...
I'm tempted to try and re-do it but this will do for now.
It took me so long to try and get the wire to bend in the right way -.-
But it was worth it <3

started on the top this week, i've still got the sleeves and hemming to do but the rest is done. It didn't come out exactly as i hoped but i'm still pretty happy with it.

3rd times the charm.
Remade the hat for the 3rd time and i'm pretty happy with it now.
But i might re-do it one day...not sure.

I'm gonna get an actual wig for this costume, cause i used wiishmakers rena wig when i did this for expo as it was actually a very last minute cosplay.
I intend to get this one. I might order it tonight, it depends on if i find a wig i like for full moon.

I tried to style the wig today...let us never speak of it again for it was the ugliest most vial things i have ever set eyes and i intend to erase it from my mind.
This was actually the 3rd time i've tried to do this wig and each time it looks less and less like the original and gets uglier and uglier ¬¬ I'm tempted jsut to use nanas' normal hair...i guess we'll just have to see

ok the wig i wanted disappeared but i found this one and ordered it http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=310195475249&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT its much better than the last one tbh XDDD

i got dye for the skirt so i'll be dying it soon and i think i may end up making the top XDD

Do you have a nana wig? no but me? i do 8DD
I really love it too >W< and its super soft and i didn't have to style it much so i'm happy XDD

....yes thats a bad photo XD;;; i'm gonna go do some makeup + wig test shots in a second

Finished the skirt. Was working on it since 5.30 to 9.30 so it took me 4 hours. Which is alot of time consindering its pretty damn bad as my mother very kindly pointed out -and yes i was being sarcastic-
This is my first time making a pleated skirt and i didn't have any sort of pattern so i kinda just made it up as i went along but atleast now i've learnt were i've gone wrong so next time i make a pleated skirt it won't be so bad and maybe then my mother will actually be able to tell what it is...

Sorry this is all very cynical but i'm still pissed off and my back hurts and i'm sleepy so i'm not in a great mood but to be honest i don't care that it looks bad i'm still damn proud of it.

Got the tartan today it was pretty damn expensive, £9.80 for two meters D: it makes me silently cry but i'll probably wear this skirt out and about anyway so its all good XD
And i got a pair of red fishnet tights which i'm gonna cutomise to make into the socks.

So far done;

Working on;

Black choker
3 black spiked leather braclets

its so pretty *o*
Its a little big tho D: so i'm gonna make a few adjustments and its lacking the buttons so tommorow after school (if it hasn't been canceled due to snow) i'll go to the sewing shop and get 6 shiny gold buttons XD

Ma jeans have been destroyed 8DDD
I decided to shred them a bit more than in the picture simply because i felt it went with the outfit better.

...I sustained 4 cuts while doing and broke a cheese grater 8D

...I know it a really bad phone photo sorry XD;

I'm gonna be ordering my wig hopefully soon
i'm hoping to get this one.
I'll be sorting out the front abit and stuff when i get it so yeah.

EDIT; Ordered it today <3 came to £14 which is pretty damn awesome

Daughter of evil
Alice Human Sacrifice
Scarlet Moon
Suits (fan image)
dark wood circus
Sandplay of the hiden dragon
Return to zero

...i like too many OWO most of these will hopefully be groups
Though i doubt end up doing them all especially the later ones, cause they're way beyond my skill level

I styled my wig OWO
I'm a bit kinda meh about the fringe though so i'll probably revamp that a bit at a later date but overall i like it <3

AFter staring at the skirt for ages i've come to the conclusion that it is a kinda magenta like pink however after showing it to my mother she thinks its red...what do you think? i'll be buying the fabric on monday so i need some opinions

Got the wig from camden last monday its so thick and pretty i went for a longer one so that i can chop it up and have more length to play with as thats easier to work with Plus i can use the left over hair in my art project OwO;;
After my exams are all done i'm off to lewisham to the awesome fabric shop there to get my sexy red pleather and a suitable pattern from welling sewing shop. Can't wait to get started on this.

Gotta work out how to do the headphones XD:

the tops all done <3
Everything else to go..yay XD

Yep i'm getting this skirt http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&Item=250510204357&Category=314&_trkparms=algo%3DLVI%26its%3DI%26otn%3D1

As i couldn't find one the right colour so i'm gonna have to dye this one, which will be fun time 8D -i want it to arrive already-

hopefully this weekend i'll be going shopping for sawako things. My aim is to find the skirt and turtle neck. if i can't find the skirt in the right colour then to find a light coloured one and dye it so i'll get dye after school one day if i need to do that.

Julians going camden tommorow too so i've asked him to look in the wig shop to see if they have a wig i could use.

peace out x

The outfit arrived the other day <333
The sleves are a little long so i just adjusted those abit and the hat dosen't fit on my head with the wig on so its been very slyly pinned to the wig XD;;;; yeah i'm that cool :B

I went with different boots because i felt the heel and length suited better plus the buckles on them kinda suit the buckles on the pants/ legging things XD;;; The orignal boots i was gonna use were just too long and they need a heel damn it XDD

I've also styled the wig properly so it now has the right fridge and stuff. I started on the microhpone but omg it failed so i'm gonna start again probably sometime this week.

I have styled the wig <3
This was my first real attempt at styling a wig and i think it came out pretty damn decent, the back could do with some work so i might work on that but i think the front came out really well >W<
Yeah i'm mega happy with how this turned out <3

My wig arrived for sheryl today, its so bloody georgeous the pink is a bit darker than i hoped -sob- but it still look georgeous.
I sorted out the make up too ie did a wig + make up test. I need to get some false eyelashes, i&#039;m going shopping tonight so i&#039;ll get them then.

btw sorry for the really stupid facial expression XD i had to use the self timer so i couldn&#039;t see what face i was doing and after several attempts i gave up XD;;;;

the picture has rotated itself....the mac keeps doing this and i don't know why, unimpressed :|

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