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I've had a general interest in fashion and costume most of my life. I like crazy clothes and such so I was kinda drawn to cosplay but to be fair I've never really had the confidence to pull it off until recently, and in the past generally everything I made kinda looked rubbish.

Then I decided I wanted to learn how to sew. Luckily that went well. And got me out of a pretty horrible depressive rut, which I wouldn't wish on anyone.

Why do I like cosplay? Basically it's all fun to me and the buzz you get is brilliant really. I personally like all the problem solving you have to do (or what am I going to do to alter this the way I want it) and the results. I personally like to look for what I think'll work best (but honestly I think that's the perfectionist in me coming through). Generally I'll give everything a go though and hope for the best.

Seeing the whole article complete is pretty awesome in itself too, and networking which is something I am not that good at but I'll learn. I'll learn.

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Dress was made from navy blue and royal blue cotton. In fact this was pretty easy to sew apart from the time the sewing machine decided to be a dick and eat all my thread while doing diagonal stitch but then I found out there was some sort of overlock mode on the machine. OTL. Though I also had to do one of the back panels twice because they were uneven. I can say the fit is rather good if a bit baggy (I may make it a little more fitted on the waist) but overall it's getting there and looking kind of nice. I need to add in the collar, do ALL THE APPLIQUE (I'm going to be kind of sick of circles after this project is done ha ha) and hem the sleeves and dress then the dress is complete.
That's the easiest thing that needs sewing on this cosplay.

Expo has been and gone and well yeah. i think I did an okay job though there are some improvements that need to be done between now and Ame.

-Redo the hat. Looking at how the hat is in the anime (and i did purchase the Perfect Guide Book at Expo) I may cover a helmet as a base. I also need to redo some of the jewels since some of them fell off. I'm still keeping the eyes-I'm pleased with those.
-Tame the wig. Oh gosh it needs taming. I have wig detangler and a comb and I am not afraid to use it.
-Re-bone the bodice. I had rushed this before Expo and it was starting to get loose. Maybe something a bit stronger?
-Bustle pad for skirt for added accuracy
-Heels and long socks instead of boots. I'm not killing my feet again at Ame as badly as at Expo.
-New arm gloves because they were a pain to put on.
-If time I may make some penguins. Oh yes. And I need some sort of body glitter.

⎈ Wig and MOST of the fabric has been purchased. I still need to get a few bits and pieces...plus there's a few things that I am waiting to get back in stock.
⎈ I've started the hat and all it needs is the peak and the belt (which will need painting but I need money first) Luckily it fits nicely at the moment though it may be a pain to maintain. Self cover buttons are a pain in the neck and it looks pretty decent so far. Especially since I've figured out stupidly simple things I should have known a long time ago.

Well there's a good chance I'm entering Cosparade at Hyper Japan (and I have a Yu entering too hopefully which will hopefully be awesome)

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