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Kinda found myself doing cosplay by accident after deciding to make my own fancy dress outfit (the first version of Rogue). Whilst trawling the internet for information on how to use a sewing machine, I found the wonderful world of cosplay!

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Fabric bought this weekend and the pattern has arrived! I LOOOOOOOOVE the pink fabric! So purty!

Gonna try get started on the basic bodysuit tonight :)

I've made my first set of zombie teeth, using cotton wool, fake nails and liquid latex.

Am hoping to have a make up test done in the next couple of weeks!

After that it's just sewing the catsuit back together and bloodying it up a bit and making a new wig!

So I've started from scratch on the bodysuit and I'm now at exactly the place where I was before but without any fraying YAAAAAAAAAY!!!

I've added a zip (my first zip) to avoid the fabric over stretching when you put it on.

Just need to add the sleeves and the collar to the bodysuit and then attach the boots and gloves and then it is done!!!

This was my original Rogue, which I wore for a fancy dress party. It needs stitching back together as I used it for a pattern for my proper Rogue costume.

It also needs lining under the yellow. Then I can DESTROY IT!!! :)

Having to put this back now as when I had to make alterations to counter the issues I've had with the delicate fabric, it now doesn't look right at all. Everything I've done to try and compensate just results in a fail!

Going to start again from scratch (with lessons learned) and have it ready for October Expo!

Going to be adding some extra bits which I ran out of time for before Kapow!

Updates will include:
Minor Adjustment to the wig,
Add more of a rolled up sleeve look to the Jacket,
Redo some of the stitching that I'm not happy with,
Possible new belt buckle
Boot tops that will STAY UP!!!

Well I've now finished the boots and the Body suit is nearly there!

I've finished the pannelling (tho some slight adjustments need to be made).

All that's left if is puting the suit together and the final touches like adding the X-badge to the suit!

So I now have most of the bits I need to complete this :-D

I've some new yellow fabric and lining fabric so now I can stitch a lining into the bodysuit (something I overlooked when I previously made it).

I have proper X-Men Patches on the way *thanks Luke

Just hoping that the fabric I've ordered for the boot tops is the right colour!!!

After a few attempts I've given up on making boot covers and just decided to buy Yellow boots!!! Will just have to make boot tops instead! (Much easier for a beginner).

The wig is getting there... I've gone for BIG Bouncy curls (how I remember Rogue) I've stitched the 2 coloured wigs together, but it was a little bit too small, so I added some elastic and typically now its a litle bit too big!!! *sighs*

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