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The dummy has been made and stuffed and the assembly of the plates in the torso have begun. Using plasterzote for the armour plates and a neoprene wetsuit for the inner workings. Lycra was the original choice but after much thought It was decided that it would be too springy for the latex coating.

Okay put in more orders for supplies such as neoprene ect the building of the suit can commence once it gets here duck tape dummy here i come

The materials are on order but not sure weather to latex and bild up extra layers on the plasterzote or order a liquid latex rubber base will need to ask around first I think.

Okay so progress on the nail is going pretty well so far the whole thing is built from card and in the process of being fiberglassed, its surprising how a lil glass tissue and resin hand make card indestructible :)

Okay I got a ton load of fabric for the out fit and thanks to limegreenjelly a new sewing machine to get the work going.

well just like king spandex slash Lycra pants are being made as I got dubbed recently as the spandex king

Well the dissidia group needs a gabranth and I think it time to get him out again so I thought hell with it ill go the full stretch and try and give the weapons a go

As you can tell the jacket is coming along slowly but pretty sweet regardless of my ancient artifact of a sh*t sewing machine lol but pretty happy with the turn out so far still loads more needs to be done for the end product but getting there

the main bulk of the jacket is complete before adding the lining and sleeves im going to ad the darker black detailing and the grey side pannels

So Ive located the fabic that i need for him the next step was to star working with the pattern which I left at uni, however Limegreenjelly is kindly lending me one so cheers ;)

Spent the day picking out material For kings tights, shades of blue, purpule and gold ready to start turning them into his wrestling attire, damm its gunna be tough

Hardest part of king is getting the body so heres to extra tough training

well after the first try with all armour on its clear i need to do a lot of molding and shaping to get this costume right so there for im not going to use it at minami and hold out for expo this gives me 2 months to get it right

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