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I have been buying lots of materials for this costume, I have also finished stuffing my duct tape dummy! Had two friends do this for me (and I could help at the start - definite pain after a while stuck in that position and lots of muscle ache for the rest of the day but worth it!

So far I have bought expanding foam plus foam gun, upholstery foam, a cycle helmet to build stuff on, papier mache powder, plasticine, soldering iron, scalpels for cutting foam etc - so far coming in over £160 and large amounts of money to go (still not bought any of the fabric, fur, latex, thinner foam, LED and electrical stuff, paints and casting materials...and probably a million other things I haven't thought of yet!

This has been on my mind from minamicon as something I want to do - agreed with my friends to do it in two years time rather than just one, to have more time and also because most of the conventions I am going to next year are not suitable for such a big costume (kita floorspace-wise is too small and dont fancy my chances in the lifts at amechibi) .. banking on there being a residential campus based con going on in 2016 that I can take it to as well as London Expo

Been sketching ideas, researching plans and buying a crazy load of material over ebay, but this is the day I actually did something physically towards the costume - I stood in a strange position and my friends covered me with duct tape! Duct tape dummy get! just have to stuff it now!

Ok did another full rehersal (including standing around in it for a good while) and have made the adjustments required from that!

Im calling it done - well at least until I start remaking parts of it to make it better!

I think... my cosplay is now complete! I did a dress rehersal today where I picked up quite a few things I wanted to change and improve, but think I have done all of those improvements now! Tomorrow will do another full test, and try and stay in costume a bit longer (today just got into it and into the garden for photos and it started to rain! typical!)

Won't post the pics till after Amecon though, which is there the grand unveiling will occur!

Really wanted to do another update because I believe I have hit an important milestone - all the armoured bit is basically done (apart from a few discretionary tweaks I can make! Ive also managed to fasten the big wings onto the aluminium a lot more strongly, and build up those strange hooked wing tips for the top!

Ive cut out all the silver spiky bits coming off those wing tips, and will be painstakingly covering them with aluminum foil at work tomorrow... and the day after... and the day after.... sigh! At home in the evenings will probably do those discretionary bits, or bits for other cosplays, then on thursday.... amybe I can actually finish!

head: 100%
neck: 60% (want to add scales)
torso: 100%
claws: 80% (want to add scales to the gloves)
harness: 100%
Wings: 75% (Just putting them together)
legs: 100%
tail: 100%
stilts: 100%

Ok wow its coming together! Yesterday I completely made the head :) Really proud of it, it worked really well I think! I also painted the gold disk (still not happy with it, but no time to remake it. last week I made the legs of the costume, and made the neck (without scales at the moment but that will change.
I also tried to attach the wings to the harness and put on - rather heavy got to say! Luckily the harness is really good (particularly the bit that goes over the bum which helps support the weigh) so I felt like I would be able to wear it for a decent amount of time!
This morning I have finished off the stilts (apart from some velcro which keeps unsticking so will be sewing/gluing that - then want to add some tweaks to the wing design and start putting it together!

head: 100%
neck: 60%
torso: 100% (though could add more if time)
harness: 100%
Wings: 75%
legs: 95%
tail: 90%
stilts: 98%

Well, been working non stop it seems on Bahamut! I have achieved a lot, but the more I do the more I see what else needs to be done!

Since the last entry I have finished off the wing harness (except that I need to fix the rotating bit since one of the bolts has tightened and now wont rotate)- Ive made all the "tentacle feathers" from cardboard, fillet them with expanding foam and painted them - although I am now at the stage where I need to work out what to make the main substance of the wing from so that I can attach them. I also need to finish off the wing tops including the silver spiky bits, but hoping I can get a polystyrene ring tomorrow!
Other progress is the claws - finished them off and attached them - the ones for the hands are cast polyeurethane, the feet ones are foam (since I made my cast ones too small and not enough stuff to make them all again!
Ive also actually repainted pretty much everything to make the blue tint a lot stronger - think it helps :)
So, today I am going to work on finishing up the stilts, then making either the leg pieces or (if I think of a good idea at least) the bigger wings. If I need a break from all this construction may take a whack at making the neck though!

Ive also booked two days off work to help me finish the costume (as a bit behind schedule) so hoping I can get it finished in time!

head: 10%
neck: 0%
torso: 100% (though could add more if time)
harness: 100%
Wings: 70%
legs: 20%
tail: 90%
stilts: 80%

Well, been working on this for a while: my current position is as follows:
wood part of stilt done but needs some adjustment as too long
some partial foam coverage of stilt done
Most of arm stuff is done, but could add more if time
torso basically done
most of tail done apart from where it attaches to the body
pauldrons are made but need more painting
corset harness for wings made

This weekend will be finishing off quite a few of these bits, but mostly completing the wing harness (including fibreglassing a copy of my back, screwing wood on and finishing the aluminium frame) Also hope to do a draft up of the neck to make sure it works, and start work on the legs/top bit of tail.

Well, Progress on this ground to a halt while doing stuff for minami and kita, but need to get going again! Ive ordered stuff for casting the claws which I am going to attempt (no biggie if it doesnt work since Ill just use foam instead, but seems a good opportunity to give it a go!
Also need to get a heat gun for the foam, but Ill be starting to draft out some of the patterns methinks, and also may start building up the foam torso

Costume is complete and packed, so excited about wearing this!

Almost there! so close!
Main hurdle is now the boots which are a pain as the side decoration just wont stick with all the fabric moving around my leg (particularly when trying to get the boots on) - other than that a little more basic sewing (velcro onto the train, properly attaching the ruffles and changing the undertop, lace to the petticoat) and extra decoration (cuffs and lace for boots, extra gold for the tops of the jacket and part of the arms and on the top of the back of the train) but generally in a pretty good state, which is a good thing since minami is only 2 weeks away!

Squee almost done! just need to attach the sleeves and the butterfly to the dress and is complete! Still dissapointed I couldnt get yellow tights that werent putrid acid yellow, and wearing thin white tights over the top didnt work becuase within a few seconds I tore a huge hole in the white ones! (admittedly they were 7 dernier, and also it wasnt working anyways!)

Well, interesting news is that I have finished off the stilts! (well, except some small adjustments I am planning!)
Had a go walking round the garden in them, I can manage steps as long as I can go slow, and the steps are wide enough - theyre pretty big and heavy and I think adding the weight of the tail and wings will be... interesting, but I have made them stable as possible and quite conservative I think!

Lol, well did most of what I said I would do! TBH not happy with the bottom part of the sleeve - will leave it for now and see if it works when the rest of the costumes takes shape, but may redo - at least it didnt take too long, and I have more of an idea of what I need to do now!

Really into bahamut atm - have been making bits for the lower arms, my navy blue zentai suit arrived, and I have made the bits for the tops of the large wings (well, still need to seal and paint them, but structurally done!
Hoping to get started on the digitgrade stilts tomorrow so should be fun!

Sadly not much I can do after that as need more materials, namely aluminum for wing structure, plastazote sheets for the armour, and more

Made great progress on this today - basically sewed the main part of the jacked and the top bit of the sleeves - aim to do bottom part of the sleeves (or at least the pattern) and start to bondaweb the desin onto the skirt, jacket and hat tomorrow ... may even do some of the train as well!

ok I caved, and started making a mock up of the head... kinda happy with how this is turning out!

Ok so I have oficially started on Bahamut! My main first priorities are to get the structure and mechanism of the wings working first so that I can check weight and movement, and also to build a pair of digitgrade stilts to see how difficult or unstable they make walking. If they are ok I shall then combine the two to see how difficult/stable they are with huge wing structures on my back!

Sigh... this is gonna take a long time!

Okie, well ruby moon is coming on ok, I have sewn a mock up of the cape (though still need to adjust the shape over the arms as I am not yet happy) and cut out the wings from foamboard (as I thought they had a chunky look to them from the anime thus I didnt want wire and fabric wings). Next steps are to work out how on earth to attach them (I will probably use wire and sew channels into my corset) and also to make the decorative panels (for which I now have bondaweb which I plan to use)

Fingers crossed!

Though, do have to say Im worried about the corset... cos of my shape, I end up with a ... shelf... up the top which makes me feel really aukward and embarassed... I have been losing weight recently (9 pounds so far) and have lost weight off the waist and the hips... but not the top...DOH! Well, fingers croseed even more that I can get it looking better!

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