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I've been cosplaying since 2008 and making my own costumes since 2010. To date i've crafted over 20 costumes and look forwards to making many more!
I love cosplaying Bioware characters, badass mages and warrior chicks and anyone a bit suspicious!

In 2013 I attended ONECon as a cosplay guest and had an amazing time and gave two panels. Normally you can find me at London Comic Con, LFCC, Amecon & Kita

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Joined: 30th Jul 2009

Completed costumes: 21

Photos uploaded: 163

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Staff is half done - with bells :D
Corset has had stripes added
All materials bought

Headpiece commissioned from The Mad Masker
Painted by me
Lycra bodysuit made X
black battle bodysuit WIP
white stripe on leather trousers
black hand gloves
datapad - done
Boots - done

Not started white jacket
red arm sections
buckles on trousers
cut outs on trousers

Going to be mainly customising for this costume.
Used scrap red material to make the neckerchief, bought jacket to customise
gun to paint

Green sleeves/jacket is done, working on blue bodice/corsety bit =)

The fabulous Holly has taken me under her wing to improve my fabric powers. We used a medieval dress pattern and altered it a bit to make Melisandre.
-Patterns cut
-Majority of dress sewn, major thanks to Holly and her Momma :)

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