Started cosplaying Properly about 6 - 7 years ago, first con was in America which was big big fun! been addicted ever since! ;) moved onto alot of different things and like to think I have quite a varied list not just from anime but from comics, movies, tv shows etc.

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The base of my beast X-jacket! its having a few coats of leather paint in yellow and the rest is black. Will have multiple X-patches!

Just testing out the blue! got some teeth on the way but aside from growing my beard more and possible wig I wont be doing much more to my face aside from contouring with darker blue and black.

Well started with the basic sculpting and I seem to be getting somewhere XD

OK I ordered a copy of the glowing Noble collection wand for 79p! the price was right! and after a re-paint I will be happy to use it! will be keeping it in a leather wand holster like a gun! Aurors need them quick at hand is my thinking!

These are my new larger rimmed Harry Glasses! I finally found ones that suit my face! XD they are much more mature sized and I love them!

Got 2 custom patches made for the shoulders of the jacket as mentioned in the first Journal ;)

Ok so in the movie the Aurors wear Brown Trench coats which look awesome but Harry being the head I wanted him to stand out. As an accomplished duelist I wanted his jacket to be shorter and his own colour so Green seemed the most apropos. I didn't want to green to be too fantastical so rather than emerald I went for a dark Military hardwearing green. On the arms I have two ministry for magic patches whith the latin motto etc etc. The Lapel I have a metal Aurors badge to show his office. ignore the clothes underneath thats just what I was wearing.

Jayne stuff so far! Needs the patch on the jacket, the same colour pants but in Combats, the back pouches, the shirt *I still haven't decided which I want, the gloves need dying which is simple enough >,< and THE HAT!

MUCH IRONING NEEDED! a bit of taking in too but for fabric this accurate it was very affordable! love the belt too!

Well treated myself to the outfit ive been wanting for ages! kinda my christmas gift to cheer myself up >,< lets hope it looks as good on me!

Flash Helmet size test! its Adams old one but im using the same seller as the base! thankfully its big enough for my huge melon! XD Can'e Wait! to get the full costume!

Well after much fucking up on my part via the postage! and the shitty delivery company! I got my suit and for a prototype its lovely! will ahve to take MEGA good care of it! I am gonna cry if anything happens to this suit I mean it! O_o

Bought a wig as a test! dunno how it will look! it was uber cheap free postage just too see if this is worth going ahead with! no point if I look horribly manly! will have to be an uber cute wonder woman >,< cant do sexy!

Currently being made by my old chums at, a custom job..dunno if its gonna be good or if it will even get here! fingers crossed, if not its gonna be logan cosplay again XD

Are my old batman gloves modded and a pair of Rubies Claw Facade gloves. They are kinda like awful skin coloured panels you velcro onto your hands, really amazing looking claws for 20 pounds and look EVEN better under gloves! pics on my photos!

I had this commissioned from Cosplayfu, the one in the pic is my actual costume hence why it looks a bit saggy on the dummy because im much larger than most asian people XD

Minor Progress Again sorry for spam XD Starting to get lights and Ting installed on the Venom pack, its a tossup if I can afford EL wire for before the con which sucks but we do what we can, ive got the main feed tube for the back of the head put in and secured the bottle down. Going for that super ghetto back alley look XD but I actually quite like it. Cant do much until the straps are put on properly then its just a case of making the front chest peice.

Finished Arc Reactor mod! Shell of the Hasbro Mk IV Toy or rather the front and the middle part. New LEDs and Battery housing and switch. Its got the proper reactor coloured lights AND shaved about 60 percent of its size down so it fits much nicer under costumes XD lick of paint and for 50 mins work and a few soldering burns its quite fun ^^ the lights so bright my camera almost died XD

Pound Shop Venom Tank progress! bottle and main housing done! just need the El Wire and the main light/pump chamber onto the pack! cant do anything until I get my tie wraps *the bottle is just stuck down for the effect of a photo, it will be much neater on tomoz! XD

Venom tank to go onto the harness! ♥ made the caution logo in Spanish! a little artistic licence as Santa Prisca is where Bane is from and shows strong influence of Spanish collonialists. Not to mention him speaking spanish and portugese! so yeah! minor progress XXD

Based on a few designs and alot of inspiration and ideas from 4th wall designs Pack I am hoping to modigy an old steampunk flux pack I made into a working lights Venom pack with chasing El wire leading to the back of my mask! the important thing is going to be removing all the stuff off the base of the pack and shortening it then making it strong enough to handle the weight of the venom tank which if im honest will probably be modified from a plastic drinks bottle.

This is just a quick 5 mins of makeup on the burn to see how I will look as Zuko XD using conventional blusher and eyeshadow and pencil with a bit of ground up graphite XD not great...

Fabric for the outer tunic is made from curtains we found in a charity shop like 3 pairs all the same! it has a thick short haired velvet like quality and I hope it turns out great.

This is my belt and boots for bane, im using super chunky metal new rocks, im about 6,3/6,4 in them all together so height wise im quite imposing >,< Just need to keep cracking on at weights and at least get some deffinition and size when I do him, it will also be good for Thor :)

Again just getting the costume base 2 part, its gonna fit much better than the rubies one which in all honesty isnt as terrible as most rubies costumes! plus the badge is light metal and magnetic etc its gonna be much easier to take in, and I wont have to remove the fake kneck line so I am free to add my own lycra undershirt.

OK well figured a phaser and shit would be out of place as he is medical/science so I will be carrying a Tricorder round with me! just the Playmates toy but its fairly accurate :) hopefully get a communicator to!

Paint job on the phaser rubies kit! pulled it apart! sanded, changed and added and now paint job! almost done >,< just needs a re touch up with silver and its finished! sounds great to!

Well I will be using a rubies phaser toy prop that isnt amazing I will be honest but its budget to see if I like doing star trek costumes and if so I will replace with a nicer model. The colours are WAY off but I will be giving them a coat of paint and probably replacing the emmiter and crystal rod with something nicer!

Will be buying the Costumebase kirk shirt and removing 2 rows of braid to make it Sulu's rank! :) bit of a cheaty but its all I can afford in my price range, sadly paying in excess of 100 pounds for the accurate fabric is a little beyond my means.

So just a test for the hair and eyebrows! very lame but best I could do :(

Well bought a wig! hate buying wigs as they never fit! this one probably wont! was going to go with a larger head size seller but according to reviews for longer wigs they are super shiny and thin O_O soooo gone wiht a 100 percent seller on ebay, free glasses whith chain ect, keep your fingers crossed for me and all that! also bought a bit of ribbon I think will suit the kneck tie, so now its just the waistcoat I need work on ^^

Well this costume aside from the Reactor consists of the Black Sabbath US 78 tour shirt and a charcoal mid sleeved shirt. if im honest im gonna go wiht a long sleeve and just slide em up or if its going underneath the shirt just get a size smaller to help hold the reactor in place.

Work in progress for the hammer, it was a gift at christmas that I swapped the leather strap out for a decent one, filled it with expanding foam for weight and strength and touched up a little with paint!

Wellll Im not fond of the mega mega blue people do for Ryu's hair and 9 times out of 10 in the anime it does just look black so in light of finding a better wig im gonna do it probably with my own hair however crap thats gonna look but I never was gonna look great as this character XD just did a test with the jacket/hair and crap eye makeup that im sure Osaka19 can provide for me on the day so trust me eye makeup is gonna be WAY better, jacket just needs new buttons and interfacing and its done!

Got my hair cut for chris to see how it goes and if it looks OK, im quietly pleased ^^

Well considering I just cant find the majority of the fabric I want for this costume im opting for what alot of jacks do and buying it from Costumebase that do very reasonable film costumes for a very decent price so essentially getting everything in the pic but the coat and hat which I wont be wearing for my first outing partly because of cost, party due to heat and party due to the fact that jack dosent often wear them XD

This was just a TEST to give me a VERY rough idea of what I would look like as jack so literally drawn on tash! bit of makeup, headband and long wig with no yeah let me know what you think XD BUT OHGOD DONT BE MEAN XD just yes...or no XD haha PS THIS IS NOT THE WIG IM USING MERELY A STAND IN! XD

My hat was made by Fables on cosplayisland who does awesome work! I love my hat and I wish I could wear it all day!

Weeeeell gonna be using a Desert Camo Flak vest for the base, filling it out with carpet tiles *as kevlar is far to expensive and generally out of my price range* but yeah soooo gonna spray paint it black to make it a bit more rigid and take some of the pockets off by unpicking then roughly making a Punisher skull stencil and spray painting it onto the vest like the warzone version :)

Well going to re-use alot of my resident evil gear, dying my BDU pants black, I have a compression shirt im going to be spray painting a rough Punisher skull on it. My tactical gear/holsters will all be coloured white as well as my old army boots being colored as best as I can. It will be a really rough and ready punisher but will be instantly recognizable as punisher im really going all out on the functionality of this costume so alot of my gutted BB Pistols/rifles.

This is the mask I won on ebay! thankfully didnt pay to much for it! it will help me feel less claustrophic as I was freaking out in the mask! :( but yeah should be good!

Right sooooo essentially what I thought would happen did happen, I didnt quite have the skill of Nannahara and the mask method failed horribly! not to mention the fact that its a shoulder to shoulder zipper and I need someone to get me into and out of it I got EXTREMELY claustraphobic O_O sooo getting a costume buddy called Leman to make a custom mask for me! there wont be a mouth as of yet so its just going to be a black spidey suit :) still should be fun though!

I love it! lets start with that! however the mask is not all I hoped it would be! so alot of modifications there and the shape isnt great, mabye even getting a completely new mask commissioned. she put a shoulder to shoulder zipper in for free which is great! :) apart from that I love it ! pics to come!

My goggles arrived! they are perfect and very cost effective! im taking the arms off and attatchign an elastic strap to go udnder the hood :) so they dont bulge out to much! winning! oh also legion ring! see pic!

OK this is pretty much done just need the backpack and the finn hat, the hat in the pic is my friend saffrons fionna hat :)

Found the perfect bag on ebay! its PERFECT!

Well shirt is just...well Primark...nuff said, the royal blue shorts will most likely be Ebay :) nice and easy! not really worth journal XD

WellllL! found a great tutorial for the hat! both pattern and video! so its on! fairly simple! will be lining it for extra volume it can be found on the mathematical website if anyones intrested.

Well decided to make this tunic out of pleather with gold bias tape trim :) cut it out and it looks neat enough just need faye to help with the machine as I SUCK at sewing machines! but this is how we get better! :)

Breakfthrough with the hat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so releived! just need to neatly sort it out and It should be plain sailing!

I have the fabric for the waistcoat that hopefully Fishyfins will be helping me with! though im not fond of how chunky im going to look in a white waistcoat! the Hat I have bought a plain white Flat cap and am hoping to mod it as best I can :(

I have managed to find a PERFECT! shirt for Kotetsu it arrived and I am very happy with the colour! the tie I have but that was the easiest part! XD

Well I bought a Blue boiler suit, took pockets etc off it and fabric painted a 101 on the back as neat as I could *it will have to do XD* Hoping to get the yellow on the front with some fabric I bought. the collar I adjusted to stand up and be more like a mandarin collar. again painted a 101 on it. Belt is just a simple belt with craft foam rectangles ive sprayed and weathered silver with a buckle cut out similar.

Right'o! was going to buy this buuut looking at how much it costs and the probability it isnt going to get here! im going to make it myself. A friend has assured my waistcoats are easy peasy and ive bought a hat that I hopefully can mod if it fits. Fingers crossed!

Well purchased a jumpsuit! needs alot of work but managed to get one that fits my height XD had to buy Fat man size as my chest was just to short and ended up looking daft! just a case of taking the sleeves off, hemming, taking in and removing the patch on the pockles! XD oh and making belt loops around the elastic ^.- but can use the left over arm material for that!

My new Cowl! (Posted 23rd November 2010)

Hnnng I love my new batman cowl but it needs much work! gonna have to fill the ears in and reshape it slightly as well as adding a at the back or something! im probably gonna use the pillowcase 30 seconds in tumble dryer method! XD but hopefully it will work and I will have a comfortable cowl :)

Well I have some slight progress and that is that I have managed to find a commissioner for the coat! woot! so its about 80 percent done already XD since I only have to find black combats and make the waistcoat and im laughing XD its gonna be a mid range costume as price is concerned im guessing at about 150 all together and 60 of that is the morpher O_O

Well my patches are here! perfect size! as is my BDU top and bottoms however they are a bit darker blue than I would have liked they are a very nice fit! :) now onto body armor!

Well my Viper Leg holster and pistol belt arrived as well as a couple of clip pouches for the back. Ive taken a bit of creative liberty with the belt webbing as he dosent wear a pistol belt but ive found it just makes more sense to get one particular make of pouch/belt system just for a superior fit. Im very happy with this and will get pics up as quick as possible!

Well I spent roughly 70 or so pounds on the bdu and shirt, patches, gun belts, pouches and leg holster XD so im essentially gonna be making the chest armor whilst that arrives. This should fall together without a hitch know...famous last words and all that XD

Painted and waiting to get glued! im uber nervous!

This is the Golden Age power battery base! yes its a peice of plumbing pipe but it wont be when ive finished! Should be bright enough to light even the darkest night!

Found my awesome wicked much better tailcoat! bought the phantomhive badge! and replacing the buttons with nice silvery ones that resemble the badges in the manga a bit more! very excited about finding my much better tailcoat and feeling marginally better about the costume!

OK so my wig got here! its not great...frankly...XD but I REALLY need advice or opinions on it! is it as bad as it looks? I back combed the side a bit and positioned it aobut XD ignore my chubby face XD

Well I used an ebay seller for a regular red kung fu uniform with black trousers. I just need to belt it and take it in a little I think and paint the frog buttons gold! or yellow whatever!

Well here is the makeup'less and red strand less test!

Well since im not alltogether happy with my body at the moment XD still trying to get into shape! its gonna be full steam after april but until that time im left deciding what to do. Well I have had advice from some Superhero costuming chummies in the US that Compression shirts work well for shaping your body if you have fairly broad shoulders. Well I am gonna be testing one out next saturday and tring it on underneath my Shirt and seeing how it looks, if it pulls me in a little I will be taking the shit in accordingly as its quite baggy now *new I should have gotten the Medium! never listen to people trust your instincts* so yeah! fingers crossed!

From our dear friends at the extortionate Noble Collection XD about 30 pounds but if im getting accurate robes I might as well rock a decent wand! XD

Well keeping the trend of getting some nice commissions in! and im having these bad boys made for me, nothing but the best! gonna spend money while I got it XD haha but yeah really want this to work so enlisting the help of some of the most talented commissioners I know :) Wish me and them luck guys!

Well I boughy some cheap and nasty glasses to see how I looked. And well....I was extremely unhappy with how I looked :( with my hair being shorter I just think I look a bit chunky XD well I sprayed the glasses from gold to black last night and im happy to say im marginally happier with em and will most likely be using them!

I caved and got a bit of money knocked off the DC Direct shirt so I decided to buy it at such a cheap price. This is partly for the tester shots but also because I kinda just want the shirt for regular wear ^.-. So until I get the Legion Buckle made 100 percent decent! I will use this shirt for now. The buckle is main priority for this particular costume ^.-

Well now had to change this up since I am not using the WB noble collection wand! my good friend Wyrdsister is facilitating me by means of me commissioning her partner to make me a wand! if you need see the craftsmanship of it look no further than her fantastic harry potter triwizard costume and I will tell you that the wand speaks for itself! I really look forward to receiving my wand and battling foes in my house!

Well since this is planned for the future my hair should be looking like this by the time the cosplay comes around so it seems pretty perfect to me ^.- is only a modest opinion of course :P

Right i have decided to use Whimsic Alley After Chrimbles! they're scalfs are wonderful and have VERY accurate colouring in comparison with the official works. The Jumper I will no doubt be buying from em as well as they do a nice griffindor jumper! :)

The tie I will be using is the Noble Collection Pure Silk tie! which are LOVELY!

I have talked to a friend who is somewhat of an expert in these matters and have decided to use her as a commissioner for the robes as her work and love for the series is not insubstantial :) this will be much later into January when this happens so dont expect this to be happening soon! :P

Well gonna be wearing a Legion buckle and ring to make it a bit more fun! and be a bit more like Connor in the Legion of 3 worlds! XD I know you dont see him wear a buckle/ring in that but im taking creative licence! XD haha But hopefully getting it made by Friend Laban who does stellar work!

Well I have a friend in the US of a that can make Vinyl S's and got offered one for my shirt. So I decided this would be a great opportunity to get a size accurate one that wasnt the official shirt *as its slightly smaller* so I will probably be attatching it with some velcro to get that embossed superhero emblem look to it. This also means I can was the shirt without damaging the Vinyl in the wash and can replace the shirt when it gets old. so yeah im resonably happy with what im doing right now! good ideas progress! and we are on the way ^^

Mask Supplied by my friend Laban who makes special Urethane masks for ultimate fit, weight and wear and tear! :) I cant wait to try it on! I will no doubt buy this firs to see how I feel wearing it and how I look, you guys can no doubt give me your opinions as well. :) UPDATE! Ordered the mask about 10 mins ago and should be here in a couple of days for some update shots!

Right friend Max shall be making the bodysuit for me, this is a pic of what it looks like. So lets see fingers crossed :P

Well im going to be ordering the base for the costume from but asking for it in a darker green and getting it without the emblem on the chest as im going to be adding my own :)

I will be buying this and modifying it slightly as well as adding a few accsessories and such :) I know its a cheaty cheat but I have a HELL of a lot on for Kitacon and the wig/makeup is gonna be hard enough XD dont hate me to much folks!

Been studying diffrent types of sword froms for expo XD im not gonna be upstaged by ranma 1/2 haha XD
Ive done kendo for 4 years but it isnt the most impressive visually, so ive been looking at actual ones used in the episode 1/2/3 depending on which one I pick I should know a kata or two for it XD as well as Luke's RotJ RAGE SABER!

Well the worst happened and they didnt fit :( at least the calf didnt, apparently this is a common probelm and at Pez's advice I installed eyelets going down the boots and cut at the back, so im essentially corsetting my trousers and leg in, they look actually a bit more jedi XD haha so yeah, one panic over for now.

My New patch! custom made in the US! very happy with it ^^

Well I am supposed to be borrowing a force FX from a friend! if that falls through which it is looking like it might! I will be using the 1990s Mattel saber that ive resprayed and worked on a bit XD looks really nice and hopfully will have muchos pics soon of it :P

Right boots are on the way! hopefully they will turn up and fit! they are womens but size 9s and the calf is 16 inches which is exactly my calf size at the largest point so we shall see how lucky I get :( fingers crossed for me kids!

Alright! I now have some definitive proof of getting a good Bodysuit for Batman! a friend of mine from the HAUK has let me have one of his old ones :)since he has no use for it as he now uses a much better one. I will attempt to get everything done before I get the cowl on for Batman so Utility belt is on the way. It just so happens that My friend is also scoring me some Pouches to craft my own so things are finally gaining steam! The gloves are going to be a problem so im going to have to scope them out for a bit, boots are the standard black superboot form ebay which I can get any time, the Cape will need some thinking, maybe some lined pleather :)

Well this is it :) the start of a scratch made *dont do em often* I have scoped out the perfect fabric for Link :) its slightly darker than emerald because im going for a bit of a mature look like twilight princess. for this im buying a new Ocarina :) and assembling a lot of props :) I made a bomb just for fun, dont know if I will use it or not :P

Expect to see a few masks if I have time as well :) but for now im scoping a new wig for it to style and all that :)

Just need to keep at weight loss

Right I found the most amazing boots for this costume, they are soooo spot on :) and I got some trousers that will work well and the jumper I already had, the trick was finding materials that were 1930-40s that I could use to make this character fit in with the time period :)

Well im currently growing shall we say gruff for wolverine and in the process of me being bright blonde my beard dosent show awfully well. the answer MASCARA! you can peice together how thats going to go right? and as for the hair, well im considering curling it the same as i did for lust however my hair is alot longer than his so parhaps a tighter hot rollers situation is also in order, either way it will be a darker parhaps more book apropriate sirius :) either way I shall stick to it and change as little as possible to match my body.

Well I decided to do this version firstly because I wanted to do prison version then I saw that I had a waistcoat identicle to his in the order :) so from that it dovetailed into getting a shirt and apropriate trousers. the only problem being the frock coat. its going to have to be green velvet and its going to have to be a blazer im afraid :( until I can find something better.

Well I chatted to Fables Dad and he told me he could get ahold of me some machine cut blocks of nylon to make the guns barells out of :) so off I go to see if that is better than my terrible attemt with paper mache and Cardboar. Stay posted :)

Well its finnaly here :) it looks wonderfull :) it fits like a dream and feels great. I got ink on the inside finger of my amazing gloves :( but its hard to tell unless you know lol. The tie leaves alot to be desired but I was always planning on learning how to tie it :) so practice practice practice!!!

Well our costumes are on the way ^.^ my coat and hat should be here in a few weeks, i have pretty much everything else. I am begging work on the guns probably sometime this week.

Im considering making the guns from coardboard and plastic sheet foam board :) ive been looking at featherweights stuff so probably gonna emulate that.

Okz so fully decided to do Logan now *been toying with it for about a month now* and ive read a really rather awesome tutorial on how to do the claws effectively ^.^ and it has spurred me. Now i cant make them out of adimantium as the base temprature only melts once and upon oxidisation becomes indestructable, im not that skilled!!!....oh yeah and its fictional* so plasticard is going to be the way to go. I shall keep you posted how I get on.

I finnaly got a dress that works amazingly ^.^ I just have to make a few snips and stuff here and there and im totaly done ^.^ this marks a real turning point in the outfit as I have been putting this off a little.

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