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I've almost been cosplaying for about 10 years now, seriously, I've lost count. The problem being that I spent over half these years with my mother making my outfits. So, getting technical, I've had about 4 years physical experience making outfits. So...since I was...15? I definitely wasn't as good back then.
I learnt photography on the side and I'm mixing between the two. I rarely get too many good photos of myself, sadly.
I've mostly done anime cosplays for the past few years, but I'm attempting to stretch out into games cosplays and even into TV and movie cosplays...maybe some cartoons? Sounds dandy.

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It turned's really purple...
But I guess the anime did make her jacket really purple, so,,,

Just letting the trousers dry...tbh, it's not very sunny and even hanging them up on a radiator isn't helping,,,
So it might be a while before I can get any pictures up (mostly because I'll also forget, aha,,,), but it's at least complete!
A whole month before a con...this costume wasn't any issue...huh...

Got the over shirt done.
It barely took a day, wow. I'm pretty glad.
And it's actually super comfy. The issue is, it's super warm to wear, so I almost regret choosing to wear Konoha for manchester, in the middle of god damn's gonna be warm as hell, I already assume I'm gonna spend half the time barely wearing the cosplay.

I said it'd only take like two days and nobody believed me.
Well, it only took an extra few days or so because of me procrastinating and trying not to burn down the kitchen with clay.
Took a lot of effort and back ache, but I got it done. So Konoha is literally around 60% done, which is great, since I have a month to go. Especially since the over shirt will take a day or so.
Feel like I might boil at the con, though...

It has arrived. Paint first, which wasn't handy, but it's both here now. Now I gotta clean up a little so I can actually dye it in the spare sink, then I can paint it while it washes and dries.

Done and dusted.
Boots only just fit my legs. They go up, even though they take like twenty minutes to put on, but they fit, so I'm not buying more, fuck that. Need another layer of paint, but done.
Headphones are drying, but painted and done. Might need another layer.
I feel like a Vocaloid, which is a little ironic...

-Or I hope so.
Buying tons of shit off ebay...most of it quite cheap. So, at least if it goes wrong I can shout 'WELL IT WAS ONLY £5'
...because I have no concept of money, as proven by my 50 new games.
I should be doing this alongside Jess, as Kano, at Manchester, if I go. I should go, but I've not been in the right place, lately and my anxiety has gone back to square one...but two-three months should be enough for me to calm my damn tits.
Anyway, back on subject-
I've bought black material, yellow headphones, yellow trousers and some boots. So, I should be fine and dandy to get him finished while making Kano for Jess.

Yes, I am most likely remaking half of my Reborn! cosplays at some point, since I pretty much made all of them during my weeb phase...and now I'd rather redo them all to at least do them more justice.

Well, it would be, if I could find any trousers to buy for this. I'm gonna end up resorting to buying white trousers to dye yellow, god damn.

All that's left is to wait for Micky and Jess to finish the armour and he's good to go.
I will remake the jacket one day, because I scaled the crest on the back to MY BACK. And then remembered how small Jess is compared to me. I'll never be used to how small she is.

Inigo is practically complete. All I'm really missing is the gloves! I'll be sorting them tomorrow/this weekend I hope.
As for what I've been doing...the basic answer is;
Burning myself a lot. And then playing video games because I'm mad at myself for burning myself.
I feel like Inigo has long as frick legs or something, because I put the leg warmers up to about where they would be on his thighs...yet they don't feel long enough? Like they should be higher? But any higher and they'd be basically covered by the shirt. And to my crotch, for that matter.
Why do bishie characters always have long-ass legs.

The vest is basically ready! Just needs any extra hemming sorted and it should be fine and dandy!
The zip was hand sewn in by my good friend Sasha, who hand sews 1000000x better than I ever could. oops. She wanted to learn how to machine sew, but I think I was just watching and learning how she hand sew things ;v;
Now is just to hem and take in the back and it's ready to go!

It STILL hasn't turned up. It was supposed to be here by the 20th.
Contacted the seller and they told me to wait another two weeks. As much as it was only £7, I'd still actually want it! It's gonna be hard to send it back if it doesn't fit...would just have to sell it or use it as scrap material. That'd be annoying...Since it's like...2XL...I think. Damn men's shirts, not fitting my boobs right...
If it doesn't turn up, my dad has offered to lend me one of his...which is a pain because he's'd have to really tuck it in, wouldn't I...
The waist coat is short enough as it is...this might be a bad looking cosplay...

just needs the paper machie finished then a few good paint jobs (and the strap adding) and its done!
I had to type this like 10 times, i'm literally typing one-handed with the shield in hand.
dry quicker, asshole.

I'm off sick a lot lately because I,,,well, I don't know, but I'm sick a lot lately. Means I can't concentrate on uni work or I just fumble with it all and make no sense. Gotta get good grades, y'know?
So, I've been messing with some of the easy stuff with Inigo. And by that I mean asking Micky to make the ear rings.
Okay, joking aside, I have cut out the glove pattern, so I should be starting those today. Got some of it cut out so, we'll see (god, i'm cutting it all as I type, that's not a good thing).
They'll be my first ever pair of gloves...and I'm not good with reading instructions for patterns, so...we'll have to see if these turn out well at all...I'm nervous.

I don't even know what to say here?
Mostly because sewing the belt was kinda fucked, I even broke a LEATHER SEWING NEEDLE trying to sew it. And I think the foot of my sewing machine is now hanging off, so I possibly need a new one.
This is just slowly summing up how much money Inigo has cost me.
I just need to get some velcro onto the belt and that's it, but I'll probably just hot glue it on, since it's pretty much becomming a pain in the arse.
On a side note; I broke another sewing needle earlier, but this one was more confusing since it was a cotton needle sewing cotton? It just snapped so I'm assuming it'd just been used to it's fullest and broke. But that was halfway sewing bias binding onto the I have to get another tomorrow.

Well, it turned up! Pure white, though. But, hey, I wasn't really fussed about what colour I'd use, that'd just be a matter of claiming a specific father, which I can do.'s actually made me happy for it to be white? I mean, my first playthrough as a male character, I married Olivia which meant Inigo came from my loins. And my character was pretty much the default male look, so Inigo came out with White hair (and Morgan popped out with pink hair-jUST LIKE HER MOTHER. Happy families, man.). I actually had a preference seeing him with white hair. Seeing him as Chrom's son with blue hair didn't feel right????? I dunno.
If that story doesn't work, my dad is Henry.

Well, except material for an apron, but I still gotta try and figure out what shape it is, damnit.
But, ordered a dress shirt and waist coat which were about...£7 each. So not bad...some places tried to charge me a lot more and even tried to add P&P so I went for the cheaper ones. Hopefully they'll fit, but they're men's sizes so I think I'll be okay, since I went for the larger ones. I'd rather have them too big, so I can take them in, rather then too small, where nothing can be done.

I shouldn't have convinced myself that this was a good idea, because I'm pretty sure this whole cosplay is gonna look bad on me...but that could just be my self esteem fucking up...
But, the under shirt is complete. It looks find and dandy, but I might need to sort some extra parts of it out in the future. We'll see.
But I used a basic shirt patten, added longer sleeves and shit, had to make two of each sleeve in the two colours,,,loads to do, but did it in a day, quite proud of myself and the shirt actually doesn't look half bad. Now gotta start on the vest in the next couple of days.
Gosh-if this gets done for midlands, i'll be really pleased!

So, with most things bought and ready to start, I began by messing around with the shield for Inigo's arm. Well...It's my first day off college in a while, and I wanted to mess with the craft foam and see what I could do with it. It's pretty fun, but it stinks when you have to wave a bunch of it around.
I've ended up with a decent shape, but I didn't like how the top went at first, so I decided to add that as an extra, since it had to stick out...weirdly...
As for everything else, I'm planning on making the under shirt first and seeing what's left of material and such. I've not done much panneling, though, so good luck to me...

Well, the wig came from China and I wasn't risking chinese new year screwing me over more than once, since they did it last year, too. Psh...
Well, the wig is a silver-grey colour, trying to base it off the official art. But I have a feeling someone will probably tell me it's wrong, but, tbh, they can't really say that. I could wear an orange wig and just say; 'my father is Gaius'. SHRUG.

Gotta be the easiest part of this outfit. Trust me.
I pretty much found scrap material around the house and used it to make the general scarf shape and I sewed on some velcro to make it wearable(I do still need to hem the back of it, though, but my sewing machine is temperamental to the black thread).
I WAS gonna use material to make the arrow shapes, but they took at least 4 tries to get to the right shape and angles, and even after all that, they didn't look right. So I got rid of them and just painted them.
Though, the paint was annoying enough. I had to use white paint on the black and then go over it in yellow once it was dry and thick enough.

Pretty much, the definition of a complete cosplay basically means; if you wear it, are you the character? Yes. If I put my whole cosplay on as it is, right now, it would be Naegi. The only thing missing is the pin, but my boyfriend is on that soon enough and I won't really know when its finished, anyway. Even if its done last minute.
I do need to take in the hoodie a bit, though. The sleeves are way to baggy and barely go into the sleeves of my small ass blazer. I'll be messing with it, even if its technically complete.

My gran wants to buy me wigs for Christmas, so I've aimed at Konoha's wig since I have all my others, haha.
This one is the ONLY proper Konoha wig on ebay. So I've gone for it since it looks nice enough and i bought my Aoba wig from the same seller.

Done with a sponge to make it look like,,,well,,,how it looks. haha. It had a weird effect on it so I used a sponge to do it haha.
All I need to do now is hand sew the zips on. I have started the first zip. Struggling with the amount of thread, though, sobs. But I don't have a foot for zips, so I'm stuck hand sewing like a bitch.
Oh well. I'm sure I can do it in 20 days lAUGHS

It has arrived
and it is miles too big haha
It's possible to take it all up. I'll be removing the sleeves since most artworks that were revealed reveal it as a short sleeved hoodie.
Also, am I the only one who noticed that the zip on the hood is green and not white? Well, according to in-game sprites, anyway.
The anime seemed to make it white to make it more obvious, but in-game, the zip isn't all that obvious and looks green. It was a small detail, but they could have edited it whenever they wanted, so its clearly on purpose.
So, the zip i bought for the hood is green. I might paint it white if it looks bad or if anyone points it out. memorabilia is mostly just a test run for him, anyway. I'll either do him to Midlands (or Aoba for that one) or he'll definitely come out at Kitacon.
Tomorrow, I should be going to HobbyCraft for paint for the hood and maybe some bias binding if the material i'm gonna use isn't good enough.
But, this hoodie involves a lot of taking up. I tried the blazer on over it and holy shit it felt awkward. So taking it in is the main option once I've added the zips and stuff.

Ordered in Men's 4XL because then I can be SURE it fits perfectly and in specific ways and that the hood would go over my wig and such. It'll mostly be taken in/up so I'll be sorting it all out.
It's pretty much the same colour as Naegi's. 'Military Green'. £30 but it would have been no better looking around Nottingham for hours until I found one that probably wouldn't fit at all. But, I'm just glad I finally found one.

My boyfriend, Bond-of-Flame, has agreed to make my little brooch for me. He's really good with plastic so making a little bit of gold plastic should be easy for him, so he's happy to help. <3

I found my old blazer and it still, kinda, fits! It's a little short at the arms, but,,,as long as I don't raise my arms above my head should be fine?
Okay, truth be told, I want a new one, but money is an issue. Plus I can't really find any right now that don't involve stealing my dads. I may just buy a shit ton of black fabric after midlands and make the blazer since my blazers shoulder pads feel...too much? Either that or I might remove the pads a little.
for memorabilia, i think this one will do. Needs a wash to get rid of some shit on it, but that's all. Glad I've got it.
Just gotta get a hoodie to edit then i'm done

Yes! The wig turned up within, literally, two days! I'm definitely gonna buy more from coscraft. I was paranoid, like I said, about the ahoge, since the wig might not have been thick enough. But dayum, its thick and flicks out perfectly in the right places! It feels short but Naegi's hair isn't exactly long, so...seems normal. I'll have to clip it and spray it down a lot, too, since it seems to have issues with spiking out in strange areas. Gotta cut the fringe a bit, too and figure out which directions its supposed to go since it's thick on one side, but it's here and it's wonderful!

Visited Primark after Uni today and finally got a decent, brand spanking new, pair of converse. I would've bought his, canon, vans type shoes, but, sadly, i had to go primark for the cheapness, so none of the vans went bigger than a size 5. I'm a size 7, sadly. The converse had my size though, so I got these for a nice £7

Bought the wig for Naegi from Coscraft since they had a decent priced wig they say is specifically for Naegi. Didn't have the ahoge, but I'm assuming it's thicker at the top. Well, the image looks thicker, anyway. If not, I'll either have to try wefting, or I can send it back and say I didn't like it,,,,I'm pretty sure it'll be fine, tho

Literally. The jacket only needs the buttons and the painting done to the back and then this one is done!
Jessica, so far, has her shirt, trousers, dog tags and chains (possibly) and is borrowing some wrist bands from Micky, as we can't really make any yet.
So, just gotta finish the jacket and we're done!

I'm saying that the buttons can be added whenever, to be fair, so the jacket is technically complete without it.
Also, the coins on the back...ahhhhhhh...technically not needed, but I have time to add them if I want to/if I need to. Concept art says that they actually didn't intend for the coins to be on the back, as it made Yukimura look a little like a gangster. So you can have it or not, it's one of those things that doesn't matter. I have an old tie for Ittoki that I can use for the headband if the one I have in progress isn't finished. So, once again, this really is done.
Most of it now just relies on Sasha finding everything else she needs. And I know she has the coins, has the dress shirt and trousers and...possibly some shoes???

Just gotta get Jess to try it on and take in anything that needs it and then I can add the collar to it and maybe buttons if I get time. Then just have to paint and then I just need to mess with all the other bits and pops.
The wrist bands worry me, as I need more velcro to sort them. So I also need to bother Jess to buy the rest of the materials that we need. But I'll be taking my extra money out just in case. I mean, both Yukimura and Masamune need buttons (I'm still not sure if motochika needs them, seeing as his jacket isn't supposed to be worn normally. So, we'll see what happens with that at least) and we need all the extra velcro and possibly need paint, depends on how much I have laying around.
Nearly there, though.

Everything for Masamune is cut out, just like Yukimura. Jess gets the easier one, though I need to make sure her sleeves are thick enough so she can roll them up. Either that, or I keep some spare cotton and just sew it on seperately if it comes to it. We'll see how that goes down.
Not got the wristbands done yet, though. Those are pretty easy and can literally be done in about 30 minutes.
White is out and readyyyyy, etc. etc.

I have most of the pattern cut out, it's not just pinning stuff together and messing with it on sasha to make sure it's the right size on her. because hers is easy, it's probably gonna get done slower than Masamune and Motochika. Especially with a month to go and those two have more details that make me want to shoot people.
Got the white cut out for Yukimura and masamune, too, so that's good. Damn those two not living with me. Can't measure them from other house.

Buying a new jacket for this. or might just steal one of my dads suit jackets for a day...depends if he murders me or not. We'll see.
Gotta buy a proper red shirt for this...though, mine will do...though its an inside out shirt but...whatever. Cheap, right? Awwyiss.
...Probably need some proper shoes for this, buuuuuuut...I have an addiction to converse and I don't think it matters too much...the outfit itself isn't that complex...
Painting the flowery details that stem around the shirt a little. Only a couple, though. I'm not making them too obvious seeing as, well...they aren't obvious.

I have pretty much everything to make Masamune, including some old chains to hot glue together and jersey to make some lovely, simple, wristbands with.
Though, I'm worried about the design on the back. Damn, masamune. It's a little annoying, especially those kinds of designs. It'll definitey take me a while to get right.
But, the materials were simple cottons, for both the inside and outside, so it works. For her, there isn't much, it's just a matter of making sure it all works out and looks okay. But, I helped her find a suitable t-shirt to use and she already owns trousers and some trainers to wear.

Yukimura is probably the easiest one. I already have a headband in progress, made out of duchess satin, so all I need to make is the jacket. And Yukimura's doesn't have any real details like Motochika's or Masamune's. As much as the concept art said he COULD have the six coins on his back, in most manga scans from the Gakuen Basara books, he never does. It was seen as a little too 'gangster', and, lets face it, Yukimura is far from it (except that one chapter where he tried to be a deliquent).
So, we have the black and white for the jacket, easy enough. No joke, I don't have any comments about making this, really.

This eas easy enough, but needed two attempts to make it right.
I ended up buying a studden choker from a party shop in Nottingham and shortened it to fit around my wrist without the velcro on. Second attempt went right, so I'll just explain that.
A simple, thick strip of thin jersey was cut out. Chose jersey from my friend's Banette hoodie, seeing as jersy would be stretchy and easier to fit around the wrist/hand area. Before I hemmed it, I had to sew the studded choker to it in as exact a position as I could get it and THEN I hemmed the bastard and sewed it together.
It looks mildly impressive, at least pft

This is all complete now, but I'm gonna make seperate journals for each section now, okay, thanks, bye.
The trousers were stolen/borrowed/requested off my mother and they feel like I think they're old pjamas, but oh well, they're comfy.
I then sewed on strips of blue fabric to mark the tassles and then made MORE...FUCKING...TASSLES.
Half way through, I ended up running out of thread so had to buy more yesterday and quickly finished it today and tried it on.
The tassles looked like some kind of production line, I'm not even kidding, my mother came in and burst out laughing because it just looked so amusing to her. One pile of material strips, one pile of them pinned into shape, another of them sewn up, and then another of them pinned onto the actual material.
Never again.

It's finished...omg...I'm so fucking glad it's done...
Took me 5 damn hours to make all of them tassles...I barely thought I spent two hours on them...and that was just on the first batch. When I attatched them all, turns out I needed more, and that ate up another 30 minutes to an hour. Finished it all at around seven before I had tea. And I started at twelve once I'd had lunch.
It's been a painful day. I ended up leaning on the table and didn't see the pinned tassles and ended up with one going into my arm pretty deep. Didn't really bleed, it was just a small hole in my bloody arm was like an injection with a dab of blood, whoops.
Well, at least ittoki is pretty much 80% done.
I have to do the leg tassles (FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUCK), get some boots and a wristband and it's...pretty much done.
Should also mess with make-up at some point...welp...

Weirdly, I've actually gotten the damn waist coat to look least DECENT.
The white is sheeting, while the blue is light cotton, so I had to double the cotton blue over with white sheeting underneath. Works pretty well. The collar went a little wrong, but I went with it thinking that I could just undo it with no problem (a little bit of rage) if it went wrong. but, it seemed to work better than my actual plan...kind of. So I just...left it. I can always go back and change it. I'll probably end up re-making parts of this cosplay, anyway(like the waist piece...really don't like that so far...can't wear it right...fucking ittoki).
Ended up not making an actual back, I literally made a large panel from scratch and just plastered it into the design. Same goes for the collar part of the base, actually. The collar is still there, but the blue gave it more shape. The collar is sewn down. I didn't sew it down with one of my other cosplays and it just flopped everywhere when the wind blew a tiny bit. So, figured this would help. It kind of does.
This was actually done, slowly, over the past couple of days. I say slowly, since I've had stuff to do for college. Luckily I'm off after Monday, so progress should be a lot faster.

So far, I've only spent money on things like the material...and...that's it. Even then, it wasn't exactly expensive, seeing as I used sheeting for the white, plain, cheap cotton for the blue and some dutchess satin, which was the most expensive material I bought. And I bought it all slowly on different days, so I kept a budget going, really.
Dress shirt was free, trousers were
But, anyway-
Dress shirt is pretty much done, just gotta take some more stuff off the collar and take it up and hem the sleeves, so I'd say it's done because none of it is too important just yet. The inside of the dress shirt has red in it. Was gonna get rid of it but, wow, it looks strangely good. To me, anyway. But, seeing as it's Ittoki, I think the red can stay.

Shirt is in slow progress. With ittoki to make, too, Ittoki will have higher standing in the way of which will be more important to make.
But, shirt wise, I have the collar and sleeves painted. So the brown parts will work, hopefully even after I painted it.
But, the plan is to sketch the design in pencil and then paint over it, then do the ironing on, then wash it and dry it. So then I'll do the lemon juice bleaching, so it'll look more faded. Then I'll be throwing fake blood all over it.
Also, this weekend, I'll hopefully be doing a make up test with my girlfriend :)

I know this was put on complete a while ago but I've only just realized I never explained things, besides from the photos.
Just to let people know, I'll be using an old wig of mine which will hopefully be properly styled quickly before the shoot by Anna in our group. The wig that turned up was.../shit/ to put it bluntly. It was nothing like in the picture and I made sure to tell that to the seller. In stead of being spiky, it was curly and couldn't be changed by styling and there was barely any fringe and it wasn't even big enough to fit my wig head. SERIOUSLY.
The outfit is lovely and comfortable, I wish I could wear it daily. I don't feel confident in it, though? Because it's white, it's not exactly slimming, so I do feel strangely fat in it...especially around my pelvis area, but that's the curse of my family...big pelvis/hip areas. I can't do much about it. Binding and weight loss should help one part but I literally can do nothing about what my pelvis looks like. So...doesn't help my confidence in this outfit much.
But, I'll soldier on. I still love Kiyoshi and I'm fighting the urges to wear him to Midlands expo. Mainly because I doubt people would recognize me. PFT.

The wig has, aparently, turned up, but my parents wrapped it in christmas paper as soon as it got here and never told me. So...I'll get pictures of that after Christmas.
The outfit has been dispatched at least a week or so ago, but we doubt it'll get here until a bit after christmas...I hope so, anyway!!
As soon as it all gets here, I'll try it all on.
This is, basically, so close to being complete!!

The outfit has been ordered. Gotta order the wig tomorrow, hopefully, but this should be here by Christmas, all going well.
We shall see how this goes.
I'm a little paranoid because I have larger hips, and wearing white makes them look I'll have to hope I can take it in to look decent...
Still...I probably won't suit this.../CRYING/

The hat is DOOOOONE.
Now to plan the shirt!
But the hat was simple enough to do. Just bought a plain baseball cap (that was a size too large for comfort around a wig LOL) and painted the front blue and then painted the logo on.

Turns out my old Keisuke overalls fit (which explains why I want to wear Keisuke again when I make a new shirt for him).
So this is pretty much in full progress now for Gemucon. Maybe will even wear it to Midlands next year. Maybe even to AMFE (or whatever it is), but I'll have a crappy wig on if I do, seeing as I'm waiting for next year to buy the wig. But, if the brown wig I have works, then may just not buy a new wig.
Micky is still doing my man make up, so wahey. XD
But the overalls work. They're not the most comfortable things, seeing as I may just have to wear some form of shorts under them (if you look closely at his model, it looks like you can see his boxer shorts, anyway, so may just wear boxers and leggings under them), but I can deal with them. I wish they were darker, too, which is annoying, but I have looked in a lot of shops around and they're all the same shade of blue.
If I ever find better ones, then wahey, I'll buy them. But these ones work, too.

I'm putting this on complete, because I could wear it out as it is.
All I really need to do is add the buttons and finish the spear, but I wouldn't take that out to Nottingham anyway, I'd be arrested XD that's for Memorabilia
Also gotta buy more ear rings. My sister has ran away with, and lost, the ones I bought before.

In a mix between playing Left 4 Dead 2 and ACTUALLY trying to get this done, I've cut everything to the right length and now it just needs to be made. But I've been off lately...this is the only cosplay I have going on. After it's finished I'll be starting other might just be this cosplay, but I'm half unwilling to finish it.
It's weird. He's my own character...but I almost just have no motivation.
Then I'm staring at Ellis like SOON. Fuck, it's kind of annoying...

The best thing about this is that I can just choose random props and it works really well.
Gun wise, I'll most likely be looking into shotguns, even though Ellis seems to favor the grenade launcher. He also has a few hints at prefering the katana, but I'd like to look into doing different propers for different cons. Since this is planned for Gemucon (or Midlands) I'll probably be making a simpler prop, like stealing my sisters baseball bat and painting a kids gun toy or something.

I got off my arse for a bit today. Well...I say got off...I mean; I forced myself by rolling on the floor (not literally).
The only thing I've done is attatch the last bits of extra tartan onto the waist coat and add velcro. I need to stitch the collar down a little bit.
The only time I can really work on this stuff is on the weekends, which should be fine. As long as I work harder. Some nights I might be able to take time off my games design research/work to actually do stuff, depending on what Josh is making me do, design wise, seeing as I'm the concept artist, but Iv'e got quite a bit of work, including my animation project.
Kill me.

I have been procrastinating from this due to two things;
1: College has started up again, so I'm a little bit...well...I'm being bombarded by my group for concept art, really.
2: I'm out of bias binding.
As soon as I get the binding, I can have a quick run through to finish before the next meet, which I'll be going to with my OC group.
It gives Sash more time to finish her wings. Micky WILL be doing Jirou, but for November, so she'll have time to mess with the arm and leg. Guy is for her until then. Jess just has to tear into some clothes. I'll see if Micky will try and help her. I just gotta make her claws.
But, this has been close to complete for a while. I got the tail done (it'll flop a bit, but I'll make sure it shapes for photos. Wahey.
I really hope this come sout well. The weight of it means it's gonna have to be pinned into place when I wear it.

This is painful as hell.
I've been getting more done. With two weeks to go until J-Con, I want to get the dress shirt and finish that so theres something at least. I also have to get the straps done and I gotta help Micky with her outfit and I gotta make the props.
I really hope that Sasha is okay with Oai. Lucky that Jett will be easy enough, Micky just has to make some simple ears and tail for her.

Not tooooo much been done, but I took a break and got a bit of extra stuff done.
Gotta take off the tails again, though OTL Damnit
I also still have yet to buy more red threat. But I have the collars ready to sew together and pin on. Awesome. As soon as I take it all up, it'll be sewn together, hemmed, taking in and the details added.

I have his spear started. Awww yeah.
It's my old Shima staff chopped up a bit to keep it in a certain shape. Daichi's spear does have a strange resemblance to Shima's...I don't even know how, I just made a fucking staff up and that was ittttt OTL
Wig wise, I have no money and no one to borrow one off, so I'm having to use my Keiji wig. I may also have to mess with the hair design on Daichi, seeing as he has one design where he has his hair clipped back to the side. So I may cheat a bit and use that hair design temporarily, but the wig CAN stay in one place, but I'd need something to hold it OTL
It is the same general colour, though, so it works (his hair is a slightly darker brown...not brown but...dark brown...keiji brown, clearly).
Also, shoes are...not bought, but complete because I have smaller shoes of the same colour I need, so, If I can't get the taller shoes in time, I can do a quick design edit to hold the smaller shoes...though I have had urges to shorten his shoes for a while, seeing as almost every one of my characters seems to wear boots.
Need one without boots, damnit.

Fucking tail coat is going well.
The base was too small so I did have to add an extra panel. But, hey. As long as it works. And it made the sleeve holes bigger.
Got the tails done, too. Well...the base...PINNED.
Tartan everywhere.
I'm struggling with the collar (trying to shape them and then pin the tartan on so I can sew it all on) but my mother has made a collar like this before, so it helps (first time collar maker OTL).
Trying to commission horns because I'm bad with clay.
Trust me, I'm not being lazy. I. Am. Terrible. With clay.
I can't get any images to explain this, just yet, because I left my memory card in my laptop.

This is actually happening. I can't believe it OTL
I have made a start on this, seeing as I have the more complex outfit (DAMNIT, I REGRET HIS DESIGN JUST BECAUSE I HAVE TO MAKE IT) and I may have to run around trying to help everyone with making their outfits (most likely helping micky because she has second most complex character, Jirou. The others are simple designs, really. I have more complex outfits in the villain characters). So starting now will help.
Then again I can't do TOO much until after this weekend...or until I get the actual red fabric for the tail coat...
I just bought 3 metres of damn tartan. Better have enough :I
Also trying to draw out a form of own pattern/concept art for everyone.
But I can start on a few of my smaller stuff before I go and buy the rest.

As much as the disks are still drying and I need to iron everything, I'm putting this up as complete now seeing as I won't get on later because I have tons to do, including a wig commission to curl a wig OTL

This outfit is terrible, but as long as Jess is happy, I can deal with it.
I'm nearly done, really. Just gotta paint the side disks and add one last detail onto the gloves. Will probably finish it the night before, because, today, my mother is getting at me to clean the house and my room OTL
Gotta go on a run about.

I have fucked up the shirt a little, but with a week to go, I'm not complaining. I'll re-make it for her at some point...maybe...never. It looks decent enough 8D I need to go out and buy some new paintbrushes sometime this week to make this easier so I'll be buying more binding for the arms and doing it myself...badly...
It's the only choice I have with a week to do. Hopefully Jess won't mind awkward arms :I I still need to get her to buy some bandages...OTL
Gloves are also fucking me over a little. Need to hem them quickly and start sewing on the top part quickly. I did think of painting it on, but that'd fuck me over :I so sewing will work for me XD

I'm not going to describe how I made it. It was painful. That is all you need to know. Three days, non-stop. Fuck everything, my back aches from leaning over it.
Probably gonna wait until my back gets better before finishing the gloves and then finishing the thigh straps and shit...OTL
Tail is nearly done, too...waheeeeey...
But, meh, shirt is basically done. Micky is doing the arm binding, seeing as I'm pretty bad at it :I I will hem it for her to make it easier on her

...I have two weeks.
Fuck me sideways.
It won't look perfect, but I'm trying my best with the time given XD
But I have the shirt base (the collar is a bit open, but the KAITO collar thingy will work XD), trousers done, gloves base, bracelet bases, thigh straps pretty much done and the base for the little disks on his hips done

OVER 2 WEEKS TO GO. BOINK(I've been playing too much TF2, clearly).
But, I had to rush through the cuffs seeing as I have just over 2 weeks to get Cyber Neko Kaito done for Jess.
But, to explain, the soundboards on the cuffs are a little odd.
One is facing the back, the other is facing the front. Yes, I did this on purpose. I, at first, wanted them to face the sides so they'd both be visible, but then I just wanted them to look completely different. I don't really want them to perfectly match...I dunno why...I'd just feel...weird...I pinned them on perfectly at first and it, to me...looked too perfect.
But I do like it. I dunno why, but part of me doesn't feel too good in's a little odd...
I'll put up a picture at some point soon. Too tired right now XD

I don't get it either.
I've re-painted the head phones...ish.
But the main thing is I have a new mic. Not a real one...but fuck it.
Made it out of wire and covered it with pipe cleaners so, if it hits me in the face, it shouldn't stab me.

I don't know why, but someone asked me what trousers I'm using.
May as well just post it up here or something :I
I'm using plain jeans. I didn't want to go into huge detail on trousers. Not sure what kind of trousers yet, but just...plain black jeans. May go and buy a new pair to make sure that they look decent.

Wow, I'm actually alive.
For the past couple of weeks I've been trying to redesign the boots...and all I can really do is put some bias binding on them at some point if I have any left, to at least make them look decent.
Even then, I'll probably only be glueing it on...maybe not even that...hand sewing...kill me ;-;
So far, I am classing them as done, though because, for the most part, they are what I wanted. if Bias binding doesn't look right, then I'm leaving them as they are. Basic black boots with a bit of blue on one part of them...
These fuckers are gonna be attached to my freaking jeans...

With this being finished in February for Midlands, people have now been bugging me on when I'll wear it again.
Welp...It's kind of planned again for JCC in September, and hopefully I'll have been able to remake it, so we shall see.
I'm also being bugged about the sword...Yeah...hopefully I'll make it by september, but that's if money is good enough, really. I'm gonna attempt to make it out of foam board and not cardboard...whoops. Though I...Kiiiind of have the hilt ready...Might make it longer, but I'd have to make it a decent size for travel :I
All in all, I do need to fix this up. The belt and waist skirt thing have started to mess up a little...thread is sticking out here, there and everywhere, so I need to cut that down like...a week before the con, XD But the belt needs a proper re-make, because, LITERALLY straight after the con, it just fell apart. I shouldn't have taken it to Kita, because that made it worse XD

Did these yesterday, but I can confirm that my technique has worked.
I wanted at least a tint of blue on the gloves, and the tint is an extent. If you look close at them you can see them pretty well.
All I actually did for the gloves was use an old pair of leather gloves that I wasn't going to use again and just cut off the fingers.
So I used the fabric paint, which I knew didn't work on dark clothes, to paint on parts of the gloves so you can't see it easily, but it can be seen.

Bought a £1 head set and I've done this XD
I've painted them with fabric paint, so it'll probably chip off, but it's the only paint I have and I'm not sure when I'll be able to get out to buy more. Plus I'm running through this cosplay a bit quickly. I shouldn't be D: I'm getting too into it...2 months ahead of schedule. Woah, shit, dude.
...I may start adding stuff just to make it go slower ;-;
But, I digress.
The actual 'microphone' area is just a pipe cleaner, because the wire I'd planned to use was a bit stupid and wouldn't agree with me. The pipe cleaners were there. And I love shaking my head and having wigs fluff around, so this is probably the same.
Except it'll hit me in the face a lot.
Worth it.

Well, those are done and painted.
I was going to make the strap so that it would pin on, but it seems to stay on fine and cling to my trousers. USEFUL. I ended up just sewing it together really thickly so it wouldn't break. Just in case, I'll have it pinned on to make sure it doesn't fly off if it does break.
The suspenders were easy. I'd bought a blue pair I found in a fancy dress shop (near the kinky outfit section...did not enjoy looking around there...but it was mainly those frilly neon skirts...S'ALL GOOD.) and I'd just painted them (it's also what I made the strap out of). The paint soaks in pretty well, so that's pretty damn useful and they look great right now.
I don't have a picture, as it'd look the same, so, when they're dry, I'll put them on and take some photos if I can be bothered.
Also, just adding, I'm wondering if I should bother making specific gloves...really, having them look all fancy and designed might be a bit over board, so I'll think about it. Plus, they're leather, so sewing stuff onto them will be a pain for I got a lot to do before the con.
Meh, we'll see.

Okay, the arm band was easy enough but it looks nice and I want to brag.
I'm going to keep it on with a safety pin almost like...Haruhi Suzumiya? The baggy arm band that is held on with a saftey pin? Like that.
It took like, what...thirty minutes? Which is good.
Just made the base out of the black material, hemmed it with nice, shiny, ribbon like bias binding (it's so slippery that it was annoying JHBUKCBEUR-/jumps off a cliff). My gosh- it's so shiny and pretty looking...ish...bits went wrong and I was just staring at it for a few minutes...or glaring...not sure...
My mother now thinks I'm insane.
I simply painted on the number with no stencil or anything (that's how we roll in the shire) and I'm not sure if I'll add more to it or not. Maybe a few dots. I just wanted it to represent Miku's number, but not painted onto the dress shirt because that could ruin it...and the dye.

Like I said in the photo;
I sold the jacket to Suzy, so not only is this retired, but is now gone XD
I never liked how it turned out on ME, but I did love the jacket. So I think I'm happy that it's gone to someone who will love it to bits :3 She suits Hope more than me XD plus I gotta teach her to sew at some point XD

This one is more brown, but I'm not sure if it suits better than the more styled one.

Well fuck, I can't choose a wig, damnit.
This is the first choice and it's more blonde than the other but looks...pretty good :I

The wig turned up!
I do love it, but it's the TINIEST bit short.
But I'm nit picking...because I want to suit Noel ;-;
The fringe needs messing with a bit because it's confusing the fuck out of me, so ignore how wierd it looks in pictures xD

I've finished this quickly...kind of...and someone questioned what the difference between this and my other Shima outfit is.
Not much, to be honest. The first was just a test run but I got good photos of it, so I kept them seperate ^^
Plus, this has shorter sleeves and a better wig XD

As soon as Kitacon is over, I'm going to make a better start on Noel and actually buy the materials to at least make his shirt. I'm going to try and lose weight to fit into a tight shirt XD because, I really don't want to edit it so it's baggier on probably will be, anyway because I've never made a plain shirt from scratch XD I gotta think about how to do this a lot ^^;
The pants are now scaring me. Send help.

I just need to get the buckle on, but that only involves a bit of velcro to add the tin foil buckle XD
I wanted it to look metalic so I've just squished up some tin foil. Buckles are usually made out of metal works...I wanted to do more paper mache or something, but that would mean not being able to wash it, so I'm attatching velcro to both sides of it and sewing it onto the jacket. So, heres to hoping 8D
I know what I'm doing, I'm just bad at explaining, so shut up.
But this is technically complete now 8D

Finally got my staff finished.
I'm getting a few more blobs of paint thrown on to cover over the last bits of white that are still visible, but it is pretty much done.
Not all TOO happy with it, but happy enough to actually use it.
I just hope I can transport it around easily XD

I don't have the image, but I've ordered a new wig for this...
the seller says it'll take two days to send off and then about two weeks or so to get here.
I'm going to cry if it isn't here before Kitacon XD but such is life. I can deal with my horrible pink thing if it doesn't get here on time OTL

I don't have the image, but I've ordered a new wig for this, seeing as mine was a bit too short for this and wasn't thick enough to ACTUALLY do much with.
But I ordered it today, so it should be here either FOR Kitacon, or just after. There is no rush, really, so I'm all right with this.

Or I feel like it anyway.
Yet again, no image. Keeping my camera away until the event. Which is...less than a couple of days away...
If this painting goes wrong, I will cry. SO hard.
Well, I got the final details added today. They didn't even take an hour to dry D: fuck yes. Got to painting straight away...well...I say straight away...
After a couple of hours on Facebook and Tumblr is more like it :I priorities right here, folks.
I painted over half of it, methinks. Not including the smaller, six, rings. Because those are little gits. I'll paint them quickly once the staff is done. But it looks GREAT. The paint is very metalic looking and makes it look like a proper gold colour! Gosh- I'm just too proud of myself.
A little bit miffed because some details didn't come out properly once the paint came on, but they weren't as important as others, which is probably why it looks half arse. haha...

I got the bottom details done and started the hoops that go on the...bigger hoop...idk.
But, it's almost ready to be painted.
If it's not ready before Friday, clearly I'm finishing painting it at Sasha's house XD

With a week to go-
I'm fucked XD
Well, The staff is...getting there...the details may not be that good but FUCCCCK ITTTT, I'M GONNA TRYYYYY XDDD YAAAAY.
So far, I'm on the second half of the top of the circle and I'm gonna try and get the little circles done when I get home for a while tomorrow :3

Okay, I've finally started his staff. And with only about a week to go.
I'm trying to get all the details but, knowing my luck, I'll be missing one or two. Lucky for me I have my AnE manga! WOOP.
Also...I may be borrwing a wig. Because mine has decided it's going to fuck itself up. I DIDN'T EVEN TOUCH IT OTL
My wigs like screwing me over ;-;

Now I'm taking it in so it'll fit Brioney.
To explain, I have sewn on the sleeves and begun to cut into the base, forcing parts of it to be smaller for Brioney.
So, now I need to start binding it down and finding some gray material for the buckle.
I have a proper entry to what I did which is this;
Once I'd sewn on the sleeves, I had to look back to the sixes that brioney gave me. I've made the shirt, so far, in a medium/large size, seeing as that's the size she wanted, though her measurements said a mix between small and medium XD
I've been slightly taking in the front so that it'll only just touch and will fit the buckle.
Then I've ended up messing with the front to get it near waist height. Fun stuff XD
Well...I'm just wondering what to make the bucke out of...I don't want it to look TOO metalic XD so...maybe just material that I'll paint gray or something. If it discolours in the wash, the only thing Brioney could do is re-paint it, which would be fairly easy. I'll layer over another piece of material or so to make it look like the buttonish things.
Next stop; BIAS BINDING.

Okay, so being majorly sick today, I ended up staying home from college as I didn't want to hurl my guts onto a computer screen other than my own (I haven't, which is very good...AND I'VE EATEN 8D).
So, today I ended up editing parts of the jacket so that they'd be baggy on Brioney, but so that they'd still be a good fit on her. But...this is shoulder wise. Body wise, I'm making sure it really WILL be baggy, because, on Edward, it's a pretty straight fit, it isn't form fitting at all. So, to me, this works.
Okay, I hope Brioney doesn't mind that XD I'm mainly cheating with it so I don't have to put darts in it, as darts piss me the fuck OFF XD but darts are only there to give the shirt/jacket a shape, but mainly shirts. Jackets never seem to have
So, at least progress has been made...will try and mess with the sleeves, for once, over my four day weekend XD

Okay, this is a commish for Brioney, who needs the shirt of her Edward Elric cosplay making for her, because she lacks time and skill, so she saw me at the last expo with my Keiji shirt and noticed that it looked a lot like edwards, so requested this commission.
So, yesterday, while I was out with a few friends, I stopped off and got everything I needed for this. AND IT WAS GOOD.
And today, I made a good start!
I actually have the body of it sewn together, and that includes the collar(which I normally put on last)! I have a feeling I'll have this done sooner than I was hoping XD may have to stop for a week or so once I have the sleeves sewn on and the length of the top sorted XD

Why did I not journal about this outfit? OTL
I may re-make this completely, seeing as my Keiji kimono was so successful. If I can actually shape it properly, I may think better of myself for this.
Not sure if I'll edit this to in progress or just make a new outfit...
Gonna put up a new one XD Because I'd like to keep these images, but have one for the newer one. Probably buy some better material to make it out of...and properly paint it...aha...^^;

This will be complete once my trousers are out of the washer and if they have succeeded in being dyed. If they haven't worked, I get one more chance to dye them, or I'll have to hold him until Kita. As soon as I've found out, I'll edit him to be complete, seeing as he is BASICALLY complete.

Nearly complete. If I dye the trousers it will basically be complete, but I'm in a bind until Wednesday seeing as my mother doesn't trust me with dye XD But I'm preparing for it. The rest is getting sorted, all I gotta sort now is the sandals, knee guards and thigh guards so they stay on without problem. Got everything ironed and ready, but I won't be wearing everything in the car so I'm leaving most of it downstairs XD It'll take me a while to get ready so I'll only be wearing binding, shirt and trousers and maybe the leg warmers...maybe gloves...depends XD's hoping it turns out okay with less than a week to go.

Only a week to go OTL
In the last week I have to;
> Sew together the belt
> Attatch the straps to the thigh armour
> Attatch the elastic to the knee guards
> Sew the fur onto the kimono
> Dye the trousers
> Buy new sandals
...Not too much, actually, but it's just...blarg...I'm on half-term so I have more time to do it all, but I still need to play Final Fantasy XDD
So, I've finished painting, so technically things are practically done XD

Okay, so after flailing around for a week doing...nothing OTL I have finally caught up a bit. I need to wait until Thursday before I can carry on, though, seeing as I need some new sewing needles and to dye my trousers, STILL. Mother will sort that, though XD
Okay, so the belt was plaited by my sister because I was flailing. It's not accurate but it works for me ^^ The tassle stuff in red is basically red material that I murdered with scissors XD The tassle that goes around the belt looks like there isn't much there, but it clumps up when the belt is put on, so I will need help getting it all out on the day...I'm am probably gonna rely on Chee there XD
Everything else is all good and in progress, this includes the buckle, knee guards and thigh guards, which should be done and painted soon. Need to buy more gold paint for the buckle soon, though OTL

Okay...the armour is...BASICALLY finished...OTL
It looks messy but I have less than three weeks so I can't be fussy about it right now. I just need to paint on the back of the armour because I've ran out of gold ;-; so I need to findsomewhere that does gold paint ;---; Plus, I still gotta paint onto the elastic so it matches the trouser patterns, or just...attatch it to the fur...or something...yeah.
The glove armour will just get sewn onto the glove as well as the red elastic and they should be done soon, but I'll have to do that over this weekend.
On sunday, my mother is helping me dye the trousers. It's all coming along, but with only a couple of weeks left and college eating at my face I'm in a bit of a panic

First ever prop OTL;
I have made a start on it seeing as I can't do much else right now, being the week before my 18th, UGH. So I'm not allowed to paper mache until next week, so I'll be messing with the belt stuff before then, possibly attempting to get that...NEAR finished...because I can't finish it until I get some rope looking stuff...If I can't find any bits of rope looking crap then I'll have to quickly make it out of spare red material which I'll bundle up to make it look a bit more...LIKE...the rope...which could be easier...
But, the sword, as I was saying, has been cut out with cardboard and foiled up (ran out of foil OTL; ), though I DESPERATLY need to paper the hilt to make it BIGGER because it looks TINY because of my lack of cardboard and foil ;-;
ohmygosh-gonna spend so much cash on NEWSPAPERS ;-;

Is this...over half way done? HOLY FUCKING SHIT. (excuse my swearing, but I am SHOCKED.)
I realize that the kimono is practically done (gonna sew on the fur at the end because, well...the smaller stuff can be hidden or...'forgotten', finished painting the shirt, I have all the small stuff(TINY stuff) at the ready, except the sandals, which will be easy to find some white ones :I I just need to dye the trousers to have the main stuff done.
Through the next week or so I'll be paper mache-ing the armour pieces and strapping them to specific parts of the outfit, like the hands, which I have the elastic ready for :3
So...bloody hell, it's kind of...coming together. May even get time to make Yumekichi or start on my sword if I keep going :I

FFFFFFF- I finished painting/making up the kimono XD Yeah, I LITERALLY had to make up the pattern on the back, because not even all the screen shotting in the WORLD could get me a reference to the back of his kimono ;-;
The shirt is taking a while to paint because it's PINK on BLACK, but I'm still leaving it on complete because the shirt is basically done...I don't really need to paint it, but I don't want an anime shirt :I I want the game shirt. So I need to get busy.
To mention, though, I can't find my other pair of white pants :I so I do need to get down to looking through the washing piles and making sure I give myself enough time to dye it...I probably won't get the pattern on it though XD
The armour, I can do pretty easily, and tomorrow (was a bit ill today) I'll go out and buy my shit XD might even look for a monkey XD

The shirt is BASIACLLY complete, just gotta paint the design on the sleeves at some point. I'm going into town tomorrow to buy some gold paint for it (I like the idea of gold over red better :I) since I ran out after Motochika. I think I'll also need some other stuff; a bit of extra red material for the sashy thingy and some rope stuff and a few big curtain tassles for all dose tassles ;-;
Need too much...
I won't be showing images of the completed products, I want to wait until it's all finished before showing any pictures like that ^^

Kimono is now at 80% seeing as the front of the pattern is done. Once I do the back it'll be at 90% and the fur will be the last 10%, so the kimono is actually nearly done.
The painting took forever though .__. ran out of paint half way through the second panel :I OTL
As for the sash, I just put some material together (it's only a little bit lighter than the kimono) around my waist, cut it up a little and then wrapped it around my dummy. Then I just put the shape better together before slicing into it, CAREFULLY.
Took ages because I had to be careful or it would start to frey. The material is good because it doesn't frey unless you just slice into it madly :I
Not done much else today, but i got the zebra fur. It's a little thicker than I wanted, but I can chop it down a little.

I got the shapes wired out and covered them in foil. It's actually an annoying job to get the shapes done, but it's worth it.
After I buy the rest of my materials on Thursday, I'm going to finish off making the kimono, dyeing my trousers and finishing the shirt before I get down to papering them up and painting them. Need to buy some more paints, too ;-;
Ugh...I'm having pre-cosplay doubts, but I'm gonna be fine XD
Need to do another wig test .__.

I've got the main base of it done 8D The fur is just pinned on, I'm doing the painting on it first, but I need to find some back references first before I can,so I need to try and mess with the pants a little first ^^;
I need to buy some thinner fur for the shin guards and gloves XD I still have yet to use the wire to make the shapes of the knee guards and the belt...thing...
I have to admit, this kimono has been a bitch to me and it's finally worked when I decided to try something else, which just included sewing it all together and hoping for the best...which worked XD
Yes, the scarf is there just to show how it'll look XD

Yeah, I've basically finished it, already XD
Though I went through this cosplay quickly because I own most of the design that I made (which was useful cuz I was just doodling XD), plus I have Keiji to worry about, seeing as I have about...two months or so to make it :( and I wanna least a crappy sword to go with him for Midlands, also a Yumekichi...well, I'd just like to get the outfit done :(
So he was pretty much a closet cosplay made from my old Matryoshka Len cosplay...OTL;

Holy sheet XD
I've quickly got the shirt done 8D
I say took about two hours cuz my OCD was kicking in .__. GOTTA GET ALL THE LINES STRAIGHT...but I gave up XD but then my artistic side took over and kept throwing paint everywhere, so now I have a nice white tank top with a smily face and SPLATTERS
I don't even .__.

Got quite a bit done today and I'm still going...Like a bossss ;D
Got the trousers practically finished, just gotta get the waistline done with my mother's help *bad with elastic OTL*
Bought the red socks today and I bought the gloves to add the fur to, YEY 8D
Gotta find my sandals...OTL...Still attempting to cut out the kimono panels XD But I have some chalk now, so I can get a move on XD
Still need to buy fabric paint BIOFBGUOIRGF-

Got it...Mildly...started...mainly just with the pattern I'm making...
Using my Gintama kimono to base it, then, because Keiji's fits him a little more than Gin's did, I'm going to shape it a little more to myself, so it'll still be baggy, but it'll have more of a shape to it.
I'm basically going to cut out all the material tomorrow and begin work on pinning it together with a little help off my sister XD
If I ever seem a little depressed when making this, it's because I'm going through an annoying phase of 'BLARG- I WON'T MAKE IT WELL, I WON'T SUIT HIM OTLOTL'
But, I'm going to do it )<

Technically, yes, but I'd rather not put that up to complete yet.
Wearing this to October expo, but I'm not sure if I'll have a YELLOW dress shirt yet, so I may leave this off complete and just wear it as a white shirt, or shift it to complete, yellow shirt or not XD I have everything else (except Yumekichi lol), it's just the dress shirt ;A;

May start work on this at some point :I I really want toooooo... Not for Midlands, but in preperation for Kitacon the month after. I REALLY look forward to this and I'm attempting (and failing) at some weight loss so that it works XD
I am slowly making a slight progress on it, I'm messing with a belt and modifying some old trainers, but it's just the jacket I'm worried for. As soon as Keiji has everything bought for him, I'm gonna make sure that I can buy the last of the stuff for Mockingbird ^^
I look forward to skipping around Kitacon like a child 8D and then turning insane .__. I MIGHT wear fake blood, seeing as we're doing this on the Friday 13th

Ordered the shirt, so technically this could be classed as complete, but I'll wait for it to arrive first XD
Also, having wig choice issues, I know if I go for the fanart/original white hair, fans will throw mega fits at me (he is actually supposed to have white hair, if you look at the colour panels, but people said he'd be blonde so most cosplayers give him blonde hair), and if I do the blonde hair, I'm gonna feel like my wig is bad because of it being an old, Dirty Blonde wig. I do need a new wig for a long of cosplays, Kazu, Dave, Kanon, Satoshi, England, America, etc. so it'll be alot easier if I buy a nice blonde one soon, but for now, it's dirty blonde ;A;

Yeah, I'll edit this, soon, to be complete...seeing as I am BASICALLY done...just gotta finish the gloves really :I
Yeah, I know I should finish the knee guards before saying it's done, but all they need is painting and I just need to buy more paint for them :I So...they are basically done, but I'll make sure it's all properly finished before suddenly shouting 'IT'S FUCKING DONE' (forgive me, I swear too much, I don't care if children are close XD)
But, yeah. Nearly done. Will post a shot of the finished product when I get chance to bother/AKA: when this heatwave has gone ;A; it's LITERALLY boiling to wear it all, trust me, I tried ;A;

I got them painted today :D I also have the small white sashes to wrap around them and also some extra to keep the knee guards up :D
As soon as I get some gloves and add the extras onto them, this will be basically done *o*
I don't count the knee guards, really, because I keep putting them off :I I'll try and get them done before the gloves though XD

Finished painting the jacket today, which means I have FINISHED IT.
Waiting for it to dry before I take pictures of it, so will get them either tomorrow or later on tonight, depending on if my camera will stop being a bitch.
Didn't use stencils, but I'm pretty proud of how it's turned out :D
May have to add an extra layer once I've ironed the paint on ^^
Tomorrow, will try and finish getting the base of the knee guards done.
Still deciding how to do the boots ;A;

This has gone by a lot quicker than I thought :D
As soon as I got started again, I thought it would take forever to get right, but it turns out it's actually turning out okay :D
I sew the collar on today, both of them :D Also sorted out the last of the binding, even through my dizzy spells XD
AND NAOOOO I have painting the dragon onto the back :D
Tomorrow I'll paint the patterns onto the bottom and try and get the knee guards finished in between and paint them on Thursday :D
Also, probably gonna paint my boots and buy new ones for other cosplays, but that's just because I'll have no way of pinning the binding onto them ;A;
Also, gotta buy some gloves then it should be done.
Gonna beg my Grandad to borrow a fishing rod I can take the hook off XD

Can't do much seeing as I have no one to help pin it on me and measure it .__. but I've finished the sides now that my sewing machine is fixed. As soon as my mother gets home she's gonna help me finish the back so it fits properly. Right now, my hip size doesn't help, because it's causing the jacket to stick out and really draw attention to it. Seriously, losing weight won't even help my hips much, that's just something I can't help, so it's a little depressing :/
But, I do need to ACTUALLY get the knee guards done (I've been putting it off for ages because of wanting to get the jacket done, but now I realise I have to get EVERYTHING done quickly. Probably not gonna have a weapon (not even the fishing rod, OTL;; ) because of funds and because of Keiji wanting to eat my money ;A;
FUUUUUU- This is getting frustrating ;A;

Suffice to say, I have a bad feeling that I won't be able to finish this on time .__. I'll probably just grab some old cosplays if that's the case, but for now, I am attempting.
I say this possibly won't get done because my sewing machine is now getting a service so I can't do anything but the small bits and bobs like sorting out the boots and knee guards, which should help a bit :/ but I am attempting to concerntrait on the jacket, but now I can't because my sewing machine is on the fritz and I'm getting a little pissed off with it :/ because it actually WILL NOT sew anything.
Well, let's hope I get it done or I'll be a little depressed .__.

I'm actually proud of the design, though I'm not sure on the shape :( I figured it would be easier to wear like this, because I've seen Motochika cosplayers and their photos and in most of them, because of the patch shape they have made, you can almost see fully under the patch when they are facing the side .__.
But it didn't take much to get the design on, quickly painted. Didn't bother lining it with the binding because the lining is quite thick because of the jacket lining, so I just painted the lining on. Didn't paint it all the way around because the patch goes UNDER the wig, as I've found out (how Motochika does it is amazing .__. Oh Capcom, how we love you...)
Anyway, very proud, very proud of the design, I may work on it a bit though XD

Gonna get a new dress shirt specific for this cosplay. So then, I can take up the sleeves and and actually show part of the tattoo and the elbow pad in stead of just grabbing a dress shirt and hoping for the best XD

Well, technically it's done XD
I just have to make sure the design will stay on, seeig as the iron keeps trying to screw me over XD

I found a load of white material that my grandma got me from her shop ages ago :DDD (it's a bunch of old bedsheets but FUCK IT.)
So that saves me a bit of money XD I can probably make the base at some point if I get bored enough while making Motochika and Simon XD Mockingbird may be done before XD

Getting there!
Stole a jacket off Spinni (I was allowed, don't worry XD) so I only have the shirt to do now, gonna buy some material paint this week and then stencil the shape onto it, damn slime monster .__.

Well, damn, I'm not gonna have his does in time :/ if I can find some red ones dotted around the house I'll be happy, but I'll probably just use my converse ^^'

Probably gonna do some wig and scar tests soon. My sister recently got a brown eyeliner and sai it'd be good for scars, that's why she got it (my sister...thinking of me...WHAT!?) so I'm gonna mess around with the wrist and forehead scars sometimes in the week. Also gonna test the wig and see what you guys think, because I am a little worred. If I can't get a good wig for my birthday or christmas though, I'm probably gonna use it.

This is the only cosplay I'm not putting on hold because of expo :D I may actually do this AT expo :D just as a small, side cosplay ^^ All I really need to get is the dress shirt and to print screen the slimy thing onto my shirt (though I may just stencil it on ^^).
BTW, probably just gonna use my normal glasses, that way, I have vision :D mine are plain, thin rims but I may have new ones by then ^^

Just realised, I've only worn this to one event, lent it to someone once and just worn it around the house because it's FREAKIN COMFY :D
I need to get some wear out of it!! >D
Gonna take it to October Expo and maybe to JCC. FFFFFF- Screw it, may just wear him to Manchester Expo ;w;

I just realised, all day at expo, my bracelet was on the wrong side DXX a vey small point but COME ON!

Pretty much complete, just gotta add the tassle to the hat the day before (or tonight if my mother doesn't run me around doing shit XD), but I've added the cover to the belt, it looks great, though it broke my frikken sewing machine .__. gotta replace the needle because of that thick ass snapped...but that's not the point XD
The whole thing looks a bit scruffy, but my mum hasn't been able to help with anything this time because of her mood swings
MIGHT learn open chest binding, MIGHT get a skin coloured shirt or MIGHT just do one or two of the buttons up to hide my bindng. It depends what I can do in three days.

Put the Hat a complete, though I have to add the tassle at the end for me not to be OCD about it XD
Will post pictures soon :D

After three horrible attempts, I have carefully decided to probably focus on the rest of the outfit before I make the Log Pose ^^' So, for expo, I probably won't have one XD

Only 2 weeks...well, I'm boned :D
've been having a few issues with this lately, like college .__. I'm doing my Final Project, so I got lots of stuff to do. S'why I BOUGHT the hat and hopefully, this weekend, I'll be painting extra things and getting it all ready.
I might have to do half arsed binding that day because of the lack of time I'll have to get used to open chest binding. Though I'm gonna try...if it gets painful, I'll have packed a white bra just in case so that I can carefuly remove it, especially if my breathing gets bad (I have problems :/)

Dad has FINALLY bought the hat for me (though he's docking it off my pocket money XD). It's quite a crap one, but, after expo, I'll probably sort it out. I'll be making the black hat just in case, but that'll be the week before if it isn't here.
Also gotta buy a lot of stuff, but this weekend I'll be doing the small stuff, like the braclet and possibly going into claires to buy another necklace ^^

Technically...I have the whole OUTFIIIIIT, just not the wig...borrowing my friends Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach) wig for it, seeing as it's not exactly BRIGHT ORANGE so it'll work, or basically, it'll do :/

I'm not sure if this'll turn out any good, but hey, trying things are good, and if it looks bad, the wig can be used for other cosplay XD could even cut it and do his human form o3o
All I really need are some new sunglasses/my dad's sunglasses XD and the wig :3 S'all gooood...the wig is the next thing I'll buy after february expo (not buying anything there, just the ticket to get in, seeing as I'm moving again soon XD so, I should have money for the wig, seeing as I still have 35 pounds from my birthday XD

Okay...had to quit the shirt until my mother gets home because the sleeves (or lack of) have gone a bit...wrong...the area around my shoulders is just sticking up and basically disagreeing with me...either mother will take them in for me or I'll just saftey pin them in a bit on the day o3o
Trousers: done
Only thing I have YET to try and start on more are the arm warmers which won't have the small details on, for now it's going to be plain, one day I'll remake them though o3o

I actually realised, I have this cosplay...watching the anime, the colour scheme of this outfit is different from the manga...well, there's my cheat, gives me more time to re-make my other cosplay 8D

I've already finished the suspenders by using simple white ones and colouring them with black and blue fabric crayons, will one day re-paint them so they look a lot better.
Got the materials for the arm warmers and I bought a light grey polo shirt to use, will add the extra blue fabric to ti, but I've already added the yellow stripe with a fabric crayon and wrote 'vocaloid' with the same. Cut the sleves but not sorted them properly yet, so will do that after college at some point. This may end up being a rushed cosplay because of college and what is know as the 'charnwood festival'. Using some old jeans and just some blue converse for the simpler bits...won't be my best cosplay, but I'll re-make it someday to look better ^^

Already got the wig and a headset to use so that's all gooood...bugging dad about a gray dress shirt or I'm gonna dye one of my old ones O_O
Gonna edit some of my old jeans to do the trousers, adding the blue stripes to them basically.
Painting the bottom of my old boots (as they've broken anyway, so I need to buy new ones, or I may just wear my blue converse.)
I'm using my old suspenders for the...well...suspender...HOORAH FOR PAINT XD
The arm warmers will most likely be made by my mother as I'll be working on the dress shirt for the most part. If I have time I'll add the details to the arm warmers ^^

My Gran arrived...and's almost done...WTF!? XD I <3 YOU GRANNEH!!
She solved all the problems in seconds @__@ And I'm glad! The middle is being done now, then the shoulder edges will be done and then the buttons will be added ^^

Things have gone a bit...wrong...don't get me wrong, I'll still be cosplaying this to October expo...but the next week is gonna be hectic with this bloody vest! turns out, the front panels are too small and won't go around me (the pattern was already cut and we didn't get chance to check. We're gonna have to instal extra panels into the sides, so if you see them, PLEASE DON'T TELL ME IT LOOKS BAD! I KNOW IT MIGHT DO! WE'RE NOT SURE!!
I have the buttons though (childish, big YELLOW ONES 8D) and some ACTUAL buttons to make sure the vest buttons up...gonna keep it baggy cuz it looks a bit better 8D

I actually finished the trousers today!! *fanfare* and the shirt has been cute out and...almost pinned...though the collar needs a LOT of sorting out as I see =/
Srsly, a few people know what cosplay this is and everybody else has just given up guessing xD

I've actually finally started the main parts of it, mainly, the shirt. The material is pinned to the patterns at the moment and will be cut out after I've done my jobs around the house and watched masterchef xD
Collage is getting in the way a bit, but I get Wednesdays off and I finish at five, so sometimes get home around about six, sometimes earlier...I'll make sure to start off as soon as I get home. Hopefully, it will be done by the end of the week...
Who wants me to reveal it to them now? Because a lot of people see to know who it is ;--;

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