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Oh man, it aaall began 4 years ago...I started getting interested in cosplay after watching Princess Mononoke. I had such an uniteresting life and was so obsessed with the series that I'd spend ages looking through images and on my travels found pictures of costumes and was completely inspired. That halloween my dad's girlfriend and I worked on my first costume. It wasn't great and nobody had any idea who I was but I was so proud :P Whereas now I look back and cry XD

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So I took a stanley knife to all those cheeky wee extra bits of worbla floating around and made sure all the edges were parfait. Originally I was going to find something to shape it round because that's what every tutorial ever said you should do when making a round object. BUT I am impatient and wanted it to be round NOW! So I trawled through the flat looking but everything was too small, too big or the wrong material so I just went crazy and did it without a base. REBEL. But it turned out ok! It's not perfectly round but you wouldn't know at all if I hadn't just told's fine nobody will read this, right?

anywho next step is priming and sanding and painting and blinging. I can't wait to bling it up. My bling is ready and waiting.

Woah, what is this "journal" function? What is this "cosplay"? What is this "journalling my cosplay progress"? PEOPLE JOURNAL THEIR PROGRESS!? PEOPLE STILL COSPLAY!?!?!? I'm just kiddin'.

So I was determined that this tiara would have some of the pattern that is in the artwork for Aurora. Last time I made my tiara out of foam which did the job but wasn't overly sturdy. So this time I opted to give worbla a try! Thankfully whilst the size and shape of her tiara changes from picture to picture the pattern mostly remains the same. I just kind of went for the size and shape I liked most. I used a craft foam base and to add details I used string, beads and shaped cut out from foam. Ok so really the details are actually embossed in her tiara but jesus, I'm only one woman and my skills/time are limited so we're gonna have to make do with the patterns being raised.

I, terrifyingly, heated up the worbla til it was a wee bit flimsy then placed it on top of the foam base and used various pokey objects (technical term) to bring out the details. I then screwed up and heated it up too much and there was a bubble and I panicked and fucked up shit but it's ok I fixed it. Kinda.

Soooo I did make an undershirt but I decided it would probably just be easier to attach it to the sleeve. I was SO wrong. It's taking me ages to do just one! I'm pretty happy with how it's looking though.

I've done a lot more since this photo so all that's left to do is sleeve number 2, hem the skirt and add the ruffled cuffs. Then I am DONE! I was going to make a belt so it would match my quiver but I think for just now I'll buy one. Can always come back to it later.

Also the material isn't this blue, it's just a crap picture.

I basically have lost all patterns I own so I have to figure this out from one piece of a bodice pattern (same one I used for Charlotte) cause I'm special that way. It turned out pretty good though! She doesn't have any seams but to be fair she has an awesome wool material that's probably slightly stretchy so I'll make do with my seams.

Hem the skirt, finish the sleeves, add the ruffles to the collar and make the belt then BOOM! done. That's quite a lot though haha
Also that's my wig chilling on the seat in the background.

So I figured since I'd decided to do this 5 days before I was wearing it I'd have to do without a wig (and I will have to do without a wig for the competition but never mind) since pretty much every wig I order is a cheap Chinese one that takes years to come. But I decided to have a look at the one I'd been eyeing up anyway and by some fate it was actually a British one! Woo! So I ordered away and it SHOULD be here by Thursday. Hopefully. It is slightly shorter than it should be (I'd found it before proper references were out so I assumed her hair was shorter) so I might add extensions to it at a later date.

So I decided to make this costume this morning. I decided it probably wasn't a good idea to wait until tomorrow because I'd probably have given up on the idea by that point. So I looked for one thing to start off with. I have a tonne of white polycotton scraps lying around so I figured I could probably throw together an undershirt. But, of course, it's not white, it's cream so I went with throwing all the scraps in a bucket of tea! Obviously only Scottish Blend tea would do on this occasion.

Soooo I made this...and I love it...but I'm a bit stoopid.
Basically the "stand" is just a piece of wooden dowelling painted blue with a yellow bit on the end. I bought a mic clip from ebay for £2 and painted it blue and yellow but...I bought it too small. And didn't think to check this before sticking it on the stand. I can squeeze the mic into it but the paint chips and it's bloody difficult to get back out so I'm undecided whether I should just have the mic like in the videos or just have it in the stand all the time. I do like the stand so I think I'll just keep it there. I might take the paint with me so if I decide to have it out the stand I can repaint it XD

I've made far too many different microphones over the years and they've all been crap so I was determined to make a good once this time.

the main body is the base for a bouquet. I took out the oasis and painted it gold, silver and green. The "microphone" is a polystyrene ball painted silver and the bit at the end is model magic painted silver.

...this is the fruits of my labour from day 1! I have to iron the bow so that's why it looks a bit shit. Also need a hem and whatnot but still! I've done something XD Also cut out the bodice and bits and bobs for the collar. 5 metres of pink and I've already run out! So I need to get more for the sleeves and back of the collar.

Unfortunately did not have a big choice of material so I had to go for the cheap choice of polycotton. Every other pink fabric I found was far too dark. For the clear bit on top of the skirt I found some tulle which had sparkles all over it. You can't see it very well in this picture but it looks awesome in real life.

Picture without jewellery, wig, sleeves and all that jazz! Hey, I need to keep something for Ame :P

I think I should have been born in the '80s because I have a talent for making puffed sleeves toooo puffed. My tutu sleeves were a bit intense so I had to take it down a notch XD Although they looked awesome while it lasted.

Just need to attach the skirt to the bodice like I said I'd do last week XD And then that'll be me! :D Yay! Although I've still got a lot of starching to do on the tutu.

I've had my tutu sitting in my wardrobe since I last wore Tutu. I assume that because it was folded backwards it would maintain its poof but its not as stiff as it used to be sadly. So I hung it upside down and sprayed each layer with about half a tonne of starch :P I want to make sure it stays like that so I'll leave it up there till Thursday and spray it each day just to make sure!

I figure even if I starch it enough to turn it into a coffee table it will eventually go again so one day when I'm brave I may try and make it myself.

Also thought I'd include a photo of my bracelets and my pointe shoes which are a bit battered but still serve me well.

Finished wig. The feathers don't look as full as I'd like them to when it's on but neeeever mind! And I probably made my crown a bit too big but I like it anyway.

The crown is foam, I cut slits up the sides and glued them together so it would curve in like Tutu's then I heated it up and bent it in a little more at the top before painting it gold.

The tuft (which I'm so glad I found enough wig hair for! I was worried the tuft could not be!!) is a foam base with mounting spray used to stick the hair on and a bit of hot glue in some places just to make sure no foam is showing through. Then I attacked it with hairspray and a little mounting spray over the top so nothing would move.

The feathers on ribbon were found on ebay and I just stitched everything onto the wig!

Bit of a crappy photo but I couldn't be bothered putting it on and I didn't have a wig head to hand.

I think I just spent most of my day overlocking...

This is a bit of a crap picture. The bodice dips down quite far at the back (but not as far as Tutu's I'm not insane and I like there being a low chance of my boobs falling it :P). I had to get uuuber stiff boning (*snigger*) to get it to stay up at the front which means it doesn't curve it but that's where the magic of carpet tape comes in.

Just need to attach the skirt then that's me. After that It's just the sleeves, putting the crown on the wig and getting elastic for the bracelets. WOO! Also need to buy dance tights because all my old ones are ridiculously dirty, have ladders or are too small.

Also, a bit of bad news for those who adored my wig tuft from my Ahiru costume...I'm afraid I accidentally threw out the wig hair I kept to put on the tuft :( So no tuft this time. I might have a look round ebay and see if I can find extensions of a similar colour to my wig.

Also obviously the tutu's not on here. It's a bit of a tight squeeze to be honest XD It's the same as the one for my old costume and I forgot that in the 4 years since I wore that I developed hips.

YEAH SHE IS. I know. I've had this on here for a million years but I have made PROGRESS.

1. I have a tutu because I'm far too lazy to make one. One day I may try.

2. I have sewn some of the bodice

3. I have done my wings and weird blue deelies. The wings are just a wire frame with tights pulled over. For some reason I decided to paint sparkly swirls on them because tutu makes me think of sparkles. I know they're supposed to be duck wings but I don't care, they're sparkly duck wings now. And the blue deelies are just made of blue rope with a wee bit of wire through the top to make them stick up a bit and curled up at the ends. I was trying to think of the best way to attach them to the tutu without them falling over (like my old wings which were rubbish) and came to the conclusion the best way would be to tuck them into the tutu so I left a gap between the bodice and skirt which they slot into.

4. I found my necklace which is justboring old fimo clay with plastic wings and ribbon through it. Need to file the wings a bit. I've also started on the bracelets which are just fimo clay beads through elastic and painted gold.

5. I bought the wig from ebay...I was a long time ago. It was much longer and I cut it. The feathers in her hair are something I've always struggled with because I've seen normal feathers and a feather boa used and it didn't work too well but I found these really nice soft feathers on ribbon on ebay. They were a bit expensive but work really well! I just need to sew them on and make my crown!

So there you go, I'm not dead and I've done some work on this costume. I have my pointe shoes at the ready and I just need to buy new tights and do a lot of sewing!

Left is just the paint (whilst it was still drying) and then the right is after I added rhinestones and a ridiculous amount of glitter :P

The style isn't perfect. The method I attempted to get the flowery effect didn't work but I quite like it with the paint and everything added.

I also lost the zip I bought so I had to put a blue one in XD; Oops.

Now finished :D

This is them in progress and, again, the paint dried clear not white :P Wasn't too pleased with these when I first started out since I was silly and bought quite rubbish wire but I actually really like how they turned out!

They're ivory tights over a wire frame, pink fabric paint watered down and sprayed at the tip and the bottom then the veins are just glittery clear 3d fabric paint. Then I sprayed on a LOT more glitter (SHE'S A FAIRY! I'm allowed :P) and added pink rhinestones.

Are all done now! The white bits do dry clear so they don't look that stupid anymore :P

It's burgundy crushed georgette lined with a light pink cotton. Then I painted it slightly darker round the edges, ruffled the edges a bit to make them look more petal-y and added glitter and rhinestones (which haven't been added in this picture yet).

Left is before glitter and pain and right is after...obviously...

SO happy with how these came out.

I actually did something D: I finished the wig today (not finished in the photos but it is now).

I have more curls in mine than the face character and figure versions but I like how it turned out anyway. Wig was just an ebay one.

The curls are held by kirby grips which is TOTALLY accurate because you can see in some character photos they have kirby grips in their wigs. THANK YOU, BRIANNA!

A lot more progress than this but I'm stupidly proud of these things. The glue's not completely dry here and they're not perfect (nowhere near as neat as Miss Amy-Lou's!) but :D I like 'em!

They just foam, heated up, folded and glued together. There were many colours before they were painted. There are 4 black long feathers in some pictures but when I put them all on they looked silly so I just stuck to two.

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