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I owe all of this to Garth Collins he has got me into this whole Cosplay MADNESS! =D

May 2009 MCM Expo:- Free Hugs
May 2010 MCM Expo:- Altair Cosplay
September 2010 Alcon Expo:- Altair MK2 Cosplay *with improvments*
October 2010 MCM Expo:- Altair MK2 Cosplay *with improvements*
Collectomania 2010 :- Altair MK2 Cosplay *with improvements*
New Years Day Parade 2011 :- Jedi Cosplay
Great Ormond Street Hospital Cheque giving :- Jedi Cosplay
Kitacon 2011 :- Altair MK3 *improvments*, Jedi and Military Steampunk
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May MCM Expo 2011
Alcon 2011
October MCM 2011
Collectomania 2011

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Sorry guys but this Cosplay is on Definite hold until I can get a hold of his gun! I'm not doing this with out the gun D:

Right there where so many people that where awesome and actuly follow me on here at kitacon III, I was just doing this for my own satisfaction but now il do it for you guys! this is just EPIC I <3 all you guys its was frikken epic meeting you all, so if you met me let me know who you are on here id love to add you and on my facebook, so you can see all my shananigans if you wish =)but thanks for making it


well Im going to sell my two swords, dagger and main sword because I have found Altair's proper Sword and Dagger *not in metal*

I have got boots that suit the greaves =)

and I have a Hidden Blade being made! and I have the proper Vambrace!!! XD

Well i have been down to homebase, hobby craft and lots of diffrent art shops and C and H Fabrics and have all i need to make

a) 4 safe throwing knifes

b) 1 safe dagger

c) 1 safe sword *i want it a little bigger so yea il have to do some costume ajustments*

best get some sleep coz iv got a s*** load to do in not much time!

Well October is coming round fast so i best get all of my stuff ready on my list of things to do i need to make a sword, dagger and throwing knifes, hopefuly as simalar to Altairs as possible! so il keep you all up to date as i get more info!

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