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Been cosplayin' since 2009, makin' stuff since 2010. I make about 80% of my cosplays from scratch but I buy bits here and there (and props...Since I'm terrible at making those hhha)

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Oh GOD. this thing...Took me so damn long D; the trim took me about an hour, the spots aout 6 hours...the crest about 2 hours...ughh XD;; least it's finally done now. And yeah I take a long time. I'M SLOW 8D

Ah well my coat is all nearly done now...Just the trim and the Date clan crest need to be done :3. The lower half is all done too, now jut the chest plate and arm armour 8D <3

Costume coming along nicely now! Ahh i'm really excited and nervous at the same time ;w;

Oh man..first big skit performace on stage coming up and i'm psyched as well as terrified XD;; My cosplay is probably about 25% done now, and our skit is at least 75% just need to work out what EXACTLY we're doign on stage rather than flail about LOL. Should be able to get more progress up within the next two or three weeks as I hope to have this finished at least a week before HJ :3

It's nearly done now D:

Though I /miiiiiiight/ be able to make the hat in time. LOLfittingthroughdoors.

I am having serious trouble finding decent references for this that are not somebodies cosplay D:


Got the fabric for the shirt...But I need to order more as theres not enough ;-;. Also need more sculpey for the ring. Got a nice coloured one (like gold *o*) but not enough for the whole thing...Cause i'll prolly mess up X'D

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