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Been cosplaying since 2010.
Going to carry on cosplaying till I feel the need to stop.

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xBoLin - Alois Trancy - 5th January 2011

It Has Begun <3

Right so today while out shopping i was at our 'local' anime like shop. I was looking around with my friend (we ended up getting some posters ... claude & sebastian und a Rima (SC) for me and 2 Miku posters for her xD) she called be over to the cabinet that stored all chains and handbands(naruto) und weapons and such, and we were loling at stuffs. Then i looked up and facing me was Alois' ring ;A; i had like a fit and bought it . This then inspired me to buy his wig... which i just did.... it should be here in 2 weeks <3

Also i have decided that i am going to try and make his coat...i don't know how long this idea will last for probably when i realise that i can't sew =3= but till then i am convinced that i should try too at least xD if not i no a place where his costume looks good ;D nom nom nom xD

wow i can't believe i just wrote a journal o3o ... this is new -thumbs up- :D !

i shall attempt to remember to update this thing when something interesting happens <3


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