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I have been doing cosplay for only a few months now and I'm currently training my body to do a genderbent cosplay that shows a bit more skin that i hoped, but it must be done! >:D

When it comes to cosplay, it seems like everythings been done before... so my dream is to to do what others havent. I plan to genderbend my favorite female characters and hopefully become know for it. and no im not talking about the creepy dudes that wear sailor moon outfits...
I want to reinvent the characters in such a way that they are still recognizable... just male haha
Dont worry Ill still keep my masculinity!

And of course my other favorite characters get some love as well, i just gotta find the time and expenses to work on them... steady as she goes i guess.

my ambition is to go to the london expo in may... well at least one of these mays.. i am on the other side of the world after all!

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