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I'm quite new to cosplaying, but already I've found it addictive. I first got into it when Cathe invited me to Kitacon, and I couldn't exactly go to my first convention without at least having a go at cosplaying! Now that I know I enjoy it, I'm ready to try some more challenging costumes, so hopefully I'll be able to create some really good-looking ones soon. As for what I enjoy about it, I just really like creating things, and seeing other good cosplays.

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raniwasacyborg - Ratchet - 31st March 2011

The night before!

I leave for Kitacon tomorrow, and I've just about completed the costume. I'll sew the trousers together at the hotel (the con doesn't start until Saturday), and once that's done and I've added some material, which I've packed, to the back then I'm done!

I hope this cosplay goes down well with the other con-goers. I signed up for the cosplay competition this year, and while I'm not expecting to win it'll still be fun to take part. And if just one con-goer compliments me on my costume and asks for a photo, I'll consider it a success. :) Anyway, see you all at Kita!


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