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nolla - The Keeper - 12th October 2017

The Keeper Thread

I've had a few questions on how I made the safe head of my Keeper from The Evil Within so I'm going to layout my basic process of making it!!

I started by making a cardboard helmet to figure out the sizing of the safe head he wears. It took a lot of taking photos of myself and editing them next to a screenshot of The Keeper's in game model to get the right proportions. Once I had it figured out I was initially going to make the head out of 8mm EVA floor matt foam but I had a big supply of foam board hanging around and it was great as it was sturdy enough to form the box shape but still extremely light. It took a lot of contact cement and hot glue to make the box shape but once it was there it was super sturdy! I fashioned a frame structure inside that fit around my head so that the helmet moved with my own head movement. I didn't want my own head to be visible underneath the helmet so made sure that the hole for my head was JUST big enough for me to put it on.

For the safe's dials I basically carved down some 8mm foam into the two shapes, sanded, and used my wood burner pen to etch the dial markings on then contact cement glued them onto the front face of the helmet. These would later be mod podged and primed with the rest of the head.

To be able to see, I used my old iphone and created a slot for it on the inside of the helmet, then by poking a hole as big as it's camera, I created a small hole underneath the inside of the top dial, so that when my phone was in camera mode I could see. I wanted it to look scary and not obvious where I'm looking out from (as some costumes cut a big hole out and use black fabric to hide the person's eyes. It works great and I can move with ease but I am limited to that view so I have to do a lot of turned around to figure out the space I'm in.

For the trims of the safe I used 2mm foam in long rectangle strips and glued googly eyes on for rivets. It makes such a satisfying noise if you shake it! The hinges of the front safe door had no real function so I just glued on plastic hinges! The whole box got sanded, filled in where needed with filler, primed, and then spray painted in black first, then a base grey. I started off dry brushing 3-4 covers of metallic tones to the head and then began on painting rust. I wasn't happy with how it looked so used various layers mod podge and latex to create flakey, built up areas to which I could create a 3d looking layer of rust and grime. I love the effect it created!!! Then it was just a matter of dayyyyyyssss for painting the rust to a point where I had to stop myself from over working it. I gave it all a good clear matte coat of sealer and went back in with darker colours to add shadows and dirt, before it got sealed again.

The wire that coats the head was originally going to be just fake barbed wire that you can buy but the in game model looks like it had wire which is quite chunky and more menacing. I came up with the idea to use acrylic pvc tubing (the same stuff used in fish tanks!) as a thicker base, then threaded thin aluminium wire through it to make it bendable (and meaning it would stay in the framed shapes I twisted it into). I created three frames; each frame having two sets of tubing twisted around each other, so 6 frames in total (just for the head alone!). They all got twisted into shape and test fitted onto the head. Once I was happy, I used some polymorph to create safe plastic barbs that would wrap around parts of the frames. I wanted it to be all convention safe and this was a super good choice as it looks very sharp (I've been stopped numerous times in question over them looking real!) but also provide a strong contact over the frames and keeping them together. It all got primed and spray painted, then hand painted like the rest of the head. Finally it shuffled the frames into place over the head and used contact cement on certain points to attach the frames to the head itself. I made the structure quite tight fitting as on the in game model, it almost looks like the wires are tightly bound across the metal safe, almost squeezing it. I wanted to replicate this but also do it as a safety measure so that the frames wouldn't slip off the head whilst I was wearing it.

Overall I love the look of it! I've had such good feedback from people about it. For my next cosplay I want to make Pyramid Head from Silent Hill (The Keeper is based on this character, unsurprisingly!) so the lessons and mistakes I learnt from building this will surely help me out!!


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