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I have always loved dressing up, but properly started cosplay when a group of my friends all decided we wanted to dress up for a Lord of the Rings event at our local theatre (the one where I now work) and I volunteered to make us all costumes. I was on a major budget and without a proper sewing machine, but I was hooked. Since then, I've just really made costumes for fancy dress nights out, nothing too serious, until I went to a con last year with some friends. It's something I want to invest some time and effort into, and get some really quality costumes to wear to events.

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kangaruth - Arwen - 16th August 2015

What a difference a weekend makes!

Made some good progress this weekend. The sleeves are done, except for the trim (and for understitching the lining but might not get done this week). That should be much simpler than the collar trim because it can lie flat.

I got into a bit of a tizz with the overdress because I couldn't decide how long it should be. I think I've got it sorted now. It's long enough to trip over but not as long as AlleyCatScratch reckoned it should be. I need to take a couple of inches off the front panel and it's ready to sew up. And I have made pockets (of course) so they need sewing in.
The overdress collar is nearly done, too - it's a layer of canvas covered in the paisley fabric. I was going to do it as bias binding, but I decided it's going to be too fiddly. I'll get some binding for the overdress edges then attach the collar, which I think will be sturdier anyway. I'm thinking I might want to sew in some popper fastenings to hold the overdress in the right place, and maybe to hold the sleeves up, too. I can see me doing that bit on the train on Friday!
The final step will be sewing in the sleeves to the underdress. And hemming everything. Bleh. I hate hemming.


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