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I started reading comics > which led me to trying to draw > which led me to dA > which in turn I made friends on > who took me to the my first MCM expo 8 years ago > as well as introducing me to the original LAC .. not that Anime League Pap.

I enjoy cosplay because, well I suppose a nice mixture of escapism and attention whoring ... I like to meet and talk to people. But it is more than that and at the same time hard to explain.

My Commissar was my proudest moment .. that's about it, maybe some more in the future.

I do love helping people with gun related prop questions or if I have it even simply lending the item for a day - always feel free to question me on anything gun related I can either find out what they use or I will already know it :).

Hmm I have put most of what should probably be in here up there so .. yea.

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