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I got into cosplay a few years ago and my first attempt was an unmitigated disaster (cough CLOSET COSPLAY cough), but I picked it up again last summer when my mom offered to take some friends and I to Otakon. As my funds were limited, I could only make one costume, so I decided to redo Sabaku no Temari from Naruto Shippuuden (the first version was the aforementioned half-assed disaster). I'm really proud of this costume and it was a pretty good success at both cons, so I hope to take it to a third and possibly more c: One of my proudest moments was being stopped by people in the hallways and being called "the best Temari I've ever seen!" Also, I love my fan and had a lot of fun derping around with it to gain attention :P

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cosplayinghats - Aradia Megido - 5th June 2012

And I'm off!

So I attempted to start this costume off with a makeup test and ended up with blue lips and a displeased mom.
Note to self, food coloring stains skin.
I already have the blue mascara that I'll be using, but I have GOT to find a better method to do my lips...and a less derpy way of posing.
Also REPEAT PICTURE because I have nothing better to put here or in the costume pictures ._.


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