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I got interested in cosplay after playing FFX and seeing people cosplay from it. I've cosplayed from a variety of things, but these days I tend to prefer cosplaying from video games or shows (that could change haaa). Slowly I'll manage to do every Final Fantasy costume I like...that detail tho...(。□゚ノ)ノ

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amayhun - Max Caulfield - 8th August 2015

So far...

Bought the top and hoodie, I already own the jeans. The wig is a little more ginger than I expected but I can roll with that. I painted the Jane Doe on with normal fabric paint but using transfer might've been a better idea in hindsight. Not sure what to do about the bag...but yeah this is mostly complete. What I love about Max is that her outfit is pretty wearable for day to day as well haha


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