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First cosplay was a terrible DBZ Android 18 with a cut up Ashley Tisdale wig... OH GOD D:
Me and a friend also did a Portal cosplay too; I was Chell with a bumpy portal gun and itchy orange jumpsuit. The highlight was a man on the train asking if I was going to do the thriller like those cool folk in the Philippines prison ;)
I'm most proud of my Princess Nuala costume but it hasn't seen the light of day since I ripped the sleeve very badly.

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Vovea - Liara - 6th July 2011


I'm left just doing tiny parts of this costume now, which means I might ACTUALLY have it finished before everyone forgets what Mass Effect is. I finished dying the striped leggings grey, adding trims and stuff around the edges and making buckles for the back and sides. I also did a makeup test with the full headpiece which I'm happy to say doesn't look to shabby. A friend did some edits of some photos taken which I might upload to DeviantArt at some point, but I dont want to take credit for shoppin' skillz.


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