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Cosplay is something that I hold close to my heart as I love the way how what I make is viewed by members of the public and distributed as photos. The making side of the costumes is something that I take very seriously and spend a lot of time over, how it is going to be made, being ambitious and I always take to heart that with Cosplay 'anything goes'.
I have been a massive fan of Final Fantasy for many years now ever since V11 was released. Cosplay gives me the opportunity to create the characters in real life with a variety of mediums and techniques. I want to make to look amazing and be overly ambitious with some of the costumes.

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VividLeviathan - Cloud Strife - 22nd June 2010

The Shoulder Pad

Current progress of the shoulder pad. I started it off by making a metal oval frame with mesh and strips of Aluminum to become a surface to work on. All the mesh and Aluminum strips were sewn together with thin flexible wire using a weaving technique, the outer surface was then covered in layers of Modrock (bandage sheets) then smoothed with my fingers.


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