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Okay....heres the basic plan on how I'm gonna go about making this...
I'm thinking so far, that I'm going to get a black Zentai suit for the underneath, and edit ontop of that. (cut shoulders etc.) Then the over dress, probably using a similar material.
The Boots, I'm going to buy, I've seen a pair on EBay which are practically perfect, they'd just need a tad bit of editing along the top.
Then, I'm going to make the Baton too and find a way to attach that onto the side of the boot.
Then I think the next step would be that chest armour that she wears....thats going to be interesting...I'm still a bit stumped on how to do that at the moment but...we'll work something out 8D;
And finally the lighting! I've been linked to some fantastic places that I can buy Light Tape for a reasonable price, so that'll all be sewed in and finish off the look ;D

God I can't wait to get the money to start this..


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