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I've been making my own clothing since 2001, but I first started customising my own clothing and making my own jewellery when I was about 10. The first anime cosplay costume I made was Witch Hunter Robin, as I was really excited to see a character with similar hair and glasses to me and felt I just had to do it!

I really enjoy making accurate costumes with a lot of technical work in them. I'm growing more interested in original costumes and historical based designs of late, as I can more easily encorporate corsetry which I so enjoy making. I think my proudest moment for cosplaying was my Rita Skeeter costume, as it was the first costume I'd made where I really got into character for, something I'd like to work more on in the future.

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Tofu - Rochelle Goyle - 12th August 2012

I'm really not a wig lady...

So, lots of work done on my wig. I have begun cutting wefts from my teal wig and stitching them into the pink wig. The headband didn't work out so I cut the band off the ears and hot glued the ears to a piece of white leather. This worked out well in the end as I've been able to reposition the ears at a better angle, more like on my Rochelle doll. I cut slots in the wig along one of the main supports and hand stitched the cut edge down. I then slotted the ears through and carefully hotglued the leather section to the inside of my wig. I possibly should have used another kind of glue, but I'm very confident with hotglue, it dries as soon as it cools so I didn't have to worry about accidental transference of the glue to the rest of the wig hair and it gave me good control for application.

I really hate working with long wigs! I worry about the hair getting so tangled just from the general process of turning it inside out and moving it around that the wig will look tortured before I even wear it!

I need to put a whole lot more wefts in and neaten out around the ears and make sure none of the wefts show. I'm loving how it's coming together.


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