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Only recently got into cosplaying when a friend asked whether I wanted to be in their Ouran High group for the London Expo Oct 07 - jumped at the chance. :3 It was also my first convention, which made for a happy time.
I'm not a brilliant sewing machine-user, but I hope to be able to use one competently enough someday!
So far, I've been to several London Expos, Kitacon '09, Ayacon '09 and Amecon '10, so I'm still fairly new to all of this!

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Thirteenthesia - Aayla Secura - 21st October 2011


Second layer of latex went on today. Kinda worried how it's setting as I keep getting drips, but I can't dry it any other way. Also it's getting heavy and draping weirdly...guh. Soldiering on.


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