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I loved seeing people in cosplay every time i've been to the MCM Expo, it was really amazing.

My first cosplay probably couldn't be considered very well as cosplay....i just got a few things from wardropbe and sewed them together the day before the expo! Yes i know i fail >>""

I made the cheerleading uniform from Prince of Tennis when Sakuno and Tomoka go all fangirl. It was okay...but damn those socks >< grr

My cosplays vary from:

buying a full cosplay (I know this is frowned upon in some peoples eyes, but oh well 83 if i think it's a beautiful cosplay i will buy it).

Buying bits and bobs from shops and patch working it or making some parts, buying others.

and making cosplays from scratch. And often i make these with my amazing nan who's a seamstress and is always teaching me how to sew OwO <3 <3 <3

I dont often upload progress pictures as i get carried away and forget |D;;; and by then it's too late for progress shots haha~

So far my favourite cosplay has been Chibimerica (made by nan for me during my university deadline). It gave me a lot of confidence to me to act like myself more freely and be silly and childish XD It's easier to play a character you have more in common with than having to act.

So it was a lot of fun 8D and a lot of ripped tights running around without shoes on >>;;

My aim for October Expo 2011 is to cosplay Lovino Vargas (South Italy) in his costume from RomaHeta. And i plan to work hard making that with guidance.

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I've decided to make this for Friday for the MCM october BUT i'm also makign it because i'm going on holiday to Japan in August, so i need a cosplay for them :3


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