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I first fully realised that I became interested in 'Cosplay' when I was first introduce to anime by a friend who wanted me to draw Naruto for him. Ever since first watching Naruto and then branching off to other animes, I have been a fan of cosplaying but never really tried it due to not having much confidence and a bit nervous to how my parents would react.

However, I realised that I have sort of 'cosplayed' from a young age as I used to dress up as Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. Even though I never went to conventions back then, I used to dress up for fun walks as her so I guess that still counts. (May upload pictures later)

The first time I cosplayed at a convention was in March at the Birmingham Memorbilia/MCM Expo as Hit-Girl. I was so nervous yet so excited as it was my 2nd time at a con. I met so many people, made a few friends and had a lovely time so in my opinion, the best thing I enjoy about cosplaying is the friendliness of others and how nice most people are there.

Hmmm since I haven't made any outfits/sown anything for them, I can't exactly say they're my best achievements, but I think my proudest moment would have to be when I cosplayed as Hit-Girl from Kick-Ass. So many people knew who my character was and refered to me as her. So my proudest moment to me would be getting recognised and having photos took of me.

I hope to continue having fun and making new friends at future conventions.

(>'u')> Hugs! <('u'<)

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So far, I'm happy :D
I have my onesie and my boots.
I got to edit the boots a little but they match my onesie perfectly otherwise.

I've still got to make wings and other accessories yet
as well as buying some cream gloves.

I would try and make the gloves and onesie and stuff but I'm afraid that my textiles lessons have been forgotten for a long time,
and as I'm new to this, buying and editing stuff seemed like an easier process to start me off.

'It so fluffy, I'm gonna die!'
I've als got to make a free hugs sign ;)

I'll post another picture up when I have the gloves.


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