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I've been cosplaying since high school, I think my first proper cosplay was about 7-8 years ago now ^^;; (wow I hadnt realized that it's been so long)/
My very first (proper) cosplay was Saki Hanajima (Hana-chan) from Fruits Basket. Out of all the ones I have done I think I have to say my Vocaloid Sandplay Luka cosplay is my favourite just from how much work I put in to making it, and will hopefully get to wear and use it a few times to different cons (It's a pain to transport ><)
I think the thing I love most of all about cosplay is making the costume and the achievement I feel once it is completed.

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Snowflake - Kikiyo - 28th April 2014



I have wanted to do this cosplay for so long (I worked out earlier that it has been about 10 years) and now it is finally completed!!

The last three days has been a solid, none stop sewing while I made Hakama for my Kikyo as well as her two kosodes but I have also made a full Inuyasha costume along side it at the same time!!

Who knew something so simple could be so hard.

Turns out we went alittle overboard with fabric purchases though ^^;; Oh well I'm sure I can use the left overs for future cosplays!



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