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I am a Professional Prop Maker & Costumer from the South Coast of England, UK and have been into Cosplay since 2010, and have attended various Conventions in the UK, France, Spain, America and Canada.
This passion led me to become a full time University student where I completed a 3 year BA course in Prop making & Special Effects and now work as a Freelance Prop-maker & Costumer for Film, TV and Theatre companies.
During my free time I also like to take on commissions.
If you have any questions please feel free to message me.

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Sketch McDraw - Kuma - 11th October 2012

Armor Construction Completed

I finished making the armor after a few stressful attempts are various different designs/ways of making the stomach armor.
Anyway here you can see views of it from the front, side and back.
It allows for quite a lot movement and for the most part feels comfortable to wear.
The next step is to give it all several layers of watered down pva glue to seal it all so that i can paint it.


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