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i guess my cosplay career started in may 2009, when i started talking to a good friend about the possibility of going to our first anime convention. alot of my friends have been into that kinda stuff for years, but we'd never gone to one before. soon after we started talking about cosplaying. the idea had always appealed to me, and i was really excited about the prospect. since then i've become obsessed with it, it's wonderful ^^. it's a brilliant way to show your love of an anime/charecter, and i find it gives me alot more confidence. i prefer crossplay.. i dunno why, maybe it's cause male charecters tend to be more epic??

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PintSized_13 - Severus Snape - 5th March 2014


The robes arrived the other day so this cosplay is officially finished. I'm planning on going to Coventry Cathedral for some pictures soon


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