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As you can see I don't have many complete cosplays, I have a terrible attention span and general drive for everything I do XD. I am hoping to be more productive in the coming year though. I find cosplaying to be incredible fun, there is something about being in costume at a gathering of like minded people that just elevates the experience. So, even though I am not very good I still enjoy donning the persona of a character I like for the day and having a great time with my friends.

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MysteriousFayth - Yomigami - 20th August 2011


So today we had our awesome Okami group despite me not being fully finished XD. My staff broke this morning so I couldn't take that and I didn't attach the horns because I forgot the body glue, plus the wig couldn't be styled well so it was left alone. I apologise now to the rest of the group who were great, and especially to Eternal_aranel, sorry to dissappoint. >_<


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